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I am NOT a thief! Empty I am NOT a thief!

Thu Dec 13, 2018 8:52 pm
<< previously

Chapter 4
I am NOT a thief!

Shanks is successful at the genin exams, also gaining a special invitation along with the new status. He decides to treat himself to some drinks afterwards and embarks on a journey through some of Hoshigakure's business district. However, something unexpected happens and Shanks' evening seems to be falling apart. Would the fresh genin be able to wriggle himself out from this mess? Or would his plans for the night end abruptly?

Walking out towards the towering gates of the Hoshigakure Ninja Academy, Shanks stopped directly underneath the well-crafted structure. Its broad roof provided a very much welcomed shade to visitors and those leaving alike. Shanks reflected on the events that had just occured.

“Here, take this. It’s instructions to a personal training field of mine. Meet me there in a few days.”

Those were the exact words of the man who proctored Shanks' genin examination—Valen Akari. He took another look at the handwritten note given to him by the man himself. His name was well known in all of Hoshigakure, and Shanks had certainly heard some amazing tales of the young man's abilities and achievements. Most recent of them all was his ascension to the ultimate leadership position of the village as the Hogokage. How exactly he had managed to impress this man to the point that he had been personally invited to his training field was beyond Shanks' comprehension. He pulled out his newly received Hoshigakure headband from the pocket of his brown trouser. He stared at the star insignia etched into the steel plating that symbolized a sense of loyalty and obligation to the village of Hoshigakure on the part of the wearer. Did he share those exact sentiments toward this village? Shanks took the grey coloured scarf unto which the steel plate was fastened and tied the headband around his right arm. At the moment, he was certain of one thing, he had just crossed the first hurdle in his grand plan. He reflected on the abilities he now had knowledge of following a successful time at the Ninja Academy. The Tree Climbing/Surface Walking technique was a greatly versatile one that allowed him to walk freely on surfaces that would ordinarily be difficult and almost impossible to walk freely on by the simple application of his chakra to his feet. He could now walk on water, walk on vertical walls and even trees. This would prove very useful in plenty of situations, and Shanks couldn't wait to test it out. The Transformation technique came to mind next, and Shanks was reminded of all the possible scenarios he could exploit this. Just as the name suggested, he could use this technique to change his physical form. Thus, he could transform into just whoever he needed to look like as long as he could imagine their features. This was a bit different from the Clone technique that he could use for creating replicas of himself that although would lack a physical form, could still be used to trick and scare an opponent into thinking that they were outnumbered. While the previous technique created intangible replicas of himself, Shanks next technique made it so that he could use the presence of solid or tangible objects within his vicinity to trick his opponent. He swap positions with such an object at the nick of time, allowing them to take the damage in his place while he assumed their previous position. Apart from these basic ones, Shanks had also learned some special techniques like the Basic Medical Technique which allowed him to heal his injuries albeit on a small and localized scale, and also his first technique which he has been able to master already. The Genjutsu Release works marvelously as it allows Shanks to break illusions without the need of handseals as long as he had the necessary chakra and could tell that he was in a genjutsu. It felt like only just yesterday when Shanks had begun practicing all these techniques, and now he could confidently use them in battle. Coupled with all he had achieved today, it genuinely called for celebration, and he knew just the right place to unwind.

The journey to Ian Koetsu's beer parlour would take Shanks about two kilometers (on foot) in the opposite direction from where he lived. Nonetheless, it would be well worth the trip. Ian's, as it was popularly known was a gathering place for the wide array of personalities that Hoshigakure had to offer. Throw in a little bit of alcohol into the mix and one could expect to see all manner of comedic actions put on display. From the heavy drinkers holding contests to the newbie drinkers stumbling upon tables and the frustrated talkers who drink away their sorrows and tell elaborate tales of why life is unfair to them and even crying uncontrollably at times, Ian's place knew no shortage of entertainment. After walking for about eight minutes, Shanks could hear the loud thumping of music from afar. The time was almost six thirty. Surely, happy hour was in progress and a lot more people would arrive to make the most of it. With barely thirty minutes left to spare, Shanks would quicken his pace. He knew that saving a few bucks while still having a great time would be totally worth it. As he moved down the street, he easily noticed a cluster of people twenty meters ahead who seemed to be watching a brawl take place. Going straight through and taking the main bridge into the boulevard would be the fastest way to reach Ian's in time. However, this crowd up ahead would make it a bit difficult to advance with as much was as he would like to. Hence, the new genin would make for a right on the next exit, abandoning the crowded street for an unpopulated alleyway which had the stink of damp clothes and decomposing food. Therefore he wasn't shocked by the abundance of rats running to hide at the sound of his footsteps approaching. The wet alley came to an end at the beginning of a flight of deteriorating stairs, once the proud accomplishment of a skilled stone mason, they were now nothing more than a social disaster waiting to happen. And if Shanks knew anything about politics, he'd say that the budget for maintenance projects of these types of hazards would already have been shared amongst the greedy politicians.

With the day gradually intensifying in its darkness, Shanks quickened his pace till he began running. He made his way across the alternative footbridge and then took a sharp left, hoping to cut through the winding streets and make for the heavily populated boulevard. This area was filled with numerous shops selling herbs, flowers, spices and all kinds of fragranced tea. The large collection of aromas quickly flooded his olfactory senses and he felt a soothing relief wash over him. He would stop to sample a few but there was no time for that. Night was approaching and a lot of people who were looking to have reward themselves with a good time for the stress they had gone through during the day, were beginning to emerge on the roads. Running was proving to be difficult as Shanks would nearly bump into people completely as he tried to meander through the growing human sea. At this point the music coming from Ian's Place was audible enough to pick out the lyrics. Shanks was so close. But could he really make it in time?

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I am NOT a thief! Empty Re: I am NOT a thief!

Fri Dec 14, 2018 6:22 pm
The sound of a trumpet blared out in the open square turning everyone's attention to the chubby chap who sat of a stack of abandoned wooden crates. Now that he had got everyone's attention, he wasted no time in breaking out a bubbly jazz tune that was backed by a saxophonist, a trombonist and a host of other brass playing instrumentalists. An uproar of excitement erupted amongst the crowd as people began dancing to the melody of their music. Shanks laughed with glee as he continued to make his way through the crowd.

Good times.

Good times indeed.

The tumultuous excitement going on around him distracted Shanks so much that he did not notice the teenage boys running towards him until it was almost too late. The two lads collided with him as they hurried past; the second one almost bringing him to the ground. Not long afterwards, a group of five angry looking men pushed their way through the crowd. Thieves! Thieves! They kept yelling at the top of their voices. However, they were drowned out by the sound of the jazz music and the lively crowd. It was obvious what had happened. The boys made use of the distracting music and rowdiness to steal some items from a nearby store. It was a clever tactic. With the amount of people pouring into the boulevard by the minute, they would never be caught by their sluggish pursuers. Shanks wished he could advice them to give up the chase and focus on protecting what remaining goods they had but it would not make much of a difference, and besides it was already too late. Shanks looked just ahead to see that one of the boys had doubled back to the store and was vehemently stuffing the silk fabrics displayed on the shelves into his backpack. He wasn't alone this time. An older girl who looked vaguely familiar to Shanks was doing the same to the wool and cotton fabrics.


He yelled out at the thieves as he made his way towards them in a brisk fashion. Stop that!

Once they noticed him, both teenagers took their bags and disappeared into the dancing crowd. Shanks did not bother trying to give chase. His presence in front of the shop would deter them from returning to finish looting. Now standing in front of the store, Shanks scanned the width of the boulevard in hopes of finding the owners. They were no where to be found. Still and all, he kept looking and suddenly noticed weird movements within the crowd. On the far side of the boulevard, more angry traders were shouting and looking through the crowd. Shanks then focused on the stores around one by one and could them realize that a lot of store owners were panicking about something. Many had their hands thrown up in the air, clearly exasperated. Shanks suddenly made sense of what was going on amidst the groovy music and dancing. The marketplace was being robbed!

Just then, the music abruptly stopped and the owners of the shop in front of which Shanks stood returned more frustrated than they were before. The crowd of people, as if released from the curse a diabolic spell began making their way towards their initial destinations. Then it all became clear to Shanks. The whole musical performance had been a clever distraction to carry out a wide scale robbery operation in the market square. The dancing, the shouting, the excitement. The people were enjoying a good time while being oblivious to the fact that they were being used to drown out the cries for help by the store owners. This was a well planned operation. Carried out by no less than twenty culprits excluding the music band.

Who the hell are you?!! You must be one of them. Look what you have done to my store! You will pay for all that your friends have taken. I swear you will!!!

The old man gripped Shanks by his shirt and the other men, presumably his sons looked ready to beat the tall Kenja up. Shanks was now in a very troublesome situation. His decision to stand guard at the textile shop to prevent further looting turned out to have backfired on him. He thought about just forcing his way through and running away but that would suggest that he indeed was a partner of the culprits. As much as he would much rather be a partner to those smart thieves than these morons, Shanks figured that he had to make it clear in an outstanding way that he was not a part of the robbery.

Listen to me now, you men. I find it insulting that you would lump me in with those cowardly band of thieves. As a matter, I was here standing guard over your shop when you all blindly chased after the first two boys. If not for me stepping in, a second group that came was intent on looting all your silk, wool, and cotton fabric before you returned from your chase. If you must say anything to me, I believe a thank you and an apology are in order. And thereafter we can determine how to bring the real culprits to justice. If you would rather bicker and bemoan, then I bid you farewell and good luck with all your troubles.

Saying such words would normally spark outrage and hostile confrontation given the situation at hand. Notwithstanding, Shanks said them without an ounce of fear or trembling in his voice. The men were shook-up at the bravery of Shanks. They were also influenced by the headband tied across his right arm. Shanks had slyly wriggled his shoulder to let his cape drop just enough for the men to notice the headband. Although they were no friends of the Hoshigakure ninja, these men knew better than to assault a ninja. They also began to see some sense in what Shanks had said as they realized that his ninja code would hardly allow him to lie in such a brazen manner. Consequently, the old man released his shirt and the other men eased off him.

We didn't realize that you were a ninja sooner. Please accept our apology as we need all the help we can get to recover our stolen goods. Tell us how you can be of help to us and we will be forever in your debt.

Forever is a pretty long time old man, but sure I'll tell you all I know so far. The music performers are probably a part of the gang that carried out this robbery. Their performance played a vital role in keeping the people distracted by their groovy music and dancing. The music also served to drown out the shouts and calls of the store owners. Plus and minus, I would say they were able to hit about a dozen stores during that period of gyration from the crowd. I would definitely have to take this up with the police force but I would also like to ask you some questions so I can do some investigating on my own.

The old man seem to mule over the details of what Shanks had just said and then he said, That won't be a problem. Ask us what you need to know.

I have just two questions. One. Do you have any personal enemies or does this market have a rival or someone who would benefit from its downfall? Two. Have you ever had the kind of fanfare and music experienced here today in any other part of this market?

His questions were structured to make up for any details the store owner may intentionally or unintentionally leave out.

No. None I can recall. However, I do remember a man who was once interested in owning a music store just down the market but was refused on the grounds that store would tend to be fine too noisy for the neighborhood. I can't remember his name anymore, it has been ages. But he played a wind instrument back in the day. And no. There have been occasional moments when musicians come to perform in the boulevard. However, I have never seen the crowd so engaged like this time in all my thirty five years here.

That was all the information Shanks needed to act. At this time, it was night already; almost eight fourty five pm. He had missed the happy hour at Ian's. In fact now had missed out completely because he immediately began making his way to the a police office headquarters to report the incident that just occurred.


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I am NOT a thief! Empty Re: I am NOT a thief!

Sun Dec 16, 2018 6:50 pm
The Police Department of Hoshigakure was an old and mundane building brilliantly juxtaposed against the modern architectural breakthroughs that surfaced as unconventional and fluid structural designs. The bright yellow coating it was once painted in had began to fade out, and now appeared like an off white background. The corrugated roofing sheets had begun to rust from the many years of recurring rainfall and sunshine. The windows were louvered and as he walked in, Shanks could feel the stillness in the air; the taciturnity in the disposition of the building's inhabitants also blended well with the dim lighting and the speckled smell of cigarette smoke.

"Murder? Take it upstairs. Theft, disputes, fraud and other minor stuff you make the complaint here. If you like.", said a short woman with buxom features in such a lackluster tone of voice that implied that she had to repeat that same line whenever someone new walked it.

"Just a very organized robbery at the boulevard."

"The same one that just happened less than two hours ago? Yeah we've had a bunch of people coming in and they are all saying the same thing. I wonder how a bunch of people would be getting robbed in that big and busy boulevard and passersby wouldn't notice."

"I'm afraid there is more to it than just that.", Shank said; suddenly piquing the constable's interest at the prospect of another lead to take to her superiors.

"What more? First, let me get this on record." She scrabbled at the top of her desk briefly and produced a pen and a notepad with which she intended to write the details of Shanks' lead. "First, state your name, your address and occupation."

"Shanks Græy. I stay at 67th Riverdale Avenue, Off Brunkon Road. I'm a genin.", he said as he revealed his headband.

"Ah! A genin. This should be interesting. Who proctored your exams? That geezer Genthru? Or stuck up Jonjo? Oh wait, I know. It has to be that slut Evelyn and her resting bitch face!", the buxom featured lady said as she took down notes on the information Shanks provided her.

"Dahahahaha! What if I said that it was none of those whom you just mentioned?"

"What? There's no one else who proctors exams that I can think of. Philly got dropped. Anka is on a mission out of the village. The twins Tantua and Dantua both got married to some foreign girls and decided to start families of their own; those lucky bastards... Hmmm, who else am I missing? Well there is the new kage who likes to get involved in the minor things like the genin exams but he only does that like once in forever. And they say you must be really special. I mean extremely exceptional to even pass his proc--" She stopped speaking once she noticed Shanks nodding once she mentioned the Hogokage. Her jaw dropped. "WHAAAAAAAT???? No fucking way!! That guy proctored your exams?? I heard he fails people for simply asking him a question or for messing up one hand seal. He's a real disciplinarian for such a young guy. How did you even make it??", she asked. Clearly no longer interested in the robbery story but now in the gossip about the Hogokage.

Shanks smiled. "Well he can be a bit intense. But if you know what you're doing there's no need to panic. I was able to perform my tasks on the first try and he invited me to come over to his training field within a few days. I am still considering it."

If her jaw only dropped slightly before, this time it was a gaping hole revealing her glottis. "You mean... the Hogokage invited you to train with him? And you're still thinking about whether to go or not?!", she said. "I guess I can see why you passed while having him as your proctor. Exceptionally weird indeed." She let out a defeated sigh when Shanks chuckled at her question as if to suggest that she would never truly understand the behavior of those with latent power or those who are gifted with extraordinary talent.

"Well back to business please. Tell me what you know about this robbery."

"Well to start with, it was very organized. Just before it began, there was a live band comprised chiefly of brass instrument players. Their esoteric jazz melody proved very catchy and before you know it, the entire crowd was engrossed in a festival like gyration. Thinking back now, I won't be surprised if that music had some trance like effect on most of the people there. It was under the cover of this music and dancing that the thieves operated and carted off with the goods."

"Hmm, this is interesting. Tell me though. How come you were not affected by this trance inducing music?"

"I honestly do not know. Maybe my chakra is just that strong that I was not affected."

"I guess that makes sense. After all, you were able to pass the Hogokage's genin exam. You do have a really impressive chakra. I can sense it perfectly. With the right guidance and mindset you could become quite formidable in the future. But I wouldn't let it get to my head if I were you. Having the necessary potential is only half of the equation. I believe your story. Don't worry about it. I'll take it up with my superiors and we will get to the bottom of this..." As she was yet speaking, something totally unexpected happened. Coming down the stairs in the company of two older men was the same girl Shanks had seen looting the textile shop with the teenage boys. As the trio made their way down, the two men exchanged jokes while the girl laughed cheerfully; the perfect daughter. She looked very different but Shanks never forgets a face. Her pitch black hair was now pulled up in a tight bun, accentuating her round innocent looking face to the world. She wore a flowing yellow dress and wedged blue slippers. If not for her striking blue eyes, Shanks could've assumed that she was someone else entirely.

All was confirmed when her eyes rested upon Shanks' gaze. For a very brief second her eyes widened once she saw Shanks and her body stiffened as well. Good. She recognized him as well. The obvious cause of action would be to call her out and accuse her in the presence of all these police officers. However, with a calm knowing smirk, Shanks nodded at her and returned his eyes to the constable he was having a chat with.

"I'm glad to hear that, constable. If you would excuse me, I must take my leave as I am a few ways from home.", he said with a curt nod and left.

Shanks then proceeded to exit the building and stood just to the right of it, leaning against a state of the art mosaic themed administrative building. Compared to the police building, this one looked like something from the future. As he waited for the girl to step out with the man he presumed to be her father, Shanks took out a small bottle of sake and took a much appreciated swig. Just then, she stepped out alone and looked around briefly before catching sight of Shanks. Once Shanks was certain she had seen him, he started walking to his home at a leisurely pace. He knew she would catch up because she needed answers just as much as he did.

"Hey you!", she said. Shanks ignored her and kept walking as he drank from his bottle.

Her footsteps were light and almost inaudible against the tarred road as she ran to meet him and brusquely turned him to face her, almost causing his sake bottle to fall if he had not been holding on to it firmly. Instantly, she shoved him into a nearby wall in the shadows, away from any passersby. Her looks certainly did not match her brute strength. She was immediately in Shanks' face. She smelled like lavender and almond nuts. Nice. "The feck ye want weirdo? Wha, ye fallowin' me now? Ye sum kinda undercav'r cap from central?"

The questions came rolling out of her lips and Shanks just grinned at her without a word.

"Ye bett'r speak up 'for I smash ah c'ple yer teeth in., she said balling up her fist while still keeping one hand pressed on Shanks' bare chest.

"Dahahaha! Well, good evening to ye too, Tigress." Shanks said in imitation of her thick Southern accent. "Why don't you have some healing water to calm your nerves? I am not here to sell you out. Dahaha. I just want to talk."

Noticing the carefree manner in which Shanks spoke, the girl eased off his chest a bit and took the bottle from him. Without taking her eyes off him, she took a sniff of the bottle's content and then proceeded to pour a generous measure of it into her mouth. Shanks laughed once more when she started coughing after swallowing the strong alcohol. "What the hell was that?", she asked after catching her breath. Her previous Southern accent was now literally nonexistent.

"Rum with a slice of agbo roots. And hey, what happened to your accent? I was loving it."

"I just do that to scare off creeps. I'm actually not from the South at all."

"Dahaha. I could tell."

"You could?", she asked, eyeing him suspiciously.

"Well I could not tell that you did not know how to drink. But of course I could tell that your accent was fake. Besides your dad spoke rather fluently."

She rolled her big blue eyes as Shanks teased her about her drinking. Then she said, "He is not my dad. He is just my business partner."

"Ohhh. Business partner aye..."

"Yes. But more importantly I need to know why you did not rat me out in the presence of all those cops? That was your best shot. Fair warning, if you say anything about what you saw at the Boully Gig to anyone, I'd simply say that you took me into a dark corner on the street and tried to molest me after forcing alcohol down my throat."

"Dahahaha. That's a good one. But what if I just kill you here and now in the name of justice?"

Immediately, the girl was frightened. Shanks' personality had changed from jovial and cheerful to menacing and murderous. This was no longer the man who was playful with her a moment ago. This was now a bloodthirsty animal that had been threatened and it was baring its fangs as a warning to her; daring her to take one wrong step.

"I... I didn't mean it that way. It's just wei-- strange that you would not report me despite the fact that you had caught me in the act.", she said in a shaky voice.

Once more as if it had never surfaced before, Shanks was back to his jolly self. "I want to know two things from you which I would never get to know if I had handed you over to the police at that time. Dahaha. Once I know what I want, you are free to do whatever you want.", Shanks said with a grin. Then he took a sip of his drink as he waited for the young girl's response.

The girl's blue eyes could not decipher the true intentions of the man that stood before her. He seemed like he had not a single care in the world, and yet he gave off the impression that he carried the weight of the entire globe on his shoulders. She was usually able to gain the upper hand in situations like this. Wasn't that why the troupe valued her so much? But here she was, powerless against this mysterious man in a joust of wits. She smiled at her pitiful state. What would Master Pick say if he saw her now?

"What do you want to know?", she asked.

"How exactly did your group entrance the crowd at the boulevard?"

She was startled. The question was spot on. It meant that this man had already figured out that the band playing in the boulevard that day was somehow linked to their successful operation. She could not evade the question. "We have an illusionist who uses sound based genjutsu. He masked his sound within that of the band playing."

His theory was confirmed. Shanks had suspected that they had such an ability within their group and that only meant that taking them down would be quite an arduous task. He was tempted to ask what instrument the illusionist used but then they could be a group in which multiple people played various instruments. The genjutsu user could probably also project their illusion from various sounds. Focusing on just one instrument would only send him on a wild goose chase. He immediately proceeded to ask his final question. "What is the name of the person who leads your group?"

"Master Pick.". She answered without any hesitation. Their group made use of pseudonyms. So this was a great question for her. Even if she told this man the pseudonyms of all the troupe's members, he still would not be able to identify any one of them by their real identities.

Master Pick. Shanks expected that a real name would not be given. But nonetheless, this was a good lead. "Alright. Goodnight young lady. May our paths never cross again I hope. Dahahaha!"

And without waiting for a reply from her, he was off. Shanks needed to lose her two tails before he returned home safely. He was not sure if she had noticed, but Shanks had sensed the presence of two people on the roof of the building under which they had conversed. He needed to switch places with someone as soon as possible or he would be dragged into a fight he did not want to have. At least not yet.

It was almost ten thirty and the road to his home was calm and sparsely populated as was always the case at this time of the night. He kept walking past his street. He could not sense the presence as prominently as before but he was certain that they were still watching him from a distance. He thus decided to take a detour towards the woods. If they wanted to fight, this would be an ideal location for them. But if they were only interested in tailing him and not revealing their identities then this was the best place he could wait it out safely.

As he got into the cover of the forest, he broke into a sprint for about fifty meters before jumping into the canopy of the giant forest trees. He moved deeper in for another one hundred meters before stopping on a secluded branch and waiting for them to enter. However, they did not follow him in. They were pros. They would not take any unnecessary risk and simply retreated. Just to be safe, Shanks waited for another hour before exiting the forest and returning home. When he lay down on his rickety bed, he reflected upon the events of the day. He had become a genin; he had received a personal invitation from the Hogokage himself; he had witnessed a very organized robbery; he had paid a visit to the police station and from there an unexpected chance to discuss with one of the thieves had presented itself. Above all that, he now had a target on his back. Shanks smiled to himself. It was truly an eventful day for the Kenja. A fantastic start to his life as a shinobi.

"Ah shit! I forgot to go to Ian's."

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I am NOT a thief! Empty Re: I am NOT a thief!

Wed Dec 19, 2018 7:58 am
The next morning, Shanks woke up to the delightful aroma of pancakes. He was not aware of just how much he was starving until the scent hit hiss nostrils. He barely had any breakfast before going to the genin exam yesterday, and then the shenanigans of the thieves and other engagements made hit totally forget to eat anything. He jumped out of bed and into the bathroom for a quick bath and tended to other personal business. By the time he made it down the stairs and into the dining room, the breakfast table had been set. Olive's family never missed eating meals together much like his. His father always said that it helped the family prepare for or catch up on the day's activities and he was indeed correct about that.

"Shankusu. I didn't hear you come in last night.", said Olive's father, already seated at the table.

"Yaaah, Jisan. I did not want to bother anyone since I returned very late last night. So I let myself in."

"You went drinking without you again, didn't you?" The old man eyed him knowingly.

"Go find people of your age to drink with papa.", Olive said as she carried a flat plate stacked with pancakes that had honey sprinkled allover them.

Her mother was in tow, carrying a hot bowl of pap. "Hanata, she is right you know. You should let Shanks drink with his peers while you drink with yours."

"Hmph. What do you two know? Sake has no age restriction.", said the old man, adamant on keeping Shanks as a drinking buddy.

At this time, Shanks was already laughing at the playful argument going on within the family this morning.

"Dahahaha!". The plates were passed and a prayer was said before the family began eating breakfast.

"So Shanks. How did the genin exams anyway?", asked Olive.

"Fantastic! You all cannot guess who it was that proctored my exam."

"Anka!? Oh my gosh! She's sooo pretty!", Olive squealed in excitement.

"Dahaha. Nope. I do not even know who that is..." Shanks said as he looked at the others for their guesses.

"Oh dear...Could it be that they forced the twins out of retirement to come and handle the exams? The shinobi world really has no decency. Poor Tantua and Dantua...", Olive's mother said in a sympathetic voice. Shanks just smiled and shook his head.

"Hmpf! What kind of snowflakes do you women think the Genin Exams are supposed to produce? None of those people have what it takes to brush up the younglings that come to the Academy and mold them into steel like ninja. No wonder we keep losing to Kirigakure in the Chuunin Exams. There's no way softies can make it in the Shinobi World. They must have someone who is firm like Genthru handling the exams else all hope is lost." Olive's father disliked the idea of petting academy students into becoming genin. For him, hardcore training should be introduced to these ones since such harsh training will force them to develop beyond their peers in other villages.

"As much as I agree with you on that pops, I am afraid none of you got the answer right. The Hogokage himself conducted my genin exam."

There was a brief moment of silence and lack of motion after Shanks spoke. As if they were all waiting for him to start laughing and say it was just a joke. But he did not retract his statement and slowly, their eyes widened in amazement.

Olive was the first to break the silence. "No fucking way..."


"Holy Shizzoly! You mean... Lord Valen, every girl's dream stood in the same class with you? Spoke to you?? Gave you instructions???"

"Dahahaha! Well I was not obsequiously head over heels with him like you are right now, Olly. But yes, that guy was my examiner. Dahaha...", Shanks took another bite from his pancake and washed it down with warm milk.

"That's great, my boy! A lot of people don't even get to meet the Hogokage all their life. What a great honor you have experienced!", Olive mother said in a calmer tone than her sprightly daughter.

"Did you pass, Shanks?" When Olive's father spoke, his voice was blunt not showing any excitement or sadness.

Shanks reached in his pocket and pulled out the pristine headband he had just received yesterday. "From Valen-sama himself. As well as this..." He placed the handwritten note on top of the headband and handed both over to the oldster.

After observing them closely for what seemed like ages, the seasoned tanner looked keenly at Shanks and then stretch out his right hand. Shanks stood up and held his outstretched hand in a firm manly handshake. "When do you leave?", Olive's father asked.

"Immediately after breakfast."

The man nodded with a smile on his face. "Go make us proud son." He handed the items back to Shanks who nodded in concurrence.

"Oh for the love of--! Would someone just tell us what is happening." Olive said in frustration as she and her mother had suddenly been sidelined from the conversation.

"Olive. Go get Shanks another ration of pancakes. He needs his strength. He has to train with the Hogokage today."

When Olive brought a second plate for Shanks, he began to recount the events of the genin exam to the family.

"So at first, when he walked into the classroom, I observed him carefully because despite his youthful appearance, I could tell that this was no ordinary classroom teacher. He had a flashy attire that suggested that he was a medium to high ranking official amongst the Hoshigakure ninja hierarchy; I even thought he would be a Jounin or a Special Ranked Jounin. But his cold gray eyes made me to realize that the man standing before the class was long accustomed to the harsh life of a ninja. I also noted the way he issued out direct commands and demanded conformably direct actions. I just knew that clearly this man was used to issuing out orders and he was probably a higher ranking official with a whole platoon at his command. At that point my instinct told me that he was a seasoned warrior who played a vital role in times of conflict. When he started calling out people, there was this girl named Misaki that failed to complete her task. He just dismissed her abruptly. He is quite strict. There was also a boy called Yusuke who I had high hopes for based on his very dark themed appearance but he was still severely lacking. As expected, Lord Valen pointed out this fact very quickly and then dismissed the boy. At this point, I truly felt I would rather take the exam as a solo candidate. But then there was a girl called Chisaki Mureno who currently has the most potential in our class. But despite her efforts, her greatest flaw was exposed because she lacked actual combat experience. The Hogokage threw a shuriken at her which she could not dodge but at least, she knew the basic healing technique and was able to heal herself in time. When it was my turn though, I just rose up from my seat and without uttering a word, chained a sequence of three hand seals: Ram, Snake and Tiger, whilst at the same time focusing upon his chakra in order to release it outwards into the one meter space surrounding me. As my chakra was released to encompass my vicinity, I simpy conceptualized the physical features of my body and applied my knowledge of shape manipulation in its basic corporeal form to generate holographic looking constructs that wobbled into existence in a hazy manner until they became characteristical replicas of myself. Then I introduced myself in a calm tone: "Shanks. Græy. Pleased to make your acquaintance." As I said this, I took off my straw hat and placed it on my chest, bowing slightly with a friendly smile across my lips. Then using my chakra control, I caused both replicas to my sides to mimic my actions toward the proctor. After that, I walked forward to close the distance between me and the young examiner. Then I dispeled both clones with sheer willpower and proceeded with another hand seal sequence. This time, I formed the Dog ? Boar ? Ram hand seals as I pooled my chakra within myself. Once I reached within three meters of the Hogokage, I released the chakra gathered throughout my entire body as a surge. At the exact moment I did this, I began to imagine the physical structure of Genthru-san. Then I applied my chakra towards reforming the features of my face, arms, torso, legs, and other body parts to replicate that of Genthru-san. As soon as I was done, I assumed the appearance of Genthru-san with his receding hairline, sunken cheeks, rounded shoulders, a pot belly and sturdy legs. Then I ended the technique and reverted to my natural form. This was when the proctor asked me to wound myself and then heal the wound or else he would do it for me. I simply laughed off his suggestion and said, "That won't be necessary. I have my methods, Proctor-san." Then I imbued wind chakra in my right index finger and made a clean but shallow cut on my left forearm. The moment the blood started oozing out of his my skin, I linked both hands to form the Boar, Rat and Snake hand seals that enabled me to properly mould the required chakra with which to infuse into my right palm. Then a gentle glow bearing a greenish hue enveloped my palm, and with it I just touched the injury. This special medical chakra seeped into the open wound, and sped up the natural healing process within that region to allow for accelerated blood clotting. Within a few moments, the bleeding stopped and slowly the tissues and muscles within the wound began regenerating themselves. Then I said to him "All done. Proctor-san." This was when he now said: ?You pass of course.? and pulled out a piece of paper and began writing down a few things on it before holding it up for me. Then he said: ?Here, take this. It?s instructions to a personal training field of mine. Meet me there in a few days.? Then he simply waved me toward the door after tossing me my headband. That's the whole story of my encounter with the Hogokage. After that I went to Ian's place to have some drinks and relax while I reminisced on my meeting with him. Dahahaha..."

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Wed Dec 19, 2018 8:04 am

WC- 1,848
TWC- 7,100

>> 35 Stat Points
>> Second Element - Lightning [4000/4000]
>> Poison Mist [3000/3000]
>> Quiet Footsteps [218/500] Added 100WC

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Wed Dec 19, 2018 8:09 am

>> Advanced Element Slot [1000/1000]

you need to pick which element you're training.

>> Second Element - Lightning [2000/2000]

Your rank determines how many elements you can have at one time, Genin can only have one basic, Chuunin can have two basic, and Jounin+ can have three. If however you do 2x the words required to learn the element, you may gain the next ranks element. Genin may not have more than two basic elements regardless of word count. So this needs to take up 4000 of those words.

P.S. don't forget to put enough of those stats into chakra to be able to perform C-Rank techniques. (20)

Let me know when you make the edits.
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Wed Dec 19, 2018 8:14 am
Alright all necessary edits made I believe.
Yamato Tanaka
Yamato Tanaka
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Wed Dec 19, 2018 8:22 am
P.S. You'll need to put enough points in chakra to make it 30 now - to be able to train poison mist.

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