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On my way out Empty On my way out

Tue Oct 02, 2018 11:58 pm
It had been about a year now since Shinoskay had first passed through this small town to make way and enter into Konoha Village, a newly accepted trainee of the academy. He had not learned about his place in this world but he had come to decide he made the right choice in where he request and was accepted into, Konoha was a land of green, of life, of hope even in conquest. So long as its people and lands stood then so too would its symbol. Many of the village had long since disappeared into the night, the village a shell of the glory it rumored to have, but still it stood. The tree's grew, the sun shined, the birds flew, the wind combed all exposed to it, and the people bustled with activity and life. The village was so large, so developed and expanded, that it had numerous districts and a sister village just outside of its walls. It could be said that this village did not really make effort to hide itself because it was just too large to be concealed and had so many numbers anyways that it would act proactively against threats with numerous patrols.

Walking through the sister village and seeing the bustling activity was interesting, to say the least. The boy walked with a map and one of his rock clones both a meter to his rear as well as another 3 meters to the rear and off to the left a little so that the two could watch over the original as they sifted through the crowds of people before them. He needed the map because the sister village was nearly as large as Konoha itself, between the market and the world library one had a great swoths and varieties of people passing through. Particularly, since it had been a good year since the war, life had fully returned and swelled since the two directly neighboring villages had been visited by the bloody mists rains of death and destruction, in fact one could find many new Kiri people passing through now as well. The melting pot of culture bolstered by the unorthodox means of alliance between the land of water and the land of leaf and fire.

As the boy passed an allyway, something caught his attention, his honed shinobi instincts and training caught something in an allyway to his right, out of the corner of his eye, and just as he looked he saw someone catch on, obviously almost as equally honed to spot abnormalities like someone looking at them, and drop a person before turning and running. It only took the boy a moment to realize there had been blood on the fleeing persons mouth and that said blood had left a thick rope of mixed blood and saliva between the persons mouth and the now falling and likely dead persons throat. Shinoskay had not caught a good look at the fleeing murderer's face as he was too focused on the mouth but that didnt matter if the boy could catch the person to figure out what just happened. Immediately he moved to do just that, the clones with their slowly reaction and speed would quickly be left behind but otherise would still move to try to keep up as the boy made a sudden and jaunted dash through the crowd to where the figure was. The moment he took to move at his max speed, he would also then activate his puppetry ability and send chakra threads through and into himself to further aid and enhance his body and movements. The crowd would seem to suddenly stop moving as everyone else had been casually taking on the day at an average speed of 2.... absolute nothing compared to what was now a speed of 165, this was still barely half the speed of the more skilled shinobi but compared to the masses of the average person it was beyond comprehension.

Despite the boys sudden speed, and his inability to catch the fleeing persons face, he could not out pace the man and quickly lost sight of him. The boy felt this was a bad sign and so just as he was able to clear the crowd and reach the mouth of the Alleyway he would stop. Going in alone, into winding terrain with many blind spots, against a faster and unknown threat where the threat has more familiarity of the terrain was just begging for death. The boy stared into the narrow pathway for a short moment before then glancing down at the discarded body, he was no med spec shinobi and his medical knowledge was limited but even he could tell that the body, eyes wind but inactive, laying their with the kneck wound not spraying blood was dead. there was no point in trying to handle the body or the situation other then to report what he saw, the local authorities would know best on how to handle this issue and if they cant then they will call for Konoha to send a more capable shinobi to handle it.

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On my way out Empty Re: On my way out

Sun Oct 14, 2018 8:27 am
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