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Satoru Nara
Satoru Nara
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Shrimp vs Shark [IO] - Page 2 Empty Re: Shrimp vs Shark [IO]

Tue Jul 17, 2018 8:07 pm
Satoru, upon forming the spiraling ring jutsu in the palm of his hand, proceeds to reach for his fan. While doing this, he also notes the power and mass of chakra gathered in his right arm. His feeling at this time can be likened to being imbued with this energy of rage. Though his nature does not permit him to amass such feelings, Satoru cannot deny that the feeling is one in which he could revel. He senses the chakra surging through his muscles, both the lightning nature acting to upkeep the lightning javelin technique, as well as the wind chakra rushing to his hand to form the spiraling ring.

“This is the power that fury can grant. Useful…” Satoru thinks as he just begins to reach for his fan. “Exhilarating.”

It is when Satoru’s hand actually reaches his fan that he is forced to tear himself from indulging in his own ability and emotions. He feels the pain emanating from his left elbow as it is forcefully attacked. By now, the blinding effects that have been in effect upon Satoru wear off. He can see that his opponent stands before him, yet he has been physically attacked from behind. In reaction to the strike, the Nara relinquishes control of the ball of chakra in his hand. It quickly expands and destroys itself, releasing blades of wind which cut away at anything within 5 meters of it. Satoru himself is unharmed but whatever has laid a hand on him is likely destroyed.

Now, the Nara lays eyes upon he who has spoken abusively. The first thing Satoru notices is that his opponent is currently in the same spot as when the spar began. Understandably, the genin feels as though he is being looked down upon. His opponent has likely not taken a step, displaying the gap in skill between them. Thus, he extends his right hand forward and unleashes five bolts of chakra directed at the enemy in an effort to make him move.

It should be noted that, originally, Satoru was going to raise his left hand to use the dark river breaking seal jutsu. However, due to the pain of a shattered elbow, he decides against this and uses his other arm instead.

Sumire Furukawa
Sumire Furukawa
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Shrimp vs Shark [IO] - Page 2 Empty Re: Shrimp vs Shark [IO]

Sat Jul 21, 2018 1:30 am
The moment the clone struck the boys elbow and grasped his fan from him the orb of wind based chakra he had been holding would release and lash out in a 5 meter area. The boy himself would not be affected. The clone standing behind him however would. This would not work in the boy’s favor though as the clone would immediately explode in a 5 meter radius. The boy, standing still through this, would be blasted forward, for the sphere was physical light. This gave it sharpness and burning properties as well. Which would cause immense pain to the young Nara. Valen wasn’t honestly sure the teen would get up but he would be interested to watch. The genin would be flung forward if the sphere struck. Valen himself wouldn’t move a muscle unless it was required to dodge. In which case he would move in the method that would require the least amount of effort. Valen himself however would allow the genin time to get up “Is this all you’re capable of?” He would say with a small tilt to his head in wonder. “Is this all I can expect from you? Shall I start actually moving now or do you think that might be too difficult for you to fight?” He would ask, taunting the boy who would no doubt be in absolutely crippling pain. 

“I could potentially put you out of your misery now, potentially save the lives of future shinobi. After all if you’re this weak it might be for the best. After all a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and from I have seen so far, you’re easily the weakest link in the village.” He would say, cold, hard logic would be presented to the young shinobi. It was time to stop playing and acting like he was a damn ninja. It was time to stop playing around “If you get back up, I’ll stop holding back. I’ll show you the difference you have to make up. The metaphorical chasm you have to cross.” He would say, telling the boy that if he wanted this to end, then it was time to stay down. But if he wanted to stand, then the gloves would come off. 

Satoru Nara
Satoru Nara
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Shrimp vs Shark [IO] - Page 2 Empty Re: Shrimp vs Shark [IO]

Thu Jul 26, 2018 11:55 am
As he is being propelled forward by the release of chakra-based light from the clone which was destroyed, Satoru wonders briefly if it would have been better to let the clone remain. Perhaps some other course of action would have proved less painful. But thinking about these things at a time like this is not appropriate. Clearly, the Nara’s opponent is one who deserves respect in battle, and thus his opponent’s full attention. So, the possibilities of the past take on less value and Satoru turns away from them. Besides, this position may yet prove beneficial.

At this point, Satoru has heard all that he needs to. Whether his opponent’s sayings are genuine or simply meant to provoke the Nara is of no concern. Rather, Satoru is bent on proving himself anything but worthless. A refusal to accept that weakness defines him in any shape or form because, ultimately, this is his greatest fear. The shinobi world is one of powerful individuals; one might liken them to boulders. And in an environment in which only the strong survive, a fear of weakness is to be expected. If the man before him is a representation of what it takes to be someone, then insults cannot deter Satoru from surmounting that hurdle however possible, injury and all.

The position in which Satoru lands is such that his back faces his opponent and he lies on his side. At this point, there are 7.5 meters between them. Further, the pain of the impact causes the Nara to groan in genuine pain. However, through this, his hands are close enough to come together out of view of his sparring partner.

“All of your talk.” The Nara begins, more resentment in his voice. This is after the man has finished what he is saying. “If you’re trying to instill fear, you’ve done so. I won’t get up. It’s painfully clear that your league is nowhere near my own. I should yield...”

With his torso shielding his slight movements, he Satoru performs the tiger and ram seals. Before the word “yield” is completed, a clone materializes two meters behind the Nara (between himself and Akari). With the clone acting as it does, Satoru will immediately perform three more hand seals and roll himself over so that he is facing his opponent. The pain in doing this is substantial but he moves as quickly as possible, ignoring it.

The clone previously mentioned, once created, proceeds to charge directly at its target while weaving some hand seals. The result of these seals is both indeterminate as well as meaningless as they are meant only to serve as a distraction and take up the Akari’s field of vision.

Further, the three seals performed by the original Satoru do have a purpose. Upon their completion, the Nara will blow forth a stream of dust particles to engulf the area that both his clone and his opponent would be occupying.

Madrigal Kaguya
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Shrimp vs Shark [IO] - Page 2 Empty Re: Shrimp vs Shark [IO]

Wed Aug 08, 2018 2:40 pm
The art of slyly performing hand seals. A difficult art to do when one was laying on one’s side on the ground, facing away from the opponents with a perfect view of one’s back and shoulder muscles. The sharp eyes of the deputy village leader could clearly see the movements of these muscle groups, knowing immediately that the boy was performing the same clone jutsu as before due to the seals being used and deciding to act against this plan the boy might have. As such the deputy leader of the village would quickly draw his sword as fast as he could, doing so quietly thanks to his experience in doing so. As he drew the blade he’d activate the augmentation technique the sword had to increase its potency greatly. As soon as he did so he would swing the blade through the air, the swing silently cutting through the air as he fired off the energy that was now coating his blade straight as the boy. This would of course cause the blade to cut the clone in half at the precise moment the clone spawned. 

This would have the negative effect on the Nara, who was merely 2 meters away from the clone when it died, and as such would be caught in the effect of the lightning clones explosion when it went off. Especially since he would be in the process of performing the three other seals at this point and as such not be in any position to get himself up to avoid the attack or the stun. Either way though, whether or not the explosion hits Valen himself would shake his head and hold a hand out calmly, putting the spar to a stop. “This is over. You have far too much work to do to be relevant in a spar. The fact that you aren’t even aware of who I am also shows how horrible your intelligence gathering skills are. It wouldn’t take much work to discover my identity after all. Either way, I have work to do.” Should the boy be unharmed by his own clones explosion the deputy would simply teleport away without a work. Should the boy be stunned the young leader would continue on. “I’m leaving you there to think about how this spar went and and for you to figure out where every single mistake you made was. Hindsight is 20/20 after all.” He would say before teleporting to his office without another word. 

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Shrimp vs Shark [IO] - Page 2 Empty Re: Shrimp vs Shark [IO]

Wed Aug 08, 2018 2:41 pm
Sure approved
Satoru Nara
Satoru Nara
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Shrimp vs Shark [IO] - Page 2 Empty Re: Shrimp vs Shark [IO]

Thu Aug 23, 2018 1:19 pm
While having one train of thought is beneficial for a shinobi during a scuffle, Satoru has particular trouble reacting to some occurrence that changes his plans significantly. For example, upon turning over to face his sparring opponent, the Nara expected to have a clone between them. Its purpose was to shield him from the jounin’s attacks to some capacity or at least prevent them from immediately reacting to the following planned dust cloud.

One changed factor stops Satoru dead in his tracks: an attack has landed before completing his rolling motion. At least, this is what he first believes. Such is the first explanation as well as the simplest one. With the techniques the Nara has seen his opponent employ, lightning release is no stretch of the imagination. This blast of shocking chakra moves Satoru back slightly before he steadies himself and slowly picks himself up onto his hands and knees. It is at this moment that Satoru realizes that the blast came from his own clone rather than from the opponent himself. By some means, the light-user destroyed the approaching lightning clone almost immediately upon its formation.

The following development is that Satoru’s opponent has decided that their spar ends here. At that, the Nara’s muscles relax and his chakra ceases to boil forth no longer in preparation to be used. Part of him is relieved that the moment has passed because he was indeed running out of useless tactics to try. Eventually, he would have given up with nothing left to combat the jounin. Such an end would have been humiliating, showing that his strength is helplessly limited. And yet, he is also unhappy with being unable to truly tap into his desperation in order to pull out some hitherto unreleased power. Of course, this is with the assumption that such exists within him.

Overall, Satoru’s actions after the jounin leaves the area are simply to lie on his back and recover his lost energy. All the while, he reviews the things the light-user has said to him. The realization he approaches is this: the idea that one has more strength than they themselves have been able to put to use is a fallacy. Strength is tangible. Strength is shown, not told. A lesson has been learnt.


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Shrimp vs Shark [IO] - Page 2 Empty Re: Shrimp vs Shark [IO]

Thu Aug 23, 2018 1:50 pm
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