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D - Rank Mission: Akihana's Helpers (Solo) Empty D - Rank Mission: Akihana's Helpers (Solo)

Fri Jun 08, 2018 12:43 am

"Kari, you have been summoned," A young boy with a star headband tapped the girl on the shoulder.
Kari took 5 more seconds to capture the blue clear sky before turning to the kid. She nodded and then made her way to the secretaries' office. After 3 knocks she let herself in, announcing her presences. This of course was after she heard the female secretary's voice giving her permission to enter. Kari knew the formalities by now since this was her 4 time in the office. It has been a while since she been in to accept a mission. With her inability support herself off of E ranks alone, she was force to take multiple jobs which hindered her training and free time. Right now, she was applying for a job at the hospital since there was not work left at the temple worth the small fee. However today, she was given an opportunity that she could not turn down, especially in the period of being jobless.

"Welcome back, It has been brought to our attention that you have been mismanaging your funds?" stated the female secretary.
Kari's head lowered. She would not use the word mismanaged but excuses would not change the result. Her situation was not something that could be praised. Thus it was pointless to argue back. Kari remained silent however as the only form of protest she could muster up.

"Ninjas are suppose to be resourceful. Perhaps we should recommend you return to the academy?" he woman responded.
Kari took a deep breath and then bowed, "Please forgive my irresponsibility."
"Raise your head child. We understand your situation. Which is why we called you in."

Kari raised her head and looked at the woman. Both of the two secretaries were looking at some papers. Neither had smiles though their faces were very relaxed. Kari remained silent for a short spell before finally speaking up, "How can I be of service."

Kari stood in front of woman dressed in an apron. Kari held out her scroll, seeing that the woman's physical description matched the one for this Royal Chief who Kari was suppose to be assisting. The scroll stated that this woman was using the royal shop to bake some cookies for the kids in the village but she needed a runner. For the first time, she was finally given a mission that did not rely on her lack of people skills. Kari was determine to perform well in order to get more missions like these. Also this mission was a D rank which meant a much bigger payout. Kari not only wanted to pass, she needed too.

The woman was smiling though her head was on a swivel, which Kari would presume meant she was looking for her helper. Kari put away the scroll and walked up to her. Kari was dressed up in a purple jacket which had a star on her back and the phrase "I love books." Her jacket was zipped up and covering the girl's  dark blue t-shirt. She also had on blue shorts and her hair was tied up into a pony tail which came out the back of her head.
"Hello, Royal Chief. I was sent to assist you with baking cookies," Kari finished with a bow hoping to give the full respects to the client as her father taught her. The woman would smile and return the bow.

"So formal, may I have your name?"
Kari rose while keeping her mouth behind the cover of her collar, "Oh... I. I am Kari Tsukami."
The woman giggled, "That is such a cute name. Mind if I call you just Kari-chan?"
Kari nodded as such formalities did not bother her personally. In fact, her father said that allowing the customer to use a preferred name only improve the relationship.
"Lovely, please also call me Rei. There is no need to be so formal when we get around the children.


The two walked into the market. When they arrived, a man pushed a kart over to the two girls which Kari offered to take. She believed she was much stronger than the woman due to her ninja training. Also, she wanted to do everything she could to guarantee the success of the mission.
"Thank you for your help with this. There is just so much stuff to bring to the palace. I never could bring it all myself."
Kari nodded, "It is my mission. I will make sure you get everything to the palace safely."
"I thank you and the village for helping me every week with this. The kids are so happy by this. I can just see their smiling faces"
"Smiling faces?"
"Oh yes. They love my cookies. Every kid from the village knows about my cookies. Are you not from here?"
"I was raised on the borders. My family did not come in the village very often."
"Oh that is terrible. Well, don't worry I will make sure you get the first cookie!"
"It is okay Chief-sama..."
"Please, call me Rei and I won't take no for an answer."
Kari sighed. The woman was persistent, enough for Kari to forget to use the nickname. Kari was not big on eating sweets, but one cookie would not hurt. Plus, it would make the woman like Kari and possibly praise her more.

"Okay, the big things we need are," the woman pulled out a check list that was written on a book, "sugar, egg, flour, butter, baking soda, chocolate."

Kari wondered if even she could carry all of that stuff in one trip. After some careful internal debating she decided it would be more efficient to shop on her own. Her father sent her on errands into town with her mother and the two did well on their own. So without her mother older her back, the girl was sure of her skill. Also she felt more comfortable using her ninja techs with less people watching.
"Rei, I could pick all of that up myself. It would be quicker."

The woman moved her hand to her lip before smiling, "Ah, so smart. I could start preparing everything at the palace. I like your idea."

Rei then tore out a piece of paper with the list and added information about how much Kari needed to procure. Then she wished the ninja good luck and walked off to the palace. Kari turned around and started looking at the list, however she heard the woman calling her name.
"Oh, and just tell them to put it on my tab. Thank you again!"
Kari dropped her head, unsure why the woman did not say it earlier. Kari really did not want to yell, but she also did not want to run over to the woman. So she picked the lesser of the two.

With the list in front of Kari, she quickly pushed the cart to to the place that sold the first item. Sugar was being sold in bundles by this farmer man with a straw hat. He had some weight on him but he looked very strong.
"I would like a pound of sugar."
"Aye girl, that will be 500 ryo,"
"I am on a mission," Kari pulled out her scroll, "So can you put it on Akirhana's tab?"

The man bent down closely. He pieced together the scroll with the ninjas and thus realized the girl was a ninja. He said nothing else grunting and pulling out a pound of sugar. It was clear he did not like the ninjas but he still complied.
"Money is money."
Kari gave him a quick bow and the pushed her cart off. So far everything was going well. She moved to the next merchant which sold eggs. This one was a woman, much thinner with a tan. Her stand was very loud with clucks firing out of the cages every second. Kari wanted to be gone as fast as possible. So she gave her bow and requested 3 dozen eggs and asked if she could put it on the Royal Chief's tab. The woman chuckled after hearing that name. Apparently they were friends which made this one easier than the man. After receiving the eggs, Kari gave another bow and walked off.

After learning that she did not have to mention the mission or hint at the fact that she was a ninja. This allowed her to get all the other ingredients without a problem. Now all she had to do was get them to the palace. Once she was out of site, she connected Chakra threads to each time, using them to help keep them in place and pushed everything safely to the palace.

Kari and Rei stood outside the palace. In front of them was a mountain of cookies. The ultimate sign of a job well done. Now all they had to do was get them safely to the meeting grounds. It should not have been hard since the cookies were safely kept under a glass lid to keep the freshness in and keep the elements out. The sun was shining bright with not a single cloud in the sky so there was a very little chance of rain ruining the event. The air was calm with only a small occasional breeze offsetting the beating of the sun. This made the day absolutely pleasant for an outdoor event such as this. For Kari, she was ready for the opportunity to draw the smiles on all the children. It would be great research and a well deserved reward after all the running around.
"Should we go Kari?"

Kari nodded and got behind the cart. She started pushing the cart following the woman as she hummed a tune in her head. Multiple times, the woman was stopped by strangers who would praise her for her good deeds. Everyone was smiling, laughing, and bright. Kari wished she could take out her notebook and draw but these small interactions would be nothing if what Rei said about the smile's of children was correct. Kari would just draw all of those subjects instead.

Kari continued pushing the cart of cookies. As time went on, less and less people stopped the woman. In the end, they would stop and a crowd of kids would flood the grounds like ants who discovered a drop of sugar. However, the kids went into sugar frenzy after seeing the cart. They rushed over to the cart fighting over who gets what first. Kari struggled to hold the cart still but it was not enough. One of the taller boys accidentally bumped into the glass container. Kari, seeing the glass tip dashed around the cart and cradled it out of the air. Then she fell to the ground sliding next to Akihana.

"Oh, good catch." Rei lowered her hand hoping to help Kari up.
Kari let out a sigh. Had the cookie's hit the ground, she would had failed the mission and then possible been forced to only be allowed to do E rank missions. She grabbed Rei's hand and stood up. As Kari placed the cookies on the table, Rei brushed off the dirt from her jacket and pants.

"You all are so excited, but please be good and thank Kari-chan. If it was not for her, you would not have any cookies."
"Aki... I was just..." before Kari could finished, she was swarmed by children who all struggled to hug her and screamed thank you. Such a feat should have been impossible against a fully trained ninja such as Kari but some of the kids were a couple inches smaller than her. Also, the numbers and loud noises were just too much to resist. Kari fell down as she was smothered by the sea of children.
"Wait... stop... Rei... help."

The woman chuckle while removing the glass top from the cookies.
"Please line up and take one at a time."
Immediately the kids crawled off of Kari and lined up to get cookies.  


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D - Rank Mission: Akihana's Helpers (Solo) Empty Re: D - Rank Mission: Akihana's Helpers (Solo)

Tue Jun 12, 2018 12:28 pm
Mission success
+ 3 AP
+ 1000 ryo
2000 -> Seigan Mastery 2
4 -> Temp Paralysis Tech

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Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
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D - Rank Mission: Akihana's Helpers (Solo) Empty Re: D - Rank Mission: Akihana's Helpers (Solo)

Tue Jun 12, 2018 2:13 pm
So.... there is a slight issue here, I fully admit I have only skimed this, but I am seeing a huge flaw.

She isn't around that much, but Akihana is a PC, to be exact the queen of Haven, so you controling her is kinda of godmodding which is an action we don't allow on the site. On top of this I belive that her character died about 6 months ago, so her being here is kinda weird if you know what I mean.

I don't want to deny you the mission and the WC though because of the work you did on it, and this wasn't clear from just reading the mission,  but could you do me a huge favor and rework this to reflect the points I have made? maybe change Aki's name to the Royal Cheif?  

If you have any issues or questions at this, feel free to post on here, or hit me up on skype.
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D - Rank Mission: Akihana's Helpers (Solo) Empty Re: D - Rank Mission: Akihana's Helpers (Solo)

Tue Jun 12, 2018 2:54 pm
I changed the woman's name.
I also miss counted my WC. It is now correct again.
Is there anything else i need to do?
Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
Stat Page : Hikari no Tenshi
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
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Ryo : 276150

D - Rank Mission: Akihana's Helpers (Solo) Empty Re: D - Rank Mission: Akihana's Helpers (Solo)

Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:15 pm
There are still a few places where her name is in, (Besides the tab thing, which I think is fine.) But that is kinda nitpicking.

Approved unless someone else says otherwise.
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