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Genin Finals: Xuba vs. Mori-jin - Page 2 Empty Re: Genin Finals: Xuba vs. Mori-jin

Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:07 pm
"That marks the end of our genin competition. The victor Mori-jin. Bring his new armor, please." With that a person would step into the arena carrying a set of chuunin armor of the village. Behind the man another person carried a small chest, inside the chest the ryo for the tournament victory. The chest was also presented to Mori-jin, but only after the chuunin jacket was given.

"Xuba, you did well. I expect we will see more of you in the future. We will likely speak some time in the future." The man would say before returning his gaze to Mori-jin. "So, Mori-jin have you decided to join Hoshi yet or do you still need time to decide?"

Claims: -2500 ryo from Hoshi funds and promoting Mori-jin to chuunin.
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Genin Finals: Xuba vs. Mori-jin - Page 2 Empty Re: Genin Finals: Xuba vs. Mori-jin

Thu Feb 15, 2018 12:14 am
The male looked at the flak jacket for a moment, running a single finger on it before smiling and contemplating. The village had its own share of talents, the ninja putting their all into these fights. Something the male could get around to liking as time had went on. Because of this when the chest came to him the males eyes flickered toward Kyou and gave him a small smile before nodding," I guess I will then. I look forward to seeing just what your village grows to be in the future...Don't let me down alright?," the jacket would be taken into the males arms and thrown onto his right shoulder while his left hand took the chest with the ryo in it, shifting it to rest against his side before remembering something. Returning the sword to his waist and the staff back to normal he bowed slightly in the direction of the crowd before looking back to Kyou," Looking forward to what comes after this," and with that the male walked out and went home.


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