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Higuto Aburame
Higuto Aburame
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Higuto Making it Rain Empty Higuto Making it Rain

Sun Feb 04, 2018 10:56 pm
Higuto was walking along the streets of the forest and the trees as he made his way to the training field in order to prepare himself for yet another hard day of training so that he'd be ready for whatever would prove to come his way. He didn't know what he was, in particular, going to do for the day in terms of his training as he felt that he had learned a fair number of jutsu apart from everything else that he was able to learn and train along the way. He did feel, however, that he was in need of finishing what he had started in terms of when he had learned the power to infuse his chakra into his blade and thus wanted to get some more from it and channel the Chidori into it as well now. That would serve as a good start to his training session with himself but he couldn't stop thinking that he still wanted to learn a bit more along with that. He couldn't quite put his finger on what he was going to learn after the Chidori katana but he knew he would come up with something as his chakra within him was slowly swirling and ramping itself up to prepare him.

He looked around at the trees as they surrounded him and he smiled at the serenity of it all as he wished to continue protecting it all with whatever power he was able to acquire. It was then that a thought occurred within his mind as the thoughts of wanting to feed and nurture the trees in some kind of way brought a new technique to surface itself within his mind. He smiled as he had heard of a very powerful technique that could make rain clouds appear out of nowhere that covered a large amount of the area, around a mile or so, and would seemingly cause the clouds within that large area to rain. He could use that to his advantage if he was ever in need of a source of water for his water jutsu as well as a way to hide himself in order to get close to a target or two so that he could incapacitate them. From what he was told the rain would be infused with the user's chakra so they'd be able to use it with their own will and also be able to hide himself amongst the rain so that they couldn't be detected with chakra sensory skills.

He finally made it to the training field as he took in the fresh oxygen in order to wake up his body and get it mentally prepared for the hard amount of training that he was about to go through. He took off his jacket, as the day was yet another hard sunny day, as he laid the jacket along the ground by his favorite tree and cracked his knuckles while looking to the nearby river. He walked over to it as he dipped his hand into the liquid and took a small sip from the cool and refreshing water while thinking of how he would best approach the start of his day. He thought he'd go ahead and do some physical training first before he got started with his chakra training so that he'd be best effective with his techniques and power. He thus got up from the river and walked over to one of the nearby trees as he got under one of the bigger ones that was next to the field as it offered a lot of shade and he got on his hands and began to do some pull ups from a low hanging branch.

He curled his legs up as he used his arms to pull himself up and back down as many times as he could while keeping his breathing slow in order to keep cranking them out. He was impressed at how easy the pull ups seem to be cranked out since his arms didn't get tired from the efforts as he continued to move himself in rhythmic cadence to make sure he got the most out of the exercise. He continued to do the pull ups with all the youthful strength as he could muster and could feel the strength within his body responding strongly in such a way he didn't expect. It seemed as though his constant training was really hitting a payoff with him as he was capable of being able to complete all these exercises with seeming ease as he continued to grow stronger with each passing day. He was excited from how well his body seemed to be taking the whole concept of training and how it reacted with such growth that it actually startled him. He thought about all this as he continued to do his pull ups in an almost obsessive cadence.

He continued to do his pull ups, losing count along the way, before he felt his arms finally start to lose their grip and strength as the feeling extended it's reach down to his hands and he ended up falling back down to the ground. He landed on his feet as he stretched his arms back out while trying to shake any of the kinks that he had developed within them from his earlier exercise. He focused on what he would do next as he thought that he'd continue to do some physical exercise in order to get everything ready and to prepare for what was going to be a very, more than likely, taxing jutsu. He thought about the amount of chakra that would be required and needed for him to be able to commence the jutsu as he would be causing a large wide radius of rain clouds to be appearing with just his chakra. He took a deep breath as he decided he'd continue to do some physical exercise for now so that he'd gain a little bit of strength from everything as he decided he'd go for a jog next.

He began skipping and running in place as he got his legs ready for what would be coming next while keeping his breaths in check and making certain he was getting plenty of the oxygen on the outside into his brain. He took off afterwards in a light jog as his feet hit the ground in a manner that allowed his mind to come up with a beat inside his mind that he used to keep his strength strong throughout his jog. He looked at the bugs that flew around the field and also the numerous birds, large and small, that took off into the air as he jogged around the field as he couldn't help but feel happy at the prospect that things were still the same in terms of peace and beauty. It set within his mind the whole reason as to why he continued to come out and train everyday which helped him grow all the more stronger from it. He continued to jog around the field, going over the water sometimes so that he'd give his chakra some exercise from it as well, as he soon decided that he'd kick it into the next gear as he began to go for a light run.

He focused more strength into his legs in order to pick up his speed so that he'd be able to go through a bit more of his stamina to allow his strength to grow a bit. He felt his stamina going strong, however, as he was once again surprised by how much strength he was able to gain from all his time ad numerous days of training by how slowly he was becoming tired. He kept up his pace as he ran around the field utilizing what he could only describe as being half of his max speed as he was able to run around the field at a very awesome pacing. He would continue to go at this pacing as he could slowly feel his legs gaining a bit of heat as he could tell they were getting properly warmed up from the exercise. After a little bit longer of a run around with the field he stops next tot he edge of the river as he hopped in place to get his legs stretched out and good to go as he took a deep sigh and thought about what next to do to get his strength up.

He decided he'd try out a new form of training which would put his speed and strength to the test as he looked around the field for some sort of object to use and he noticed a log laying casually on the ground. He thought that it must've been used for substitution jutsu training or something as he walked over to it and picked it up into his hands. He smiled at how light it felt in his hands as he had decided that he would use it as a mock opponent or training target for himself in a bit of a game. He had decided that he would throw the log up into the air and do everything he could do to keep in the air without it ever touching the ground. He thought that it would be both a fun experience as well as taxing as he saw it as mainly a way of training his speed to make certain he would be able to keep up with the log no matter where it ever might end up landing or falling while in the sky.

He prepared himself for the throw. looking up in the air to focus on the right place to throw the log toward, as he reared back and gave the log a nice chuck up into the sky with as much strength as he could muster. He watched as the log soared high into the air, even higher than he expected it to, as he smiled and closed his eyes in order to prepare for the next few minutes that would be taking place. His focus was on just the log at this particular time as he opened his eyes and watched as it began to fall from the sky. He was amazed at how his reaction speed was able to keep up with the whole fall of the log as it appeared to be falling as if caught in slow motion which made him smile a bit as it was just another sign of how fast his brain could process things as well as how fast he was. He bent low to the ground as he counted down within his head when to begin all while keeping his focus trained solely on just the log as even though he could keep track of it easily he was still going to need to know where it was at all times.

He counted down from three slowly: 3... 2... 1... Go! Upon meeting go the log was very close to hitting the ground a few meters away as his legs shifted him forth until he was suddenly underneath it and was delivering a stiff upward kick. His momentum caused him to not only kick the log back high upwards but also caused him to have to plunge his fingers and feet into the ground in order to stop himself as he was still moving forward from his single hop forward. He stopped himself, his eyes darting upwards to see the log once more, as he got back up and decided that it was more than likely a good idea not to use his full speed just yet as it was proving to be too much for the log. He thus halved his speed as he saw the log falling in it's slow motion and he ran to where it was falling towards more than 10 meters away. Once he got under the trajectory he delivered an uppercut upwards to greet the log as he watched his arm push the log back up high into the air as he stood there satisfied at this new training segment he was going through.

He continued to go through the training as he was feeling good about what he was doing with his stamina and strength. He was able to catch the log with his feet, sometimes in close calls, as he would hit it back up into the sky before moving once again to where it would be landing next. He would sometimes switch it up to keep it interesting by jumping up after the log and hitting it back towards the ground before having one of his shadow clones catching it from below and hitting it back upwards to him to hit it back down again. He would continue doing thing training for a few minutes to keep his strength growing and his legs moving so that he'd possibly get a little bit more stamina out of the whole situation as well. Once he felt that he had gotten the most out of his training he thought he'd finish his training off in a flashy sort of way as he used his storage displacement technique to summon forth his katana and moved himself underneath the falling log. He then channeled his chakra through the blade, making it sharper, as he swung it multiple times underneath the log as it was separated into multiple pieces as though the sword had cut through it like butter.

He watched as the individual pieces of cut wood fall onto the ground in small clatters as he stood back up straight and looked around. He saw the little wood logs lying all over the ground as he sighed, content with his training, and he went ahead and sent his katana back into the storage displacement realm for later use. He then cracked his neck and stretched his back as he decided that he'd go ahead and commence with some meditation in order to get his chakra warmed up and ready for the day ahead. He decided to take a break first, though, as he walked over to his favorite tree and sat beside the trunk as he pulled out a sandwich that he was going to enjoy for the moment. He pulled it out of it's wrapper and began to take a couple of bites as he tried to calm his heart rate down and also tried to calm his breathing down.

He ate his sandwich peacefully underneath the calming shade of the tree as he looked out to the sky as the clouds above rolled slowly by and passed under the sun at certain points in time. It wasn't going to be long, he hoped at least, when he'd be able to make large clouds form in the sky and cause them to rain on top of the field. He was actually feeling pretty ecstatic in learning such a technique as it was something he not only could be able to mask his presence inside with but it was also a technique which could help him utilize water style techniques if there was a water source that wasn't nearby to him. He thus ate fast with his sandwich as he smiled to how satisfying it was to feel his stomach being filled and charged up for what he was going to be doing with his body next. He finally finished his sandwich after some time and thus got back up to his feet as he walked over to the river and sat beside it with his legs crossed as he brought his hands together for another much needed session of meditation.

He closed his eyes as he began to focus his chakra up through his body all while keeping his attention to making certain that he held within him enough to be able to pull off what he was planning to do. He didn't know exactly how much of his chakra this was going to do but he knew that it would be a lot being as it was, from what he had learned and been told about the technique in question, supposedly able to cover at maximum a whole mile long radius. He thus called upon from within him the large amounts of chakra that he was able to accumulate over his short time training as he smiled to how much he felt inside. He felt it grow and become ready for him to use after just a small bit of meditation as he nodded to himself and opened his eyes to get back up to his feet. He cracked the small crick that he held within his neck as he gave a small sigh of relief and looked up to the sky as it was now his next target and his next obstacle to climb over.

He hopped on his feet while trying to keep his muscles loosened and ready for the hardships that were about to come as he took a deep breath and brought his arms up and together. He began to form the necessary hand seals as he proceeded to gather his chakra and prepared it for what would come next. He formed the Bird seal, then the Rat seal, then Ox, then Monkey, then Rat, then finally Snake as he could feel his chakra flowing throughout his entire body and he could feel it leaking out and heading seemingly skyward. "Water Style: Rain Tiger at Will Jutsu!" He lifted his hands up into the air as he could feel his chakra still flooding it's way out of his body and heading towards the sky as he looked skyward to see the fruits of his labor and effort. He was disappointed to see that only a single rain cloud was forming directly above him as his chakra seemed to not be controlled enough to extend it's reach throughout the entirety of the sky. He dropped his hands back down and panted as even that small cloud took a lot of chakra to do and he fell onto his hands and knees while thinking on how best to proceed with his training.

He thought he'd use his time wisely and do a bit more physical training in order to get himself from using anymore of his chakra and keep it down. He thus went over to the training logs and began to charge forth at them and hit them in many different angles to keep his athletics strong. He thus continued to keep himself busy so that he'd attack the logs from all the sides that he could reach. It was satisfying to feel the wood seemingly try it's utter best to keep him from breaking it as he continued to punish them with his fists and feet as a way of trying to calm down the frustration that he held within himself at how he wasn't able to perform the jutsu on his first try. He began to see that not everything can be attained in only one try so he used that as a reference to calm himself down a bit so that he could give the jutsu another try and hopefully catch it this time.

He stopped hitting the logs as he kept himself up on his feet while taking long and deep breaths to try and get his body reenergized with the outside oxygen as he could still feel the tiredness and deprivation of stamina setting itself into his body. He thus got onto his knees for a little while as he looked back up into the sky and could see that the single rain cloud that he had formed within the sky was now nowhere to be seen by the fact that it must've dissipated itself from how his chakra wasn't controlling itself anymore. He was able to get himself back up to his feet as he felt it was wise to get his chakra back in business by focusing it on other jutsu to give it a good exercise for later uses. He decided that he'd practice the Rasengan for a bit as he cracked his knuckles and focused his chakra to swirl itself into the palm of his right hand while stretching it out to his side. He looked to see the spherical ball of chakra slowly swirl it's way into a perfect ball of dynamite chakra as he thought about what to focus on as a target for it.

He looked around as he saw a large boulder that was sitting by it's lonesome in the forest a ways away as he took a breath and got into position as he began to run at top speed towards the boulder as he carried his Rasengan with him from behind. He focused his chakra to pin faster and faster in a more focused manner as he ran towards the boulder so that he could possibly get a bit more power out of it as he neared the boulder in question. He thus thrust his hand out as the Rasengan connected with the rock and he was surprised to see the rock standing strong against it. He thus focused in order to retain the chakra in his Rasengan as he used his feet to try and push it through the rock and cause it to either crumble away or be blown apart. What happened was both of those things as the rock not only broke apart but it seemed to explode in large chunks of stone as those chunks were blown apart and away from the Rasengan seemingly as though a strong gust of wind had blown them aside.

He smiled as the Rasengan slowly shrank in size and disappeared as he felt as though he had a proper connection with his chakra and he decided to go ahead and try the jutsu once more. He looked up as the leaves of the trees were blocking his view of the sky which somewhat discouraged him as he decided to go back out into the open away from the woods. He hopped back to the training field and was greeted with the wide open space once more as he looked up to the sky and flexed his hands open and close to get them prepared for the hand seals once more. He brought his hands up and formed the Bird, Rat, Ox, Monkey, Rat, and Snake seals before he felt the chakra within him flex outwards and travel it's way up to the sky once again. "Once more... Water Style: Rain Tiger at Will!" He put his hands up to the air as he tried to guide his chakra in order to make it transform into rain clouds and thus cause it to overtake the sky so that it could cover the area with it's rain.

He watched in amazement and happiness as he watched as his efforts caused his chakra to form into a cloud and then branch out into more gray clouds that continued to branch themselves into more clouds and cover not only the area of the training field but a large part of the forest as well. He watched a single drop of rain fall down from the clouds as he blinked and touched the spot where the rain fell and he could feel his own chakra infused in the rain as he smiled and started to feel another rain drop then another and then another. He was soon being attacked by large raindrops coming from his hand made chakra clouds as the water from the rain began to flood the create small puddles along holes and crevices of the field so that he could use those puddles to use water style jutsu of his own choosing. He had learned that the jutsu would not only allow him to use water style but it was a jutsu that, since it was infused with his chakra, only he could be able to use it to his advantage.

He decided to test this revelation and thought process out as it continued to rain and thus brought his arms up while thinking of what water jutsu he knew to try out for it. The only one he really knew anything about was the jutsu hidden mist technique as he nodded and brought his hands up to form the necessary seal once more to commence with the jutsu. He formed the Tiger seal as he brought his hand upwards toward the sky in a half tiger and also kept his other hand down close to his face in the other half of the Tiger seal while summoning the chakra within him to use the Hidden Mist jutsu. "Ninja Art: Hidden Mist Jutsu!" He could feel his chakra take hold of the water that was falling out of the sky as well as the water that had formed on the ground as steam and mist began to creep up from the liquid and linger into the air. He watched as the mist thickened and start to surround the area even as the water continued to fall and shroud him from anyone who may have been looking in on him from the outside. He watched this all happen as he once again felt happy with the results and he thus cancelled the jutsu and watched as the mist slowly shrank out of existence.

He watched as the rain continued to fall on top of him and onto the field before he relaxed the chakra that was being constantly expanded out for the rain and he watched as the rain slowly came to a halt for him and his chakra leveled itself out. He chuckled as the rain clouds continued to linger in the sky as he looked to the exit of the training field and thought he'd call it a day. He had achieved great results in today's training and he felt it only right that he'd come back tomorrow to learn the rest of what he needed to. He thus went back to his tree and picked his jacket back up before placing it once more around his torso and putting it on. He walked out of the exit of the field and walked along the streets through the forest back towards the village all while wondering if he'd go straight to bed among making it back to his home.

He made it quite quickly to the leaf village as he walked through the village gates and made it onto the streets that guided him to his quaint little home a little ways away. He got to his house's door as he unlocked it and opened it to step into the dark halls and living room of his house before walking over to his bed and collapsing onto the covers. He smiled as the comforting embrace of those covers and mattress seemed to sink him into the bed and surround him in comfort as he closed his eyes to rest up for the day. He looked out the window as the sun slowly started to seep through the clouds as he reached up in order to close his blinds and once more plunge his house into darkness for the day. He smiled wide and maneuvered his body to get his legs and feet under the covers before relaxing once again and feeling that sloping feeling of falling into his bed as he closed his eyes and slowly lost consciousness. It was a really great day of training for him and tomorrow would prove to be yet another exciting day as he smiled and went to sleep for a good long needed nap.

That night on the same day...

Higuto woke up as his body felt well rested and ready for more training. He stretched his body upon waking up as he sat up and opened the blinds to see that it was now dark outside as he felt that it was the perfect time for him to practice the second part of the jutsu he had just learned that afternoon as he got his clothes back on and went to the door to head on out over to the training field right away. He knew that it wouldn't need to take too long for him to learn as all it was was a way for him to properly hide in the rain and be able to get around whoever it may have been that he was in combat with. He hopped along the multiple buildings of the village's rooftops while rushing over to the village gates and landing on top of the ledge overlooking the village as he turned around to take in the beautiful serenity of the leaf village at night.

He looked out at all the little twinkling lights that was the lights coming from within peoples homes as well as the light that was coming from street lamps and television sets that stuck out of the sides of tall buildings that were still on and running. He watched as the television broadcast different shows as well as news as to what was going on out in the world of ninja as he couldn't help but smile at the concept that one day he may be up on the big screen one day in a positive light. The only way he'd ever be able to get there, of course, was if he trained his body to get to where he needed it to be and be able to combat any hardships that came his way. He thus closed his eyes and took a good deep breath before turning around and hopping off the village gates ledge and landed on a branch of a tree of the adjoining forest. He started hopping the numerous branches as he made his way to the training field all while trying to get his chakra already focused on the task at hand so that he wouldn't need to waste any time in putting forth the necessary effort for his jutsus.

He kept hopping along the tree branches as he made his way towards the training field before landing in the clear familiar field of training as he noticed that it was still covered by the water puddles that he had made earlier as he smiled and decided that he'd do a little bit of more physical training before actually getting down to the nitty gritty of why he was there in the first place. He thus took off his jacket once again as he got low to the ground and visualized himself fighting an opponent as he blinked and thought of an even better way to train. He brought his hands up to form the shadow clone seal as he focused his chakra into a single point and watched as a puff of smoke next to him appeared and standing in the clearing was a solid clone of himself already in a stance and ready for battle. He smiled as he got into a low stance himself and prepared his strength and chakra for everything he was about to do as he and the clone charged forth towards each other with kunais raised and clashed in the middle of the field.

He and the clone began to clash with each other using taijutsu as Higuto would deliver blow after blow against the clone with which the clone would catch each one himself and try to retaliate with his own attack. He'd use his agility and flexibility in order to keep himself and his attacks unpredictable as the clone seemed to take note of his strategy and would follow up with his own flexibility. He used his chakra infusion on his kunai as his blade began to glow and sharpen thanks to the addition of his chakra as his knife sliced through the clones as the clone ducked to avoid the blow while twisting around and delivering a kick to Higuto's arm and making him fly backward. The clone then jumped and charged forth while forming the Monkey, Dragon, Rat, Bird, Ox, Snake, Dog, Tiger, and Monkey seals to allow lightning to form inside his left palm as he brought out the Chidori and thrust it towards Higuto. Higuto would retaliate by forming his chakra into his right hand as he used the Rasengan and clashed it together with the Chidori in order to catch it.

The results of such a clash were cataclysmic as the two jutsus caught each other and fought for dominance over the other. Higuto grunted as his momentum in the air was causing him to fall back towards the forest and it's tree as he used his other hand to reach out behind him in hopes of catching himself by using one of the numerous trees so that he'd have a better chance to fight the Chidori off. He crashed into a tree, his body wracking in pain as his back was contorted from the strong wood's curvature, as he kept his arm out in order to maintain the Rasengan. He brought his other hand up to grab his right arm as he tried to focus more of his chakra into the technique to try and repel the Chidori back off of him. As the two of them, Higuto and the clone, continued to try and beat each other's jutsu the two suddenly gave off a bright gleam of light that surrounded the two in a huge sphere of light and he had to blink as the two jutsu suddenly grew so large in power that they exploded outwards and pushed the two ninja away from each other.

Higuto was blown back through the tree while his clone was blown into the air yet retained it's body as it fell into the training field's river. Higuto wasn't as lucky as he landed hard into the dirt of the nearby forest as he tumbled over the ground just to come to a stop by way of a tree trunk catching him from behind hard. He shook his head as a way of getting the cobwebs he had developed loose all while trying to keep his focus on the fight as he got back up to his feet while trying to devise a plan of action to take his clone out. His brain went to work in trying to come up with a plan as he thought the best way to go about things was to bring out the rain jutsu that he had just learned previously and get to work in learning the hiding in rain technique in hopes he could get behind his clone and finish things. He thus brought up his hands to form the necessary seals as he focused as much of his chakra to get the jutsu started.

He formed the Bird, Rat, Ox, Monkey, Rat, and Snake seals so fast his hands were a blur as he shoved his hands high into the air and began to focus his chakra into the sky. "Water Style: Rain Tiger at Will!" He could see through the trees as the stars in the sky seemingly began to disappear due to what he could only assume were the rain clouds he was forming thanks to the jutsu. He smiled and charged forth to the training field, now turned into a battlefield, as he rushed towards the river just as his clone was hopping out to soar high into the sky. He could feel it starting to rain slowly as he hopped up after the clone as he brought his hands together to form the seals necessary for his next jutsu. He formed the Tiger seal, then Boar, then Ox, then Dog, then Snake just as the clone was bringing out his katana from within the storage displacement and stabbed Higuto with it straight through the chest. The clone wasn't worried, however, as he knew that what he actually stabbed was a log as Higuto suddenly was engulfed in a puff of smoke and in the sword's place was indeed a sturdy large piece of wood.

The clone landed just as the rain was beginning to come down hard onto the field now as he looked around the field in order to try and find his original. He couldn't see any inkling of where Higuto might've been as the rain was now pouring down in a large drenching downpour all while the clone became more and more confused as to where his original seemingly disappeared into non existence. He thus remembered that Higuto was in the process of learning the technique which allowed him to hide in the rain and blend with it so that he could sneak around while inside it. This was more than likely the reason why the clone could no longer see his original anywhere as he decided to try and use the new rain to his advantage and formed the Tiger seal while raising his hand in the half Tiger formation. He tried to use the rain in order to bring forth the Hidden Mist technique, thinking that because it was raining he'd be able to use the falling water to form the mist faster, as he was shocked to see that the mist was only slowly forming as it came from the nearby river. That was when it hit him that he couldn't use the rain as it was tied to his original's chakra meaning only Higuto could use it!

He felt the sting of a sword infused in chakra suddenly stab it's way through his back as he disappeared in a puff of smoke and in the clone's place was Higuto who had used his newly acquired technique to get in from behind the clone and take advantage of his lowered guard to stab him from behind. He nodded to acknowledge that the clone had given him a pretty amazing battle as he used the storage displacement technique to put his katana back into where he kept it as he gave off a long sigh and relaxed his chakra to allow the rain to stop falling. He fell back as he laid his back on the ground and looked up to the sky in order to watch the clouds he had formed slowly disperse and show the starry sky once more and give him a view of the beauty of space.

He took a few needed breaths to get his bearings back in place as he slowly got up shakily to his feet and stood tall as he walked over to his tree, which was surprisingly not damaged by the two's battle, as he picked up his jacket and put it back on. He then began to walk to the exit of the training field and made his way along the forest's road toward the village once again in order to turn in for the remainder of the night. He shakily walked along the street as he used the trees and his hands to keep himself up on his street as he could feel his adrenaline from the earlier fight wearing out and he could feel the pain and soreness of what he had gone through before was really starting to settle itself into his body. He tried his hardest to keep himself composed as he had to take a knee after a while of walking in order to get a bit of energy back into him. He had remembered that he had a meeting tomorrow with his team and his sensei that he needed to be well rested for to attend and if he didn't make it back to his home to recover he may have never been able to be able to make it.

He thus struggled back to his feet as he made his way back to the village and tried his best to compose his body to make it not look as though he was drunk or in need of major medical attention. He walked through the village gates as he made his way through the streets of Konoha as he noticed that Ichiraku was still open as he smiled and decided he'd have himself a bowl. He ordered himself some takeout as he walked out and made his way to his house, slowly and with the takeout bowl of ramen heating him up, as he made it back to his house and unlocked the front door in order to open his now ever darker room. He kicked off his shoes and took off his jacket as he hung in on a coat rack by the door and took his seat at a dining table with the bowl of ramen sat firmly on the top of the table and he brought his hands together to pray for his meal.

He finished praying and took the top off the Styrofoam bowl as he got some chopsticks and began to bring up some noodles to his mouth as he blew on them to cool them off. He smiled wide as he ate and relaxed his body all while feeling more and more tired through the whole day's events. He couldn't believe all that he was able to get done during the day, however, as he had learned two extremely useful jutsus for his trouble and this made him happy as well. He finished his ramen quickly as he could feel his body ever so slowly breaking itself down and making him very much in need of his bed as he put the lid back on the bowl and threw it away. He got straight back up fully to his feet as he stretched out and felt his bones crack back in comfortable places as he crawled slowly into his bed and drew his legs and feet under the covers after he had dumped his wet clothes into the washer. He laid his head on his pillow, his thoughts already focused on the events of what all would be happening tomorrow, as he closed his eyes and went to sleep for the day.

(WC 7,022)

(Objective: Claiming 35 stats, the Rain Tiger at Will technique, and the Hiding in the Rain technique)
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