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Higuto Aburame
Higuto Aburame
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Higuto's Chidori Empty Higuto's Chidori

Sat Jan 20, 2018 6:17 pm
Higuto was once again stepping onto the training field, ready for another day of putting his body through the ringer to get it ready for some future battles, as he had brought with him the Katana he had bought some time ago but never got any training in with it. This time he was not only going to grow familiar with his blade but he was going to learn three different things in order to further his knowledge of his powers and to also be able to become that much closer to becoming a powerful shinobi. He had decided that today would be the day he finally not only learned the Chidori but would also be the day he learned to not only infuse his blade with his chakra but also to infuse the Chidori through his blade as well. This way he would become that much more dangerous on the field of battle.

He prepared his body once more as he took off his jacket due to the day being hot and sunny as he stepped to the center of the field and breathed in and out as he sat on the ground and began to meditate his chakra. He had acquired the power to control lightning but was never able to put forth the efforts into learning a jutsu within such a domain. He knew it'd take a lot of work to learn jutsu from scratch, the Chidori being a humongous undertaking for him, but he knew that if anyone was going to do it only he could through hard work and major effort. This was going to require a lot of chakra to do, as well, so he needed to extend his control even further and create within him an extensive amount of power. To that end he knew he needed to prepare his chakra network, as well as the muscles of his body, in order to not only be efficient in the art of using the Chidori but also in utilizing it through his blade as he fought someone. He concentrated on the storm of chakra he contained within him as he breathed slowly in and out and became ready for some exercise.

He could feel his chakra becoming calm with itself as it was guided through his body in ways that allowed him to feel tingly all over. He chuckled to himself as this training had come naturally to him with all the chakra training he had put his body through in the past. This was excellent in providing him with ways of utilizing it in many different ways, especially when it came to him infusing it into the insects he held within himself, as this time he'd be using it to infuse it into a foreign object which is something that was going to prove very different and difficult for him to achieve. He smiled, though, as the challenge was ultimately going to prove that much more rewarding for him in the long run. He continued to meditate until he felt his chakra was primed and ready for him as he slowly stood to his feet and walked to the tree which held his jacket and his katana.

Upon reaching the tree he knelt down to pick up the katana as he could feel the chakra he had trained was trying already to course through him and wanting release from his body. He stood up as he drew the sword from his sheathe and looked at the blade to see it was quite sharp already and this caused him to smile as he knew that by the end of this he was going to be able to make it so much more sharper than it was accustomed to being. He sighed softly and began to take in deep breaths as he prepared his inner power before allowing it to guide it's way through his network through his arm and into his right hand which held his Katana. He could feel the chakra stick to the hilt of the blade but he couldn't feel it coursing any deeper than that as he tried to direct his chakra a bit further down into the hilt and was dismayed by how it couldn't seem to travel any lower than the hilt. He knew more concentration would be needed as he formed the half tiger seal with his other hand and focused more on his chakra. He felt his chakra extend itself a little bit more into the blade but not at all by much as he sighed softly and felt that it might not have been the best time to focus his efforts into the putting his chakra through just yet. To that thought he laid the sword back down onto the tree as he decided that now he'd train for the power of the Chidori as he then began to run in place to prepare for physical exercise.

He then began to take off as he ran laps around the field at top speed in order to train himself for the jutsu as he knew it'd require a high amount of speed for him to be able to even hit anyone with the jutsu as it was mainly for those within close range. He trained and kept running at this speed for as long as possible as he panted and looked at things to serve as distractions from the pain and torment he was putting his legs through. He would sometimes run along the trees and the rocks as he ran in order to train his chakra as well in order to grow more accustomed to the Chidori itself. He had learned the jutsu required an abnormal amount of chakra as well in order for one to use it multiple times otherwise they'd potentially kill themselves after trying to call it forth one too many times. He wanted to avoid that as much as possible but knew that he was smart enough to, if on the field of battle, he would know what his limitations were and therefore wouldn't use it too many times. He knew he'd be able to be in situations where he could use it without worry of missing given and granted the opportune moment. He thus had to increase his efficiency as a ninja in both speed and strength if he wanted to be able to utilize the Chidori to the best of his ability. To that end he continued to run around the field, his breathing growing shallow and quick as he was growing tired from the physical effort as he tried to keep it as calm as he could.

He was amazed at how fast he was seemingly able to go now as he seemed to zoom faster around the field then he ever could before. This caused him to smile as he knew that he was fast enough to keep up with some of the village's, and foreign villages, faster ninja. This made him happy as he utilized the water by running across the river and then trained his chakra by running along the nearby rock cliff as he continued with his laps around the field and slowly gaining his speed. He kept his legs moving, his lungs trying hard to supply oxygen throughout his body, as he kept running around to the point until he couldn't help but stop and collapse right next to the river as he panted and took in all the sweet oxygen he could take in before he decided to get back into the business. He rested on his back by the river, looking up to the bright and blue and cloudless sky as he panted more and kept himself from burning out too fast.

As he rested he chuckled to the fact that, little by little, even though it was proving to be a bitter challenge he was growing stronger slowly but surely. This made his determination towards training that much stronger as he got back up to his feet and thought that continuing his physical training was the best way to go in order to be able to do the Chidori properly. He went over to the stumps of the training logs and began to kick and punch at the stumps with only a little bit of his max strength. He found that his attacks were all rewarded with satisfying cracks and breaks as he kept up his attack while growing all the stronger from it. He kicked off a stump after his leg hit it and made certain he was after another stump as he kicked it strongly before bouncing back and then rushing forward once more. He'd keep up this kind of pressure to the logs and to his body as he continued to train with the logs to the point where bruises were developing over his legs and fists. He stepped back, panting from his exertions and tired by his training he's put in so far, as he couldn't help but feel that it was either now or never when it came to learning the Chidori. He had put in the necessary push in order to allow his body to warm up and get loose and faster as well so he brought his hands up and placed them together as he began to develop his chakra into his body.

He panted as he did so and felt he needed to do this as quickly as possible as he began to form the hand seals. Monkey, Dragon, Rat, Bird, Ox, Snake, Dog, Tiger, and Monkey. He crouched down onto his knees as he took in a deep breath and brought his palm down, pointing it to the ground, as he could feel his chakra channeling into his hand as small sparks of lightning began to form around it. He gritted his teeth, his chakra limits beginning to show quite clearly, as he tried to pour in more chakra into the technique and was rewarded as his hand suddenly sparked to life with lightning chakra. He was stunned as he could see the chakra clearly within his palm. He smiled wide as he looked around and wondered what could serve as a promising place for him to unleash the jutsu.

He looked around and noticed a fairly sized rock as he decided that that would be a useful target as he got up to his feet and charged forth at it. He rushed forward with more speed than he thought he had as he thrust his palm forth and found his hand sink deep into the rock. He blinked at how easily he was able to sink his hand into the rock, thanks to the jutsu, as he kept the jutsu going in order to pull his hand out of the rock. He then felt his chakra dissipate out of his hand as he panted and crouched back down as he could tell his stamina was shrinking away rapidly. He laid his body back down onto his back as he looked up to the sky and thought back on times when learning things was easier. Quizzes in the academy as well as training with his coaches and teachers allowed him the luxury of being around those who could teach him about the histories of shinobi and the truths behind jutsu and chakra. Times were so much easier then.

Nowadays he was mainly alone for his spots of training and, even though it wasn't necessarily a bad thing since he felt he was getting a lot stronger than he would when around another person, he couldn't help but feel a bit lonely over his training. He decided to stop lamenting over such loneliness, his hands being brought back up to join together once again as he felt his chakra flow back through him. He could feel that with his remaining chakra that this was going to be his last attempt at a perfect Chidori as he panted once again and took in a deep breath while, still on his back, he began to form the necessary hand seals once more.

Monkey, Dragon, Rat, Bird, Ox, Snake, Dog, Tiger, and Monkey. He brought his right hand up, pointing his palm to the sky, as his left hand gripped his arm and began to push a bit more chakra through his limb up to his palm. He concentrated as he focused his chakra into the palm and could feel the sparks pushing themselves through the hand as lightning began to slowly form in the hand once more. He concentrated harder as the lightning grew stronger and brighter until his whole hand was once again covered in lightning energy and chakra as he dropped his hand and it drilled a large crater into the ground. He maneuvered himself back to his feet as he brought the hand around to his front, on his knees once more, as he tried to concentrate more chakra into the technique. He knew that this was potentially dangerous but he wanted to make certain he could get the maximum potency out of the attack as the chakra began to burst more all over the place and sparks flew past him and struck the ground and terrain around him. He smiled as he knew that the jutsu was at it's most dangerous now as he looked at a tree and decided to try that this time.

He clenched his feet as he lunged forth and began running at top speed towards it as the chidori dragged along the ground, scarring it in a large crater, before he reached the tree and lunged his hand deep into the trunk. His hand passed straight through the tree, coming out of the other side, as he panted from such a massive usage of chakra and pulled his hand back out before the last of his chakra gave out and disappeared with the chidori.

He was feeling extremely tired now as he knew he was on the brink of passing out and he needed to get home and get some rest. With that thought he limped back to the tree which held his jacket as he brought it around him and put it on. As soon as he did he limped to the exit of the field and to the village. He was in bad shape and needed rest right away but he was overall happy at his progress as he smiled along with the limp and made his way back to the village.


(Objective: Completing WC requirement for Chidori {1,603/4,000} and obtaining 12 more stats)
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Higuto's Chidori Empty Re: Higuto's Chidori

Sat Jan 20, 2018 7:02 pm
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