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Higuto Aburame
Higuto Aburame
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Higuto's First Activation Empty Higuto's First Activation

Tue Feb 13, 2018 3:06 am
Higuto Aburame woke up in bed as he stretched himself out in order to get himself ready for the long day that was about to come. He rubbed his eyes, trying to get the sleep that was lingering inside out of them, as he blinked a few times in order to get his eyes adjusted to the light that was forming outside. He stretched again as he felt his bones crack in place and his muscle untighten as he felt ready for the day and to conquer his next two objectives. He got out of bed, his feet falling on the wooden floor of his house with a clank, as he got up and went to his bathroom in order to get his morning affairs straightened out. He stepped into the shower, the water steaming from the heat that he ran it under, as he made certain to get himself nice and cleaned up for his training day. After making certain his body was nice and clean he shut off the water and stepped out in order to go to the toilet and relieve himself before going to the mirror and sink in order to give his face a good wash.

He splashed some water in his face as he washed and cracked his knuckles while making his way to the kitchen in order to make himself a bowl of cereal as he then went to the refrigerator to get the milk. He noticed on the jug that the date was close to expiration as he sighed and knew he'd need to get another gallon soon which was really going to hurt his wallet for a little while. He thus used the remainder of the milk in his bowl as he sat down and let the cereal soak in the milk as he looked out his window as the sun rose higher to reveal more sunlight in his house. He had plans to learn move Water Style Jutsu for the day as well as explore a bit into a certain something that had been bothering him for quite a bit of time. He looked to his side, looking at the locket that he had been keeping with him ever since he was a child and with his family, as he sighed softly due to having felt... something within the locket that has been making him wonder how on earth to unlock whatever secrets it contained.

As for the water technique he felt it only fair to add another defensive move to his repertoire as he was on the verge of learning the Water Wall jutsu that was made famous by the first Hokage's brother. He couldn't wait to get out onto the field and learn it's properties as, with it, he'd be able to properly repel any fire jutsu that may be blown his way which in turn would make him that much more stronger as a ninja of the Hidden Leaf. With that happy thought he began to eat his cereal as he closed his eyes and thought of the moves and technique and sleights of hand that were needed in order to use the Water Wall. He had an open book beside him as he ate and he read up on the Water Wall as it was mainly known for being a jutsu that didn't require a person to be around water for them to use. This made it a very important jutsu that Higuto felt he NEEDED to learn as it would help him keep out of a jam if ever he was in the middle of combat where there was no water to be found. It would also serve as a way to conserve his chakra so that he wouldn't need to use his Rain Tiger at Will jutsu in order to give himself a source of water.

He thus finished up his bowl of cereal as he got up from his seat and walked over to the sink in order to wash the dish and his silverware. He thus went over into the bathroom as he began to wash his face again and also reached over to the toothbrush as he put some toothpaste on and began to brush his teeth in order to get the cereal out of his teeth for the next time until he had his next meal. As he brushed his teeth he couldn't help but notice how much his body seemed to have changed thanks to his time spent on the training field as he could see the formation of muscle showing up along his body. He shrugged, feeling that it was about time, as he finished making certain his teeth were cleaned before rinsing his mouth in the sink and stepping back out into his bedroom. He looked through his clothes and could see his usual wear still in the wash as he quickly shifted it all into his dryer and went to the closet to find more clothes.

He got regular exercise clothes that helped keep his body cool such as a T shirt and shorts as he went to put them on before walking over to his shoes that he kept by the door and kicking them on. He got up after making sure that everything was secure and ready to rock and roll as he got back up to his standing up before walking over to the door in order to open it and allow the sunlight from the outdoors to fully attack his eyes. He squinted as he held a hand over them and stepped out to lock the door from behind. He sighed softly as he finished locking the door and walked along the lonely street, at least until he got to the markets of the Leaf, and looked up to the sky to see if any clouds were hovering in the deep hue of blue. He could see a few floating slowly and sometimes floating over the sun in the process as this made him a bit happy that he wouldn't be entirely at the mercy of the sun for the day.

As he walked his hand floated up to the locket that he always kept around his neck while his thoughts began to wander back to the times that he spent with his parents. He had remembered the times when his father and mother gave him the locket as his memories were filled with such happy times as well as forgotten times when they would tell him about the locket and... hidden properties within it's contents. He looked up to the sky as his mind distracted him from the bustling neighbors that went to and from the shops that occupied the streets. He let go of the locket and tucked it back under his shirt as he walked toward the gates of the village and tried to get his mind back into the game of learning the Water Style Jutsu first before exploring something that could potentially be dangerous for him. He thus walked through the threshold of the Leaf gates as he walked into the forest and hopped up into the trees in order to land on a branch and prepare himself in order to plan his strategy. He also thought he'd train himself a bit along the way to the field while utilizing the trees as he nodded and started to hop through the trees towards the field.

He brought his hands up to form the familiar cross sign that he was used to performing by now as a clone appeared out of smoke next to him as he continued to make his way to the field. He then reached into his weapon pocket to pull out a kunai as his clone did the same and they clashed with each other in the air. The clone directed a kick during the clash which he was able to catch with his arm as he was forced through multiple branches of trees due to the momentum. He flipped in the air as his feet caught a trunk and he used his momentum to push himself off the trunk and straight towards the clone. He directed a punch which caught the clone square in the jaw as the clone soared back with a shocked look on it's face. He suddenly directed a kick straight at Higuto's face as he used the punch to twirl in the air and catch Higuto in the chin as Higuto was launched once more through the trees as he was blown straight onto the field they were surprisingly nearby.

He flipped himself over once again as his feet caught the dirt and he skidded himself to a halt just as the clone burst thought the trees with lightning held inside his hand. Higuto watched as he gritted his teeth and slowly got to his feet as he held his hand up and a ball of chakra slowly formed inside his hand and grew as he charged forth at the clone once more. He rushed to the clone, hand held high, as he made it to the clone and thrust his palm forth just as the clone did the same. The two's jutsu hit each other, giving the two of them the same sensation as before, as the two's jutsus clashed and caused the field to be swarmed in shockwaves as though dynamite had exploded. Higuto dug his toes into his shoes as he tried to push and gain dominance over the clone as the clone pushed forward as well as the two couldn't seem to one up each other. It wasn't until the two jutsus seemed to reached their peaks that the Chidori and Rasengan both suddenly blew up and blasted the two away from each other.

Higuto used his hands in order to flip himself over into the air as he landed on his feet in the middle of the river as Higuto looked up to see the clone was already upon him and directing yet another kick to his head. Higuto was fast enough to get his arm up in the nick of time as he caught the kick with his forearm as the kick caused him to roll over the river as his body skipped along the surface and he had to roll onto his feet once more. The clone once again was already in the process of making more hand seals as it formed the Bird, Rat, Ox, Monkey, Rat, and Snake seals. Higuto panted as he was able to tell immediately that the seals were utilized in order to use the jutsu Rain Tiger at Will as he looked up to the sky in order to find clouds already forming in the sky as the clone charged forth once again only to find that Higuto was already ready for it. Higuto hopped up and caught the clone in a kick as the clone missed a punch that he could utilize to the fullest for maximum effect.

Higuto landed on top of the surface as he felt water already falling down from above on top of him as he decided to charge forth with a kunai raised in order to get the clone while he was travelling in the air from the kick. However the clone was too quick as it flipped around and formed the clone seal in order to create a clone which caught the one Higuto was fighting and used it's own body to help the clone propel itself with it's own kunai straight to Higuto. Higuto clashed in the air once more as the other clone disappeared and waves began to bubble and form on the river as the storm above them grew stronger and stronger. Higuto pushed off the surface to flip over the clone and deliver a heel drop on the clone's forehead which caused the clone to fall straight down into the water which Higuto decided to follow suit and dived in after it. With his control over the water he was able to propel his way down, like a dolphin in the ocean, as he quickly made his way towards the clone.

The clone looked up to him as the water beneath his feet suddenly churned and lurched him upwards towards Higuto just as Higuto was bringing forth a punch straight at it's face. The clone dodged and grabbed Higuto's face as he dragged him through the water and out of the water's surface. Higuto grabbed the clone's hand before bringing a foot up and using it to propel his body up and out of the grip of the clone as he flipped over and punched the back of it's head causing it to flip forward. Higuto watched as the clone's feet came around and, having an idea, he grabbed the clone by it's ankles and began flipping forward over and over and over until he had just the perfect amount of momentum and he threw the clone straight down to the ground. The clone crashed down into the dirt and rock that was the earth as a crater formed around the clone and Higuto was falling, after making certain to be doing so, straight over the clone.

He thought this was the perfect way to finish their mock battle as he formed another Rasengan within his hand as he neared the ground and therefore his target. He had gained the inspiration to do this from a book he had read about one of the previous Hokage who used the Rasengan in order to bring it down onto an enemy in order to use the earth as a way to deal even more damage than normal. The rain was truly falling well and good now on the two as Higuto was covered in scuffs and marks and forming bruises as he counted on this attack to be the final attack. It was here that he saw the clone suddenly bring it's arms up once more in order to form even more hand seals. The seals of Monkey, Dragon, Rat, Bird, Ox, Snake, Dog, Tiger, and Monkey were formed as, once more, lightning formed within the palm of the clone and he thrust his arm up in order to catch Higuto's Rasengan. Higuto, feeling he had no other alternative to it, winded up bringing his Rasengan down and catching the Chidori before he fell face first right into the clone's lightning. The two clashed once again as lightning sparked away from the Chidori and clashed along the wet dirt in the earth as the Rasengan caused falling rain to repulse out from the sphere of condensed chakra.

Higuto felt it was time for more as he closed his eyes in order to focus and the Chidori formed within his other hand as he thrust it forth at the clone. The clone was ready however as it, too, had formed the Rasengan and brought it up to catch the incoming Chidori. Higuto was met with an even bigger shockwave as the two jutsu clashes so close together actually caused the ground to shake and he gritted his teeth in order to keep it up. The clone, however, got an idea as he began to force the two clashes together. Higuto, seeing what it was doing, tried his best to keep that from happening as he tried to push the two pairs of hands away and apart... yet the clone was winning the exchange. Higuto tried harder and harder to push back yet all was for naught as the two pairs of jutsus combined with each other and suddenly an explosion bigger than either of the two expected happened.

Smoke covered the space the two Higutos were in as it billowed out in all directions. Higuto was thrust through the top of the smoke due to the force of what had happened, his mind on the verge of unconsciousness due to the pain, as his arms felt as though they were on fire and on the verge of collapsing. His momentum of soaring into the air slowly began to lose out to gravity as he willed enough strength into his body in order to turn over and allow his feet to head towards the ground instead of his head. He didn't know what fate had brought his clone but he didn't have any doubt in his mind that the clone had to have been defeated from the force of two Chidori and Rasengan clashes along with the hard and cold and wet earth that was sandwiching it. It was here that Higuto realized something that shocked him however as he hadn't felt any more experience or thoughts of the matter at hand float into his mind. That could only have meant one thing: The clone was still activated and ready for more.

Suddenly the smoke parted as if blown away from the inside as it billowed outward and in the center, looking very different, was his clone as an aura seemed to be surrounding it and his hair was sticking up. Higuto was stunned to see this as he continued to fall towards the ground as the clone's eyes looked focused and determined as even Higuto, even though he didn't know chakra sensory, could feel the astonishing growth of the clone's chakra and power. It was here his thoughts on this got the better of him as the clone suddenly disappeared and Higuto was fast enough to react just fast enough to see it appear right beside him and gearing up for a punch. Higuto quickly brought his palm up just in time as a punch caught his palm and caused his palm to hit him square in the jaw as he was propelled through the air to a cliff side that stood near the field. His back caught the ground on the edge of the cliff hard as smoke formed from the point of impact and it took Higuto all he had in order to flip once again on top of his feet. Just as he was looking up the smoke was already parting as the clone was seemingly flying through it as Higuto was stunned and saw another clone in the distance his opponent clone must've used to jump off of again. He brought his arms up as the clone delivered another solid punch that pushed Higuto back and made him flip and roll back onto his feet a few meters away just as the clone in the back disappeared.

Higuto panted, the rain pounding down and around the two variations of Higuto as he couldn't help but be confused to the whole situation as he looked at the clone. The clone was standing up, his clothes seeming to take on a soft breeze as an aura of blue surrounded the clone with it's black hair standing up on it's end as it's eyes seemed to have taken to a different color as the normal irises had turned into a sapphire blue, as the clone looked to Higuto and seemed ready to deliver yet another strong attack as it formed the Rasengan once again in it's hand. Higuto, getting tired of this, decided that it was going to be now or never that he learned the technique that he set out originally to do and he would just have to investigate upon the clone's sudden boost in power later. He brought his hands up as the seals of the jutsu he was wanting to learn formed into his mind and floated through his brain as he began to form the Tiger, Snake, Rat, Snake, and Tiger seals as he could feel his chakra within him taking the form of water and it all began to snake it's way up his esophagus. The clone was watching Higuto as he slowly got low to the ground and the Rasengan suddenly took on more power seemingly as it took in the blue aura of the clone. Higuto closed his eyes as he focused his attention on the task at hand and took in a deep breath just as the clone had propelled itself forward and was about to hit Higuto. "Water Style: Water Wall!"

A vast deluge of water flooded it's way out of Higuto's mouth and caught the ground as a giant wall of liquid formed it's way upward and in front of him to create a barrier. The clone and the Rasengan were caught inside the sudden shield of water as the clone was thrust upwards into the sky. Higuto coughed as the jutsu was cancelled by him not having the chakra to keep the move going as he realized it was an incredibly bad idea to use a jutsu you've never used in a combat situation. Higuto was on the ground and his body crumpled as he was lying in the mud and the clone was recovering from it's sudden thrust up into the air in order to see what was happening. Upon seeing Higuto laying on the ground the clone cancelled the Rasengan as the ball disappeared and it decided that it would instead win by knocking it's original out now that it seemed as though the Higuto was now out of commission to fight. It was her Higuto, on the verge of losing his consciousness and losing the battle closed his eyes as he searched inside for something, anything, that would get him out of this situation. Was this really it? Was this really the best that he could do? Was he really such a failure to being a ninja that he couldn't even beat his own clone? He couldn't even conquer himself?

...Conquering himself... This thought appeared in his mind stronger than everything else as a memory entered into his mind and he opened his eyes, the answers now clear within his mind, as he reached up to the chain that hung around his neck. The clone was falling down upon him, fist raised, as he directed it to Higuto's head and was ready to end it when suddenly Higuto pressed the upper button that was on the top of the locket and a light formed around the gold. "Seeker: Unleash!" The light around Higuto's locket suddenly seemed to expand around Higuto quickly as Higuto opened his eyes and thrust his hand down to the ground in order to propel himself out of the way of the fist as it went straight through the dirt. Higuto, feeling renewed strength, formed the Rasengan within his hand just as he watched the light fade from the clone. Perfect, he thought, as he felt his enhanced chakra slip it's way into the Rasengan and caused it to enhance with a shade of blue as he brought it around and his the clone as it's power was too much and the clone was thrust away into a puff of smoke.

Higuto looked down to his hand as he could feel the power coursing through him though he could feel that it was indeed only temporary as he could feel it's first initial activation was taking a lot out of him and caused his panting to continue. He decided to get home quickly and continue his training another day as his enhanced speed seemed to allow him to soar through the trees toward the village. He made it to his house in no time as he unlocked his door, ignoring the bewildered looks of onlookers as he walked through the door and locked it behind him. He could feel his power slowly waning as the aura left him and he collapsed on his hand and knees all while kicking his shoes off as he crawled his way to the bed. He got under the covers, his body wet from the rain outside, the skies began to clear due to him not having the stamina to keep everything going as he could feel himself slipping away. His pants slowly began to calm down as he fell into a deep slumber and began to dream away about the events of the day.

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(Objective: Claiming 20 stats and Higuto's Locket)

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Higuto's First Activation Empty Re: Higuto's First Activation

Tue Feb 13, 2018 3:14 am
Higuto's First Activation Approved
But the right therm would be either Exit Claim or Mid Thread Claim depending on if you go on or oficially exit this thread.
Higuto Aburame
Higuto Aburame
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Higuto's First Activation Empty Re: Higuto's First Activation

Tue Feb 13, 2018 3:16 am
Sanae wrote:
Higuto's First Activation Approved
But the right therm would be either Exit Claim or Mid Thread Claim depending on if you go on or oficially exit this thread.
I shall keep that in mind. My apologies.
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