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Stranger Times (Training) Empty Stranger Times (Training)

Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:19 pm
It was strange that this was the first place Kenji found his self visiting, not his childhood home or the homes of old friends. Kenji stood in the center of the training grounds with his right hand settled upon the end of his hilt, strange that this of all places he felt comfortable here in the village. He had walked the streets on his way here to the training field, seeing villagers of common stature, but it was void of any shinobi at all. Kenji smirked as he recalled his feelings for the shinobi of the sand when he was young, his hand slipping a firm grip on his blades handle as he slid it from the scabbard. Much had changed since the last time he visited this ground, the blade drawn he swung through the air the motion smooth and the blade gliding with no restriction not even from the air. He then spun allowing the blunt edge to face towards his self and the razor edge to face outward, stopping after a full rotation and allowing his wrist to flick and create and upward vertical strike. He stopped in this pose as he remembered the times he had tried this as a young boy. Kenji then in an instant drew a kunai with his left hand and flicked it at a tree, as it glided through the air leaving only a thudding noise to show it's impact when sticking through the bark down to the hardwood below. He then remembered reading about a technique that could in fact prove useful known as the 'Shadow Shuriken Technique' and is said to be able to increase the odds of an attack landing by hiding a second shuriken in the shadow of the first, a technique that requires great skill with weapons in order to perform perfectly and make the second weapon unnoticeable. Kenji walked over to the tree and removed his Kunai and then returned to his original position ten meters away, now drawing out two shuriken in his right and and two in his left. He began slowly flicking his wrists forward and watching where his release would be however, he never let go of the shuriken while he was flicking his wrists slowly as he was trying to practice the throw before throwing them. This was to ensure the release time was perfect and that the two shuriken would saw through the air together and allow the second to be completely undetectable. Finally on about the tenth flick of his wrist he drew back and flicked harder releasing the two shuriken from his left hand they glided over the land however, Kenji had failed in performing the technique as the slightest shimmer of light reflected from his second shuriken which was only half hidden beneath the shadow of the first shuriken. They stuck into the bark deep into the hardwood below only half of each shuriken visible from the tree, but Kenji still held the two shuriken in his right hand as he began flicking his wrist slowly again trying to find his mistake on the release. Counting every flick and every twitch in his hand he tried to narrow down the mistake he had made, but finding such a minor mistake could take forever. He was so narrowly off when he threw the shuriken how could the release have been wrong? The thought struggled for an answer as the shuriken rested in his clutches as he continued to flick slowly staring at weapons in his hands, finally he flicked his right hand releasing the shuriken at his full speed. This time it was perfect the shuriken spinning at full speed counter clockwise shedding a shadow on the ground below, the second hidden completely undetectable in the darkness of the first. The sounds synchronized leaving no room for sound based detection of the shuriken as they skimmed the air, the distance between them perfect and each blade turning together as though the points were all connected impossible to change directions or wobble apart. Together the shuriken stuck into the hardwood beneath the bark on the tree chipping away a layer from the simultaneous impact, Kenji smiled and walked to the tree individually plucking each of the four shuriken and then returning to the area he had been standing in before. This time he wanted to make sure the actions were able to be duplicated and even enhanced with a curved throw, that being said he grasped the two shuriken in his right hand together between his index finger and thumb. He quickly flicked his arm releasing the shuriken at maximum potential sending them flying together at a right turn, The shuriken matched together hiding the second shuriken in the shadow of the first. Together they glided in perfect unison allowing only one of the shuriken to be seen as the stuck into the right side of the tree making two new holes where entry was made. The bark broke loose and fell below leaving the bare wood visible, Kenji then proceeded to follow through with his left hand in the same manner allowing the two shuriken to glide together perfectly like the last hiding the second among the shadow of the first, matching every move including the sound itself. The shuriken were perfectly together as the wind split from their presence, cutting the air back as they continued on making a vertical curve toward the left and stabbing down into the tree just as the shuriken on the right hand side. Kenji once again walked to the tree grasping his shuriken and returning to his area where he was throwing the shuriken, this time he sought to combine two things the Shadow Shuriken Technique with Wind Release Blade Cutter. Grasping only two shuriken now he imbued the second with chakra creating a small white wisp around it and then flicked the shuriken at the tree, once again successfully hiding the second buffed shuriken beneath the first the only change was at impact, where the first shuriken stabbed into the tree barely into the hardwood below and the second continued deeper into the tree only showing the tip off on point from the shuriken. The wind made cuts as evidence of the jutsu's perfection, he gathered his shuriken and prepared to leave the training grounds thinking of how he had once learned in this place before. He then departed for the village once more.

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Stranger Times (Training) Empty Re: Stranger Times (Training)

Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:25 pm
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