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Higuto Aburame
Higuto Aburame
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Higuto trains his Insects (p) Empty Higuto trains his Insects (p)

Mon Dec 04, 2017 10:46 pm
Higuto walked onto the training field, feeling the cool breeze gracing his skin as he did so, ready for yet another hard day of training. He had wondered what he should learn next after having been able to control his insects in better ways than before. Now it was time to see if he could improve his control even more by learning yet another technique that had been known throughout the Aburame clan for many generations: The Insect Jar. It was a jutsu which could protect him and anyone around him within a rotation of insects. It would be a deal breaker of a move if ever he needed to make certain to protect himself.

He removed his coat and laid it next to a tree nearby as he knew this was going to once again strain his chakra beyond his ordinary limits. He began to stretch before he allowed his insects to slowly crawl out of him and fly around, some hovering and other circling him, as he decided to warm up a little before he would perform. He started to jog in place once more and then after feeling a good start in his system from that he took off in laps around the field once more. The insects would follow him, circling over his head while serving as his watchful eyes, and would sometimes buzz down to the grass in order to get some food.

His breathing controlled, his eyes set and focussed, he continued running laps around the field as he stepped in cadence to a beat inside his head. This feeling of training in order to get stronger had become routine for him as he didn't tire out nearly as easily as he used to anymore. He jogged as the sun shined down upon his body, clouds covering the sun from time to time allowing him brief signs of relief from the heat, as he wiped a bead of sweat from his brow and stopped after a good 40 minutes of straight jogging.

He went to his jacket and pulled out a bottle of water as he thirstily gulped it's contents down with a few sips. After taking a nice swig he set the bottle back down as he hopped in place and cracked his knuckles, warmed up and primed for an awesome training session, as he stepped into the middle of the field and commanded his insects to come to him. They obeyed as they all once more circled over his head and awaited his next command with ready attention. "All right... Here goes." He brought his hands up to form hand signs before allowing the chakra within him to pulse and swell as though ready for a jutsu. He exhaled swiftly, ready, as he began to form the seals.

Boar, Monkey, Dragon, Ram, Dog.

The insects all began to respond to his chakra as they began to cluster up around him and swirled in a large circle faster and faster. "Secret Technique: Parasitic Insects... Insect Jar." The bugs swirled around in unison with him contained in the center as he felt his control dwindling from having to use such a technique for the first time ever. He kept his hands together as his control was so disastrous that if he broke the concentration the ball would burst. Before long he felt himself exhausted of stamina as he broke the dog sign he kept up as the insects dispersed from their rotation and flew around in a frenzy. He sighed a long breath as he rested and drew his hands around in the air to regain control over them all. He laid in the grass as he rested up and though of how he would next proceed in trying to learn this jutsu. He rested on the ground as he panted while watching the insects fly around above him. He slowly gets to his feet as he stretches his arms and begins to hop and psyche himself up while trying to shake the cobwebs out of his head. He once more brought his hands up as he began to form the hand signs.

Boar, Monkey, Dragon, Ram, Dog.

As Higuto formed the dog seal the insects once more began to circle around him, faster and fast, until they were once again at the same speed as before. "Secret Technique: Parasitic Insects... Insect Jar." The insects continued to fly and buzz around in circles around him as he stood within protected by them all. He kept his hands close together as he tried to keep control over all the insects as best he could. However, once again, he couldn't maintain control long enough as he ultimately brought his hands down once more as he got on his knees and the bugs took off to disperse in a frenzy.

Feeling exhausted he lays on the ground as he pants and tries to catch his breath. He feels the chakra within him flowing back down into him as he waves his hands around and the insects all start to fly back towards him. He started to stand up until he heard a low rumble from his stomach as he scratched his head in embarrassment. He had remembered he brought some food with him as he walked back over to the tree with his jacket and pulled out a bag containing a sandwich. He took a bottle of water he also kept in a jacket pocket while taking the sandwich out of the bag. He began to eat as he felt his stomach slowly but surely getting full. He also took a drink of water as he watched his insects play with each other in the air and in the grass. It was a beautiful day in the training grounds and the water gave a shimmering shine from the sun so beautiful it almost blinded him. He continued to eat as he watched the clouds in the sky continued to float and block the sun at times which allowed him and his insects to enjoy even more shade even if only for a little while.

Having finished with his sandwich he got up from the ground and stretched, feeling a bit more rested and ready to regain his focus in learning the jutsu, as he took another sip of water and began to hop in place while getting himself warmed up for another workout. He waved his hands once again as the insects all responded and flew up and around him again, awaiting his command and ready to begin again with the jutsu, as he stepped out to the middle of the field and prepared himself. He cracked his knuckles and breathed a heavy breath in before letting it all out. He would do it! He would learn this jutsu and have a really good defensive move as the reward. He brought his hands up to begin the hand signs required in order to use the technique and prepared his chakra for more punishment.

Boar, Monkey, Dragon, Ram, Dog.

"Secret Technique: Parasitic Insects..." He brought his arms up and around him as he used his chakra to command the insects to circle around him faster than ever as they followed his will and encapsulated him in a protective sphere once again. "Insect Jar!" The insects reached their top speed of flight as they flew around him with such speed that everywhere he looked he could not find an opening or gap. He felt safe inside, the sphere having enough space within that he could possibly hold multiple people within it as well, as he expended his chakra to allow the bugs to move even faster. He kept his hands together, trying to maintain the control of chakra moving through him to his insects as he felt his control slowly waning and exhausting. He kept it up for as long as he could as he soon saw holes opening up inside the sphere of his insects. After a few more seconds he couldn't control it anymore as he dropped his hands and the sphere broke apart once more. His insects flew with such fear and frenzy that some flew into each other. He lifted his hands and waved them to calm them down once more as they fly forth and encircle above him.

Higuto is panting softly as sweat is dripping down his forehead from the efforts that he's been pouring into the jutsu. He wiped it from his brow as he felt the sun's heat bearing down upon him. With an almost lazy wave of his hand he commanded the insects to fly and buzz over him into a cluster, like a cloud, as they served as a shade over him. He smiled as he could feel the cool hit him and relieve him of the heat as he laid in the grass and looked up at the sky. He knew in his mind that he was slowly but surely gaining more and more strength to become a better ninja and he would not allow himself to be denied of reaching his goal. He kipped up to his feet and brought his hands around him as he commanded his insects to fly around him some more. "Here goes... time to continue training."

He allowed his insects to fly freely as they mainly circled around his body and wondered if he would be trying the jutsu immediately. He shook his head as he wanted his chakra to calm down a little more but didn't want to just stand still while doing so. He began to run around the field, allowing his legs to churn out a bit of strength and to join in into the training, as he watched his insects fly around him even more. Some decided to rest as well as they laid in the grass and fed while some just flew off to enjoy themselves. He ran more as he kept his breathing controlled as he felt the air and breeze cool him a little from his jogging. He could hear the birds chirping and the insects around him buzzing as he continued to train his body. Before long he felt his legs had gotten a proper workout as he stopped in the middle of the field and brought his hands up for another try at the jutsu.

Boar, Monkey, Dragon, Ram, Dog.

The insects that were flying over and around him began to swarm together in a cluster and circled around in a rotation with him inside once more. "Secret Technique: Parasitic Insects... Insect Jar!" The insects all once more began to surround him as they spun in a rotation at high speeds. He maintained his control over them to make certain that they spun in a way that didn't provide any weaknesses or openings in the sphere. He tried to see if he could keep the rotation going without having to keep his hands together to control the chakra but it made his control more difficult to maintain. Nevertheless he felt it would draw him closer to mastering the jutsu if he didn't need to use his hands for the end result and so he lowered them while maintaining his control through his willpower alone. The insects continued to surround him in a rotation as he looked at them all. Because of him losing some control due to not using his hands holes were starting to appear along the sphere of insects. He kept them spinning for about 2 more minutes or so before finally waving his hands and allowing them all to disperse.

He sat as his insects flew around, resting their weary bodies, before landing in the grass to rest their wings. He allowed his chakra to relax and disperse entirely before he laid in the grass and panted from all the stress he had put his body through as he looked up into the sky once more to reminisce. He was gaining more control but it was coming slowly and his insect control was improving alongside his chakra flow. But he also felt he needed more chakra in order to increase his effectiveness with using his insects as weapons. The fact that he hadn't trained himself much in such ways that he could use his insects all the time troubled him, after all, so he knew more training was going to be needed if he didn't want shame to be brought to the Aburame name. He also felt he needed speed, too. He was so sluggish when it came to his running speed and so he knew he had to focus on training in that aspect as well. But for now he'd need to focus on the task at hand which was developing better control of the Insect Jar. He stood up, sweat once more pouring down his face, as he brought his hands up once more. He was so close. He just needed to keep at it.

Boar, Monkey, Dragon, Ram, Dog.

The insects began to fly up and swarm around Higuto as they encircled his body and picked up speed once more to envelop him in a rotation once more. "Secret Technique: Parasitic insects... Insect Jar." They all synched up together in their spherical flight and rotated faster around until he was in their protective formation once more. He kept his concentration as he watched them close off all spaces and holes in the sphere as he let his hands fall to his sides. He was able to have a bit better control over them now after using the technique so much and was now feeling a bit less winded by maintaining the rotation as well. He watched as they all heeded his commands to keep going and even sometimes would go even faster as he felt protected inside their purposeful flight. He sat down as he looked at the space they all provided and felt that if he wanted he could be able to fit multiple people inside the sphere with him. This could be a perfect way to defend those in distress or even possibly come up with strategies with other ninja while keeping enemies on the outside in the dark. He smiled as he kept his concentration and focus on maintaining the sphere as he raised his hands and clasped them together to keep the chakra flowing correctly.

He watched the tired insects continue to fly around and around while maintaining no openings in the sphere and therefore no ways of an attack or attacker in getting through. He inhaled and exhaled as he tried to tire his chakra out more slowly. He closed his eyes and thought of all the ways he could help his village out now that he was a genin. He could now call himself a ninja and not just act like one. But if he was going to be a splendid ninja, a ninja worthy of Konoha and all he considered his peers, he knew he had a lot of work to do and further training to proceed with before he could stand toe to toe with the most powerful of opponents. He kept his hands clasped as the control he held over the insects began to once again wane as he panted and looked up at them all once more. He could feel them all and hear their thoughts as they were more tired then even he was and he felt bad having to put them through such tension and stress. He nodded as he heard their pleas to stop and waved his hands one last time before they all stopped flying in their frantic spherical line and rested along the grass around him.

As he watched and heard them rest he couldn't help but look up into the sky and reminisce about the times he was in this position. All the times he's had thoughts of whether or not he was benefiting from all the training he put his body through. All the times he was feeling down after remembering the events of his past. All the times he felt powerless upon meeting other ninja who were clearly better and way more powerful and experienced then he was. Of course, even at such a young age, he couldn't help but compare himself to all those ninja. He knew that with time he'd be in their league and possibly even among their ranks and that would take time but how much time? Years, of course, but how many? He shook his head, wanting to do away with such thoughts, as feelings of confidence started to slowly bubble inside him as he felt that at his present course he could become a great ninja in a short amount of time if he so wanted. A little patience and a little effort would go the distance in helping him secure a route to becoming a powerful ninja who could do anything that needed doing and helping those without fail.

He slowly stood up from the grass as he looked at his insects and waved his hands once more waking them up and causing them to fly. "Alright, guys. Training's over. Let's get something to eat, huh?" He walked over to the tree that held his jacket as the insects all flew towards him and crawled up his arms into his shirt sleeves as they crawled back inside him until they were all nestled back in his body and feeding upon his chakra once again. He stretched his arms and legs as he reached the tree and picked up his jacket as a faint glimmer caught his eye: the headband he had tied around one of the jacket's sleeves. He smiled, feeling confident in himself once more, as he put the jacket on and headed towards the training field exit. He thought of what next he would do in the future, what move he'd try to learn next, as he mainly thought of what would be good for dinner. "I think a good bowl of Ichiraku sounds nice."

(WC 3,005)

(Objective: Obtaining 15 stat points and jutsu: )
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Higuto trains his Insects (p) Empty Re: Higuto trains his Insects (p)

Sun Dec 17, 2017 2:16 am
Higuto Aburame
Higuto Aburame
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Higuto trains his Insects (p) Empty Re: Higuto trains his Insects (p)

Sun Dec 24, 2017 5:47 pm
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Higuto trains his Insects (p) Empty Re: Higuto trains his Insects (p)

Sun Dec 24, 2017 5:47 pm
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