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Making the Bracelet of Reality (Complete) Empty Making the Bracelet of Reality (Complete)

Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:21 pm
Fenrir hadn't done much since he arrived in Konoha, only training his 2 jutsu that were nearly finished already.  This would change today.  Today, he would be making an actual fucking item with that damn forge he had made way back in Kirigakure all those millions of years ago.  Now, he would be making an item meant specifically to help with the Genjutsu using Uchiha he would be fighting in the soon to come tournament here in Konoha.  He had his briefcase, filled with his patented (sorta) Fire Forge, meant to help make and fine tune useful items that could potentially boost his abilities, and he had his materials.  They were surprisingly cheap, considering the item he was making was very small, and had only tiny parts to be used, seeing as it was nothing but a small metal bracelet.  And so, he would be making, the Bracelet of Reality, a small iron band that allows him to greater resist the genjutsu by simply increasing his chakra levels.  This would be invaluable against the Uchiha.  Kikuse?  Was that the name?  Fenrir couldn't quite remember, but he knew it started with a K.  Now that he was done going over what he was doing in his head, a habit that he still didn't quite understand, Fenrir was ready to actually get to work on it.  He hadn't had much opportunity to work with his forge, as he hadn't yet needed to use any special items.  Now that he thought about it though, it might have been helpful to have one or two good items in the battle that had happened a few days before.  Unfortunately, he hadn't made any, and was quickly incapacitated by that damn Senju.  That was one he was really happy to not be fighting.  If he had to fight someone, at least it wasn't the one who could instantly beat his ass, and only the one who could do it rather quickly.  This made Fenrir chuckle as he set up his forge in the center of the training grounds.  This was the only place he had been so far in the village, so it was the first place he thought of when he decided he was going to be building something.  It wasn't the best place, but it had good lighting and open space in case of fire, so it would work just fine.  Now, time to get to work.

He started with a simple piece of metal, removing the extra bits he wouldn't be needing.  This didn't leave much left over, seeing as he only had a small amount, to begin with, but he still put it in one of his pouches for later.  You never know when a bit of scrap metal will come in handy.  Next, he set up his hammer and disc, ready to begin hammering it into a crude shape.  The metal was strong, so it was unlikely he would break it if he was gentle enough, but just to be safe he heated it up to make it more malleable.  His handy little torch was good for that, fueled by his Katon chakra to help him focus his fire into the metal.  This made it much easier to shape it into a ring, cooling it in the water nearby to test how well it fit.  While it took a few tries, he got it to the point where it would fit around his wrist.  As he forged the ring, he focused his chakra into it, doing his best to empower it with his energy.  This would let him use that same energy later to boost the power of his genjutsu release, the only technique that would be able to save him from this guy.  Genjutsu... Maybe that was what Fenrir's next target would be after he mastered Space-Time techniques.  After all, once one masters the physical plane, the only logical step to take next would be mastering the mental plane.  If he could manipulate both reality and his opponents perception of it, who could stop him?  A variety of super powerful people could still probably destroy him, but it would be less than before he mastered both, so that was progress and progress is good goddammit.

He had his ring forged, and now it was time to start fine-tuning it.  Using his variety of tiny tools to tinker with his bracelet.  By the time he was done, this thing needed to be able to boost him enough to resist all of his opponents genjutsu, but he also wanted it to look good.  After all, if he was going to be killed, he would be killed wearing a stylish ass bracelet that failed to save his life.  Of course, he didn't want to make it too fancy.  To much shaping can make metal brittle, and he didn't want to waste too much time on the decorations anyway.  Because of this, the only decorations he went for were small, semi unnoticeable grooves running around the width of the bracelet.  These gave it texture, a small measure of style, and a pit to focus his chakra into.  As he pushed the chakra into the bracelet, it found it's way into the grooves, seemingly seeping into the metal itself.  This left the grooves glowing blue with his chakra,  These lines would slowly fade into a faint lining, then back into the basic black.  He continued this process for each of the 8 grooves he made on the bracelet, leaving his chakra heavy in the bracelet.  He could feel the chakra inside of the bracelet, and could feel it boosting his own, albeit not very much.  This presented an issue, and Fenrir's solution was very simple.  He made 8 more small, semi-invisible grooves on the inside of the bracelet, to where they would be pressed against the skin of Fenrir's wrist.  These would allow for the chakra to more easily pass into his body, and into his chakra network.  As he watched the chakra soak into the bracelet, Fenrir found himself almost mesmerized by the color.  It was strangely perfect.

The bracelet was finally finished, and Fenrir was anxious to put it on and feel it's power, but he knew that he needed a way to test it first.  He settled for using a simple jutsu he had learned while here in Konoha, and seeing how the bracelet improved it's power.  This would be a good way to see how it would improve the power of his Genjutsu Release as well.  The jutsu was Great Fireball, and was one of his absolute favorites.  Quickly performing the hand seals he had memorized during training, Fenrir spewed out a swathe of flame out in front of him, charring the earth ahead.  The jutsu was certainly improved, burning hotter and brighter than before, also seeming to form faster.  With this, Fenrir would accept his success, and prepare to return home.  Packing up his gear back into the briefcase it came in, he made sure to clean all of his tools in the nearby water.  These were his tools, that he had gotten himself, and he intended to make them last for as long as possible.  He would walk away from the training grounds happy and with a nice little bit of jewelry.

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Claiming :Bracelet of Reality
2400 of cost covered by words

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Making the Bracelet of Reality (Complete) Empty Re: Making the Bracelet of Reality (Complete)

Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:22 pm
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