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Meeting the people of Hoshi  (o,nk) Empty Meeting the people of Hoshi (o,nk)

Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:54 pm
It was a busy day in the town square today. Cole had gotten board sitting at the house and decided to go out and see what he could find to do. The weather was warm and their was a light breeze blowing to the south. People walking back and forth from place to place, and most of them didn't mind him being their for once. It was a nice change of pace he guessed that the people was finally starting to get used to shinobi being in the village.
Cole walked down the street and was starting to get thirsty he hadn't spent to much time roaming the streets cause their was always some one that just gave him the looks like he didn't belong, or some of the shop keepers would let him wait before they would come see what he wanted. He had learned to avoid those shops, and could tell that most other shinobi did the same. Its like his father always told him you can't change people over night it takes time, and he knew that his father was right and that in time the people of the village would grow to love the shinobi.
Cole ducked into a small shop with a bar setting off of the streets he sat down at the bar and waited patently till the bartender came over. It wouldn't take to long before the bartender noticed cole sitting their and walked over.
“sorry for the wait I didn't see you at first what can I get you” the man said. He was pretty tall and looked like he was in his late 40s. Cole looked and noticed that he had a name badge on his multicolored shirt that read Shane.
“its fine don't worry about it” cole said while waving his hand. “Ill take a coke and a rice ball” cole said to the man while pulling out his wallet from his back pocket.
“thats 5 ryo” the man said while grabbing the drink and rice ball. Cole thanked him and took a drink from the coke and a bite from the rice ball. He then turned to see who was in the area that he might know.

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