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Steam-Cooked Pork Meat [IO,nk] Empty Steam-Cooked Pork Meat [IO,nk]

Thu Sep 28, 2017 1:48 pm
Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a wonderful day? I’ve got a feeling this morning, everything’s- wait a second. Kiichi looked up at the sky and scowled. A whole day wasted on chores and house maintenance. Not much time for training… he’d fallen behind, which was okay. He was still young and had time to catch up, but the waste of time still bothered him. He wasn’t a lazy child by any stretch of the imagination, so his sedentary lifestyle bothered him. Yes, he’d been hard at work fixing and cleaning stuff, but it seemed so trivial when he could be doing things with wood release. Angrily, he extended his hand, palm upwards.

Some way, somehow, he was going to learn this technique. He focused the chakra as he had done so many times now casually, and attempted to grow something. Imagine his surprise when a small twig was produced. Kiichi threw it out the window and ran out the house, donning his uniform and shoes. Screw dinner, now was the time to practice. He ended up on the street, pivoted and lost his footing, falling harshly on his rump. Shit! He got up, ignoring the intrusive stares of the civilians around them, and ran off toward the training grounds, his face burning with embarrassment.

It soon wore off as he reached the training grounds, to find it oddly empty. Where had everyone gone? Well, either way, it was convenient. He sat down cross legged, and put the palms of his hands together. One hand water element, one hand earth element. It had become sort of a mantra to him when he practiced. In this method, the ground around him began to change as small seedlings of grass began to sprout from the earth. Only a few, here and there, but Kozurou didn’t even notice those. He was too busy focusing, trying to get the chakra to “stick together”, so to speak.

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