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trainin and stuff (p) Empty trainin and stuff (p)

Sun Sep 10, 2017 6:38 pm
The night before had been a rough one, filled with taste of alcohol and conversation with friends, memory and consciousness fading out as the night dragged on, he wasn’t sure but he may or may not be a jounin now? Komon really didn’t know, the whole night was fuzzy in his eyes, he remembered bits and pieces like some kind of jigsaw puzzle he couldn’t place together, and if he wanted to know for sure he’d have to find Komori and re enact the plot to every hangover movie ever. But that would have to wait, right now he had to get up and moving or this hangover was going to be the death of him. Luckily he had awoken in his own bed, unluckily however his bedroom in the slums of the village hidden in the stars seemed to be in the brightest location of the village at the moment. A huge array of blinding light bursting through his dusty glass window and pouring into every crack and crevice of the run down apartment. “Son of a bitch..” The formerly drunken hyuuga would say to himself, as he flopped off his bed and flat onto his floor in an attempt to escape the light beneath the shadow of his bed.

He’d lay in that spot for what felt like an hour but was more realistically two to three minutes, in a pure state of self hatred for allowing himself to drink himself into such a state. Finally building up enough strength to ignore the ringing in his head he’d push himself up off of the dusty run down apartment floor and onto his feet, slowly stumbling around his resting area before reaching the ancient sink, covered in rust. It was really great of hoshi to give them their best and most beautiful apartments. He’d think to himself sarcastically as he downed a glass of water freshly poured from the sink. It would do little to help his dry throat but hey, little was more than nothing, and he had to get moving if he really was a jounin now, soon they’d be leaving back to kumogakure and he didn’t want to be unprepared.

Normally the Hyuuga made sure to keep his training active and consistent so that he wouldn’t lose his edge, but hoshigakure was so different from his village and between the party and social interactions he’d been having.. He simply hadn’t the time to hone his skills, one thing was for sure in this entire situation, he needed to train before he hit the road. And that was precisely where he was heading as he made his way out the front door and into the blinding sunlight, sheltering his eyes in order to prevent as much of the pounding headache as he could. Although it did little to help, the desert sun was harsh compared to the cool crisp mountains of kumogakure.

The walk to the training grounds wasn’t long, or difficult. In the past couple of days Komon had learned the area near his apartment in the slums pretty well, and had made a mental note of this particular one for future use. It was rundown, and probably the least well kept one in the village which meant there wouldn’t be much of a crowd, afterall why train in an ancient rotting area when you have the pristine water gardens. He’d scoff at the thought of the place.. This village was nothing like kumogakure, their village was too clean, too untouched for komon’s taste, and it gave him an unsettling feeling. At least in the village hidden in the clouds you know where the evil’s at, the rot zombies, youka, and a lot of the higher ups. But here… Even what appears to be a harmless civilian could lash out at any moment. “The sooner I get home, the better

When his thoughts snapped back to reality and away from his negative analysis of the village he’d gaze upon a mostly vacant field, with the exception of the two shinobi that seemed to be practicing hand to hand combat in the far right corner of the field. They were an odd looking pair, near polar opposites of eachother, the first was a behemoth of a man, standing at what had to be at least 6’5” and built like a boulder. While the other could be no taller than 5’10”, and had a toned look to him. They seemed to be a good match for each other as well, the larger one packed a punch, while the other seemed to have a significant speed advantage, interested in the fight Komon would watch it for a couple of seconds, gazing as the smaller man weaved between the giant’s punches.

I could definitely use some taijutsu training later Komon would think to himself as began to wrap gauze around his arms, That small man would certainly make a good sparring partner. But the hyuuga would wait his turn and decide to keep himself preoccupied in the meantime, when the gauze around his hand was wrapped tightly in place he’d take a seat in the grass, and pull out his elemental chakra paper. Lightning and Earth were certainly useful; but he had recently been wondering if he had the potential to learn another element and it appeared to be time to try it out what with his whole rank up and everything.

Warming up he’d first do a refresher on his previous elements, starting with lightning and recalling the emotion he had related it too. Slowing his breathing and allowing himself to become calm his chakra would begin to take on that unstable blue sensation… Lightning. He’d surge the electrified chakra from his palm and into the flimsy piece of paper in his finger tips, watching delightfully as it crinkled into a ball. No surprise there, it was his first element after all, and he had gotten pretty good at using it over the years, earth went about just as well the paper crumbled into dust on his first attempt when he focused on his confidence. It was just a little trick he had thought up for himself, calm for lightning, confidence for earth. It helped him to focus.

So what was an emotion that could go hand in hand with fire. The hyuuga would ponder for a while taking note of the elements destructive and uncontrollable nature, before deciding that the most logical choice would be anger, or even rage, luckily that was an emotion the hyuuga had gotten very good at handling throughout the course of his life, he lived in a village where speaking out could get you in a bad predicament. Hell, youka had broken his arms and killed his librarian just because the raikage had decided he didn’t much like the boy. Recalling that chuunin exam, and a lot of the rest would serve as more than enough fuel to create the fire he so desired.

But there was more, a bloody and recent event that had happened in maku’s god forsaken war. The battle of tornado country had left its impressions on Komon, the image of his impaled friend taki dangling from that earthen spear, calling out for help with his final breath. That was what made him angry, and as he reminisced in the blood soaked memory of his friend he’d begin to channel his chakra, allowing the warmth of his anger to surround it, and set it into flames. He could tell it was working as a feeling of warmth spread outward from his chest and to the end of each of his limbs, but just to make sure he’d expel the chakra to his fingertips where the chakra reactant paper awaited it.

And it would do exactly as expected, the orange flame would spread from the bottom of the paper to the top, slowly burning away at the paper until it was erased from the world and the ashes fell from his hand and to the ground below him, satisfied with himself the hyuuga would place his foot over the ash to ensure the fire didn’t spread. He wasn’t going to be held responsible for burning this massive city to the ground after all. So he was capable of learning the fire element it seemed. The cloud ninja would smile as his head turned back in the general direction of the brawlers that were still going at it.

But the fight seemed to have taken a turn for the worse on the smaller man, where his movements had once been quick and accurate, they now seemed to be shaky.. He looked exhausted, several minutes had passed and the man's quick strikes to the giants openings hadn’t seemed to do much. He lacked the power, and now he was running out of stamina and the giant was painfully aware of this.. In the smaller man’s next attack he’d be sure to show him too.

The giant sent out what appeared to be a jab with his right arm and the smaller man would use what appeared to be the last of his energy to evade, by dodging inward, only for his stomach to come into contact with the massive brutes left kneecap. Any oxygen that had been in the man's system would now rapidly burst outwards from the force of the blow, and he’d momentarily be left unable to breath. In that moment of his stunned state the smaller man's face would be granted no mercy, and the giants left hand would come crashing into it, sending the right side of the short man plowing into the ground.

And he’d stay there, clearly knocked unconscious. uuuuuh Iko, are you ok? The giant’s voice would below, as if expecting the unconscious man to reply. Of course he wouldn’t as unconscious men do not make a habit of speaking. So instead the massive man would lug the limp body over his shoulder and place him gently on the rustic wooden bench to the side of the training ground, he didn’t seem overly worried either. Which probably meant that this was a common occurrence. The giant seemed confused as to what he was supposed to do next, as his eyes glanced towards Komon.

Hey, you! You’re one of those Kumogakure ninja aren’t you!” The massive man would bellow across the field as he came running over with his finger extended towards Komon’s headband. But before the Hyuuga even had a chance to talk the giant's voice would answer his own question. “Yah, you are!” Komon would let out an uncomfortable smile before nodding and retorting “Yah, but why are you asking? the guy seemed oddly invasive for a first meeting, maybe visiting shinobi in hoshigakure where a rarity komon didn’t really know, so he just waited for the man to follow up.

Well that guys out cold…” The giant would say as he gestured to the man passed out on the bench behind him, “You kumo nin; Can you fight?” the man seemed genuinely curious, and was obviously looking for a new sparring partner now that he had worn his out. Komon would weigh his options before responding, after all he had just watched the behemoth knock a man out cold, but on the other hand, Komon’s taijutsu would surely be foreign to the man. Not many people knew how to combat the hyuuga fighting style known as gentle fist.

Yah, I’d say I can hold my own?” The hyuuga jounin would half say half question, while getting into a mildly confident fighting stance. “I’m ready when you are” His grey eyes would flash into the state of the infamous hyuuga byakugan as his veins near his eyes bulged forward. The giant was a bit taken aback by this and would hesitate to get into his fighting stance, it didn’t surprise Komon when this happened after all he’d respond the same way if he ever encountered a new dojutsu, strange eyes often brought about uncertainty in a fight that one could not account or plan for without prior knowledge.

But it wouldn’t distract the massive man for long and his courage would quickly return to him, his size and power had won him many battles before this, and he was sure he could pull through here as well. “Well then quit your yapping and get on with it, child The jolly giant would say in a mocking manner with a shining smile on his face. Komon allowed a small laugh to escape him as he noted the man's actions, he was obviously a defensive fighter, and based on his words he wasn’t going to let the hyuuga bait him into attack first, it was a smart decision, the man's height and weight gave him a noticeable advantage in close range.

But it wouldn’t be a sparring session if he didn’t take some risk, so Komon would make the first move, pushing off of his back foot he’d charge towards the man with an obvious jab, he fully expected the man to either block or dodge it, but he wanted to get a better idea of how the man fought. As the range closed the man would confirm his suspicions, his right hand would move at an astonishing rate and wrap around komon’s forearm, easily lifting him off the ground, as he tossed him to the side. Komon’s body would flip through the air as he landed in the grass straight on his back, a few feet away from the man’s feet.

Ok, so the guys faster than he looks

Komon would think to himself as he picked himself up off the ground and looked back in the man’s direction. He was met by taunting eyes as it became increasingly noticeable how happy the giant was with himself. “If this is how you kumo ninja fight it’s a wonder your village hasn’t been toppled yet” The man would continue to prod at komon, obviously in good fun. “Now finish brushing yourself off and give it another go” the man was obviously content with his fighting style, after all it hadn’t failed him yet, and Komon had given him no reason to change it up.

Alright, alright, alright.” Komon would say as he began to move towards the brute once more. This time however he’d surround his hands in the invisible aura the hyuuga clan was famous for, the gentle fist technique. And would attack in the same manner, hoping the man would be baited into using the same pick up and throw defense technique he had just used before, if not he’d be forced to adapt. Once more the distance between the two shinobi would begin to grow smaller and smaller until the two came into striking range. Komon would attack with his left hand extended just like before while the larger man, would prove to be less predictable than he would have hoped. Rather than responding in the same way he’d change it up a bit, using his right leg to kick out at Komons chest.

He assumed that Komon wouldn’t be able to see it, obviously not knowing about the hyuuga’s 360 degree vision gift, and if he had been fighting someone else the misdirection may have worked, but Komon was not someone else, Komon was a hyuuga by birth right. His hand would quickly change from a jab and swoop downward into a slap, the hyuuga palm bottom technique would manifest itself as he used the force of his chakra to drive the man’s leg back to the ground, and followed up with his right hand to strike at the man’s chest. The man wouldn’t be able to tell why, but he’d definitely notice that the hyuuga’s small frame was delivering more force than it would normally be capable of, as he was forced to take a few steps backward. “”what in the hell was that?” The man would ask, confused as to where the boy's sudden increase in strength had come from.

Komon would offer him no solution to the problem however as he continued to advance, hesitation had no place in kumogakure, it had been beaten out of him at a young age, and it would show as his next strikes followed. His palm would close as he left only two fingers extended and began to jab at the man. Taken aback by Komon’s quick retaliation he’d bring both arms up, in an almost boxing like defense. That didn’t matter to the hyuuga however, his fighting style wasn’t about dealing damage, it was about wearing the opponent in front of him down, and the man's arms had as many chakra points as his torso. They would do just fine.

Both of his hand’s would make impact with the backside of the man’s forearms, striking two chakra points, as he backed out to avoid the man’s counter. It would become slightly more evident that the man was moving slower than before as he tried to lash out at komon with the arms he had just used to block. Komon would manage to dodge them by taking a few steps back, recreating the space he had just closed. “You fight weird!” The man would below as he took a few noticeable exhausted breaths, to try and regain his composure.

It seemed the man was catching onto his fighting style however, realizing if he continued to play defensive he’d continue to grow more exhausted. So the giant would charge forward, forced to leave his comfortable defensive zone and move into Komon’s territory. A smirk would appear on komon’s face as his hands slipped past the man’s defenses and struck into the man’s right shoulder, and would follow up with a normal knee into the man’s chest. He was slower now, and it was growing easier to pick and choose where his strikes would land.

Both of the attacks would connect and the giant would fall to the ground, “Alright!” The man would say as he let out a bit of laughter, “I yield!” Komon would smile as he extended his arm to help the man off of the turf beneath him, “You totally would have beat me if that guy hadn’t worn you down first.” Komon would joke as he pointed towards the unconscious man on the bench. “But seriously, that was a good fight… Thanks for the spar” He’d say as he gave the man a pat on the back and began to walk off, “Hoshi is in good hands!” He’d shout behind him as he walked off.

Looking behind him he’d see that

Now that he was out of the training grounds and into the streets he had one last bit of business to go about, he’d been practicing with the soul expulsion technique for some time but he still had a ways to go in growing used to it. He sighed as he remembered what the monk had told him, how the technique would become more useful the more he used it. He was already exhausted from the training but dammit if he didn’t train this thing right now he knew he’d never get it done. Taking a deep breath and allowing himself to rest for a while he’d continue to take a couple more paces as his hand signs came together he’d surround himself in a yellow aura that was his soul expulsion technique as he walked through the quiet slums of hoshigakure, not many people were out and he got a few strange looks, but not many people were going to be shinobi racist to a guy with a strange yellow energy around him.

He’d give a few waves here and there to ease people's minds and would continue to struggle to keep the jutsu up, he appeared to walk faster than the average human in this state, which was natural considering that was exactly what the jutsu was meant to do, so the walk back to his apartment wouldn’t be long. In fact he’d find himself there in only a few minutes, he’d notice almost instantly that his brother was nowhere to be found and had assumed Komori had already left back for kumogakure. It was the day after the party, and Senshi had said that they were leaving the next day. So it was a fair assumption to make, “Guess I better catch up” He’d say to himself as he was still covered in the yellow aura that surrounded him.

But before he could leave he had a few last minute things to take care of, it didn’t feel right to leave hoshigakure without saying goodbye to yurei, the kind gennin who had trained with him on the field the day before the party. So he decided he’d give the boy a parting gift, pondering on what to give the boy he’d pull shinigami from its sheath, looking at the unique blue and black steel that formed it. It was a great sword, and would make an amazing gift for the young shinobi, that would surely come in handy further down the road in his shinobi career. He’d place the sword on the table as he unclipped the leather sheath to the sword from his belt and gripped the sword in one hand and the now free sheath in the other.

Sliding one into the other he’d walk outside and head over to the next slum apartment with his yellow aura still surrounding him and knock on the door. A gennin would answer, which was what he was hoping for, as a jounin he was allowed to give them orders and he’d do just that. “Before you leave the village with whoever is taking you I want you to find a boy named yurei and give this to him, tell him it’s a gift from Komon Hyuuga, and that I hope he uses it well.” The boy seemed confused at first before noting Komon’s jounin vest and realizing it was an order. “Yes sir, right away sir” He’d say as he gripped the leather sheath and made his way down the slums. Authority was an odd feeling to komon that he felt he may never get used to as he watched the boy begin his search for the pale gennin he had met so few days ago.

Komon would let the soul expulsion jutsu fade as he did so, feeling he had gotten in enough practice with it for now, before returning to his apartment next door and finishing up packing for the trip, he was ready to go home and the longer he spent in this village the more vulnerable he felt. He craved the familiarity of his village and was wary of the foreign village he currently resided in.

WC: 3788
S rank soul expulsion (750/750) Max stat discount
Tai Spec (2000/2000)+ 1000 from previous thread = (3000/3000) Max stat Discount
Fire Element (1000/1000) + 2000 from previous thread = (3000/3000) Max Stat Discount

Also Claiming:
6 Free B rank and below from jounin rank up here Event of the year

Palm Revolving Heaven

Vacuum Palm

Flame Whirlwind

Raiton Hellstab

Flying Swallow

Fire Release Crimson Earth Spider

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trainin and stuff (p) Empty Re: trainin and stuff (p)

Sun Sep 10, 2017 6:45 pm
I have read the threads so approved.
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