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Slumming Empty Slumming

Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:46 pm
The one winged angel blade hung rather loosely over the back of the chuunin of Hoshigakure no Sato. The sheathed sword shook as the boy walked, occasionally bumping into the body of the Uchiha. It hung a bit too loose actually. One such boy noticed this from the shadows of the City Blessed by the Stars, alleyways where no one lurked. The Queensguard was either too busy with their queen, who had been avoiding the public eye for quite some time, or downright letting the more run down areas begin to fade away to poverty. Without a queen or leader, society tends to fall apart as everyone becomes more selfish and only thinks about themselves. Which just so happened to be the reason that Damon was in this part of town. There had been reports of break ins and robbery around the streets, which had prompted his own call to action. This was no mission or assignment or anything. Just a shinobi doing what he could to defend the village that hated him. Ironic, really. Was there really a point to staying in Hoshigakure? It felt as though Damon had done all that needed to be done here. Besides, there were such adventures to be had outside of the village’s walls. He gazed wistfully up at the sky above the village. It was evening, so the sun was not directly overhead, so he worried not about its blinding light. It was during this moment, actually, that someone ran past him without his knowledge. Taking advantage of its rather loose strap, a thief ran past, cutting the strap with a wickedly sharpened knife. Wha- Damon barely had a moment to register what was happening as the weight on his back was lifted, now being carried away by a thief. Or rather someone who would be a poor excuse for a thief after he was caught. Damon immediately shifted his direction, taking off after the man. The scrawny being before him turned backwards and caught the eye of the chuunin for just a moment before quickly darting down an alleyway. Well that was unexpected. The chuunin hesitated for a slight moment, caught off guard, until he turned and took off after the thief.
How stupid had he been? He reported to an area known for robbery and allowed himself to be robbed. The Uchiha trailed the masked figure closely, his superior speed letting him catch up rather quickly. That is until the thief began to hop up walls. He grasped ledges and pulled himself up with a practiced ease, attempting to escape his pursuer. He jammed the sword into the wall in order to give him a handhold and allow him to continue upwards, as well as any loose bricks or windowsills he could find. Seems he did not know the ability of the blade. That is until Damon easily started running up the walls. The chakra coating the bottom of his feet allowed him to cling to the walls and run up the surface without any effort really. He snatched the sword from the wall and promptly smacked the thief with the broad flat of the blade. The thief then fell to the ground below and landed rather hardly on his side. Damon then dropped to the ground and landed safely below. He then proceeded to remove the mask of the boy who was now gasping for air. Wait. Boy? Upon the removal of the mask, Damon was met with a dirty, young face, younger than he was before he had entered the academy. Before he could say anything, the boy scampered away in a practiced flight and rounded a corner. When Damon ran to the corner, the boy was gone. Perhaps Hoshi was not as much of a haven as it was made out to be.

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Slumming Empty Re: Slumming

Tue Aug 29, 2017 4:04 pm
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