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Kaguya Kotsuzui
Kaguya Kotsuzui
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Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 21650

Good Doing Business [P] Empty Good Doing Business [P]

Fri Aug 11, 2017 2:51 pm
Today was an unusual day for the Kaguya. It was about mid day. The sun was beaming down on the residents of Konoha with very few clouds to spare them from the heat. The last time Kotsuzui felt this hot he had been back in Suna. But the heat was not what made this day unusual, no. What was most unusual about this day was that Kotsuzui found himself roaming the streets of Konoha, sober. Madness. The Kaguya couldn't fully understand how that had happened in the first place. But the most basic of answers, he had burned through all of his sake and there simply wasn't any left.

Dressed in his all white pants, white shirt, white cloak draped over it all, black gloves, and nothing at all on his feet, the Kaguya found himself strolling through the market. He had been wanting to search for a certain item for a very long time now. He felt as though his chakra potency had reached it's limit and it wasn't getting any stronger. So on his free time, instead of going to resupply on sake he decided to come to the market in search of some kind of item that would help increase the flow of his chakra making it both faster and stronger. He knew there had to be items that could do such a thing, rather he hoped there were. There must be. At the moment he was currently wearing earrings that helped increased the speed at which he moved. If there were items that could that, why not have items do the same with chakra?

Shop after shop the Kaguya entered. Shop after shop he left empty handed. Had no one created a necklace, earring or even ring that could do what Kotsuzui was looking for? On the brink of giving up, Kotsuzui stumbled upon a larger shop which seemed to hold more trinkets then the others. "If this place doesn't have what I need, I'm going for a drink" he mumbled under his breath as he entered. Not even bothering to look around, he simply made his way to the counter. "I'm looking for anything to help boost my chakra..."
Risako Akara
Risako Akara
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Good Doing Business [P] Empty Re: Good Doing Business [P]

Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:25 pm
Somewhere in the market place there would be a stall ran by a bunch of little orphan children. The only item the stall sold would be a bunch of rings, for a hefty price of 3,000 ryo a piece. These rings were inscribed with a simple seal that increased the user's chakra flow. One of the smaller girls with black hair ran around the grounds outside of the shop, advertising her wares by shouting to passer's by. 

[short post, buy your ring]
Kaguya Kotsuzui
Kaguya Kotsuzui
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Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 21650

Good Doing Business [P] Empty Re: Good Doing Business [P]

Sun Aug 13, 2017 4:51 pm
Just as Kotsuzui finished asking the old man behind the counter, he heard the voice of a little girl yelling from outside the place. "Hold that thought" he told the old man before he could utter a word. Kotsuzui slightly turned his head to have his ear pointing in the direction of the door way as if it would help him hear better. He picked up on a girl yelling how she was selling rings inscribed with a seal to increase chakra flow. "Boom" Kotsuzui said as he immediately left the current store he was in and walked up to the girl. "Lead me to these rings of yours" demanded the Kaguya. So he followed her to a stand with more children standing behind it. The only thing on the table were rings. To be honest, Kotsuzui was a bit skeptical of these little kids. So he tried one on first with all the kids watching him. And just like that, the ring did what he was looking for. "Good enough" Kotsuzui said reaching into his pockets on the inside of his white cloak. Pulling out 3,000 ryo on the dot, Kotsuzui placed it onto the table and left. "Good doing business." 


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