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The Red Headed Demon [Solo] Empty The Red Headed Demon [Solo]

Wed Aug 09, 2017 7:23 pm
The sun was slipping down past the horizon as the day was beginning to meet its end, and the young Uzumaki Kama was heading back to her home. She had been focused on being strong enough for the exams, working herself to the bone to at least get the ninjutsu portion passed as studying was extremely not her thing. Even with her low grades she was one of the best in her class when it came to fighting and ninjutsu training and she was betting on that being the way she was going to get past the exam. So lost in thought she failed to notice she was being shadowed by two imposing boys from her class. They were both irritated at losing to her on the days fighting contest and were eager to teach the girl a lesson about messing with their pride, even if it meant ganging up on her. Kama herself always took a rather out of the way path to get home, and unfortunately this gave her attackers more than an ample opportunity to sneak up on and attack her without any passersby and onlookers being likely to come by, as well as Kama didn’t have many friends that would come to her aid.

One of the boys, Gorda, run up behind the girl and hit her hard right in the back of her causing her to yelp as she was knocked into a tree in front of her, before turning around. Kama tried to retaliate with a punch but the other boy, Konel hit her right in the stomach expelling the air from her lungs and causing her to collapse while gasping for air. Both boys now stood above her, laughing. Gorda was the one to speak up, a smug look on his face. “So much for being a demon. You really are just a stupid girl.
They turned to leave, but were stopped as they could feel a rather intense bloodlust behind them. Neither of them were quite aware of the specifics of what clan Kama was from, nor how fast that particular clan could recover. So it became quite a suprise for them when Gorda was met with a headbutt to his back strong enough to fling him onto his face, followed by Konel getting kicked in the abdomen strong enough to fling him into a tree. Kama still had a hand on her stomach, panting a bit in pain as she looked at the two of them. “If you wanted to fight….there were easier ways then following me into the woods…

Konel would be the first to recover with a punch aimed at Kama’s jaw. The Uzumaki would step past it, the fist going by her face and she retaliated in kind, slamming her fist into his forehead hard enough to put him in the dirt and dazing him. Gorda at this point was back up and running at the girl as well, giving a great showcase on why they both failed the sparring challenge. Giving away their attacks and too much running, it simply made them easy targets. Gorda jumped, trying to perform a leaping kick at the girl and hope his momentum made it too hard for her to dodge. Her response was to take a step back, using surface walking to run backwards off the tree and turning it into a front flip, bringing her heel down hard on the boys head with a loud “CRACK” and sending him into the ground right next to his friend. Kama stood, shaking her head as the boys scrambled up taking timid steps back. Gorda shook his head fearfully, “She’s crazy! You...demon freak! We’re going to report you to the teacher!
Konel nodded in agreement to his friend, “This is why no-one wants to be your friend you weirdo!

With those delightful parting words, the boys turned and fled as fast as they could away from the girl, back towards the academy to likely make good on their threat to tattle on her for beating them up. Kama crossed her arms, sighing. The girl supposed this was somewhat her fault for being over competitive in the first place but she really didn’t appreciate the name calling. Dusting herself off, she turned to head home.

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Sakana Meijin
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The Red Headed Demon [Solo] Empty Re: The Red Headed Demon [Solo]

Wed Aug 09, 2017 7:29 pm
Very nicely written, approved.
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