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Sakana Meijin
Sakana Meijin
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The Start of Something New (P) Empty The Start of Something New (P)

Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:15 pm
It was hot out, well hot was an understatement. A better word would have been blazing or scorching. He had read about the Haven land in the kumo library, there wasn’t must about the village hidden in the stars though, since of course trying to say he knew everything about the village based off book reading would pretty out there to assume. For that to happen some outside force would just have to place the knowledge in his brain, which in reality should be impossible but you know, stranger things have happened. But anyway, he knew Haven was a dry arid land but he never imagined this, Komori had made a comment on their journey about Haven being hotter than the wind country. This really was a big issue for Sakana as he was so connected to the water. Heck, he had even brought gallons of it along with him on the trip to make sure he didn’t get thirsty. But had gone through almost all of them in the first day.

The entrance into the gates wasn’t that bad the original group that was supposed to get to hoshi sooner than the army must’ve run slow though because as they entered the kumo citizens were approaching behind them. So basically he has a new fancy ID card that tells the hoshi people that he’s not there to kill everyone and let’s him in and out of the village. So no big deal.

There was another peculiar thing about this wretched land. It had happened as they were walking in the gates. The three tails had grumbled angrily and told Sakana that his family was around. Which kind of freaked the kid out because that meant more of these legendary tailed beast were around, hopefully the shinobi that housed them could control it.  But the Meijin thought it best not to push his luck yet and pursue it, better to wait a bit. Things usually did have a natural way of sorting themselves out if you let them.

After what seemed like almost a whole month, but in reality was only about a few days the group had arrived in Hoshi. Everyone had different motives for wanting to be there, some wanted to train, some wanted to party, and some just wanted to make new friends. Sakana wanted all of that but most of all he wanted to explore. He had seen almost all of the village hidden in the cloud and there wasn’t much left to discover, just some places he didn’t have clearances for. The genin had been to other places as well, spent some time in Ame. He wasn’t allowed inside the village though, but he did get to explore some of the famous swamps around it. He was a bit ashamed of himself that he had slept most of the journey to heaven country, he hardly saw anything worth noting. But he wasn’t about to allow that to happen here, he was in the village and he wanted to see everything it had to offer.

Following the events that allowed the kumo people safe entrance into the village they were taken to the slums of the village. It seemed to be somehow hotter than before even though Sakana had thought that impossible, it was probably due to the area being overcrowded. As he walked it seemed to be as good of a time as any to take in his surroundings. It was around midday , which would place the sun at its hottest temperature, which made him feel very dehydrated as he could practically feel the heat pushing against his ghost white skin. He started to feel bad about his circumstances compared to the citizens that lived here. Here he was in a nice clean outfit with plenty more in his bag, and money for food while some of these people were covered in layers of dirt and looked like they hadn't eaten in weeks.

There was a vague sense of familiarity about the whole scene though, the environment reminded him of the outskirts of kumo, except these people were still among the living while the people back home danced with the dead. The smell was similar, despair and fear filled the air (thank goodness Hoshi didn’t have the decaying human smell though.) An interesting dynamic about the village hidden in the stars is that the citizens took a disliking to shinobi, and it showed earlier when they had first arrived. The look of terror on everyone’s face was a new feeling to him, Sakana never liked being hated so this would have naturally been his worst nightmare, it occurred to him that he should take off the headband, hide himself from the mass population and try to fit in but taking off the headband would mean dishonoring his village and he wasn’t about to start letting that happen. Instead he tried to walk with pride for his nation but in reality it probably looked award to anyone he would pass.

After settling in it would be time to walk around, actually see what he was getting himself into by coming to the village, now while he wasn’t going to take his headband off he would however wear a brown sack looking cloak to hide his identity. He did not want any interruptions along the way. All that was underneath would be civilian clothes, shorts and a t- shirt but it would be better they stayed hidden anyway due to how clean they were, unwanted attention wasn’t good.

Sakana would start to walk around  the small place they would call home for the duration of his stay. To his right would be a market, with rotting fruit as they couldn’t afford to sell anything fresh. It was truly a sight to see as the small market was overrun with people spending their last bit of change trying to provide food for their families. The Meijin didn’t look down upon these people he merely felt sorry that the village that they lived in would allow such poverty. It seemed to be a running theme in all the places he went. But it wasn’t his place to act out, he had been warned that while he was in this village he was to follow all their rules, and that included not interfering with local affairs. So as he walked he watched as the mother pulled out her last penny to buy a disgusting apple, or as the child cried because he could not have the candy he so desperately felt he needed. There was probably many more sob stories but there was nothing he could do. So he walked for a little longer, the cobblestone path he walked on was crumbling, with the sand seeping out the side. Hopefully the Kage of this land had plans to fix up part of the slums but he would not count on it.

It felt good to walk around with only his backpack again, carrying luggage was a pain and he was happy to feel normal again. That was another advantage to being a this new place, no one knew him except the kumo people that came along, which means no one knew of his secret, no one knew of the beast. He was happy the beast had remained mostly silent on the way with just that one earlier outburst. If all went according to plan he would remain under the radar for the duration of his stay, unwanted attention was so annoying. As long as followed all the rules he would be ok.

As he pushed through the large crowd his mind started to fade, it was most likely due to the heat, as a Meijin he really needed to be around water to thrive, it did rain when he made his way into the gates but that had long subsided and returned to the harsh conditions of before. Sakana needed to rest, horrible for a ninja to admit but it was either rest or pass out. He shivered at the thought of the hoshi citizens messing with his body if he lost consciousness. Eventually he saw a break away point, and was surprised at what he saw. Hidden in the corner of all the madness was a small park, untouched by the dwindling town. Children sat there, laughing and playing, having fun, completely unaware of their circumstances in life. It would look weird of a sixteen year old shinobi sat on the monkey bars so he decided to take a different approach.

Sakana sized up the nearest tree, it was only about  it would be super easy to use surface walking to climb it, but not wanting to scare the children he would just climb it like a normal person. He really was tired of the whole watching his chakra use thing, it was what made Sakana, Sakana. Living here would be a living hell and he would never ever want to do it. The gennin reached around into his bad and started to pull out his Meijin book. As he opened it, sand crumbled through the pages. That was another thing he hated about Haven, the sand was everywhere, in his book, in his armor, and especially in his clothes. It was honestly really gross, everything about this place made him feel icky. But he needed to figure out a way to make the most of it since he was stuck here for a while. Sakana paged through the book looking for something to do, he'd read through pretty much all of it but something new always managed to catch his eye each time. The problem with most of the book was that he needed a water source for most of these jutsu inside, and in the land he now liked to call nothing but sand that was a pretty big issue. As he looked for something to do he started to take notice of the people around him.

Sitting on the slide was a tiny blond boy who kind of resembled one of the kumo gennin Max, actually he looked so much like him it was kind of scary. The little boy just went down the slide, walked back around and climbed to the top and slid down again, he must’ve done it twenty something times just while Sakana was sitting there. He looked pretty exhausted but with nothing better to do the gennin could see why repetition was key for him. Over by the small sand court a boy and a girl were throwing a small blue ball around. The girl was a tiny read head who was probably  there with her brother as the boy next to her also had red hair. They looked pretty much killed by the suns rays as well. And the finally there was the large boy who was eating leaves sitting under the tree in the shade.

The key thing about all these children was that they looked like the sun was killing them. Sakana knew the feeling all too well because he was a Meijin with a water style affinity. He had ghost with skin that burned with a lightbulb and deep blue eyes that always seemed to attract the sun their way. He wondered if there would be a way to save the people from this nightmarish hell even for a little while. So he paged through his book until he found something he thought would help. So far there wasn’t much he could do without a water source, he could use the hidden mist technique but that wasn’t much fun for anyone since it just would lead to trouble. Finally he found something useful.

There was this technique he found called Rain Tiger At Will, and coincidently it was exactly what he needed, almost like this was all planned from the start or something like that. The description read something along the lines of Sakana was able to make water fall from the sky using his chakra, it would allow him to use other water style jutsu and allow him to feel everything as if all the water was apart of him. And in some ways it was, Sakana was a Meijin. Being a Meijin had becoming one with your elemental affinity in your job description, the gennin was doing a pretty good job with that back in kumo but now that he was in haven it seemed almost impossible, but maybe this technique would help with that. Being able to feel everything the water feels seems pretty much like becoming one with water.  One of the downfalls was it did have a large amount of hand seals though, but Sakana prided himself on being pretty fast so it did not really matter. The hand seals were  Bird → Rat → Ox → Monkey → Rat → Snake.

In his excitement he realized one pretty large issue in his plan. He would have to use his chakra to make this all happen, he would no longer be keeping himself under the radar. So he had to weigh his options here. Should he risk being seen using chakra in public and maybe get in trouble? Or should he let everyone sit in this terrible heat. On one hand he wasn’t one to go against the rules and regulations but over that he had to do what he felt needed to be done. So he hopped off the tree and went to stand behind it.

He looked over his shoulder to make sure no one on in the surrounding area was watching him. Then he started to read more of what the book had on the technique, tips and stuff like that. It was weird training like this again, he really hadn’t trained in weeks. The last time he felt like he was training was when he was trying to use the coral, and Senshi had yelled at him. But the past was in the past, for the time being at least.

Now he had to prep himself on what he had to do in order for this technique to work. First thing he had to do was clear his head of all this heat, it really was bothering him but he needed to block it out. What would happen if he was attacked right now, would he be able to defend himself if he couldn’t even think straight?  Probably not, so he stood there for a solid moment or so thinking of water, oceans, anything that would cool him off. He would have rather been out in the  yuki tundra instead of being stuck out here with the sun beating directly on him.  

The next thing he would have to do would be to flow some chakra through him, this was new to him since usually he would flow it to his fingertips, or his heat, or even in one big blast but never had he ever used his chakra to make rain fall out of the sky before. So the best way to probably do it would be  to just flow it around his chakra network until he made the hand seals. One new challenge he had faced recently was separating his own chakra from the three tails when performing normal techniques, since he did not want to give the monster anymore control until he could be controlled. Sakana started to activate his chakra, making it flow through his body, to him doing this always felt like water, it felt like a river flowing down a stream and then ocean waves crashing when it was released. He spread his feet apart a bit right in preparation. Once he got into a rhythm with the chakra he started to sign the hand seals. Bird → Rat → Ox → Monkey → Rat → Snake.

Once he was finished he looked up towards the sky to see if anything was happening. At first there was nothing, then he felt like he had died and went to heaven as a tiny droplet of water slid down his face, slightly discoloring the sand as it hit the ground. The droplets continued, small and infrequent, which meant it worked but not like he wanted it to. Sakana started to assess what he needed to do better. From the outside he had done everything right, so it must have been something internally. He came to the conclusion that in trying to separate his chakra from the three tails, he didn’t use enough power in the technique. The key to making this work would be to stop holding back and to just let loose. After all the bijuu didn’t seem to be in a rush to go anywhere once he noticed his family was around.

Second time's the charm was the saying that came to his mind as he got ready again. This time he would picture in his mind the rain falling from the sky, not a hurricane amount of rain just somewhere in between that and a drizzle. He started to perform the hand signs once again closing his eyes this time to focus on his chakra,  Bird → Rat → Ox → Monkey → Rat → Snake. When it was over the boy did not need to open his eyes, he could hear the rain to start hit the ground all around him and the playground where the children played. When the book said he would feel the rain that was an understatement. He felt everything, like everything, from the chakra disappearing when it melted into the sand to the heart beats of the children. This just felt right, it felt like he was one with the water.

Sakana was so overjoyed so he took some steps towards the playground from behind the tree to see the children’s reactions to the rain. The reaction they gave was better than the one he had anticipated as they started to look to the sky with gaping mouths, trying to catch water droplets on their tongues.  

There was something about this place that was so different than back in kumo. Something he hasn't seen in quite a while. It was something about the look in their eyes as they played in the rain. It was the look of innocence, to watch these kids who have never experienced the horrors of the real world. Yeah there was lying and thieving at hoshi but no one ever messed with the children, they were off limits. These children have never known a life other than the current one they had, they didn’t have their village taken over and were forced to adjust. They’ve always lived their small little lives in this small little land. Sakana was happy to see these children so happy, to think he could provide some happiness into a world so dull joyed him more than he would have liked to admit.

But that was before everything went wrong, of course everything always goes wrong. Right after Sakana thought he was in the clear he heard the sound of a woman’s voice behind him. A civilian saw him using chakra. A happy moment in time turned sour as she told the children do run away/ The crazy old lady  started shouting anti shinobi things at him, she was apart of the older, less accepting  generation it seemed. The Meijin watched as all the children scattered, he turned back to the lady and tried to explain that all his intentions were pure and he was not trying to hurt anyone, he just wanted to help. They seemed really hot from the heat so he just wanted to use the rain to cool things off. Sadly, this crazy lady was not having it, she just keep shouting and yelling at the top of her lungs like he was a child, treating him as subhuman not as an equal. But Sakana was known for his civility, so he stayed put and took all the yelling. His smile was big, and he stood tall, staying quiet, not wanting to cause a bigger commotion than needed. Komon and Komori would have probably started a fight by now, they tended to think more with their fists than with their minds. However, the boy getting screamed at acknowledged that he was in the wrong here because they were told not to use chakra in public. The gennin subtly canceled the rain tiger at will technique, and watched at the hard rain started to decrease slowly, until eventually only small droplets were left. He didn’t follow the rules and know he knew he had to face the consequences. Hopefully, this issue would die here and he would not have to explain himself to the queen, although where the anbu was hidden that was watching him would probably tell on him anyway.

The yelling went on for about twenty two minutes. And after that finished Sakana’s spirits were pretty much broken. He had tried to do something nice for the people who had to take him in but it backfired horribly. There had to be a way for redemption but the kid wasn't thinking of that right now, all he could think of was how this place sucked, the nicer parts of town were probably better but the slums were in most ways worse than the kumo slums. At least the rot guys didn't scream at everyone all the time.

So Sakana made his way back to the building he was saying in, it was too hot to go inside so he decided to that was going to chill out on the top of the building. He figured no one would see him up there so it was safe to initiate the jutsu again. Laying on his back he started the  Bird → Rat → Ox → Monkey → Rat → Snake hand seals. The sky started to darken a bit as the rain poured. Each drop on his skin made him feel better, until eventually he slowly drifted to sleep.

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The Start of Something New (P) Empty Re: The Start of Something New (P)

Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:18 pm
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