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A day at the gates Empty A day at the gates

Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:24 am
What a wonderful morning to be a shinobi? At lest it was the thought that young Sanae had, when she rose from her futon that early. Today she had been asked to do a little bit of guard duty at the gates of the village. Nothing special at least it was considered a slow work. Just controlling the people walking into the village so that no one would pass by, that was unwanted or even worse maybe wanted like in for a reward. So she got the usual lunchbox from her mother, this time with mushroom rice, along with some cabbage and herbs. Then an apple because she believed they would bring her good health and for the last part honey coated Hazelnuts. So she was good for the day along with some water and of course the medicine she had to take three times a day. Packed with her bag she then went onwards to the village gate. It was a warm morning although it had rained that previous night. She could see many little raindrops glittering in the morning sun falling from trees and roofs down to the ground. She could see the gate getting bigger and bigger and then just like that she was there. Someone already standing guard directed her to the office where she was to report for duty.
As she entered a group of five men stood there pulling straws. A young one, probably the youngest amongst them seemed to have the shortest of them and the others cheered and giggled at him. He seemed a little down on it but as he saw her there was at least the try to hide it and smile. The others still were bursting into laughter. As she asked, what the joke had been they stopped and looked at her. An uncomfortable silence folded over the room and they looked at her, wise men, strong men and educated men alike. The young guard shove his way towards her and kneeled down to face her, he was quite tall but slim figured. His face was serious and calmly collected. "You are then Genin they wanted to send today, aren't you?", she looked in those light grey eyes and nodded. "Kaguya Sanae at your service sir", she bowed a little and he nodded as well. Then he told her that he would be her working partner today,"My name is Kurotai Sasato", he extended his hand and she shook it. Saying something along the line that she was happy to work with him she let him show her around. Handing her a sash that would promote her to a kind of security guard he walked her around the gate, introduced her to the duty she was to make, the questions she had to ask, let her watch what others were on duty and then soon after that, they were standing there controlling together.
While she asked for names and passports he held a firm eye on their faces compared them to wanted posters on the wall. Several people passed by. Most of them general traders or visitors, people who wanted to sell their stuff or see friends and family. In their break he sat with her on the ground outside watching the others do their jobs. She sat there eating her lunch and he had a dry bread to eat with some cheese on it. Teasingly she asked if he needed some more and then offered him her food and after quick thinking he took some thanking her. They told each other jokes and she asked him about his life, what he did and how his family was. Knowing that he was the a proud newlywed soon to be father, as he got into talking about his wife it seemed as if she had unleashed a river of everlasting words and the sparkle in his eyes could compare itself to the glow of the sun. But the cheerful glow soon changed to a deep and thoughtful while he was looking at a man with raising alertness. Sanae who had been sitting beside him looked up and followed his eyes. "What is it?", she asked soft spoken. He got up on his feet and the man in the line he was eying started running. "Sanae follow me!", he called out as he rushed after him. The girl dropped everything and followed him.
So they rushed through the village chasing after this one man. This was the first time something interesting was happening a chase throughout the village. At one point he went the bottom routing having her shouting directions from the rooftops cornering him in and alleyway dead end. "Finally you seem to be stupid to come back after you stirred up the fight, you know they don't like people you starting fights in bars, you are to stay out", he tried to reach for his weapon, but in the Rush of things he had forgotten it. This was when Sanae appeared next to him. While the other one was pulling a Sai he grinned winningly. "Just take this", she said to her partner and took out her left arm forming it into a sword and handed it to him. He looked at her kind of spooked as she handed him that bone sword. But then he grabbed it nodding shortly and then facing the fugitive. Sanae watched from a safe distance as the two of the crossed weapons over and over again. But it was clear to see how talented of a fighter he you guard was adapting to a weapon he had never used that fast and using it as if it had always been a part of his attire and training. So she could witness how he took down the fugitive and then walking alongside Sanae back to the gate throwing him out: "We don't want people here that start causing trouble", he then said again and handed Sanae her bone sword back. "Thank you that was unusual but helpful", he seemed to be curious. The rest of her watch she chatted with him about how it was possible for her to just make a Sword like that and about his formidable education in sword fighting and that one time she wanted to do it just like that. He offered her to help her out a little if she wanted. After her shift had ended he signed her notification that she indeed had been present and handed her the Ryo she had been promised. With a gentle pat on her head he wished her goodbye. Maybe they would some time meet again.

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Madrigal Kaguya
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A day at the gates Empty Re: A day at the gates

Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:57 pm
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