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Patrolling the gates Empty Patrolling the gates

Sun Mar 19, 2017 7:03 am

Akemi woke up in his apartment, around mid day. He stretched and got up. That was when he remembered, he was running a little low on money. Guess i need to do a mission he thought. Quickly getting dressed into his usual attire he brushed his teeth and walked out of his apartment, heading towards the nearby mission board. He looked around the board for any easy missions that a noob like him could complete. There it was, a mission where he had to patrol the gates and look for any people who were deciding to move into the village. He took one last look at the mission slip before heading off in the direction of the village gates.

As he walked Akemi realised how nervous he was, he was actually going to have to talk to someone, he suppressed a nervous shiver. On the way he picked up two books, one about chakra suppression and one about the human psych. He realised he would probably have to get at least some knowledge on human behaviours if he were to tell if the potential visitors will be staying or leaving.

When he arrived at the gates he walked outside and positioned himself so that he could comfortably lean against the wall while watching the oncoming path for any visitors. He brought out the book about human behaviours and started reading it, 1/2 watching the path and 1/2 reading the book.

A couple hours passed and he had already memorised the book and was in the process of reading the book about the book about chakra suppression which he was quite enjoying, he had yet to learn any sneaky jutsu and this was going to be the first. That was when he spotted an approaching figure on the path about 200m away from the gate. The figure didn't look suspicious, but Akemi had his guard up all the same, doesn't hurt to be to careful.

Snapping the book shut, he put it away and stopped leaning against the wall, waiting nervously for the figure to approach him. As the figure drew closer Akemi noticed several things about him. It was a man, quite well into his 40s, well built and he looked quite sweaty. Which, either meant he had travelled far or he was incredibly nervous. The man didn't seem to notice Akemi, despite Akemi being in clear view the hole time.

"Hey!" Akemi called out, The figure jumped, another sign of nervousness. This man was beginning to seem a little bit suspicious. The man approached him and began to speak.

"Hey," the man said, he paused and swallowed "Err, is it alright if i enter Hoshi?" That settled it for Akemi, this man was definitely hiding something, and he knew this thanks to the book he had read. Akemi decided he would try and stall the man for as long as he could and try to find out what this man was hiding.

"I just need to ask you a few questions first, is that okay?" As Akemi said this he pulled out a clipboard and pen and wrote at the top "Suspicious" though positioning it carefully so the man wouldn't see the writing he put on the clipboard. The man nodded.

"What is your name?" asked Akemi

"Ak-Akio" Replied the man, Akemi noticed the stutter but didn't respond to it, he jotted down the man's name and put next to it "Stuttered"

"Where have you come from?" Asked Akemi

"I come from a minor village just outside the gates" the man said, Akemi nodded and jotted it down, that was when he remembered. There was no minor village just outside of Hoshi, the closest one was about 50 miles outside the gates, he continued writing and put next to the answer "Lied"

"What is your business in Hoshi?" Akemi Asked

"My wife is dreadfully ill, i have come to Hoshi to ask for medicine." the man replied, it sounded rehearsed, something Akemi jotted down. Something sounded off, if the illness was bad enough for someone to journey to a ninja village then why would he only ask for medicine? There would be a chance that the medicine would be wrong and the trip would be wasted. Why wasn't he asking for a medical ninja instead? Akemi sighed and signalled for a nearby medical ninja to come to him.

"What is it?" Asked the medical ninja as he stopped next to Akemi,

"Akio, please tell this medical ninja what the signs of the illness are." The medical ninja gave Akemi a confused look but listened to the man describing the illness. When the man stopped explaining the medical ninja gestured Akemi over to the side and started talking to Akemi.

"What he described isn't an illness, he is either lying or it's an illness that i have never heard about, most likely the former." Akemi nodded and started to reply to the medical ninja.

"Yeah, this guy has been lying to me this whole time, do you think that you could make a medicine that could cure the sickness on the off chance that he isn't lying?" Upon the medical ninja's nod Akemi returned back to the man.

"That medical ninja is about to make a medicine for you, wait here while he does it," Akemi said to the man. After he said this he brought out the book on chakra suppression and started reading, though keeping most of his attention on the man, in case the man tried to do anything shifty.

They stood there in silence for about 10 minutes, Akemi reading his book while the man stood in the same place, shuffling nervously. Eventually the medical ninja returned with a few vials of purple liquid and handed it to the man.

"Give her these every morning and every night for the next few days, her condition should get better soon." said the medical ninja. The man nodded, though he looked slightly annoyed, it was probably because he had wanted to get into the city.

"Now, go," Akemi said. When the man heard this he almost stomped and turned around and started walking. The two ninjas watched the man disappear from site.

"Good job, that one looked like he wished harm upon the Hoshi citizens," Said the Medical ninja. Akemi buried his face into his scarf at the compliment. When he was talking to the man he seemed to have gained some confidence, now it was all gone. The medical ninja waved goodbye before heading back into the gates. Akemi sighed, it had been a hectic day.

(Word Count: 1102
Claims: Mission rewards and 1100 words towards Chakra Suppression)
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Patrolling the gates Empty Re: Patrolling the gates

Sun Mar 19, 2017 7:18 am
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