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No faith in loyalty Empty No faith in loyalty

Sun Jul 16, 2017 3:27 am
This time she had went up the blackboard where some simple tasks were handed out to young shinobi and could be done alone. So she skipped trough the papers and found a note that was saying that a charity always waned help with getting their stuff to the different temples that were big here in Hoshi. So she memorized the address and made her way to the building where the charity was localized. The walk was not very long and she knew herself around so just a few minutes later she was standing in front of an office door and knocked against it. It took only a moment then for a very friendly looking lady to open. She was small in size and had a round body shape. Wearing a bright yellow dress with red dots on it and deep red glasses on her small pointy nose she looked at the young shinobi curiously. Sanae told her, that she had seen the offering at the blackboard and that she was here to help with the deliveries that were to make. Since she was a Shinobi now she wanted to take part in whatever the life would throw at her. Sitting down in her office she offered the young girl a seat and some water while she looked at a paper. The one temple was up for some medical supplies. Then just some moments before the young lady had appeared someone had donated almost a ton of clothes that should be given to a temple that would distribute them amongst the needy and last but not least the food donations from around town that would need to be spread equally. So she handed Sanae two packages and said: "Take this to the biggest Temple around, those are medical supplies. They have recently requested to have a little more because after the last flu outbreak they are in need of restock. Then you go to the other one just around the corner, you can't miss it. They will fix and then distribute the clothes we have in this package. While you do this I will sort out the food into equal packages and then you can deliver those as well", she told her and she nodded grabbing the first two packages. As she was walking out the woman added, that she better hid her headband more properly, because the holy people did not like shinobi that much. A crazy request was at least what Sanae thought, but well, she put her headband in her backpack and went on.

While she was making her way to the first location she thought about. If they hated shinobi that much, why let them do the work anyway. Why did they post a wanted not at the blackboard? Maybe the teachers found it good for their students to learn how to disguise them but this was crazy way of doing it, but maybe a good also. People of faith, nice and caring people, they would not kill them if it went down the drain right? She was not so sure about it, because she had heard of quite violent outbursts coming along with religion. This was mostly seen among the extremists of each group so one should no argue with that, but well they did with shinobi, didn't they? What was she to do about it? Hate would always be part of her life and therefore part of everyday life. She was carrying her packages and slowly walking towards the building she was to go first. The main temple to where her mother went frequently. Did she encounter hate or disrespect form others because she had married a shinobi and her daughter was one two? While she was slowly walking through the entrance gate these were the thoughts she had. What if they were cruel to her and did not want her here anymore? Slowly she walked in while some people were looking at her. They did not see what was going on with her, because they were not that educated but then one of the priests was coming towards her. He looked into her face and she could feel his eyes staring at her forehead. There where her clan insignia was placed. She had not thought about it, did he know? With an icy stare of disapproval he looked down at her and shaking she held out the package with medicine. She did not know why she was shaking, she had done nothing wrong, but this stare of disapproval, like she had stolen something and was now returning it burned inside her mind and she felt a sting of guilt. Why was this happening, what did she do to deserve this? He took the package out of her hand and then asked his voice lowered the temperature in the room: "Where have you lost the food?" She froze in her steps. [color:9baa=2e2efe]"They are about to sort it, I will be back later with it", she muttered and he nodded quickly, "Just do something about this", he tapped her on her forehead where the clans symbols were and she nodded. Do something about this? Like it was a sickness or something she could take a medicine against? Why was her father so strict about loyalty of this whole village that hated his best protectors just like that? What did they do to deserve this kid of devotion? Right now she was not able to see it. But what else was there to do, she walked to the next Temple to deliver the clothes.

This time before she entered she conjured up a disguise. A simple transformation that was just her without the marks on her forehead and nothing went wrong. They welcomed her and thanked her for being such a lovely girl. They indeed praised her for belonging to the youth that still thought about others and helping the ones in need. She could see a lot of volunteers going through the clothes and mending them if it was needed. Stuff that was so far gone to not be fixed was turned into patches to stitch up other stuff. So she delivered the second package and said she would return soon with the food package. With a smile and a wave she was seen out, a totally different feeling. It was odd how an affiliation could change the behaviour of people even against children. In deep thoughts she returned to the charities office and there picked up a small hand wagon filled with the food supplies. The lady was curious if she had encountered any problems, but she denied them. Who was she to tell her, that people she met were not exactly her type of nice persons. On top of that, she did not want her to think badly of her, since the lady had warned her about this sort of thing. It was just her stupid wishful thinking that had led to this kind of problem. So now she delivered the food packages to the temples like a good little kid. Everything went well so far but then she stood in front of the main temple. This was the time when she changed her disguise and instead of just covering it up, she made it look like she had carved the symbols from her head. In the water she could see how horrific it looked with dried blood over her face and smiled a little. He wanted her to do something about it, she did. So she walked in again delivering the last package and there he was the cold guy from before. Rendered speechless he looked at her. Maybe he did not expect someone like her go to that length because of a simple remark of him. Maybe he thought she'd cover up with makeup or something like that. But he was even too freaked to say something. So she gently placed the package into his hand and then walked out slowly. Well seeing that look on his face was worth the effort it took her to find the will to go on. Maybe one day the world would change for the better? For now she returned the wagon to the charities office and there she got a written not that said she had done her job as asked of her and the ryo for it. She smiled glad that she had earned some money. Maybe she could spend it on something nice. In her head the image of sweets popped up and she ran for it.

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No faith in loyalty Empty Re: No faith in loyalty

Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:29 am

Approved but no stats as per mission rules <3
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