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Ban Senju
Ban Senju
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Some jutsu training [Private] Empty Some jutsu training [Private]

Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:55 pm
This was his first time at the actual training grounds. Most of the time he had just went to the forest instead, because that was his favorite place out of all, but today he had decided to test out the training grounds of Konoha. Ban had planned on learning at least 3 jutsu here today. He knew it would take some time but he'd do it anyways for his own sake of getting more power and getting closer to learning the wood release of his clan. Today he would focus on learning more offensive and attacking jutsu. He did not have any of those type in his asrsenal and he would need those to hold his own in a battle. 

 The first out of three jutsu he was learning was the spirit gun jutsu. This jutsu was a sort of basic offensive jutsu and that is the main reason why Ban chose to learn it. He needed something basic and simple to start with and to him a basic attack like this would be very useful and he would utilize it often. Spirit gun is essentially like a real gun, the difference  being fingers forming a gun shape and the bullets are chakra. This also means that the jutsu doesn't include any hand signs aside from an imaginary gun. The bullet starts as a 3 inch charging ball on the index finger and when fired becomes a 6 inch beam. Before getting to that point the user gathers chakra in the index finger and then presses down their thumb onto the index finger triggering the release of the charging chakra. 

 Ban decided to start the training after reviewing the jutsu in his head. He would test his jutsu on the dummies in the training grounds. But he decided to jump straight into it. Following the guidelines of the jutsu, Ban began focusing his chakra to the tip of his left index finger, seeing as he is left handed. He tried to give it all he had. Ban felt a tingling sensation on his index finger and looked at it. He could see a chakra ball the size of a salt crystal or a pepper flake. He held it there and walked close to a training dummy. He then pressed his thumb against his index finger trying to fire off the ball or spec of chakra. It spiraled and twisted all different ways getting carried away in the wind. It was nowhere near the training dummy and was now drifting away somewhere. Ban couldn't see it anymore. He wasn't surprised this was how most of his jutsu training had started before. 

 Trying a second time, Ban began focusing chakra to his left index finger again. This time he placed his right hand over his left sending chakra from his right hand into his left as he tried to make the chakra ball bigger. The tingling sensation on his finger appeared again and he knew the bullet for his spirit gun was forming. In this instance the ball was growing a little larger than in his first attempt and it made a buzzing sound as it was fed more and more chakra. In a way it resembled a rasengan on his finger because like the rasengan the chakra inside and bouncing around on the inside of the ball and looking as if it was trying to escape which Ban wouldn't let happen because that would mean a failure for him in attempt number two. He wondered how accurate this jutsu was when fired off and also just how much power it would have. At maximum charge it would probably have a nice amount of power, enough to injure another shinobi a good deal if they were hit by it directly. When Ban realized his chakra ball wasn't charging anymore he stopped feeding it chakra. It was better sized than the first ball. This one was about the size of a grape. He mashed his thumb up against his index finger once more.

 When fired, the jutsu was aimed towards the training dummy in front of Ban. It connected with the stomach area of the dummy, pushing itself farther until finally it reached its limit due to the amount of chakra it had to use. When connecting with the stomach of the dummy the chakra ball drilled into it, creating a nicely sized dent which if it happened to a human would obviously kill them. Only however if it connected. Or if they were at a certain level of strength. Obviosuly it wouldn't affect someone of great power. The indent was about the size of a cereal bowl. The chakra had buried itself into the dummy making it larger than the original size of the chakra ball. Ban now was sure and confident this jutsu would help him out and he thought of advancing past this jutsu and learning even more powerful jutsu. He wanted to become strong enough to overpower anybody if he needed to. Ban went up to examine the newly found crater in the body of the training dummy. He poked it with his right index finger and quickly pulled back. It was hot.. He should've know it would be hot. It was pure chakra that blasted into it, oh well. He took a few steps back to get back into the training. Something Ban didn't do often was find different ways to use the jutsu he had been using. Obviously jutsu could have multiple uses but Ban didn't think that part of this through. All he had thought about was training, getting more power, and learning jutsu. So he figured when he had learned the jutsu why not try to figure out multiple ways to use it. Ban stopped to take a break. He made his way over the his bottle of water and apple he had brought. He quickly finished the apple taking large ravenous bites out of it with hunger. Then he drank half of his water bottle and lifted the rest over his head and poured it on himself. It was hot outside today and this was the only way for him to cool off. Humid air with heat causes extreme heat.

 Now that he had finished taking a food and water break it was time for him to get back to work. He was almost done learning the spirit gun jutsu. In Bans opinion it wasn't that difficult of a jutsu to learn but it may take a little while longer which was a bore to him. He wanted to get on to the other jutsu he was going to learn. The other jutsu were a little more interesting than this and maybe a little more powerful even. The thought of that hyped him up and adrenaline flooded his body quickly. He felt good and happy right now. Standing in a staggered position, right foot slightly in front of his left, Ban began the jutsu a third time. Focusing the chakra to his index finger and feeling the tingling sensation of a chakra ball forming. It made buzzing sounds as it forming on his finger, the sound of his chakra apparently. This time while using the jutsu, it quickly grew up to its size. The size of the chakra ball this time round was the size of a large strawberry in diameter. He hadn't even put extra chakra into his left arm using his right arm and it had grown to a larger size. Ban knew he was improving with the jutsu for sure. 

 Ban figured it would be a good idea to conserve the rest of the dummies in case somebody else would need to use them. Ban wasn't sure why he made jokes to himself in his mind that weren't even funny. He was just saving them for when he was practicing the next two jutsu because he wanted a target. But he would use the one he damaged previously as a target still for his spirit gun jutsu. He raised his arm up and held it towards the head of the damaged dummy. Tapping his thumb on his index finger it blasted off in a beam towards the dummy, cutting a decently sized hole through its chest. He sighed and shook his head. That was one part of learning offensive jutsu he forget he would need to learn. Accuracy. He would work on the jutsu a little more then because he yet still needed to grow the chakra ball to its maximum size as well as aiming. 

 Ban went through the process of starting up the jutsu again. He did not try to make the chakra ball grow larger, he didn't want to worry about power just yet. What does power matter if it does not even connect with the intended target? Again he tapped his thumb against his index finger setting the beam on it's way. The target he wanted was still the head of the dummy. The beam quickly rocketed at the dummy, and began drilling a hole through the head of the dummy. Ban grinned at the pinpoint accuracy. He had gotten it on only his second try which pleased him a good deal. Now all he wanted to do was maximize the size of the chakra ball. The max he would be able to grow it was 3 inches. That was fine for Ban because obviously even when it wasn't at that size it could do some damage.

 This would be his final attempt needed for the spirit gun jutsu. That's what he had decided. He knew he would be able to get through with the jutsu right now and move on to the next one. This jutsu was meant for basic attacking. The other had sort of different uses, one more unique than both of the others. He was excited to learn that jutsu, he anticipated it would be the most difficult jutsu he had trained for yet too. Getting back to the task at hand, he brought his chakra to his finger and the ball formed quickly, and began to grow in size at a speedy rate. In no time the ball was 3 inches of pure chakra ready to blast whatever was in its path. Ban wasn't thinking evil thoughts. He was just ecstatic because he finally had his own power. He could do whatever he wanted with it. He gained this power on his own. No training or any of that. The thought made him proud of himself and he wondered what his mother would thinking of him now that he had become a shinoni and gotten stronger than what he was before. He thought she would be happy for him that he had finally gotten his wish he longed for since he was 10 years old. Maybe he would go back to see her one day, but then he didn't want to see he stepfather and brothers again. He hated them more than anything he had hated before. He would just find a way to meet with her without them around. It was like the male version of Cinderella to Ban. In all honesty he missed his mother. He hadn't seen her since a couple months ago he had moved away and gotten his own home away from them. He knew the moment he made the decision he would be missing her but he just wasn't happy there with a step family and his mother was. 

 Ban snapped out of his thoughts. He forgot he was trying to hurry and finish up with this offensive jutsu. He thumb hit his index finger for the last time today setting off the jutsu once more. He had aimed at where the heart of the dummy would be if it was a living humam/ The blast burnt up half of the dummies left chest area also making to the area of its "armpit" which disconnected the left arm from the dummy. Ban said oops not caring much and lay down taking a rest for a while before he would start training the next jutsu. He knew the dummies could probably be replaced easily.
Ban Senju
Ban Senju
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Some jutsu training [Private] Empty Re: Some jutsu training [Private]

Fri Jul 14, 2017 9:53 am
He could smell the delicious scent of eggs and bacon. Quickly he sat up and hopped out of bed. Eggs and bacon was the most basic breakfast one could have, but it had to be one of his favorites. As swiftly as possible without slipping or falling down, he dashed out of his room and down the steps into the kitchen. His mother was there at the stovetop 2 of the oveneyes heated up with pans on them. One pan was meant for cooking the eggs and the other for the bacon. Ban grinned as he heard the sizzling bacon and his mother turned around to look at him. Then he sat up wearily. Again he had fallen asleep while taking a break during his training. He woke up with a hot sweat but the air was cool so he cooled off at a decently fast rate. 

 It was now dusk at the village hidden in the leaves. Crickets began to tune their nightly songs as the sun lowered itself over the horizon only to rise back over in a couple hours. Dusk had always been Bans favorite time of a days 24 hours. The sunset to him represented relaxation which was one of his favorite things to do. The sun dropping below the horizon signified most creatures and organisms falling into hours of sleep. That too was something Ban enjoyed much. Also dusk was the opening to night time and Ban always admired and envied the stars. They were just nice to look at, no deep backstory behind that. He was now at least 80% awake so he figured he should get up and get back to work. 

 Ban would now be training for a second offensive jutsu to add into his arsenal. The jutsu he was preparing to teach to himself now was called the Water Needles jutsu. As the name indicates, it's a jutsu designed for piercing the oppennent, a little more clean and controlled than the spirit gun. Each needle formed was a total of 15 CM about half a foot or 6 inches. To Ban that sounded like it could do some damage if stabbed into the body of a foe. The needles could be manipulated until hitting a target or reaching their maximum range. Ban knew he would enjoy that feature of the jutsu. If he missed he would be able to try again. Their total distance they could go before dropping to the ground as normal water was, 20 meters from his body. Ban also knew however, that he needed to be within 5 meters of a water source so he needed to the forest where he trained most of the time. He wasn't quite in favor of the idea of entering the woods this late at night. He wasn't sure what time it was yet, but he would be cautious, that was for sure. He stood up completely and convinced himself he shouldn't have to worry because it wouldn't be too far from the inner village anyways. At first those were his thoughts. Then he recalled from his memory, there was a small pond near his home. He knew that it most likely was not the best idea to train in an open public area but anyone who didn't like it would have to deal with it and ignore him.

 He began a paced jog on his way back home hardly able to see in the dark of the young night just now coming into existence. But whenever it was dark, it was made much easier of a task to see light. Meaning that since his surroundings were mostly darkened and black, he could see the stars very clearly. He was also able to see some "galaxy dust." He wanted to stay quiet during his jog because there could be light sleepers. He could understand the need and want for sleep as it was something he did often in fact he had just come out of a nap himself. He knew that nobody could be that light a sleeper to wake up hearing the sound of jogging outside their house through the walls but it was still an instinct to him. The only sounds he made was the crunch of dirt and gravel crunching under his shoes as he sped his way towards home. The other sound was his breathing gradually becoming louder and faster as he exhaled more as well. He showed up at the pond not too much later. He approached the pond slow, regaining his breath from just barely stopping the jog. As he got closer to the pond he could see figures around the edges and he was alarmed. He slowed his steps even more not wanting to alert whatever it was. As he inched he way closer he realized and was able to tell that it was only ducks sleeping around the ponds edges. He sighed in relaxation. He wasn't sure what he thought he would have seen but was relieved that it was only ducks.

 Now that Ban was at the ponds bank he tried to be more sneaky and tranquil than during his jog here. He didn't want to wake the ducks for fear of them becoming dismayed and opening their bills to quack their annoying quacks, getting on Bans nerves, and also awaking the villagers of Konoha. Ban looked at the water which appeared black in the darkness of night. It sloshed where land verged with water. It was actually a very calming sound to him. Now he would begin. To start the jutsu off, there were two hand signs Ban hadn't used before. First was the bird hand sign and next came the rat hand sign. Firstly, he raised his right hand, dropping his pinky and ring finger down lower than his index, middle finger, and thumb. Then next, he simply grasped the raised fingers with his left hand. Now for the bird hand sign. First, he raised both hand flat in front of him, palms facing away from his chest, and dropped both ring fingers. He then touched his pinky fingers together and put on ring finger in front of the other. Finally, he touched his middle and then finger together and tucked his thumbs under. Before he underwent the jutsu, he told himself for everytime he didn't put the jutsu into motion perfectly he'd do 10 push ups. He would make himself more efficient with jutsu training and learning if he punished himself for not perfectly getting a jutsu down on an attempt. Now that he had completed the handsigns, he moved his arm up in a raising motion to get the needles to rise from the water. Ban had to squint to see if there was anything elevating from the surface of the pond. He could see something which he thought was a needle. He threw his arm forward in a throwing motion to test it out. He wasn't completely informed on what the effect was, but he had heard a whistling sound and then a thud. He guess was there was a needle and it had pierced something unknown. Ban decided he should target a tree the next time to prevent any damage being done to houses mostly regarding his own. There was a tree only 2 meters to his left which he could use. 

 Ban didn't know if he should mark one needle as a failure, on the other hand, a perfect performance would have been multiple needles breaching the waters surface under his command, so he might as well. He dropped to the ground in a push up stance and went down till his nose touched the blades of grass beneath him. Ban repeated the action 9 more times counting 10 push ups total. Again, Ban went through the two handsigns accompanying the water needles jutsu and he focused on getting razor sharp needles to raise out of the water. He looked and was able to see this time three water needles. He slowly brought them over to himself, not wanting to be impaled by his own jutsu. He got a better look at the levitating weapons formed of water. This jutsu was interesting indeed. Thoughts of battle scenarios using the water needles jutsu commenced inside of Bans head. He imagined he could combine this jutsu with the hidden mist jutsu. Created layers of mist or fog looking like a cloud, he would surround him and his opponent. He looked through and quickly executed the rat hand sign and then the bird. He raised water needles from the water and sent them speeding towards his foe. They were quickly pierced and impaled with the needles. The enemy fell to their knees and hollered due to the new pain inflicted by the jutsu. Five needles total made an impact on them. Two of them were used for each bicep on their arms disallowing them to move their arms without feeling pain. Two more have been shot at each calf on their legs also making it so they couldn't stand without pain. The final one had struck them in their right side ear completely sailing through and making a hole. It could be said that Ban won this imaginary match.

 He had finished the opponent in the fantasy battle. He often had these to imagine what it would be like to use the jutsu and also just how exactly he would use it. Ban almost had forgotten there were three water needles floating in front of him waiting for command. He flinched wanting to hurry and make a move with them before they reached their deadline and expired into plain old water. Rapidly he lifted up his left arm commanding the needles to go higher into the air. He wanted them to come down and hit the tree at an angle so they could maybe gain more speed and hit the tree even harder. They rushed at the tree hurriedly obeying their master. On impact with the tree, they splashes outward without making a mark. Ban had taken too long thinking and the needles ran out of chakra to maintain their form. He was disappointed and groaned at his own foolishness. He had made it even worse than failing in his own opinion. In a fight had he waited that long to attack the opponent would have made a move on him before the jutsu had a chance to lose its form due to time. He made another goal for himself, that from after the moment he finished learning this jutsu, he would move in his training how he would move in a fight. That way he would have muscle memory set to that and the moves would be natural and and a go to thing for him. Yes he liked that idea a bit.

 Instead of a normal 10 push ups for making an ignorant mistake on his jutsu he made up his mind that he would do 10 vertical push ups. Push ups standing on his hands only up and down. He did a half cartwheel to get in position and grunted each time he pushed himself back up nose touching the grass each time just as it did before in the normal push ups. He did it 10 times. Next time he made a mistake training his jutsu, he would do five single handed vertical push ups and progressively make his punishments more difficult each time pushing himself. For the final time he formed the rat and bird hand sign. He watched on as the needles once more came up from the water floating over in his direction. There was indeed five this time which Ban was happy to see. Finally he had gotten the jutsu down. He knew this wasn't the maximum amount of needles able to be formed with this jutsu but his chakra levels weren't high enough yet for adding more needles. He triggered their direction of flying by throwing his left arm in the direction of the trees trunk. All five flew towards it but when they hit they didn't do much to it because of how hard the bark was. Ban shrugged and didn't care much because he knew it could do worse to a human. Also he decided he needed proper rest so in the middle of the night he went to his house got into bed and fell asleep.
Ban Senju
Ban Senju
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Some jutsu training [Private] Empty Re: Some jutsu training [Private]

Fri Jul 14, 2017 6:45 pm
Ban shuffled back and forth in his bed. Last night he had no dreams so his sleep was top tier sleep. Finally he had gotten some real rest. He rolled back to the left side of his bed, and slowly he dropped off onto the ground. As soon as his body touch to floor, his eyelids flashed open and he said "huh?!" Soon he realized what had happened, and he picked himself up from the floor. Today was it! Today was the day he learned the third of his three offensive jutsu he planned out. He got down the first two but this one was completely different. It wasn't as basic as chakra or chakra infused elements flying at a target. 

 He went to his closet and looked for something to wear. He saw his sleeveless, zipperless, buttonless, jacket. In essence, it was just a piece of cloth shaped the way a jacket would be. He toof his current shirt off his body and then took the "jacket" off the hanger and put his arms through. He found plain jeans to wear along with the white jacket. He speed walked to his door, itching to get out and train his last jutsu. He twisted his doorknob, pulled it towards himself, and stepped outside. He switched his hand to the opposite side of the doorknob and pulled it shut. 

 It was a bright day outside. The sky was spotted with lumpy cumulus clouds, but none managed to cover up the gleaming sun. The sky was a light baby blue color and there was no type of wind today. He glanced over to the pond he trained at last night and the ducks could be seen walking in lines around the edges of the pond looking for food. Or they were in the pond heads under water searching for fish to eat. He also paid attention to the dew on the grass blades. That would've been a nice thing to have at the training grounds last night. He could've manifested the water needles jutsu from the dew. Didn't matter now it was too late he already learned it. Nonetheless Ban also needed a water source for the next jutsu as well. However dew wouldn't be enough for this jutsu and he didn't want to train at the pond in wide open daylight. He supposed it was time he went to the forest again. He frequently found himself in the forest not just because he was of the Senju clan. He liked it there, it was a calming place away from any daily worries and he could truly focus on training in there. 

 Ban began making his way on a jog back to the forest again. He passed parents outside of their houses playing with their children. He looked and smiled even though normally he wasn't a fan of kids. Some parents looked up at him and waved, happy as can be. Ban smiled back at them and waved back too. His mind jumped into the idea of having his own family like that at one point. At his age now, he was too young, only 16 years of age. He shook the thought off, that was something to worry about later. He didn't need to be focused on that now. What he would focus on now though was trying to learn his moukton release. He knew that he needed the earth element doton and he would have to find himself someone to teach it to him or else he would need to learn it himself and that would be much more difficult than having a mentor. Ban stopped thinking about all of that, because he has reached the edge of the forest. He proceeded to walk until he got to the stream he had previously seen often. He listened to the rush of it once more. It was a soothing sound to say the least. Before he would begin to train today, he made a resolve to meditate so he was at peace when he started training. 

 He sat down next to the stream and crossed his legs then placed his hands on his knees. Slowly he shut his eyelids. Ban cleared his mind from everything he had been thinking. He only kept his mind on the sounds of the forest he resides in at the time. He listened to each sound seperately and thought about that only. First he thought about the water and its uses. Water was the foundation of all life. Life needed water. It sustains the major organs of any organisms body. It is used to quench the thirst of all creatures. Also it was used to be bathed in and clean ones self. Next was the soil. Soil was also a necessity in this world. Soil was what crops grew from and crops were used for medical purposes and as food too. Soil also grew trees which were cut down and used for houses and many other important things. His third thought was the clouds. Clouds were also very important to life. When the world baked under the suns unfaltering heat, rain fall wet the earth and gave crops a drink. Ban decided that was enough meditation. He thanked the basic elements for their usefulness and felt a sort of providence. He stood and wiped the dirt from his legs.

 The jutsu he would be training for today, was called the water clone jutsu. This jutsu excited Ban the most because there was so much he could do with a jutsu like this. It had many uses combat or not. It was only able to have 1/10 of Bans total strength and power but that was fine with him he didn't mind at all. He was just intrigued at the fact he could create a solid clone, or even two of he wanted, to do his bidding. He knew that the jutsu would be probably the most difficult jutsu he'd trained for yet. It would also be about the best jutsu he has trained for. The only required hand sign for the jutsu was the tiger hand sign and Ban already knew how to do that. He interlaced his left and right pink and middle finger and left the other fingers standing with his thumbs pressed on his index fingers. Ban tried the jutsu for the first time. He only wanted one clone for the first try. The stream carried on to churn and sputter rapidly. He observed as the stream rose up past its banks but didn't crash down. It continued to build up until there was a figure about Bans size. The figure stepped out of the stream and immediately took on Bans appearance. The real Ban was surprised at how exact the resemblance was. He decided to try talking to the other Ban for a minute. 

 "Yo I'm Ban the original. What should I call you though? We can't both be the same me right?" The water clone Ban said "Hmmmm well I guess we should just call me Clone Ban or Ban Number 2 right? I like Clone Ban better than Ban Number 2." The real Ban said to him "So what's it like to be made out of water? Is it the same as being a normal human?" "Well I'm not sure what being a normal human is like but it's not too different." "Oh okay I see. Anyways let's get to training Clone Ban." The real Ban started to think what he'd be able to do with this clone. He really didn't have any ideas besides making the clone use the same jutsu as Ban and hit the opponent with twice the jutsu. However he knew he wasn't advanced enough with his newly learned jutsu OR this jutsu he was training with now. But later on that would be an interesting thing to do. He was excited for that point in time. Ban found the water clone jutsu quite fascinating and wanted to become stronger quickly so he was able to learn the wooden clone jutsu of his Senju clan. There were so many fascinating jutsu he hadn't yet learned and he wanted to acquire them all. For now he would just see what the clone was able to do. Ban asked the clone to sprint at full speed, and it was true. Well almost true. The clone had half of Bans stats but was 1/10 his power. It didn't make sense to Ban but the clone was running at only half of the real Bans speed. Which wasn't very impressive frankly. 

 Ban wanted to try out the feature of having two clones at once. He would make sure they didn't stray 20 meters away from him otherwise they turn into normal water and splash onto the ground making a puddle. He formed the tiger hand sign interlacing left and right pink and ring finger again. Middle finger and index fingers raised and thumbs pressed against them. He observed again the astonishing sight of a water clone being born from the stream. It was almost like watching a fish break the surface of the water. The water formed almost a bubble until finally it broke through. The difference was instead of breaking through, that was when it became Bans look alike. He wanted to make his clones have a soft spar, not killing each other but simply testing their own abilities. The second clone stepped out of the stream completely dry as the first one did and Ban asked it "Now what should I call you?" The clone answered him "Second Clone Ban is fine with me I suppose." The first clone had a personality most like Ban. This one seemed to be maybe a little more sophisticated. "Okay listen up you two! I want you to have a spar battle to decide which one of you is the best water clone of me! The winner will get to be summoned first whenever I use the jutsu so that you can always be included." Both of the clones seemed to like the idea of finding out who was the best.

 To begin, the clones stood 1 meter away from one another. The original Ban started to speak. "Ok Clone Ban number 1 take your jacket off and give it to me so I know it's you. The clone took his jacket off and tossed it to the original. The real Ban stood in between them and said "3.. 2.. 1.. Go!" He jumped and ran about 5 meters away to stay out of their way and the fight. Quickly as they could, the clones began their fight. Ban didn't keep track of it all, but he saw punches being throws, kicks being kicked. At some points one clone would be pinned by the other, but then they'd roll and the positions were reversed. It was clearly an equal match entirely. "Alright you two stop fighting now! Since you guys have equal power I'll just summon both of you 50% of the time. So both of you will come with me when I need you half of the time. Ban Clone Number 1 will be first since he was the one I first summoned but don't worry Second Ban Clone you'll get your chance. And who knows maybe if one of you performs better, I'll summon you more often. I don't know but we'll see what happens right?" Ban released both of his clones and they hit the ground with a splash, hydrating the grass most likely. Ban was happy he finally finished learning these three jutsu. He was tired now even though he has just woken up. He was hungry too. Maybe he would go into the village and get some ramen or something like that. He knew though that he would be right back at training soon. He needed to get stronger as soon as he could. For now he would head back and take a nice break from jutsu training.

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Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:51 pm
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Some jutsu training [Private] Empty Re: Some jutsu training [Private]

Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:51 pm
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