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Wed Jul 05, 2017 2:22 am
The day was ready to get started with the sunlight shining brightly across the face of Puma He realized until that moment it was the time throughout the year where academy students graduate. He endured up from his reckless dream hurrying into the bathroom, making sure what every Shinobi does and leaves. He had on his ninja outfit and top of that an immense gloomy jacket and dark shorts. The shoes he had on was a sandal brown type it fitted perfect for him. His shiny bald head was on fire, in an instance; he exited the house heading across the training field to start his day.          

Before he departed from the house, he said something which he really wanted to say to his parents. "The day has finally come my father, Mother; I have been waiting for this day to come ready to start my journey. I wish to become a stronger Shinobi and protect those who I love my precious Father, Mother."They both replied in much the same way. "We love you, son we always will, and we believe in you."He exited the household with a smile to his parent's operative in the training area to start his training without no reluctance. Once he made it at his destination, he shook off his immense black jacket and began to meditate.

After completing his meditates the young Shinobi straight got into working the clone technique, it was known to be a hard technique to learn as all academy students must know this magnificent proficiency in order to become an efficient genin. He held his stance spreading both of his legs five metres away from each other as he took an immense deep breath, and then he let it go. He then did the following hand signs Ram, Snake, Tiger and shouted out Bunshin no Jutsu. It turned out to be it wasn't any success.  He mumbled beneath his breath slightly disappointed about it, but he had faith and kept going.

Young man Puma kept going to let his chakra be in control its blue superb aura around the body focusing on the clone technique. Puma, nervous and sweating suddenly losing hope what else could it take to be? No, he kept going and going until he became positive that it would ultimately work. He would practice it again Ram, Snake, Tiger the identical hand signs and then let the words of his mouth slip causing him to say Bunshin no Jutsu. It seemed it came interchangeable features, body, head and all the looks of Puma.

Did it operate or is it all a dream? All you hear was a flashy poof he realised that he was there and getting near the point to capture this Technique. That's it, one more time, and it could eventually be there so he led his last chance letting his chakra to be in good flow doing the hand signs Ram  Snake Tiger immediately spitting out the Bunshin no Jutsu. And then it appeared.... The exact copy of Puma the body, face, eyes, skin, and all the body functions. It brought off to stay for quite for a while he has actually done it was such a heavy tactile sensation for Puma. He was pleased to have done this Jutsu, but he had one more to go, and it was the transformation. He spoke to himself out loud. "Mother, Father, what else can I say I am taking a step closer to being a real Shinobi."So proud he sat down, meditate for a while resting on his mind and waited patiently to begin his next Jutsu

After meditation young Puma went to expect out for something to act into later, he found a successful bush. He turned to the bush doing the condemnation hand's signs Dog  Boar  Ram White. Within proceedings,  a brassy heavy, fashioning haphazardness come out, the livid screen land cloud taking the area as it then disappears. He realised he hurried the whole thing his chakra was reestablished by assimilating a simple resting. He concentrated his chakra scarcely tensing his muscles, and he nervously started to sweat at.

His legs began to rock as he did it waving his hand sign's Dog, Boar  Ram and along with that he said. Change no Jutsu. The same bush appeared, only this time it didn't work so he tried it multiple times never to give up. "This is annoying." He mumbled beneath his breath. It was the most common techniques to learn, but still one of the most confusing ones to learn as  academy students... "Ah, this is annoying."He went to a close mouthed tree, beaming a fast-flying kick and thought to himself. I shall not give up. I shall continue and fight at the end.

Then, he sat in his meditation position to be tranquil himself down and loosens up his mind. He was eager to learn, but he had to let his mind, slack while closing his eyes. He unfolded it with a representative of flash, seconds after he stood quickly focusing all his chakra while he would get both his hands and attach them together."I SHALL SUCCEED."

The word of Puma was intense taking a huge, immense deep breath. He afterwards would permit it to go, making the following hand signs Dog, Boar Ram and after that saying hence no Jutsu. All you see was Puma turning himself into the bush it becoming a way to be the same way, and it didn't disappear, which made Puma happy. He expressed joy and started to jump up and down.

"Mother, Father, what can I say at first I thought I couldn't do anything but realizing what I am, I can do better and I hope I do get accepted, and if I don't I'll continue to practice and practice until I sweat with pain. I love you both for everything for what you have done for me what else can I say?" he left the training field in order to celebrate his jutsu he just learned.
Word Count   (1016/1000

Clone Technique +Transformation Technique
+5 SP

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Training (P)  Empty Re: Training (P)

Thu Jul 06, 2017 3:52 am

Training (P)  Empty Re: Training (P)

Fri Jul 07, 2017 6:16 am
The day was splendid, Puma was set up to proceed with his readiness. He went to the nearest library to take in a little information about any Jutsu that is inside extent of his rank. to So he did. Time went as he found new this Jutsu. It looked kind of hard jutsu yet it has said a larger piece of the genins know this jutsu and it's a choice if they have to.

 Puma should have been right sure if this was the privilege jutsu so he went to the aide and asked her a question. He looked for the whole library until he found a book which seemed to put some interest in him. “ I might need to know whether this the privilege jutsu am I getting some answers concerning and let me know in your own particular words in what capacity may this work.” The kind lady snickered for a case and said. “ Charitable without question.

 Well.” She got the book from Puma with furious drive and opened it. “ Tree Climbing Practice is an arrangement system used to gain aptitudes with chakra control.” She gave the book back to him and retreated to her place. “ That is all that I could express the rest is up to you.” So he sat down and decided to examine the book. It was a book stacked with joy which had numerous parts in it. It even talked about the jutsu Puma would learn. What else would it have the capacity to be? A smile stumbled over the substance of Puma nothing else was typical from the shinobi. 

In his existence, tree climbing or surface walking didn't much inconvenience him that all he knew it would finish it there's nothing more to it. So the day came finally he stood and did 20 press-ups. “ I ought to be a champion, I don't recognize obliteration.” was his words that turned out he finally grasped it.Girls Colleagues. Partners. Does he require those or does it attempt to get more grounded and shield his town from harm? So he went to the planning field to start. It was an unbelievable atmosphere, hot day however the atmosphere didn't inconvenience him this jutsu did. 

So he pulled out his Kunai and swung it with a snappy turn going for the tree. It had a stream spilling with water. It viable landed mid-way. " That is the place i ought to accomplish." He said in a tranquil voice. So he surged with a tremendous speed scrambling toward the tree focusing and coordinating his chakra. He rushed toward the tree and made sense of how to beat it . 2ft was the most extreme he could go and as well he endeavored yet again, however this time he would fall and hurt himself a bit. Puma endeavored again and continuously fell hurting himself more. He had enough and endeavored it last time directing himself at the most astounding purpose of the tree. He made sense of how to make it another 2ft more yet in the meantime required in it. Puma hadn't surrendered as he would endeavor yet again. “ I ought not to surrender.”

The day wanted the Uchiha as he prepared himself to take in this radiant Jutsu. It was the substitution Jutsu and E-Rank Jutsu. So we woke up from his staggering dream and went to the can and did his everyday things. In the wake of, surging first floor and in the long run getting a bowl and eating a huge super. It was tasty. Nothing far more noteworthy than this wonderful sustenance. What else does he require? Nothing . The shinobi hurried down the stairs to wear his typical ninja clothing types. His dull dark vest with shorts.the climate was sunny sparkling over the substance of Puma. so sunny he wore glasses to shield his eyes from the sun. It appears it was a day for him to be set up for. So off he went out and made a beeline for the library. 

He made a beeline for the library to find out about this Jutsu. He asked the woman at the counter. " Hi, blunder do you any books upon where I can read about the Jutsu named substitution method?' he asked her graciously. The woman answered. " well I could disclose this Jutsu to you." she stopped." this Jutsu is really basic and requires a touch of core interest. The thing you got the opportunity to do is supplant yourself with a log. It proves to be useful when you are confronting solid foes." she halted and come back to her work area. ZUmi would state" much obliged, highly refreshing mama I am thankful for this. " he would then leave and go to the field before he did he sat down at the library and read the book. 

It had incredible data which gives him such a large number of answers to his inquiry. A book where the genin adapts all the essential Jutsu. Since he adopted as of now 3 he required one more to go. This was his possibility. Along these lines, he took the data and begun to create it. He cleared out the library with a grin. Panther at that point made a beeline for the preparation field to begin. 

So he took off to the field and begun to peruse for it was starting. Handsigns were required so he began it Tiger → Boar → Ox → Dog → Snake poof everything you could see was the Academy understudy falling flat his substitution strategy. He murmured for reasons unknown he got a fake form of him. So he attempted over and over. Despite everything, it was a total come up short. What else might he be able to do? So he attempted it again and he could see was the log begun to skewer. The satisfaction began to develop and a couple more circumstances it would change his state of mind One additional time Tiger → Boar → Ox → Dog → Snake he did these hand signs. Poof the log showed up his face changed to bliss. He was happy and upbeat. He cleared out the preparation field, to begin with his genin exam as he was set up for it.
1054/1000 Word Count.
Tree Climbing/Surface Technique
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Fri Jul 07, 2017 6:21 am

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