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Haruki Akari
Haruki Akari
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Building Village Trust [Mission] Empty Building Village Trust [Mission]

Sun Jun 25, 2017 9:21 pm
If he wanted the good side of Hoshi, he was going to have to earn it. Fortunately, his abilities as a Genin was more than enough to handle the missions that they provided, they were nothing different from the ones in the sand. For one thing, fire was common due to the immense amount of heat located within the region. Thanks to this, he was forced to handle fires all of the time with a little cinnamon broom while Aunt Nea splashed some well water on it from her rusty pail. Those were unfortunately common days, it was at least nothing that ended up being a huge deal though.
There was a fire going on, and he was going to have to deal with it if he wanted to make a name for himself. Did he want to be known as a bystander to the incident? Or the one who was able to assist the ones in danger. The mission warned that the mission should be taken with a team, or recommended that at least. Haruki however was lacking such a thing, so he was going to have to make his own team. Two shadow clones should suffice for him, so that he could cover more ground as if he were three people in one. That was the advantage of having it, there was no way he could be a loner anymore.
So with that plan in mind, he was now prepared to take on the incoming mission. Though just to make sure he was truly prepared, he would do his equipment check. Rollerblades, sword, and items. Yup, they were placed in a soft cloth white knapsack on his back. Perfect, now he was ready to take on the fire. If he needed anything though, he needed some water. There was bound to be someone who needed it when they got out of there. There were people trapped in the fire and all. Next, he needed to remember his training for the Medical Ninjutsu. If they were knocked out, he was going to have to do some CPR on them. The brunette Akari was glad to find out in his studies that there did not have to be any lip contact between him and the body. It sounded equivalent to kissing a corpse. All he needed to do was keep the heart pumping with compressions on the chest. Not too hard though, as that might end up breaking the poor victim’s chest in the process, backfiring on the goal. It was a risk, but someone had to do it. Plus, a non medical Genin being able to heal people back from their knocked down state would give him a lot of credit.
The water, if he remembered correctly, could be found in any shop. So he would quickly dash through the shops as fast as he could with his blades kicking against the concrete ground. It was very unusual for him, as he did not hear the usual crunch of the sand below him that he was used to. Perhaps he was going to have to adapt to that sometime before he did something like this. But the more he thought about it, he would remember that there was no way that he would just end up getting used to that sort of thing. When he was able to fight with them on sand, he was only doing it to adapt. In every single fight out there, was he going to be fighting battles on nothing familiar. Could he complain if he did not like the terrain? That would result in him having his head pierced in with a spear if he did such a reckless thing.
Such a thought ended up pushing him forward with more speed, his muscles braced roughly as he would continue to make his travel through the sand. Haruki continued to dash through the village before eventually smelling a bit of smoke. The location, it seems like he was not going to be getting any water anytime soon. If they were already burning alive, they were going to need help. His eyes instantly flashed from brunette to golden, his bloodline being shown. Now was his time to find his way to the shop. Seeing as his eyes were able to see through a mass amount of matter without so much light needed, he would locate the shop and took a sharp U Turn to prevent himself from getting further away from it. Looks like it was the opposite direction of where he was going, which would only hinder progress if not already ruin the mission. His hands were placed in his pockets so that he had some more balance, though he was placing speed a little bit lower thanks to it. But the worst speed would be obtained if he crashed into someone in the progress, so losing a small amount of it was just an investment to save himself time.
With his eyes locked onto the smoke above the shop, he would make a dash to the left side to cut the unneeded corner. It would result in him looking towards the side with a smile on his lips, seeing that there were still screams. They were alive, though there was a huge crowd around it. There did not seem to be any guards or ninja willing to help out. Shoot, the crowd was not going to make it easy for him to get into the burning shop. He needed to think quickly… And then it came. He would place his fingers together in order to make the shadow clone handsign, resulting in two more versions of him being made at that time. Perfect, now he was able to use this to his advantage. The first shadow clone would take a few steps further than the other two, the second one following up close to it. When they got there, the first clone jumped upwards. The second shadow clone would hop up as well onto the first ones head, gaining a bit more ground. Haruki would finally be the one to jump onto the first and second ones heads, evaluating at a high level.
Unfortunately, his plan did not quite go as planned. Thanks to his speed when he jumped, he went up a little bit too high. This meant that he would not end up crashing through the doors of the two story shop, but would instead end up with his body crashing on the rooftop of the shop. Shoot… Not quite what he needed. The people would watch him and the clones as they would then begin to scatter through the scene. Haruki at the top was the real one, the people down below were just trying to hold back the shadow clones from their job. And unfortunately for the Akari, he had yet to learn of a way to bring them out of existence. So now he was going to have to do this one… With Lightning clones. Those were not the best ones for this mission. If they end up in contact with the fire, they would end up exploding. If they are near the people in the fire, they will end up paralyzed if not killed by the amount of power the clones had. That would be an unfortunate headline for him to report with. “Yeah, I killed these shopkeepers with a technique. I used a lightning technique, and that murdered the people I was trying to save. Oh, by the way, I come from Suna.”
Suicide. Now that he thought about it, his whole life was being put on the line now thanks to the amount of people who witnessed him doing this. Sure, he was a child, but he was inside of the building and had the chance to save the people. If he messed up, it was not some accident that could be looked over. With this nasty thought in mind, he would gulp with a little bit of fear. Failure was not an option here, not if he wanted to have a place in Hoshi for himself. And to be put out into the streets again, there was no way he was going to end up alive.
Haruki was not going to fail this, he was going to prevent that if there was anything he could do. The Lightning Clones were smart, they knew better because they were him. He was willing to place his faith in them and hope that they get the job done. If not for that, it would be perfect for him thanks to the fact that there were 3 of them instead of there being two shadow clones. So he would summon them out by his side, three more Haruki beings being right by his side. The original would step up forward and order them the best they could understand his words. They would regardless, since they were born from his memory and chakra, but he was going to make himself extra clear to make sure that nothing went under the radar. At this point in time, there was no need to be risking anything if his life was on the line. The constant fight to make sure he was alive and that he would be accepted was going on for far too long, he was going to make it into the village if it was the last thing he did, damn it.
“Gentlemen, we are going to have to save a few people in the fire! Look for the customers and the owner of the shop! Most of them must have evacuated by now, so there should not be too many left!” Haruki glared the best glare he could with his golden eyes. Considering his usual nature and the fact that he was just a mere kid, the glare got him little to no distance in how effective it could have been. Would have been nice to obtain some reaction, but he was going to have to continue anyways. The clones seemed to be listening, and that was all that mattered currently. “And that is not all! Once we have the people out of the shop, we are going to have to stop the fire! In order to do this, we are going to have to use fire ourselves! I’m sure you all have heard ‘fight fire with fire’. Do you know why it is called that?”
They nodded their heads, as they were him. Good. Haruki remembered in his studies of the Hikariton that fire was very strong, but it had a weakness. Itself. The reason why water was effective against it was because water had a lot of oxygen. Too much, causing the balance of fire to die out. However, fire also had oxygen. Too much of itself would cause itself to burn itself out. This was only for the big fires though. If they were able to cancel out the big fires, they can use their techniques to stomp down the small fire, manipulate it perhaps and force it to merge with an attack before launching that attack up into the sky or something with a similar result.
“If you want my suggestion, I want one of you to already be outside! The other two need to mark seals on the targets! Then we would be able to summon them out of the building, which makes life easier.” Haruki explained, placing the balled up right fist of his hand into the open hand of his inner left hand. This would result in him setting the tasks, and so they would begin to move out through the building. They were going to have to cause a little bit of property damage through the roof, but the fire was going to do much worse if they did nothing at all. So they would take a huge leap before stomping down onto the roof, causing a small hole through the roof as they crashed onto the burning floor of the second floor. And so the hunt was beginning.
They all split up. They needed to hunt down the people within the shop. The real Haruki was going to scan up on the second floor. Two of the clones would move down the burning stairs as quickly as they could, not being so affected as they too had fire chakra within them as well as lightning. Considering it was Haruki they were talking about, such a thing was possible for them. There was one clone that stayed up as well, though that was not needed. People who tried to rujn on the fire must have at least been on the first floor in their attempt to run before finding themselves trapped in the fire. With that said, he was checking because there was a chance someone was indeed up here. Still however, the added clone that was up there was perhaps not needed. Regardless, that was going to have to happen.
So the two of them would hunt, splitting up when they ended up meeting a fork. All of the burning property, the ashes made the items rather hard to pick out from the rest of the store. It was unfortunate that the owner had to watch everything that they love end up in nothing but ruins. Seems like that was the case as well, as he then heard a few bitter tears being shed from the east. As he would make his way there, a sudden spark was triggered and sparked a wall of fire in front of him. Clenching his teeth, he jumped through the fire, taking a few burns in the process before fore then reaching an office. Or the remains of an office perhaps, though there were too many burned things to consider them anything formal anymore. Within it however was a man, a slender man with a formal attire on his being, though dirtied up from the ashes. His back was turned to the window outside, as he huddled against the wall. He built a smaller wall for the flames to consumer as he would bat the fire with a small piece of cloth. It looked like some clothing if Haruki had to take a guess… But little did the man know he was feeding the fire. It was gaining ground as it fought back. Stalling for seconds, this man was both brilliant and a bit slow at the same time. Regardless, the Akari was here to save the day. Haruki would move to the wall through the flames again, this time coughing a bit as he inhaled a bit of the smoke too much. With that done, he would pick up the man. “No time for questions, sir! We are getting you out of here!”
And out he would go as he would move from the insides of the flames to the outsides, perhaps burning them both a little bit. Haruki felt the drain of the flames tax on him, as this was the third time he just exposed his body to natural fire the way he did. At this rate, he might collapse. Brilliant, but he could make it out alive if he were quick. And if he found someone on the second floor like he did, he probably could look to his clones and find out that they cleared the scene already. So he was going to have to make his way out of there. The firewall was still a thing, so he would rather not deal with that again. Instead, he would end up looking up, then jumping up the best he could with the man in his arms. When he reached the ceiling, he used all his strength to try to get the ceiling to break. However, he was wearing rollerblades. The wheels would just end up sliding on the ceiling with nothing too cause damage to it. Not even the impact itself caused a small dent to it. Doing a backflip to recover, he would land on his feet once again. His teeth clicked, thinking that he would have been able to make that his escape. Still, there was one more way to avoid the wall of fire. The window. So he was going to have to risk a bit more pain, but that was fine. He could patch himself up with the basic medical ninjutsu. Burn wounds were not something he could play risk with in that aspect. Cuts are no big deal though, especially with adrenaline running through his veins. Considering the fact that he was able to take hits way worse than that, he would end up inflicting a lot more damage to the window that he needed. It did not seem to be temper or fiber glass… Which made the security suck a little bit. But that was none of his business now. Haruki made it through the window with a smile on his face, his right arm having a few cuts on it. Landing was going to be a bit rough, but they were going to make it out alive! He continued to push forward in the air to get the best of the results, going with the momentum instead of fighting it. No other shops seemed to be in the way, so he did not have to worry about crashing in the future. A successful result would be the case as he landed, sliding a bit due to the speed he jumped at, but he had enough strength to prevent himself from going too far. Now they would be able handle the fire that was there. The lightning clones were on the outside, bringing out a few people in the process. They all seemed to be in decent condition based on what his eyes were able to see. Their task was done… For now. But they were going to have to help him out with the final part of the mission. Taking out the fire, making sure that it did not end up spreading anywhere else. Saving lives was pointless if more were going to end up dying.
Time to handle the fire! Haruki was going to have to go back in, the cuts he had were going to have to work themselves out later. The fire was not going anywhere. As the shop was brightening, he could tell that there was perhaps something that would make it explode, which would result in the task being a failure. With that being said, he would place out his palms as he would focus his fire chakra to them. They were going to have to cancel out the flames without triggering anything that could explode. It was a coin toss for odds, but he was going to have to ride on it as he lacked any fire. So he would move back onto the scene with his rollerblades slamming against the ground to make sure that he could dash through the crowd once again. This time, they were move out of the way instead of try to stop him, making his life far easier. With a smile on his lips from the support he was getting from the people he was supporting, he would end up shooting a massive fireball into the building. It would cause a huge mass of fire to cancel out since the chakra and the oxygen was designed to go against all other forces. The brightness of the building was already beginning to decrease heavily thanks to the many flames being put out. The more progress and footing he obtained from this, the further he would be able to finish off the smaller flames. Another fireball had been launched, though nothing as big. The major flames had been put out thanks to this. Summoning his shadow clones again, he would have them scan the top floors while he would take care of the flames at the bottom. They were nothing too major now, as they lacked any fuel. There was little to no oxygen in the air at the moment, so the small flames would be left alone. They were going to burn themselves out anyways, so there was no need to waste any more chakra. The flames were all dying out, though leaving a bunch of ashes behind them in the progress. It was mostly a success, but he was unable to prevent the flames from spreading in the shop, so that was something that had to be considered from the Genin. His task had been finished when the shadow clones would storm back down the stairs to tell him that everything was fine. The mission was complete and he would be able to tell the authorities of what he had done. His body being covered in cuts and burns, they were likely to believe his story. If that did not work, he would be able to get a witness from the crowd to testify on his behalf. Regardless, he was able to prove that he was a useful asset to the village.
They were going to end this off with a soft exit out from the shop. In doing this, they would end up meeting with the people. As they noticed that there was no more fire, they would all begin to huddle around him and the clones. They seemed to like the help… Or perhaps they were not supporting him and the clones due to the fact that at the end of the day, there was only loss. The loss of a building that might have meant something to them. Nothing was gained this day, and that made sense to them not feeling so happy. Haruki knew what they were going through, but they were going through a small version of what he was going through.
So they were going to have to do that, and Haruki was going to go to the authorities to report of the end of the mission. The report was actually going to be a success, which was nice for his record. Saving some people and risking his health to make sure that they were safe, that was already a check. Sweet. With that done, he would make his way over to the guards and report of what he had done. The scars and burns seemed to be enough to get his way, and he would obtain the reward. Ryo, as if he did not already have enough. What he cared about though was reputation, and being able to say “Haruki Akari” was more than enough of a reward for him. The next time people think of that name, they will think of that one boy who decided to save some people and their shop from a fire. It was going to be a bliss headline for him to read one day. But for now, he was going to have to relax. An inn would be nice for him to stay in for the night, they were nice and had some decent food. Plus, he was a kid with ryo, they were going to treat him real well to make sure they got the best service from his wallet. On the plus side, he was going to have a lot to talk about when he made new friends in the village… The things he did and the culture that he once had with them. It was all going to be so bliss, the thought of it was a beautiful and vivid image for him to create.
All of that out of the way however, he knew that he was going to have to get out of here. Placing a rarer genuine smile on his face, he would proceed to make his way towards the inns as he would leave behind the ashes that the fire had caused. They were going to have to find a way to pay for the damages, but Hoshi seemed to be wealthier in that aspect. They might be able to throw in a bit of interest if they made the place look as nice as they did.

WC: 4,010
Rewards: 5 AP, 2k Ryo, NPC's gratitude!

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Jiro Uchiha
Jiro Uchiha
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Building Village Trust [Mission] Empty Re: Building Village Trust [Mission]

Sun Jun 25, 2017 9:35 pm
You only get 5Ap for the mission. You may not collect additional ap from missions regardless of WC. Please edit and I'll look over it again, then add it into topics needing replies.
Jiro Uchiha
Jiro Uchiha
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Building Village Trust [Mission] Empty Re: Building Village Trust [Mission]

Sun Jun 25, 2017 11:44 pm
Approved, I hope we can get it so that you don't have to do so many hoshi missions.
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