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Space-Time Jutsu! (Complete) Empty Space-Time Jutsu! (Complete)

Sun Jun 04, 2017 2:28 pm
This house is a mess.  A great, big, disgusting mess that Fenrir had made himself.  Not that anything can be done about it at this point, seeing as most of the mess is different parts of wall, roof, floor and furniture that has been tossed around and broken.   This house is a mess because you're a mess. Good to see that he's awake too.  Well, technically him being awake is just an extension of Aslatiel being awake, but that was a psychological technicality that isn't being thought about.   You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. You're getting your footing. At least they're awake now too, that should help out a bit with Mr. Red.  "I'm not being hard on myself, he's being hard on me. Tell him to stop it."  Getting up from his sleeping place in the roof, recently gutted with a hammer so as to fit a human into his nice little hiding hole.  Today he was supposed to be starting his Space-Time training.  From what he knew, he was the only genin in his class to choose Space-Time as their specialty, preferring it's versatility to the destructive potential of Ninjutsu and Taijutsu, and preferring almost everything to Genjutsu.  Before he moved on to the training however, he would need to get himself some breakfast.  This would consist of slightly stale cereal, milk, and some strange orange liquid that tasted vaguely like orange juice, but it was really impossible to tell.  After this, Fenrir would head outside, ready to begin his real training.

On the way to the training grounds, Fenrir would also look around the village.  It seemed so different now, but he couldn't tell what had really changed, the village or himself.  It seemed so much... worse.  When he had arrived here, he was broken, both physically and mentally, and it was the light at the end of his tunnel, his home.  Now, he had seen what was really here, hopeful students, most not even aware that they would almost certainly die in the blood games.  The upper management couldn't even be spoken of, led by the cruel and powerful, with any good that does worm it's way in being quickly eliminated.  As vile as the village seemed to him now, Fenrir couldn't argue against the fact that it was the only place someone like him would be welcome.  With this thought, he smiled a vicious smile, then realized he had finally arrived at his training ground.   Yes, you are just as twisted and vile as this place, embrace it! Do what I've been telling you to for the past 10 years! This guy again. "I can't, I was told I'm not allowed to, and breaking the rules here ends... badly." You need to train now and stop arguing with the man-child. Blue was right, it was time to train, not talk.  Especially not to yourself.  All three of yourself.

Today was all about speed, or more specifically, the increasing of speed through manipulation of the user's time stream.  These were all achieved through the Flicker Movement technique..  This would let him travel, hit, throw, and sign faster, generally boosting his ability to do anything.  The first step was the handsign's, in this case Rat, followed by Boar.  Using this and his chakra, he should be able to increase the progression speed of his own flow of time, moving himself forward in time, while everyone else is left behind.  Quickly performing the hand seals required for the jutsu, Fenrir then threw both hands downward, flexing every muscle in his body as he focused on his chakra and how he was manipulating it.  Currently, he was focusing it all into his body, trying to make it move faster.  This resulted in an incredibly uncomfortable feeling that Fenrir had decided to call, "Over-Combobulation", due to the confusion it caused, along with the tingly feeling in his appendages.  So, he wasn't supposed to focus the chakra into his body, which he already knew, but how did he get it to focus on his time stream without it focusing on his body? Isn't his body the only part of his time stream? I told you about this idiot, even if you were younger, you ought to remember with the repeated beating of the lesson in to you.  "How am I supposed to remember something from 10 damn years ago?"  Even as he said this, Fenrir began to remember the exact lesson in question.  When he was still in capture, the rogue ninja who kept him believed it was "generous" of him to bestow his knowledge upon Fenrir, even as he caused all of his problems.  The lesson he was thinking of, or more, that Mr. Red was referencing, was one on the connection between time and space.  Time was directly connected to all matter, which is held by the space.  Therefore, his specific time stream would be connected to all of the space that he would come to inhabit during it.  To summarize, all he needed to do was focus his chakra into the space he would move into, and the time he would spend in said space.  This would push him through the space faster, causing the appearance of increased speed.  Okay, now that the strangely clear train of thoughts had passed, it was time to put this theory into practice.

Forming the signs once again, Fenrir focused his chakra into his body, along with the space in front of him, trying to compress his time stream to include all of that space within a shorter time.  Using this technique, Fenrir noticed a slight increase in speed, although it wasn't much.  This could easily be remedied through rinse-and-repeat style training, just constantly using the jutsu over and over until he had gotten it just right.  After about 3 more tries of this, Fenrir's mind began to wander, venturing into some very strange territory.  By the time he snapped out of it, he had gotten the jutsu down to muscle memory, and he was thinking about some strange creature, red eyed and growling from inside of a cave.  He didn't know what it was, but he had seen it somewhere before.   Get back to your training, before your train of thoughts is fully derailed. He didn't like to admit it, but Mr. Red was right.  No matter how strange the creature was, he had to continue his training.

The next jutsu on his list wasn't very useful as an offensive technique, but it could be used as a defensive or support technique.  It was called Mass Shift, and was surprisingly enough a D-Rank technique.  Now that he thought about it, he had never seen an E-Rank Space-Time technique.  That was really annoying, no way to build up as a student or anything, all you could do is start  when you hit genin.  Luckily, Fenrir just so happened to be a genin, so he would be able to learn all of these.  Also, with the applications of Space-Time techniques, you couldn't really have an effective one at the power of an E-Rank.  Although these D-Rank ones aren't too great either,  they would just have to do until he hit the next jutsu on the list, but that was for a different time.  For now, he needed to figure this one out. All it did was pull a small object with a miniscule amount of force.  While it probably wouldn't be as complicated as manipulating one's own flow of time, it would still take some training to properly learn.  First of all, he needed a target for the jutsu.  For this purpose, his shoes would be removed and placed ten feet ahead of himself. What the hell are you doing now? By this point, you should be learning to rip trees from the ground with your mind, turn your foes to dust! Not scooting your shoes! It had been a minute since Red had spoken, and Fenrir had almost become relaxed in his training. "Of course you would say that.  Where was the ability to turn enemies to dust when you were beaten by A DAMNED CHILD!?!?!" Upon this outburst, Fenrir would look around to ensure no one had seen or heard what he had done.  He had done well enough to hide his tendency's, but he knw that some had slipped through the cracks.  His classmates knew about the way he was, but only in part.  The establishment of Kirigakure also knew about the way he was, in a much fuller way than his classmates.  Everything that had happened to him had been recorded upon his arrival, and everything since had been recorded by his teacher.  He hadn't had any privacy until he was a genin, and by then it was too late to try to conceal himself.  Noticing once again that his mind had begun to wander, Fenrir snapped himself back to the training at hand.  Focusing on his shoes, Fenrir formed the rat hand seal, and tried to connect his chakra to the left shoe, along with the space to the left of it.  Then, pushing the shoe with chakra while simultaneously pulling with chakra from the space to the left, Fenrir began to  slowly scoot the shoe, noticing a faint yellow outline on the shoe as he did so.  After this, he would move on to the right shoe, once again focusing his chakra into it as he formed the hand sign, and began dragging it, faster than the previous shoe, towards the right.   I'm hungry, can we go get some fish?  Fish sounded nice, but Fenrir recently saw someone almost choke to death training and eating fish at the same time, so he would just go for some rice instead.  Now, patty or bowl?

Returning from his lunch break with two rice patties in hand and two in his stomach, Fenrir was ready to finish his training for the day.  Focusing in on the left shoe once again, Fenrir formed the rat sign, and pulled it over to the right shoe, placing it on top of it's opposite.  Now, focusing on the right shoe, Fenrir repeated the jutsu, and tried to lift it into the air.  The goal was to maintain balance as he moved the shoe, preventing the left shoe from falling off.  While this failed the first few times, he could clearly see that he was making progress.  Eventually, he was even able to get it up to his head height without the shoe falling.  Now that he had gotten all of the basics covered, it was time to see if he could properly use the jutsu.  If he was going to truly test himself, he had to do something that he didn't expect, which as you can imagine, is very difficult for a normal person to do.  Fenrir, however, is anything but normal, and can easily surprise himself.  In this case, it was by knocking himself backwards with a swift punch to the face, bloodying his nose and launching his rice into the air while doing so.  One of these landed came down near enough to his face for him to bite it out of the air.  The other one was caught with the Mass Shift jutsu, which he barely had time to perform as he fell, pulling it into his hand.  As he lay on the ground, all he could hear was the deafening laughter of Mr. Red.   ONE SECOND! ONE SECOND OF INDECISION IS ALL IT TOOK FOR ME TO TAKE OVER! You just remember that next time!  "Yeah, you keep laughing.  You're dead and I just learned two new jutsu."  With a little chuckle of his own, Fenrir began to walk himself home.  The truth was, he liked the feeling of his busted nose.  It reminded him what it feels like to be alive.  Things could really be put into perspective when you have two dead people in your head.  That combined with the fact that he's mentally fucked up, of course.

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Space-Time Jutsu! (Complete) Empty Re: Space-Time Jutsu! (Complete)

Mon Jun 05, 2017 4:42 am
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