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Operation: "Principle" Arriving in Moon Country[P] Empty Operation: "Principle" Arriving in Moon Country[P]

Fri May 12, 2017 10:29 pm
It’s been a long walk and within this time, Shiro and his team have successfully travelled to Tengakure’s ruins. Through the duration of their walking, Atsuko had inquired about the comparison between Shiro’s and Genri’s differing philosophies. This is due to Shiro expressing the concern that he may lose his way because Genri has such a way with words and persuasion. In order to aid him, Atsuko asks Shiro to lay out his beliefs and the beliefs which he knows to be held by Genri. The hope is that she will be able to help him reason a defense of his actions and resist whatever pull he might feel away from his own reasonings. Shiro had relayed his own central wants and philosophies. The following is what was said about Genri.

    Shiro begins. “You already know the events that transpired on the night that Genri fled the village. He murdered two priests, attempted to murder me to get rid of evidence, and he killed the jounin sent to follow him. That’s one attempted murders and three successful ones. One could call him pure evil. However, I know him better. Based upon his actions and what he very well could have done, Genri has heart and reason behind his actions. He failed to kill me despite the severe skill gap between the two of us because he hesitated to dispatch his student. It was not in any way his intention from the start to kill me. In fact, I’m currently under the impression that he wanted to bring me into his fold and protect me from the outside world that was so divided between the works of ninja and the works of religion. His philosophy is simply different from my own, he is not unrelatable.”

    “And that’s all you could gleam from how you knew him?” Atsuko asks, absorbing every one of Shiro’s words.

    “That’s all. Since thinking about him again, I’ve tried to go deeper but my information is limited. I can only partially confirm what is evident by his past actions and most sincere words.”

    “Well that much is a fine start.” She prepares to give her opinion on the matter of Shiro’s philosophy versus Genri’s philosophy. “If Genri’s main intention was to shelter you from the conflict within the village, then the two of you do have your basis in common. Both yourself and Genri center their actions around a particular person.”

    “I noticed that parallel but decided not to dwell on it.” Shiro adds, continuing on to try and bring the focus in a certain direction. “What I feel is more important is what actions branch from that reasoning. As far as I know, what I do has no negative effects on anyone. Genri has ended two lives for a reason that I don’t know, but it was not for me.”

    Atsuko takes a moment to think of an appropriate response. Once she has determined one, she speaks. “I’m not advocating for him… but he could have killed those priests because of their particular messages. Maybe their words would have been exceptionally malicious to you. I’m thinking this way to get you to see Genri more as a person of equal mind to yourself.” She pauses again and quickly conjures a fine example to illustrate the situation. “Would you kill someone for my sake?"

    It takes a moment for Shiro to answer her and he hesitates. “If your life were in danger, yes.”

    “To Genri, your life was in danger not from physical maliciousness but from mental maliciousness. You were a fledgling young mind. Genri probably saw something in you to continue your ninja training. Maybe killing those priests was a way of protecting what he saw to be so precious in you.” Atsuko’s words are well thought out and, as a result of her intelligent reasoning, Shiro comes closer to a cemented belief system. “If you can see Genri’s motivation in this manner, you will not succumb to his persuasion. Simply understand that the two of you have different basic reasons for performing certain actions. Yours is my well being. His own is your well being. And why can’t you follow him? Because your philosophies are not so easily compatible.”

    Shiro processes this information. It makes good sense, there are not holes in this kind of shield. Accepting this remedy, Shiro speaks. “I get that. Thank you, Atsuko.”

    “For your sake.”

(4,589/10,000 towards mission completion)

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Operation: "Principle" Arriving in Moon Country[P] Empty Re: Operation: "Principle" Arriving in Moon Country[P]

Sat May 13, 2017 2:38 am
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