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Kenshin's training in Moon Country (Private) Empty Kenshin's training in Moon Country (Private)

Tue Oct 27, 2015 8:15 am

Kenshin looked over the rolling plains of Moon Country with a small glare, the area was far too open for his tastes, just standing here made him feel exposed and vulnerable, but with the destruction of Tengakure no Sato he felt that the benefits of coming here had far outweighed the risks. Ever since the village had been abandoned the shinobi presence in Moon Country had dropped sharply, and Kenshin had immediately seen how he could benefit from it, with less Shinobi patrolling Moon Country and its borders he knew that it would be a good place for him to train whilst avoiding any unwanted attention. Sure, there were places in the black market that he could go to train, but he didn’t like training around that place, it always felt like he was being watched, and he honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out that he was. But that didn’t mean that he would be safe here, as a missing nin, even an E-rank one, nowhere was truly safe, and doing any serious training out in the open like this would just be asking for trouble. So with that in mind Kenshin decided that it would be a good idea to keep the training to only the most simple of jutsu, at least until he could find a more secluded location where he would be able to train without running the risk of being seen

Kenshin took off his worn old rucksack and placed it on the ground, he then opened it and began digging through the large amount of scrolls and books that he kept stored within, looking for one scroll in particular, a scroll that contained a very basic and yet very useful technique, the Generic Sealing technique. He opened the scroll and began slowly reading over the contents, a small smile spreading across his face as he became engrossed in its contents, he read every word in the description before moving onto the next part of the scroll, a detailed diagram of what the finished piece of Fuinjutsu would look like. Kenshin carefully studied every line of the diagram down to even the smallest of details, being careful to memorize it exactly, as he knew of the danger that came with failing to properly create a Fuinjutsu array. A single incorrect brush stroke could turn even the simplest of Fuinjutsu into something entirely different, at best the jutsu would simply fail to activate, but at worst it could create something that was both dangerous and highly unstable

When Kenshin felt that he had memorized the array perfectly he placed the scroll down on the ground next to his rucksack, before reaching into his rucksack and retrieving a blank slip of paper and an ink brush, both of which he placed on the ground next to the scroll. He had read in the scroll, in some small notes that had been scribbled down by his parent’s, that blood could be used as a substitute for ink in Fuinjutsu, and he held no qualms about bleeding for the sake of gaining power. Kenshin reached into one of the two weapon pouches that he kept strapped to his hip and withdrew a kunai, he brought the kunai over to his left hand and made a small incision on his palm, just large enough to draw a decent amount of blood to pool. Kenshin reached over and grabbed his brush before dabbing it into the small pool of blood that had accumulated on his palm, and with his bloodied brush in hand he began to make small strokes on the slip of paper, making certain that they were identical to the created lines were identical to those of the scroll, and gradually, as Kenshin added more and more brush strokes, the array began taking shape, until it was an exact duplicate of the diagram within the scroll

Kenshin placed his bloodied brush on the grass and began comparing the seal that he had just drawn to the diagram within the scroll. When he was done he had a small smirk on his face, he was unable to see any differences, but that didn't mean that he was done, he had no way of knowing whether or not the technique worked until he used it, so with that thought in mind Kenshin plucked one of the white flowers that seemed to be so common in these plains and placed it on top of his array. He sent a small burst of chakra into the array and watched in fascination as the small white flower was seemingly sucked into the array, right before a cloud of white smoke burst out of the array

Kenshin ignored the smoke and sent another burst of chakra into the array, causing another cloud of white smoke to burst into existence, blocking the array from his view. When the smoke cleared Kenshin smirk, there, sitting atop his array, was the same white flower that he'd just sealed into it. The best part was that the blade looked perfectly fine, it wasn't any worse for wear and there were no pieces missing, and that meant that he had drawn the array perfectly and learnt the Generic Sealing Technique

With that technique learnt Kenshin placed the scroll back into his rucksack and withdrew a completely different scroll, whereas the scroll for the Generic Sealing technique scroll was old but in good condition this one was both old and in very bad condition, it was faded and torn in some places and the edges were frayed, but it wasn’t the scroll that concerned him, what concerned him was the technique within. Kenshin carefully opened the frayed and torn scroll, reading the name of the technique within, the Genjutsu Release technique. He began reading the details of the technique and found that it was quite a simple theory, once the user figured out that they were in a Genjutsu all they had to do was form the tiger seal and make your chakra flow rapidly, and thus break their opponents control over their chakra system, but this can only be done if the users chakra was more powerful than the chakra used for the Genjutsu

With this in mind Kenshin sat on the ground in a meditative position and closed his eyes, he clasped his hands together and formed the tiger seal and began concentrating on feeling the flow of his chakra. After five minutes of meditating Kenshin began to feel something, almost like a calmly flowing river that flowed around his entire body, and with that feeling Kenshin instinctively knew that he was feeling his chakra as it flowed through his chakra pathway system

Kenshin concentrated deeply and began trying to manipulate his chakra as it flowed through his system, trying to get it to flow faster and faster but for some reason it felt like it was being held back by something. But that made no difference, as little by little he could feel his chakra begin to faster and faster, until it was moving around his body like a current, but he knew that he wasn’t done yet. He may have gotten the hang of the technique but he still needed to improve the speed at which he could employ it, because at this rate if he was caught in a Genjutsu he was liable to get his throat slit before he could break it, and that was something that he refused to accept

So for the next hour Kenshin kept increasing and decreasing the speed at which his chakra flowed in an effort to increase the speed at which he could change his chakra flow, and it was working, the more he practised the faster he could manipulate the speed at which his chakra flowed, but he still needed to increase the speed of it further if he wanted it to be useable in battle.


Kenshin opened his eyes with a frown on his face, he wasn’t able to get the speed to increase any further, and it still wasn’t fast enough. With this in mind Kenshin grabbed the scroll and reread the technique, in the hope to find something that he’d overlooked, and he managed to find it, scrawled in small writing down at the bottom was a note that one of his parents had written, apparently chakra could flow in two different directions, left or right, depending on the way that the person hair grows

Kenshin knew that he had been making his chakra flow left this whole time, but he didn’t know whether or not his chakra naturally flowed that way, so he decided to make it flow right just to see what would happen. He formed the tiger Handseal once more and focused on making his chakra flow faster, but this time he made it flow right instead of left, and he could instantly feel the difference in speed, that feeling of being held back was gone and his chakra was flowing at a much faster pace

Kenshin released his Handseal and let out a small breath of relief, glad that he had finally figured out what he had been doing wrong and fixed it, meaning that he was able to use the technique in battle. Kenshin carefully closed the worn old scroll and carefully placed it back into his rucksack before he stood up, releasing a groan at the sudden feeling of stiffness that came over him, but then again he had been sitting in the same position for over an hour so he wasn’t all that surprised by the feeling.

It was at this point that Kenshin decided that it was time for him to move on, so he placed all of his gear back in his rucksack and placed it on his back, before departing from the plains of Moon Country


WC: 1642, claiming 8 stats

579/500 for Generic Sealing Technique, claiming

544/500 for Genjutsu Release, claiming

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Kenshin's training in Moon Country (Private) Empty Re: Kenshin's training in Moon Country (Private)

Tue Oct 27, 2015 8:49 am

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