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Aryll Hyuuga
Aryll Hyuuga
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Gonna Fly Now (P, NK) Empty Gonna Fly Now (P, NK)

Fri Apr 21, 2017 2:01 am
It wasn’t easy, getting to the training grounds alone. Aryll was not used to wheeling herself through the rocks and dirt, the uneven ground along the path that lead to Kirigakure’s training area. Still, she was tired of being idle, and if this was her life, she had to learn to deal with it. As she worked her way up the path, the chair lurching forward against the gravel one push at a time, Aryll grinned, gritting her teeth. Though her arms already ached, she did not complain. It was a good pain.

As she arrived at the training grounds, she was grateful that there were very few people there. Seeing as she had not had much practice getting around without the chair, this was probably for the best. The area was open, full of training dummies, but in the center was what Aryll sought. A pavilion, filled with all manner of weights and equipment was what she was eying. As she pushed her way towards it, she slipped off the sleeves of her jacket, pulling it off so that it draped over the back of the chair.

Her hair was up in a bun, in a look that was most unusual for Aryll, who usually let her silvery locks flow freely. Her outfit was simple, a blue tank top over black and grey sweatpants, some tennis shoes, and a pair of black weight lifting gloves that she’d once borrowed from her brother and had never returned. She stopped for a moment, considering that sentiment. Then her face contorted with something resembling frustration, and she shook her head, and the thought left her mind.

Her chair sat underneath a pull-up bar, and Aryll glanced up, realizing that she was nowhere near tall enough to reach the damned thing. Sighing, she raised one hand, a few threads extending from it, until they grasped the bar, pulling Aryll up to reach it. Her hands clasped the bar, and her small arms strained with effort as she pulled her chin up above the bar.

”One…” She uttered through gritted teeth, lowering herself down from the bar. Though she’d usually been one to hit the gym in the past, she had to admit that she’d been skipping it as of late, even before the accident, which accounted for the trouble she was having with this. Pulling herself up again, her chin rested on the bar for a moment, as if she were pondering something. ”Two…” Aryll said, more determined this time. She lowered herself once more, her feet grazing the chair, which she desperately wanted to kick away. Realizing it’d be better to have something to fall into, she just pulled herself up again, her face less strained as she began to get into a rhythm. ”Three.” Her voice came, much more confident.

”Four… Five… Six…” She continued to count, her voice growing louder with each rep, as if it were making her less tired, somehow. Her form was better now, and she was straining much less now that she’d gotten her groove back.
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Gonna Fly Now (P, NK) Empty Re: Gonna Fly Now (P, NK)

Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:36 pm

The Uchiha slowly opened her eyes as she looked down at the books she was reading and groaned. It wasn’t the a book like the Illiad or the bible which Angel would of loved to be reading, but instead a text book. Not one about anything artistic, but about the basic and borring world of ninjutsu. The young girl didn’t really care that much about chakra, but felt like she probably needed to learn this stuff if she was supposed to live beyond a year now that she was a Kunochi. As such, after spending a lot of time procrastinating last night of reading “The confessions,” Along with jumping around with various parts of the bible. Angel could pull herself away and start to read more about shadow clone jutsu. She groaned as she recalled reading the book last night. It said as follows, “The Shadow Clone jutsu is similar to the basic Clone Technique, this technique creates copies of the user. However, there is a huge difference between these clones and the normal clones. The main big one is that these clones are corporeal and solid instead of misty illusions. When forming a shadow clone, the user's remaining energy is evenly distributed among the clones that were created, giving each clone an equal fraction of the user's overall remaining power. Another big difference between normal clones and these clones is that shadow clones are capable of performing techniques. They are even able to bleed, but this is a rare occurrence since the disperse after hit by a strong enough attack. The clones can also disperse on their own or be dispelled by the user of the technique. Another huge thing of note is that most dojutsu are unable to tell the difference between the clone and the original. Along with that, Shadow clones have the ability to think for oneself and make independent action, while at the same time tell when the original is in pain.

Along that note, another characteristic that is unique to the Shadow Clone Technique is that any experience the shadow clones have during their existence is transferred to the user once they are dispersed. For example, if a user created a clone and sent it out to attend a class for them, then the clone disappeared after the class, the user would gain all the knowledge the clone had received during said class, even if the user themselves wasn’t in said class. This makes the technique ideal for spying, since the user can simply send a clone to spy on a target, then have the clone disperse itself and pass the information back to the user. This makes it harder for the enemy to stop spying, since the clone doesn’t have to survive to get said information. Similar to that, the jutsu can also be used to increase training. For example, if a user made a clone and that clone learned how to use the ‘body flicker’ Technique, then the user would also be able to use said technique.
(The poet heard about this, and it was the main reason why she wanted this technique, she told herself it would make training go a lot faster, but deep inside, Angel knew the real reason she wanted it was so she could work on art, read famous pieces of literature, and train at the same time.) [/i] This technique is a b rank ninjutsu technique, and is of the Yang element, and as such doesn’t require any specific element to use. The technique required it’s own special hand sign to user, which is taking the user’s pointer and middle figure, of both hands and making them form into a cross, this creates the ‘clone seal’ [/i]

Once she was done studying that, Angel would open another book that (Mr. or Mrs. ….. Gender unknown ….. must figure out….) Ren Tsubasa had told her might be a good choice for her. She needed to read the other book first, which was why she had chosen to study more about Shadow clones.

The Shadow shuriken clone jutsu is a technique where the user creates up to a thousand shadow clones from one shuriken, striking down one or multiple enemies. This is a technique that combines ninja tools with the ninjtsu, the shadow clone jutsu. Compared to normal clones, Shadow clones of material objects are said to be far more useful and far more destructive. There is no need for preparations beforehand, like stocking up on shuriken, or kunai, yet since the shadow clones are real and not illusions, all the shuriken are completely lethal and deadly. Because the clones form in just an instant, completely evading them is next to impossible. This technique can also be used on fūma shuriken (The giant shurkens, or also known as ‘demon wind shuriken, wind mail of shadows’, increasing its lethality, or on something as simiple as a rock, throwing it for a nonlethal strike. To use this technique, one must use the following hand signs along with throwing A kunai, Ram → Rat → Bird → Boar → Tiger.

That was one of the things she really enjoyed about the grand academy’s library… the books were so easy to read and let people understand immediately how something worked. It felt so much easier learning it by this method than learning it by any other method.

Back to the present time, Angel slowly raised her body up and looked around, it was about 6 A.M. in the morning. Why was she up so early again? She couldn’t recall, so she went to grab a pillow and put it over her face as she rolled over and tried to go back to sleep, but then remembered what it was she was doing waking up so early.

She was supposed to train today.

Angel didn’t want to, she didn’t like getting all sweaty and dirty, she didn’t like physical activity (except running a little, it kept her losing enough carbs that she didn’t get fat) but at the same time, the thought that Ren Sensi would come out and would try to check on whether or not Angel was actualy training or not was a mystery to her, and she didn’t want to take the chance that she did that and have her do some sort of other insane challenge to prove her worth. As such, Angel would get changed into work out gear (she avoided showering since she was going to get hot sweaty, and also it was raining outside) eat a quick bite of a blueberry pop tart and some fruit, and head out into the rain in order to train.
It was earlier in the day as The Uchiha started making her way toward the training ground. Angel Burr’s long blond hair was tied back into a ponytail, not flowing back like usual. She had forgone her normal outfit in order to wear a black crop top, black sweat pants, and a black hoodie that had a white butterfly embroidered on the back of it. She didn’t want to be here right now, she wanted to be home, writing some poetry, drawing, or doing something, she didn’t know, she just didn’t want to be on the training ground working up a sweat and doing… exercise… But at the same time, she was a kunoichi now… and as such it was her job to stay in shape. She also didn’t really know any techniques besides the basic ones that Mr. (Or Mrs., Angel wasn’t sure which one) Ren thought her at the academy. As such, starting to learn seemed like the best idea…

Angel made her way up the hill, she probably should have been running or jogging, but instead, the girl was just slowly walking, (Speed of 5 let us say) dreading every second of her walking. After a few minutes, she made it up to the Kirigaruke traning ground. Looking around, she saw only a few people using it, but someone caught her eye, it was a girl, probably around Angel’s age, who was in a wheelchair. She had grabbed a bar and was starting to do some pull ups. It was kind of a funny sight… with A cripple doing pull ups, but at the same time …. Inspiring. Angel didn’t mean to, but she couldn’t help but watch as the little girl struggled and pulled her self up, multiple times. She wanted to approach the girl… but she couldn’t think of anything to say. This resulted in Angel sort of awkwardly staring at the girl. She didn’t mean to, but it was so hard to not be impressed by her resolve.

Word Count: 1458

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Aryll Hyuuga
Aryll Hyuuga
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Gonna Fly Now (P, NK) Empty Re: Gonna Fly Now (P, NK)

Mon Apr 24, 2017 2:05 am
”Seven… Eight… Nine…. Ten…” Aryll muttered to herself, not really sure what number she was going for here. As she lifted her chin above the bar again and again, she got the distinct feeling that she was being watched. She was used to this feeling, especially since her brother had been both the head of the Hyuuga clan and the Second Mizukage. The stares had always came her way, even before Haru’s rise and fall. Now, though, they weren’t very comforting. Before, they’d been neutral at worst, but now many of the looks she got were pretty distasteful. Rumors and hearsay flooded the streets since the day of Aryll’s accident.

”Eleven… Twelve… Thirteen… Fourteen…” Aryll muttered once again.

Out of curiosity, Aryll blinked hard, her eyes flaring with intensity as her dojutsu kicked in. Through the back of her own skull, she saw a girl, about her age, standing there and starting at Aryll. The girl was… Well, she was not what Aryll had expected. She looked to be just a tad older than Aryll, with blonde hair tied up in a ponytail and the look of somebody who didn’t spend much time hitting the weights.

Still, the look that she was giving Aryll wasn’t the kind she was used to, the distrustful glare or the worried stare. No, she simply looked interested. Aryll’s heart fluttered at the notion that somebody was paying attention to her out of interest, and not out of pity or distrust. It had been awhile since she’d had even the prospect of a friend. Aryll cleared her throat, counting off her reps a little more loudly this time, so that it was easily audible to Angel, even if last ones weren’t.

”Four hundred ninety six… Four hundred ninety seven… Four hundred ninety eight…” She grunted, grinning madly, her face hidden from Angel’s view. ”Four hundred ninety nine…” Aryll boomed, straining with imaginary effort as  if her short set had fatigued her beyond belief. ”Five hundred!” She shouted in triumph at her faked set, dropping into her wheelchair and stretching out her arms, slowly turning the thing around until she was facing Angel.

”Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there.” She lied. ”Were you wanting to do a set? I can get out of your way, if you like.”
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Gonna Fly Now (P, NK) Empty Re: Gonna Fly Now (P, NK)

Sun May 07, 2017 11:54 pm
”Four hundred ninety six… Four hundred ninety seven… Four hundred ninety eight…” The girl grunted, The young blonde Uchiha didn’t see her the girl’s face, but she could tell how the girl was drenched in sweat..... oh wait… She couldn’t tell due to all of the rain. Seriously, all it ever really did in Kiri was rain, Rain Rain go away, come again another day. But any ways, The hyuga (Not that Angel knew that she was that) continued doing pull ups.

“Four hundred ninety nine… Five hundred!” The young girl would say and drop down into her wheel chair and whirl around, her face… water from the heaven’s rain came down and was falling down her silver hair and onto her body.
She dropped down onto her little wheelchair. [color=grey] ”Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there.” [color=grey] She would say, before she had talked like she was straining, but not as much anymore, showing that she had mostly recovered by now, showing that she most likely had an insane reserve of stamina. Angel was quite confounded by this, as she wasn’t sure how a girl that doesn’t even walk that much can have so much stamina and strength. Prehaps pushing that wheelchair would “Were you wanting to do a set? I can get out of your way, if you like.”
Angel would look at her, still in a bit of awe, before gulping down and saying. “Um… oh, uh, yeah” the poet would respond, being at a slight loss of words, a new feeling for her, that would be true. Quickly, she would head over to pull up bar.

Presuming that Aryll would move over for her, Angel would grab the bar and start trying to lift herself up from it. With her almighty strength of 3, Angel would start trying to lift her body up and above the bar. The teenage girl didn’t weigh that much, and as such with her momentum from jumping she was able to easily pull herself over the bar the first time, and let her body drop the second time.

“One…..” The girl would call out, she wasn’t saying this out loud for the purpose of Aryll, but more for herself, although, she wasn’t saying it quite to the point that she wouldn’t be able to hear it either. Angel would then start to try to pull herself up again, however, without the momentum from her jump, The Uchiha woman would find herself at a real difficulty to be able to pull herself up. Grunting and groaning, beads of sweat droping from her face, Angel would attempt to pull herself up a second time.

”T…….www………” The girl would try to say, but wasn’t really able to pull herself up. After about 10 or so seconds of trying, she would drop down, and hang limply from the pole, taking a deep breath, trying to muster the strength to keep on going.

WC: 498
Aryll Hyuuga
Aryll Hyuuga
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Gonna Fly Now (P, NK) Empty Re: Gonna Fly Now (P, NK)

Mon May 08, 2017 10:56 am
When the girl agreed to take a turn on the bar, Aryll would back her chair away, making room for her and allowing her to have a turn. She didn’t seem horribly comfortable with the idea of working out here, so perhaps Aryll had just pressured her into it. That was no matter, of course, the training would help. She watched as the girl began to attempt to bring herself up the bar, shakily managing to get herself over the first time. The second time, she was unable to pull herself over the bar.

When she dropped down from the bar, Aryll sighed, then reached her hand out towards the girl, silently shooting a few threads towards her, which would attach to the girl’s arms, legs, and back. WIth the rain falling, she likely wouldn’t know  the feeling of a thread attaching from a drop of rain. Once the threads attached, Aryll would speak.

”It’s your form, sweetie. Don’t try to lift yourself straight up, go up and over. Let your legs curl up and let ‘em swing.” She said, slowly suggesting the proper form with the chakra threads, as if she were nudging the girl. This too was so subtle she likely wouldn’t feel it. It was a very sneaky way of correcting her form. Aryll’s own form had been different when going over the bar, if only because she lacked the capacity to tuck her legs in like that, but she didn’t need to practice what she preached.

”Try again.” She would say once the girl’s form was corrected, her threads urging her to lift herself. Aryll wouldn’t say a word about the threads, and at the angle they were sitting at, it was unlikely that she would notice. She’d will the girl to go up, gently asserting that she try another set, pushing as if her own body was forcing her to continue. She imagined the feeling would normally be horrifying, but now, she was sure, it’d be closer to something inspiring. People were weird about that, sometimes giving up control was heartwarming, and sometimes it was terrifying.

She’d help the girl do another set of twenty, her fingers dancing along the strings that tethered the two together, like a spider tapping its web, but with less of an “I’m gonna eat you” vibe and more of a “I’m gonna help you do pull ups” vibe. She’d correct the girl’s form whenever she could, until it felt significantly easier to pull herself over the bar. Then, suddenly, she would let go as the girl reached the apex of pull up #20, quickly lowering her hand so she would not grow wise to what Aryll was doing. It was cheating, sort of, but not really. All she’d done was fix her form.
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Gonna Fly Now (P, NK) Empty Re: Gonna Fly Now (P, NK)

Mon May 08, 2017 3:28 pm
Angel hung from the bar, trying to pull herself straight up so she could complete her second pull up. Her arms were stretched out in pain, and her hands were starting to sting as if they had knives in them. This, was, horrible. Angel groaned a bit as she tried to once again, the girl only weight a bit over 100 pounds, this should have been easy for her!

And then, the silver haired Aryll told Angel something, “”It’s your form, sweetie. Don’t try to lift yourself straight up, go up and over. Let your legs curl up and let ‘em swing.”
Angel would look over at the Hyuga as she said that, to listen to her, but then look a back at the bar, the way the girl described it…. Made perfect sense. If she did what the girl in the wheel chair said, she wouldn’t be fighting directly against gravity and as such would be much easier for her to climb up.

“Try again” She would say, and Angel would start to try to pull herself up again. The blonde girl would strain her musscels and … to her shock, it was a lot eaiser. So easy, it almost felt like her body was made of feathers or something.

Angel would reach up and pull her chin above the bar. “Two.” The girl would count out as she pulled herself up, a lot eaiser then what she did before. Angel would then let herself drop down, But continued to hold onto the bar. That took a lot less energy then what Angel had done last time, With that, Angel would continue to try to pull herself up again. “Three.”

It was still quite easy for the girl to do this, so she continued on… “Four…. Five….. Six…. Seven….” After doing a few more, Angel would stop and hang on for a bit longer, but then would continue on, proving that she had recovered much quickly compared to the first time she did a pull up, “eight…. Nine….. ten…. Eleven… twelve.. Ughhhhhh! Thirteen…” Angel showed that she had a bit of a problem getting up to thirteen, but the Uchiha wasn’t done yet. She hung for a few second to regain her composure, but then continued on, showing doing the method Aryll had showed her. fourteen…. Fiveteen…. Sixteen…” As the girl stoped to hit the same number of pull ups as she had spent years on this earth, she had to stop again and take a deep breath, but she continued on. She would continue to pull herself up until she hit about twenty pull ups. “seventeen….. eightteen …. Nineteen …. Twenty!” Angel would then go up to try to do another pull up, this time, it felt much harder then before…. Her body felt so much more pain then the last ones… it had to be because she was so tired from lifting, that being said, she was able to continue. “Twenty one…. Twenty….. two…… Twenty…. Three…..”

Groaning in her head, Angel knew she had to hit at least twenty five….. after all, it would look horrible if a girl who has to be in a wheel chair was able to do this, and Angel couldn’t. “Twenty….. four….. Twenty….. UGHHHHH!!!! FIVE!!!”

After that, Angel would drop down and would look over to the girl in the wheel chair… “My gratitude for the help.” Angel would say while huffing and catching her breath, having a little bit of time to get over the immediate shock of a little girl about her own age and size in a wheel chair being able to do so many pull ups so quickly. It seemed physically impossible. Sure, Angel would be the first to admit being a poet that spent most of her time drawing paintings and reading literature for deeper darker meanings and spending no time working with her dad carrying wood around for his construction job seemed like it would bake her a whimp, no doubt about that. But at the same time, The young Hyuga girl (Not that Angel knew what that was, or that she was that) Didn’t seem like she was supper strong or super powerful. So, how was this small girl able to do so many so quickly? Angel had to find out, but first, it was proper edicite to introduce herself and find the name of the young athlete. “My name is Angel Burr, If I may be so bold, May I ask the name of my helper?”

WC: 777

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Aryll Hyuuga
Aryll Hyuuga
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Gonna Fly Now (P, NK) Empty Re: Gonna Fly Now (P, NK)

Mon May 08, 2017 4:47 pm
The pieces of the puzzle seemed to be coming together for the girl as Aryll explained what was wrong with her form. As she began to lift with proper form, letting gravity assist her, rather than fighting it, the results were immediate, even if Aryll was the one pulling the strings (Literally). She watched the girl begin to grow with confidence as she lifted her head over the bar again and again, easily sitting in twenty reps. When Aryll released her grip, she saw the girl struggle a bit more, but it seemed that she didn’t notice, and to her surprise, she even did five more.

When the girl dropped down, Aryll surreptitiously hid her hands in her lap, sitting like a lady, smiling innocently. She was good at hiding her faces, and now was no exception.
”Oh, it was nothing.” She said, waving the compliment away. ”Just a tip or two to fix your form. That was all you.” She said. ”That said, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Angel Burr. I’m Aryll Hyuuga.” She greeted, doing a sort of curtsy in her chair the probably looked even more awkward then it felt. She wasn’t quite used to the thing yet.

The little pavilion that shielded the equipment from the rain was empty. Indeed, hardly anyone else was around, and nobody had noticed Aryll’s little trick. That was good. What Angel didn’t know wouldn’t and couldn’t hurt her. She smiled at the other girl before speaking.
”No offense, but you don’t strike me as the body building type. It seems like you’d be here for something other than pull ups.” She said, teasing a bit but mostly just inquiring out of curiosity

”I don’t suppose you needed any help training? I wouldn’t mind a partner to train with.” She offered, her hands moving to the armrests of her chair from her lap and her posture becoming casual once more, now that she’d gotten her greeting out of the way. It was an old habit, one that Haru had drilled into her even after grandpa was gone, but old habits always died hard.
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Gonna Fly Now (P, NK) Empty Re: Gonna Fly Now (P, NK)

Mon May 08, 2017 9:23 pm
The blonde dropped down to her feet and would look over at the young girl and thank her along with asking her name, the girl had her hands in her lap and looked a lot more like a lady then a warrior or anything else. “Oh, it was nothing.” The young teen said, motioning as if to wave the complement aside “Just a tip or two to fix your form. That was all you.” She said. “That said, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Angel Burr. I’m Aryll Hyuuga.” As she did, she would go out as if to curtsy, but was slightly awkward as she was in wheelchair.

The Uchiha would take a couple of deep breaths, trying to recover her stamina when suddenly, Aryll would say something else. “”No offense, but you don’t strike me as the body building type. It seems like you’d be here for something other than pull ups.”
Angel would continue to pant, as she responded to this, “No, I’m not really, I am more of a speedster ninjutsu user… I seceretly wanted to be a genjutsu user, but when I was told about doing that, a teacher turned me down, saying something along the lines of ‘Xy would never alow someone who’s main specialty was genjutu to live in his village you dumb bitch!’ So, for now I am going to be a ninjutsu user until I can start getting away with some Genjutsu. But you are right, I am trying to keep my weight down by keeping fat and muscle tissue down to a bare minimum. But even with that being the case, seeing you able to do so many pull ups, I figured I had to give it a try! After all, I was sure that I could do at least one hundred if a pier of mine could do five hundred, but alas, my attempt was for nigh.”

The Hyuga girl would then continue however. “I don’t suppose you needed any help training? I wouldn’t mind a partner to train with.”
Angel would look a little shocked at this, someone that was so strong needed her as a training partner? That seemed strange, what cold this girl possibly mean by that? Sure, Angel understood the basic concept of what a training partner was, practice sparring, practice jutsu, work on tips and such together, but surely, someone that powerful wouldn’t need a meer novice to help her with just basic training…. Could she? “Training partner? I have never had one of those before. How would that work? What would you like me to do?” If she was saying that she just wanted her to push around from one thing to another, Angel would probably turn her down, however, if she said something similar to the various things Angel had thought of before when thinking about what a training partner means, she would be in agreement to do that.

Word count: 501

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Aryll Hyuuga
Aryll Hyuuga
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Gonna Fly Now (P, NK) Empty Re: Gonna Fly Now (P, NK)

Mon May 08, 2017 11:12 pm
The girl replied, between shaky breaths, that she preferred to keep her weight low. Aryll giggled at the thought, looking to the other girl quizzically.
”You just did those pull ups to show off, huh?” She teased, thankful that the conversation had not turned to her family, as it so often did. “Oh, your brother was the Second Mizukage! Isn’t he in jail now? What happened?” She had grown so tired of these intrusive lines of questioning, and indeed, it was refreshing to find someone who either didn’t know or didn’t care about the tragedy that had befallen her. She could just talk, or she could just train. It was easy. Returning to the matter at hand, she continued to speak, the words that flooded her mind fading away into the white noise around her. ”You don’t need to go hurting yourself on my account.” She chuckled.

The shocked look on the girl’s face made Aryll worry that she had offended her. She confusedly asked Aryll what she meant by “Training partner,” something that actually confused Aryll even more since it was such a basic concept, it felt weird to explain the idea, like if someone asked you to explain what time was, or what left and right were.
”Uh.” She said graciously, ever the word smith. ”I mean, is there anything you’d like help training? I’m very flexible, I mostly need to work on chakra control. The pull ups were just my warm up.” She said, bragging a little, seeming to forget that the other girl had done five more than she actually had herself. Then again, nobody needed to know that.

”I mostly just need to work on developing my chakra, I don’t need to learn a great multitude of techniques. No, ma’am, just the basics for me. I can work with you here if you need practice, though. I’m pretty useful to have around.” She said, rubbing the back of her head nonchalantly. ”I can help out a lot. All I ask is that you push me down that damned hill when we’re done. It’s a pain in the ass to use my handles to go through the mud.” She explained. ”So? What do you say?” She asked, holding out her hand as if to shake.
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Gonna Fly Now (P, NK) Empty Re: Gonna Fly Now (P, NK)

Tue May 09, 2017 12:04 am
As Aryll would continue to sit on her wheel chair, she would start to tease around a little bit with The Uchiha, ”You just did those pull ups to show off, huh?” You don’t need to go hurting yourself on my account.”

Angel would groan a little bit at this, “Showing off? Pardon me if I cough, But I am not that tough (She would pronounce this as Toff though, trying to rhyme the words together, but not in a rapping way, but more of a poetic way.) I’m no where near good enough to do something that would impress someone able to do five hundred pull ups as you saw… I just saw your own struggle and was quite inspired by you, to the point that I felt like I must give it a go.”

At that point, Angel would ask the question about the Training partner, she understood what the basic concept was, but she was unsure what Aryll had in mind for her.

“Uh.” The young girl said, The Poet wanted to point out how strange and improper her grammar that was to say, however, she stopped herself, seeing that she had done it multiple times in her life, and even once in the conversation. ”I mean, is there anything you’d like help training? I’m very flexible, I mostly need to work on chakra control. The pull ups were just my warm up. I mostly just need to work on developing my chakra, I don’t need to learn a great multitude of techniques. No, ma’am, just the basics for me. I can work with you here if you need practice, though. I’m pretty useful to have around. I can help out a lot. All I ask is that you push me down that damned hill when we’re done. It’s a pain in the ass to use my handles to go through the mud. So? What do you say?” As the girl asked this, she would hold out her hand for a handshake.

The girl with the fake name knew that pushing her around would be part of the deal, just how Angel feared… but at the same time, she did realize it had to be hard for the young girl to move herself around in the muddy fields. (Angel had a hard enough problem running on her own two feet like this…. so trying to go ahead and roll in this muddy mess would have been impossible! That being said, perhaps she was too quick to jump on saying no to that. On top of that… The poet might be able to learn a few techniques and new ways to train from the young girl, so this was probably a really good deal for her.

It also turned out that Aryll was just trying to be a good training partner and not someone who was just trying to use Angel for her own gains. As such, Pushing her around would be fair for that.

Angel would giggle slightly and take the hand of Aryll, shaking it, “Well, if a fellow beautiful young maiden who is able to do 500 pull ups as a ‘warm up’ wants to offer me help, I would a fool not to accept the help.” She would say in a non-serious joking way, before thinking about what Aryll could do to help her.
The blonde would take a minute to think, before saying “Well, I am new at this entire ‘kunochi’ concept, so I am basicly a blank slate right now, I was trying to learn the shadow clone jutsu technique, but felt like I spent too much time working on it, inside… so I decide to go outside, get some fresh air, and practice physical technique stuff rather than just stay in my apartment all day, however…” Angel would look up to the sky and would try not to get to angry, “If there was a break in the rain, I could read while being outside! Seriously, does it always rain here?”

Angel would recompose herself, she didn’t show it, but she was a little bit mad at the rain, “But yeah.. that is what I am trying to learn right now, is there anything you can do to help me with that? Or anything else that basic Shinobi should know how to do?

Word count: 741

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