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The Reality of The Situation - Page 3 Empty Re: The Reality of The Situation

Fri Jul 07, 2017 7:55 pm
Valen would nod his head at the higher ranking shinobi as he spoke, explaining the he himself needed to move along to meet with some people. Kenshin of course wouldn’t be able to hide his bloodlust from Valen. He carried around a sword that savored the feeling of it and tried to flood it’s red wearing wielder as often as it could. As such Valen was uniquely attuned to feeling the bloodthirsty nature that Kenshin’s neutral face hid from most others. That wasn’t any of Valen’s business though. As obviously the man didn’t intend to take out such emotions and desires on Valen himself. Instead he offered to show him a few techniques to give Valen a running start in learning them. He’d have to pay extremely close attention to the silver haired man before him. Of course that didn’t mean that Kenshin’s training was ending though. As he finally created his giant..mud..puddle? Valen figured it was a technique Kenshin was working on. It’s obviously be Earth based. The mud did look extremely difficult to move through although Valen had absolutely no intend of testing that theory out of course. That would be stupid, and there was a good reason Kenshin made the technique so far away. It’d probably pull him in and suffocate him. If it didn’t outright crush him with pressure depending on its depth. Valen’s theory on him completely the technique would of course be proven true based on Kenshin’s own words of “Finally, I’m starting to get the hang of this.” At this point the Albino chunin would enter into teacher mode and begin demonstrating techniques, telling him he would start him off with some simple taijutsu ones in case he was ever disarmed. ‘I wonder if I could solve that..problem’ He thought as Kenshin began to demonstrate Taijutsu techniques.

His temporary teacher began with a technique called Aerial Strip, which caused an eyebrow raise from Valen. After demonstrating the simple punch that was tilted upward just slightly. He would then explain that the punch, when performed correctly and on someone it would work on, actually caused the target to spin around in the air so much that the revolutions would cause their clothes to fly off. This caused a slightly amused smirk to adorn Valen’s face as he nodded his head. He’d have to practice that one on someone, it seemed entertaining. Then Kenshin decided it was time to teach Valen an important move to use against people. A move so integral to making sure people knew they were retarded as hell that Valen was hard pressed to find an excuse to not know it yet. The art of the Bitchslap. Valen made sure to pay very close attention to this one. He might need at any point after all. Next was a move that  would cause Valen a moment of confusion. A technique known as Leaf Gale, the confusion was simply founded in the fact that the technique seemed...not quite complete. It didn’t seem to flow as well as it should without something before it. Was there another technique that Kenshin was not explaining to him? Was it a test? Undoubtedly it was, of course Valen would work on it after the man left so he’d figure it out then.

After that Kenshin told him about the Iron Claw, which was another taijutsu technique that simply constituted of the grabbing of someone’s face and squeezing it, hard. Kenshin would make a note of how messy the technique could get if they weren’t careful and Valen definitely took it to heart considering the sinister smirk that adorned Kenshin’s face when he mentioned that little tidbit of information. Afterwards was a technique called The One Thousand Years of Death. He raised an eyebrow at the name after Kenshin told him what it was and he furrowed a brow at the idea of learning such an...unrefined technique. He shook his head and resigned himself however. He’d learn that one in private though, no one would see that one being practiced. It was much too embarrassing in his opinion and he didn’t really see the point of the technique existing. Was it a prank? A way to screw around with friends? He simply didn’t know.

Now Kenshin began to teach him the interesting stuff. Flicker Movement, a technique used to manipulate the flow of space and time around the user’s body as they moved. The very idea of this technique intrigued Valen a great deal and his attention seemed even more focused at the prospect of learning all he could about the technique. Could there be more techniques like this? More moves that people could learn that would blur the boundaries of space and time that they could use to manipulate where their bodies were positioned and how the universal laws of science affected us? Valen was extremely interested in this information and he’d have to look in on it later. He most definitely wanted to learn more in that art if possible. Finally the Mark Seal, a seemingly simple technique that one could use to mark someone for other techniques later on. Kenshin demonstrated it by putting one on Valen. The red eyed boy responded by raising his own index finger and poking Kenshin’s hand back. Applying his own Mark seal based on what he felt of Kenshin’s chakra when he had showed him. ‘Got one down already, good start..’ He’d think as Kenshin began to speak about how eight techniques at once was quite enough for now. Valen would agree, he’d taught him this much in such a short amount of time. He could probably recreate the technique he saw the scarred man use earlier. It’d be more to add to his repertoire which was never a bad thing. Options were always good after all.

At this point Kenshin would take his leave and Valen would bow his head in respect before deciding that he’d need to practice these techniques to make sure they he had gotten them down before assuming anything. Kenshin had decided to go out to sate his bloodlust. Maybe it was time for Valen to sate his blades anyway. It was time for a bandit hunt. He’d leave as well, only traveling in the opposite direction of his most recent teacher. No point in getting in his way after all. The man seemed to be the type to murder you for getting in the way of his killing sprees.  So Valen would go his own way to practice the techniques he was taught on his own group of bandits. He’d simply resolve not to use his sword to do this, It should be rather simple. So he moved through the desert at a quick and efficient pace, making sure to let one of the gate guards know he was stepping out to some training and he’d be back soon. He moved through the arid desert, heading toward the last known location of a small bandit camp that was preying on a local no name town. There he;d easily be able to practice all of the techniques that Kenshin had taught him without fear.

The sun of the arid desert began to truly beat down on him as he traveled through it’s desolate landscape, the sand blowing around in an afternoon wind, blowing his cloak about with it. He moved through the desert toward the now visible bandit camp. It was the middle of the day but he wasn’t truly worried about the opposition. These thugs still preyed on the nearby low populated villages and small caravans. They wouldn’t have a shinobi of any kind of true power amongst them if that was their only targets. He began to consider what techniques he should practice first, and decided that the taijutsu once would be easier, after all he was already trained in physical combat so his body would be much more in tune to such techniques. With this mind he decided to start with something a little flashy, after all why not? So Valen would begin to run forward toward one of the two guards before him before jumping into a full on high jump kick, soaring through the air at a rapid pace with his foot extended to deliver a devastating blow the bandit’s head. The impact would be extremely painful for a moment, before he kicked the man’s head clean off his shoulders given his high strength. The technique is a risky one for certain though, as one had to completely leave the ground for it to work or one would very quickly find themselves getting killed due to losing the ability to dodge without the means of an extremely powerful technique or someone else to help them. Here it would pose no thread though and so Valen practiced the technique with a abandon. Or he did anyway. On this note he decided he’d had the technique fairly well down, it was just a high jump kick after all. With that done he’d move to the next part technique that he learned from Kenshin, Discipline. Practicing this would be simple, as he’d just then from the corpse of the first guard and bitch slap the hell out of the other one. This would cause the guard to fumble quite a bit both in pain and disbelief. “Did you just..” He would begin to say before Valen would deliver another backhand just like the first, causing the man’s face to turn the other way. “Does that answer your question?” He’d ask before reaching out and gripping the man’s face with a hand. It was time for the third technique. He’d squeeze the lone guard’s face with all of his might, causing the man to scream out in pain as he felt bones creaking under the stress. The entire camp was alerted to him now due to the screaming and they turned just in time to see Valen crush the man’s head in his hands.

Wiping the blood and gunk off of his ungloved hand with a quick flick of the wrist he’d shrug at that technique before turning to the sickened crowd of bandits that were all in fact turning a bit green at the gills because of what they just witnessed. “So messy, I don’t think I’ll be doing that one again.” He’d say with a simple shrug. As the men and women in the camp regarded him with revulsion due to the act he just committed. That was four techniques now, and he was only halfway done now. Oh the poor poor sods. He’d sigh and perform the tiger hand seal. This one would be an extremely embarrassing technique to practice but hopefully he’d only have to do this once. He focused his chakra in the technique and moved at high speed to appear behind the nearest bandit. He’d then proceed to poke the bandits ass with the tiger seal, causing the man to leap into the air with a scream as he held his read end in pain and fell to the ground. As he fell Valen would quickly and efficiently reach for his sword and lop the man’s head off of his shoulders right then and there. He’d proceed to move forward with a disgusted look on his face. “I don’t think I like that technique either, oh well.” He’d say before he began to imagine the Leaf Gale in his head. “That one simply does not seem finished..I feel like I need to do something before it..” He’d say before trying to get a feel for the assault that was soon to be coming. At this point the majority of the bandits were beginning to come out of their shocked state and gather their weapons and arms. This caused Valen to smirk in response before he decided to try and practice another technique here.

The Leaf Gale was effectively a rear sweeping kick that was designed to do serious damage to the opponent and had the power behind it to cause a strong user to throw a fully grown adult away, or at the very least cause them to be seriously off balance. There had to be a good combo technique that would lead up into that. Maybe a series of high and low kicks that led into the brutal sweeping kick that was the leaf gale? At this point a few of the quicker bandits were getting closer and he sighed before deciding to give the technique a try. He quickly dashed forward at speeds that the bandits would never be able to follow and began delivering crushing high and low kicks, spinning, kicking and spinning again. The combo changed directions quite frequently and he worked hard to make the attack flow into the leaf gale but he didn’t seem to have much success. He furrowed his brow in thought before disengaging from the bandits, the few that had felt the brunt of his physical assault unconscious on the ground around them. ‘Most low level physical technique are simple..Let’s try a single high and low kick combination and see where that takes me..’ He thought before dashing forward. He slowed down his body to the point where the bandit he was attacking would be able to react. He began with a high kick, aiming to take the man’s head off with the assault. The man would duck under the high kick, which is exactly what Valen wanted as he switched it up into a low kick by spinning his body around in what would almost be a break dancing move and kicking the man in the knees, causing him the fall down onto them. Valen would then use the momentum of the spin to use the Leaf Gale that Kenshin had shown him earlier, spinning around and delivering a devastating rear spinning kick to the bandit that cracked his skull clean open.

Valen would proceed to stand and shrug his shoulders at the situation. Now he only needed to practice a few more before he’d be good to clear out the rest of the camp and go home for a well deserved rest. Our hero decided next would be the flicker movement technique that Kenshin had shown him before. It would allow him to move at faster speeds by taking control of his personal space-time flow and give him an even greater upper hand on his opponents. With this in mind he began to channel his chakra into the surrounding air around him. Kneading the life giving force into the air surrounding his body and using it to take command of his personal time flow. Suddenly things seemed to slow down to him. It was as if his perception of the surrounding reality had sped up so that everything else was moving in slow motion. He began to dodge and strike back at a attacks at an increased pace. He would began to move like a blur to those bandits witnessing as he tore them apart piece by bloody piece. It was oddly surreal to see everything move in such a way. But just like that it was over, Valen ended the technique he had decided to use and suddenly everything returned to normal. This did not happen with repercussions however as the powerful sense of vertigo he began feeling did little to help him in this situation. It was as if he stood up too fast, only twice as strong. It was probably a side effect of ending the technique too abruptly. In his hazy state one of the bandits got a good kick into the Valen’s jaw. Hardly enough to do any real damage but it still hurt, of course Valen whipped out his sword and cut the man down before sheathing it and thinking back to something Kenshin had done earlier. He brought his hand up to his face and began to remember in detail what the man had done.

It was a bit fuzzy since he was of course suffering from a shattered leg at the time but the man had done something to kill the pain. He slowly began to remember a technique in his jutsu encyclopedia that fit this description. The Chakra Anesthetic, he could at least remember the techniques the man used easily enough and so he slowly moved through them at a measured pace, the bandits that were still running toward him were still far too far away to get to him before he tried dulling the pain. Granted it wasn’t like the pain was serious, but he needed to be in some kind of pain to know if the technique had worked, so this was as good a time as any. Hare, Ox, Monkey..He would perform the hand seals with confidence before channeling his chakra into his fingertips and seeing the blue flame come into the world at the ends of his fingers. He would then reach up and touch his face, right where the impact occurred. Suddenly the pain was gone, taken away by the simple medical technique that he had picked up from the man that had broken his leg in the bloody first place. He shrugged at the irony in that before moving on. Kenshin had done a few more things that Valen was interested in trying. He moved to the entrance of the camp, in the process getting a bit more distance from the bandits that were closing in at their own, fearful pace. Trying to see if he would going to something else that might kill more them. Silly bandits, you’re all gonna die. He would pull out his jutsu encyclopedia and leafing through it quickly to find another technique that he saw Kenshin use. The Temporary Paralysis Technique, it was simple technique that was used to capture any living thing with their chakra. The power of the move was rather weak but it should easily suffice to handle a few simple bandits. The move only had a single hand seal, Tiger. He’d move his hands into the position and look at the enemy bandits that were running and watched them freeze as he channeled his chakra into the technique and into the air around their bodies, capturing them with the force of it, preventing them from being able to lift a finger in retaliation of what he would do next.

He slowly moved forward toward the nearest bandit and moved into a quickdraw stance for his blade. Grasping the hilt as he took a deep breath, the bandit had a wide eyed look of fear in his eyes as Valen looked at him with determination. Sweat dripped from the bandits face in nervous tension as he realized what was about to happen. Valen prepared himself, knowing that all of the nearby bandits were currently indisposed due to his temporary paralysis technique. It would take a miracle to save this man now and sadly for him that wasn’t about to happen. He suddenly stilled his breath and with speed the likes of which these bandits would never witness again drew his blade and cut the man down where he stood. To them it was as if he didn’t even move. He then smirked at the accomplished technique before turning toward the next target. There was one more move that Kenshin had taught him that he actually hadn’t practiced yet. It was completely slipped his mind in all of the fuss and so he slowly moved toward the next target. He stood before the man with a disinterested look on his face before punching him clean in the face with an upward twist. The man would suddenly fly back, flipping through the air at an absolutely disgusting pace as his clothing fell off due to the rotation of the spin. This site caused Valen to laugh before letting out a deep breath. “Welp, that was all the techniques I needed to learn today…” He said before gripping the sheath of his sword. “None of you bandits are leaving here alive you know…” He would add. Crushing any last bit of hope the criminals had before Valen began to move through the camp at a rapid pace, cutting down bandit after bandit with his high speed assaults with the blade. Drawing his blade at an insanely high pace before sheathing it to keep practicing the quick draw technique. He wanted to be as fast as he possibly could when it was all said and done and this was simply the best way to do that. Eventually the bandits would all be slaughtered, their various lopped off limbs a testament for any other bandits that came through to rethink their ways. At least until the sands of desert inevitably reclaimed them.

Now Valen would return home, moving through the Arid sands of the desert again with the promise of a hot shower and meal waiting for him at his abode. Truly it was the part of his day he was forward to most out of every other. But that was to be expected. He was exhausted after all. He wondered when he’d next run into the scarred man that taught him so much in such a short amount of time. It would certainly prove to be an interesting encounter. One that Valen wasn’t sure if he was looking forward to or not. That however would have to be learned the hard way. Although he nearly killed him today ‘Crap, will I even live through the next time?...’ He’d think as he arrived at his door step and entered.


TWC: 9753

Claiming 48 stats
Temporary Paralysis 500/500

Discipline 250/250
Thousand Years of Death 250/250
Aerial Strip 500/500
Iron Claw 500/500
Leaf Gale 500/500
Dynamic Entry 500/500
Flicker Movement 500/500
Mark Seal 250/250
Chakra Anesthetic 500/500
Genjutsu Release 750/750 (Also mastered)

The above were all taught to him by Kenshin either by lecture or demonstration. 

Leaf Whirlwind 1250/1250
Lai Beheading 3500/3500
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Fri Jul 07, 2017 8:20 pm
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