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Rei Yamato
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A Thief's Situation  Empty A Thief's Situation

Sat Dec 09, 2017 6:17 pm
Within a somewhat dark alley, a thief is seen practicing his kunai throwing technique. One by one, they are hurled towards a tall wooden plank, leaning slanted against the wall. Setsuna, the one who manage to not only catch the eye of a very well connected person in the black market, but the one who aims on becoming more than just a one bit gangster. However, as of now, all he can do is wait. Ever since the "Employer, figured out that it was Setsuna, who stole from him, Setsuna was in no possession to make any moves. He felt as if he had all eyes on him, at all times. No more can he pilfer from vendor stands, or pickpocket from passing individuals without worrying if they knew, or belonged the Employer. This feeling, made him remember the first time he was let out of juvenile corrections. That feeling, that one mistake that could have you end up right back incarceration, even thought your pockets were empty.

Pulling a Kunai from his pouch, he tosses it as hard as he could. He misses, which wasn't a surprise to him, since he never graduated from from the academy. As he continued to throw his kunai, he remembered the time when he got caught stealing kunai from the locker room. Setsuna's life was full of fuck ups, one after the other. It never ended, not in a good way at least. He then hears his last kunai hit the plank, that was it. He goes to retrieve his kunai, till a flyer, by random chance, flew from out of the dumpster, and landed right in front of the plank. It was as if fate was guiding him, perhaps Setsuna's situation was developing into a better one.

"What's this?", he reads the paper to find out that it was an old job posting. Evidently, somebody was hiring someone to escort a Caravan full of gold, from one outpost to another. Setsuna then smiled, as the devious thought begun to fill his head, he as then approach by two very big, ye very familiar figures. They were the same people he met, when he first met the "Employer".

"Come with us, yes?", one of them spoke. His voice so casual. The other simply stood up striaght, without a care in the world, as if he didn't want to be here. Setsuna had no choice, he didn't want to be killed, or barred from the black market. He reluctantly responds, "Ok, Ill go get my Kunai."

"Sure, yes?", after that, the three left the alley, now heading towards the "Employer's office. Setsuna places the old job posting in his pocket, saving it for later.

[Exit, 450 words. 2 stat points.]

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