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Akemi trains his first Hiyu jutsu! Empty Akemi trains his first Hiyu jutsu!

Tue Mar 28, 2017 3:45 pm
It was time, time to actually learn some of his Clan's techniques, Yipee.

He had his father's notebook under his right arm and was currently making some extra strong tea in his kitchen. He had spent most of the early morning learning chakra infusion but he still felt like he could learn some more techniques, as long as it didn't require too much movement then he should be fine. He yawned, although the shower had served to 'shake off the cobwebs' in his head, it didn't change the fatigue he could feel, from what, he wasn't sure, but he was pretty sure that it was due to how early he had woken up. At this point, most of the other villagers were already stirring, he knew this from the sounds of carts being pulled and the lazy, draw out chatter that only a tired person could manage, though an awake person could manage it, if they were incredibly lazy.

With his tea finished and starting to cool down, he settled it down on his counter and lent back on the table, opening the book at the first page. Even though he had almost spent his entire childhood being taught these techniques by his parents, he could never do it, no matter how hard he had tried. The young Hiyu's childhood has been spent staying up late and reading this book, but even that hadn't seemed to work. Akemi wondered if he was actually part of the clan, though his strength and reaction time were definitely a sign of being a Hiyu. That, and his parents had insisted on his Hiyu lineage, which did remove any doubts he had before. He didn't see any reason for his parents to lie, and he didn't particularly want to see a reason for his parents to lie.

Now, it was time to actually learn the technique, it was the most simple Hiyu clan technique "Advanced Transformation" and it seemed like it would be quite useful, especially if he was planning on going about the Steath/Espionage route. The Hiyu teen wondered if there were any Anbu in The City Hidden In The Stars, though he had never seen any, well that was probably the point. The closest he had seen to Anbu were the queens guard, and they different, he guessed, Akemi realised he really needed to learn more about the city he was in, at the moment he was so clueless, it would probably serve to end him some day. All he knew was the basic layout of the city, which meant he got lost more often than not. It wasn't his fault, honest!

He read through the whole book multiple times, making sure he hadn't missed out on any important details, he was like that after all. Always missing out on important information, it was probably going to be the bane of his existence. 

Upon finishing the book he closed his eyes and breathed through his nostrils, he had already warmed up suitably from learning chakra infusion so he was thankful he wouldn't have to waste time while learning the Hiyu technique. Despite his best efforts to suppress his excitement, he couldn't do it, he was simply to excited to be finally learning more about his lineage. He settled the book down on the kitchen counter and looked at his face in the mirror, taking in all the little details. His soft, round face with light, warm blue eyes. He hated how he looked a lot younger than he actually was, he was seventeen but he looked about 11-12ish. Though, he didn't really want to change his appearance completely, he felt like he would lose a part of who he was. He would only use this technique if he wanted to blend in and sneak and blend in more efficiently.

Right, this technique required the Ram seal so that's what he formed, feeling his chakra mould, he looked in the mirror, searching around for something to turn into. His gaze settled on his blue eyes, but what should he turn them into? His thoughts turned to his old family cat that he had absolutely loved as a child. The cat was incredibly lazy and loved to be cuddled, something that young Akemi had found adorable. The thing that had always amazed Akemi were the cat's eyes. Eyes that were so different to humans yet kind of similar.

He stared at his eyes intently, picturing his cat's eyes clearly in his head. He started directing the flow of moulded chakra into his eyes, being careful to not add to much, just in case he somehow managed to blow up his eyes. Though that would be unlikely to happen. Suddenly, his eyes turned from their usual blue to a bright yellowy orange, almost causing him to jump but he managed to stop himself, it was kind of like the academy transformation, though it didn't require constant emission of chakra to utilise, something he noticed from his eyes.

He continued to supply the chakra into his eyes while picturing his old cat in his head. It was only half way done, but it still looked pretty impressive. Then, as quickly as his eyes had changed colour, his pupils extended and turned into slits. He smiled triumphantly, staring at his eyes closely in the mirror, it was such a strange sensation. Looking at your own eyes in the mirror and seeing cat eyes staring back at you. Nonetheless, he was definitely not going to keep them, it was only a practice go.

Letting the technique drop, he thought about what he should transform into next. The eyes were only the beginning, now he had to transform his entire body. But who? He figured it would be weird to transform into someone of the opposite gender, it was fine if he used the normal transformation technique. But the thought of becoming biologically female kind of creeped Akemi out a bit. But who could he turn into without it being weird. Then he realised he could turn into his father, his father was basically just an older Akemi, it was kind of uncanny how similar they looked.

Holding his hands into the Ram seal again he felt his chakra mould and started to push it around his body, feeling his body mould to suit his fathers. He closed his eyes for a few seconds, finding it easier to get the full mental image of his father while he wasn't looking at himself in the mirror. He continued to mould his shape with his chakra until he felt like it was ready. It didn't hurt to manipulate his cells, but it felt strange, an odd prickling sensation was what he felt. One would expect to feel more pain from changing and shaping every single cell in their body, but it didn't, for some unknown reason.

Upon opening his eyes he saw his father looking back at him. He smiled warmly, it was pretty much bang on how he remembered his father. It had been so long since he had seen his father, he couldn't be entirely sure if this was how his father actually looked, spending a long time away from each other did that to a person's view. He thought about how proud his father would be of Akemi finally learning the Hiyu techniques and it brought a small tear to his eye. Letting the technique drop, Akemi still felt like he should do something today. That was when he remembered, his idea for a scarf and chakra infusion, he had to go buy some new thread.

So, quickly he grabbed his stuff, wrapped his scarf around his neck, and stepped out of his apartment door, closing it behind him. He decided to do this quick, he didn't want to spend too long outside, around people. Walking at a pace only a ninja could manage, he sped through the crowds of people, not bothering to take in any of the sights around him. The world was a blur, he couldn't make out any specifics on people's facial features, they were just... There.

Once he made it to the market, the young genin searched around all the market for some kind of thread, he needed lots if he wanted a scarf, and he would need a lot more since he wanted to have long reach with the scarf. 2m would be enough for practicality and to not draw any unnecessary attention to himself. He also wanted to make it as similar to his current scarf as possible, he had grown quite attached to his current scarf after all.

Eventually, after a few more minutes of looking, he eventually found a stall that sold reals of thread. So, he walked up to it and asked for 5 bundles of blue and white thread. The man behind the wooden stall put them in a paper bag and asked Akemi for the Ryo. Once he heard the price he inwardly winced, he was running quite low on Ryo, would he be able to afford it? He reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet, opening it in one fluid motion. He breathed a sigh of relief when he found that he had just enough change to afford it.

Trading the bag and the ryo with the man, Akemi began walking back to his apartment, silently thanking the gods for blessing him with enough ryo to pay for the thread. As he walked he opened up the bag and brought out a bundle of blue thread and started looking at it curiously, he realised that one session of filling it with chakra would not be enough, he would have to gradually increase it's chakra limits until it would be able to be freely manipulated by his will.

Once he made it back to his apartment, he opened the door and stepped inside, placing the bag next to his sofa as he walked further into the apartment. He reached his hand down into the bag and grabbed a bundle of white thread and started slowly ebbing chakra into it. At first it had rejected the chakra, but after many pushes it eventually gave way and let the chakra enter.

He realised that he would have to do this with every other bundle of thread for a few more days until he could actually freely manipulate the scarf, Well, best to get started sooner.

(Word Count: 1742
Claims: Advanced Transformation, 700 words to Akemi's Living Scarf and 5 stat points)
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Akemi trains his first Hiyu jutsu! Empty Re: Akemi trains his first Hiyu jutsu!

Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:01 pm
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