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Zombies [Ganki] [No-Kill, Private] - Page 2 Empty Re: Zombies [Ganki] [No-Kill, Private]

Sat May 20, 2017 12:38 pm
“Friends? If they aren’t friends with benefits then who needs them? People only do things for each other if they either want something from you, or see something in you that they could gain from. It really isn’t hard to figure out, but this chick doesn’t seem like she will listen to whatever I’m going to say about that, so whatever. I don’t have time to play 20 questions…”, Ganki wasn’t the type to open up to people, not even his own parents. Growing up, all he had was his money and a house full of maids that never stayed more than 2 months. His father would always hire new maids to replace the old. It was something about keeping the cost of labor cheap; Ganki never really understood why when he was young. But it did have an effect on him that caused him not to form relationships so easily, which really explained a lot on how Ganki became to be.  Relationships, really wasn’t something Ganki was familiar with, aside from one night stands.”

When Ayame would poke Ganki’s body playfully, he smiles a bit as he decided to cut in so the speak. He had a feeling that if he didn’t say anything now, she would continue to run on. That was something Ganki couldn’t do with.

“Oh oh, I understand, Ms. Nezumichi”, Ganki said, interrupting her at the point where she stated her vices. “Sorry to cut you off in full flow, but I do understand. You like to learn what you are capable of what you can do, and you take care in your abilities so well, you even understand your weaknesses. Hence, your strengths are your weaknesses, aka, you know what you can’t do. But, with these seals, you can fill in those gaps; build a stronger and higher… foundation, to help others. Healers need to be stronger, in order to support others, no?”

The businessman waited for Ms. Nezumichi’s response. The two would continue  to walk, Ganki attempted to use this to his advantage to end the sale.
Ayame Nezumichi
Ayame Nezumichi
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Zombies [Ganki] [No-Kill, Private] - Page 2 Empty Re: Zombies [Ganki] [No-Kill, Private]

Sat May 20, 2017 4:02 pm
" Yeah, that is true..." she would state appreciating his logic and honesty.

"How does the seal work, though?" she would ask timidly, becoming more interested in it. This man certainly had some charm about him, but something about him seemed rather lonely. "Is it dangerous?" her eyes seemed to flash a warning at the word dangerous. It wasn't that she wouldn't buy it if it was, but she still had a childish air about her, as if she never had the chance to really grow up; it seemed as if her innocence was infinite, as if she looked upon the world as if she was experiencing everything for the first time and that it was all mystifying and beautiful.

Ayame would listen intently as they would walk, her hands now cusped behind her back as she walked.

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Zombies [Ganki] [No-Kill, Private] - Page 2 Empty Re: Zombies [Ganki] [No-Kill, Private]

Sat May 20, 2017 9:54 pm
"The seals, just augment your physical abilities. All I would need to do is place a seal on your neck, arm, shoulder, where ever you want. its no different than having a tattoo. After that, all you have to do is focus some chakra toward the seal, bam! It activates, and gives u extra fighting power, depending on the seal you choose. The only thing you have to worry about, is over them. I suggest to all my customers to get a feel for them with first, before you kick them into high gear. You know, start off small.", Ganki reaches into his pocket and pulls out a deck of cards, the cards describe each seal that Ganki has to offer (Link, for you to choose which one you want).

He sticks out the deck of cards towards Ayame, while continuing his steps. "These cards will give u a brief description of which seal does what. So go ahead, look through them."
Ayame Nezumichi
Ayame Nezumichi
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Zombies [Ganki] [No-Kill, Private] - Page 2 Empty Re: Zombies [Ganki] [No-Kill, Private]

Sun May 21, 2017 3:17 am
Ayame watched as the man extended a deck of six cards to her. Her heart began to race nervously. Was she really going to do this? Ayame took the deck gingerly from him as if she was afraid he would yank it back from her grasp.

She stopped walking to read the information that the cards held, studying them carefully. After each use of the seal she would become weaker upon cancelation, and if she became too weak it would kill her. It depends upon what a person can take to their body and is different or everyone.

Ayame's brow furrowed as she read the effects of each seal. First there was Jirobo's which would increase her defenses and her physical strength significantly. Then there was the Sakon/Ukon seal that would increase her endurance and Chakra reserves.

Neither of those seemed like they could help her too much, so she continued through the deck, reading intently. Kidomaru's seal seemed like it would be a Taijutsu specialist's dream, however, she was sure that wasn't her. She struggled when Queen was teaching her to block and that was a basic move. Ayame shook her head realizing that it just wasn't her and moving on to the next.

Tayuya's seal was a strange one... increasing physical strength and chakra reserves. It seemed like an odd combination.

Then the last two caught her attention. Heaven and Earth, like Yin and Yang. While Earth increased resistance and chakra reserves, which would be very helpful to a medic, Ayame realized that Heaven might be her best bet as it was well suited to increase her chakra reserves and her speed, allowing for her to both take out enemies quickly and heal allies longer.

Ayame looked up and stuck out the card of the heaven seal. "This one. I want this one" she would say boldly. She would then hand the man the deck seeming more confident in her actions.

"If i were to get one, I mean" she would state afterward turning her head and zoning out for a moment preparing for what was to come.

"I mean I'd like to get one, but... I'm worried about what will happen to me when I receive the mark. The cards said that there's a possibility that I could die. Even if I didn', are you going to leave me on the street? Would you stay with me until I wake up?" She seemed to have a lot of questions for the man as she worried about what was to come.

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Zombies [Ganki] [No-Kill, Private] - Page 2 Empty Re: Zombies [Ganki] [No-Kill, Private]

Sun May 21, 2017 8:14 pm
While Ayame looked through the cards, Ganki watching her for key signs, he wondered which seal she would pick. He assumed she would no doubt pick the Heaven Seal, a popular seal picked by many. He figured it was the wings that grabbed everyone’s attention. Something would have to be done about this; the price would surely have to rise. When demand sores, so too the price, basic economics 101. He wouldn’t raise the price too much though; he figured he’d raise it up by 500 ryo, 1000 the next time if sales really took off.

Moments later, Ayame finally picked a seal; he takes the card she handed towards him. He smirked when he saw what seal she picked. It was no doubt the Heaven Curse seal. He nods his head a few times towards Ayame; it was a fine choice, a powerful seal at that. “Good choice, a lot of people seemed to pick this one, so don’t be too surprised if you run into other people with the same seal”, he takes the remaining cards from her, which he then places back into his large pockets.

“Yeah…, I’m definable raising the price on this seal, too many people have bought this seal. As soon as I get this 3000 ryo, I’m gonna jack that shit up so hi-“

His mental train of thought was cut off when Ayame looked worry about the something. She asking about the side effects of the seal was an error on his part. Ganki knew he was supposed to inform her of the side effects and how he would take care of them from the get go. He sucks his teeth slightly at the thought. He was slipping…

“Oh, yes. I’m sorry about that, Ms. Nezumichi. Normally I inform people of these side effects beforehand and explain the solutions before I go on about the seals. The mention of possible death is for those who have no shinobi training what so ever, and try to use something their body isn’t ready for. It’s like giving a kid a loaded crossbow. So don’t worry, you are fine.
Right, so when a host normally gets one of my power seals planted on their body, the host will normally slip into an unconscious state for a few hours, don’t worry its perfectly normal. It’s a bug none of my employees can figure out, but it only happens once. Also, I won’t leave you on the street, that’s messed up and not to mention…, that’s bad customer service. Now, the solution to that, is I’vee managed to learn howto plant the seal in a way that if prevents the side effect from setting in immediately, delaying it for a few minutes. This means that you will have enough time to make it back to your room, pop a few pills or sip a few drinks quickly before you knock out. Once again, it’s perfectly safe.”

He suddenly thinks about her question of her wanting him to stay with her till she wakes up, well, at least that’s how he interpreted it. She seemed nice…

"But, if you need me to..”, he shuts his mouth quickly as he realized he was speaking with his usual northern accent, instead of his southern accent he picked up down here in the wind country. This had never happened before, for normally he kept a tight lid on his true accent, due to recent events. Ganki thinks back to the time when he lived in the cloud village, the time when he left his post when the village was under siege. The thought of offering to stay with her till she woke up, gave him an uncomfortable feeling. She seemed nice; it’s just that Ganki saw her as the clingy type. He didn’t need that right now, for he was going through some things. He quickly picked up from where he left off.

“Never, yeah, if you still want the Power Seal, it will be 3000 ryo, cash. If there is anything else you might be looking for, or any other questions, shoot”, Ganki said, with a friendly tone. His southern accent was back on.
Ayame Nezumichi
Ayame Nezumichi
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Zombies [Ganki] [No-Kill, Private] - Page 2 Empty Re: Zombies [Ganki] [No-Kill, Private]

Sun May 21, 2017 10:56 pm
Ayame felt more reassured by his talking, though she didn't care for how formal he was being.  She nodded understanding what was going to happen after the seal was placed on her. It still worried her a little that she would be alone through all of this.

Then the man started another sentence, sounding a bit different. She perked up, intrigued by the sudden change in the man. She looked up to meet his eyes as he snapped his mouth shut acting as if he was embarrassed by how he had said the phrase 'but if you need me to...' . She wondered where this man was from that he obtained that lovely... accent was it? Sure he had said only a few words but it was extremely noticeable to her. She could no longer get a feel on the man so she would exhale calmly a pause as she thought about if there were any more questions.

"What if I would need help?" she would ask hesitantly. "Do most people know how to deal with these seals? or is there a Sensei that could help?" she would state confused.

After she would bring out her 3000 ryo from her pocket, suddenly thinking of something. The small Jade pebble she found on the way to Suna would benefit him more than it would her, or so she thought. It had already brought in a bunch of prosperity to her throughout her stay in Suna, perhaps it would be a kind gesture to end this meeting on. Little did she know that ganki was going through a lot at this time and that Jade could also heal his heart.

She would delicately hand him both the money and the small beautiful and shiny green rock. "I don't really know what you believe, but I believe that certain rocks can attract certain things into your life, or banish certain things.  This is a piece of Jade. It brings good luck and prosperity to its owner, and I figure it could help a businessman like you increase your prosperity" she would say smiling. "I know its odd to give people gifts on the first meeting, but I think you deserve to have it. It's served me well recently anyway. I won almost all of the bets I made. And anyway I figured it would be seen as a kind gesture and also be a good note to end this sale on" she would say sweetly, smiling and tilting her head slightly as if to show him she was insistent.

She would then reach out and shake his hand, with a firm handshake, that hopefully would surprise ganki as the type of handshake a muscular man would have, but receiving that from a timid and willowy young lady.

"And if you're ever in the leaf, hit me up. I might be in need of more supplies. I'm sure you'd be able to find me with ease, considering I live in an apple tree" she would state with a cheerful giggle, hoping he would find humor in her statement, though she made sure that he understood she was entirely serious. "And I couldn't be happier living anywhere else" she would add in remembering her home and missing it dearly. It had been a month since she had such sweet apples from that tree. Her mouth watered just thinking about it.

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Zombies [Ganki] [No-Kill, Private] - Page 2 Empty Re: Zombies [Ganki] [No-Kill, Private]

Tue May 23, 2017 7:48 pm
There he stood awkwardly, continuing to look towards, Ayame, eye to eye. All he could do was wait really. Either she would comment on his accent, or move on. He hoped it wouldn’t cause too much attention, him being from the north, the cloud village, which was now a hell on earth from all the rumors he had heard. However, as luck would have it, Ayame moved on, skipping over Ganki’s little slip up.

Moving on, when she asked Ganki about her needing any help with the seal, he thought about it for a moment. It was a good question, even though he thought was clear about the mechanics of the curse seal. He couldn’t exactly stay around her 24/7, he had his own stuff to do. Nevertheless, Ganki came up with a solution to her problem.

"If you need help with the power seal, you should go talk to a leaf shinobi named, Salzem. I sold him one of my power seals too. I’m pretty sure he is enjoying his little purchase as we speak”, he said, looking down towards Ayame as she appeared to be retrieving something from her pockets. He guessed it to be the 3000 ryo, which indeed it was, however, Ganki would appear to receive more than his stack of money it seems.

Upon her handing his payment, his greedy eyes more so focused on the cash, he glimpsed a few times at the gem. It was a jade gem; he didn’t know why she would give him such a thing. But, jade is a precious piece of jewelry. So he took the gem from her, along with the cash. Later on, after her speaking about why she gave him the jade, Ganki was lost in thought. The piece of jade brought good luck to the bearer, but that wasn’t what robbed Ganki of his attention. No, Ganki didn’t believe in that sort of hocus pocus nonsense. It was the simple fact that it was a gift.

“A gift huh? No… nobody gives something away for free. Any minute now she is probably going to ask for a discount, or try to get something off of me. Nope, not today… just you wait.”

Ganki waited for the plotting little girl to spring her move on him. But, our young steady capitalist was ready, ready to deny her on request, swiftly. He watches her extend her hand towards him; his eyes squint at her action. Just as he was about to say “No”, he was met with only an invitation to look her up should his travels bring him down to the leaf village. Ganki smirked at the thought, if it was what Ganki thought it was, then she didn’t have to give him a piece of jade for some of that company.

“…Thanks…, really thanks, I’m not used to getting stuff for, free. You know, you’re alright, Ayame.”, jhe said, oblivious to the fact that he called her by her first name, which was so informal according to his ways when he does business with others.

He places the cash he earned into his very own pocket, but kept the piece of jade out in the open, taking in its features for a bit longer. He wasn’t too sure about the quality, if it was of the high or low end. Since he didn’t happen to have a jeweler’s microscope on him, placed the gem in his pocket, assuming it was of high quality. Hey? It’s a free piece of jade, who would be picky over something free?

Ganki really wasn’t accustomed to getting free stuff, especially gifts. The only gifts he used to get were on his birthdays, from his parents, with their whereabouts unknown. He finally shakes Ayame’s hand, adding in a moment of silence, her grip caught him of guard. “An apple tree, you mean to tell me that you live in an apple tree? Well, I guess you wouldn’t have to go far to get breakfast than...,huuuh... yeah that was a lame joke”, he said with a smile. He stops walking now, hoping for Ayame to stop too. Still shaking her hand, he would attempt to turn her hand over just a tad bit, the top of her hand now facing upward. “I’m going to put the seal on the top of your hand; you won’t feel anything, no pain. Just remember, you need to make it back to wherever you are staying, fast”, should she allow him to place the seal on her, his body took on a green aura. The necklace he wore underneath his shirt also shined a bit (Sage trinket).  After his chakra level soared to an above average level, he light taps the top of Ayame’s hand with his free hand, a single formula swirls along the top of her hand, till finally resting, forming a single Fuin seal, the Heaven’s curse seal. Now, Ganki lets go of her hand, wishing her well.

“Right, now head on back to your place, and thank you for choosing Sakura Corp”, he waits for her to run back to her place, only for him to leave too.
-50 AP Orochimaru Seal
-50 AP Thunder Arc Wing
1000 AP left

(Exit, claiming 3000 ryo, and a piece of jade gem. Also the roll was avoided due to my raised chakra stat.)
Ayame Nezumichi
Ayame Nezumichi
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Zombies [Ganki] [No-Kill, Private] - Page 2 Empty Re: Zombies [Ganki] [No-Kill, Private]

Wed May 24, 2017 2:07 pm
"S-salzem?" she would ask caught a little off guard. "I didn't think he of all people would.... n-nevermind" she would say. Salzem had been a good friend to her, but did he really need more power than his brute strength already covered?

Ayame was pleased that the man liked the little gift. She liked to see others happy. As he stated, taken aback that he usually didn't get free things, she wold comment giggling, "The best things the world has to offer are free; Being able to watch the stars at night as you drift off to sleep, watching the minnows in the river go about their business, or even watching the lightning strike during a storm." she would state smiling.

"Oh that joke wasn't lame, it was pretty funny actually. I really do miss the apples, though." she would state toward the comment about her home.

Then he would flip her hand over and his chakra levels would soar. It nearly scared her, and had she felt she could not trust him, she would have jerked her hand away, but she let him do what he needed to. She watched in amazement at the Jutsu working before her and eventually ceasing with a single little mark, like a tattoo of sorts, resting just around where the bones of her index finger and thumb would meet on her left hand. When he was finished, she would bring her hand closer to her face as she looked it over. "Thank you" she would say with a gentle smile.

Then the man would tell her to go back to where she was staying, So she did so, running back to the hotel she was staying at for the time being. She would feel herself grow lightheaded as she entered the room and locked the door, her breathing slowing. It was very scary to the girl, but the man said she would fall asleep for some time as her body adjusted.

Nita would sense that there was something wrong and come to comfort the girl as she passed out.

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1000/1000 Researching/Training the book of Clan Nezumichi
-3000 Ryo
Heaven's Curse Mark
Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
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Zombies [Ganki] [No-Kill, Private] - Page 2 Empty Re: Zombies [Ganki] [No-Kill, Private]

Wed May 24, 2017 8:10 pm
Approved at both,  be sure to make the deduction @Ayame and the increase @Ganki

Also Ganki get to Kumo gods-damn it I've been dying to meet you IC for MONTHS
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Zombies [Ganki] [No-Kill, Private] - Page 2 Empty Re: Zombies [Ganki] [No-Kill, Private]

Thu May 25, 2017 12:42 am
Your wish is my command...

*looks at Senshi's Ryo count*
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