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[New employment (private) Ganki and the Raikage] Empty [New employment (private) Ganki and the Raikage]

Sat Oct 27, 2012 8:01 pm
Ganki would arrive at the the Raikage chambers, just right outside the entrance. He was dressed in his full jounin uniform, as well has his mask that covered his mouth, with a ninja sack that was strapped to his right back side. Ganki came to dress like a ninja was suppose to, in order to achieve his goal. It has been a while since the day he received his jounin rank status, though he didn't have a team of his own he was still a powerful ninja. Today, Ganki need to meet the Raikage himself for a job opportunity. To join the Anbu squad, that was his goal since the day he got bord of being a jounin.

Alright, let's do this.Ganki opened the doors into the Raikage building, Anbu was the word of the day. As he walked through the building he told himself to keep a serious additude during the while meeting, if he ever wanted a shot at becoming part of the squad. However, as Ganki walked through the building, he couldn't help but notice all of the patched up holes that were in the wall. What the, looks like a hurricane hit here. Oh well, the Raikage must have a pretty good excuse for all this. Yeah, maybe he must be building a whole brand new Raikage chamber some where else, must be tearing down all the important stuff. Ganki then remembered all the rumors about the Raikage, knocking holes in people's houses when they were late with the village tribute payment, or even tossing empty bottles onto random villagers when from his office window, sometimes full if the villager was unlucky. But Ganki found that rumor to be false, why would the Raikage do something that extreme him?Yeah right, If he wanted to he could have hired somebody else to do that,that way he wouldn't get caught. Dang, that does sound like fun though, but never mind that. Ganki could help but joke with himself as this could be the last time he could joke like that of he would receive this job. As he followed the directions to the office, the holes got bigger and bigger, some weren't even patched up. By the time he was near to reaching the door, he was stopped by a guard that was asking him why he would be here, especially during this time. I'm here to see the Raikage, would you get him for me? Now Ganki would wait to see if he would finally get to meet the Raikage face to face. Ganki was now waiting in the welcome area sitting a few feet from the Raikage's door, while watching the guards going to the door that lead to the Raikage's office.
Gnome King Zack
Gnome King Zack
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[New employment (private) Ganki and the Raikage] Empty Re: [New employment (private) Ganki and the Raikage]

Wed Oct 31, 2012 3:45 pm
(Chris gave me permission to join o.o )

"I just had to leave, didn't I?" Dropping the mast of black that he had over his brow and sliding the sweat away from his creme colored mass called his face and waltzing through the idolized sanctum of luminosity before going into the blue sky swirled world. Forests had not been that grand before the times of sure bloodshed, and being as it is Midarou was in the grand climatic insure of it all and hadn't realized that it was under his feet that many lives were take from the innocent bystanders that once walked through here. An ominous welcome to the new world indeed says the child called God.

But in reality this twelve and a half year old rambling to himself was set for failure as a man with a cart wisps by before noticing his headband and screaming,"FIRE NATION SCUM!!" Stunning conversing this was turning into right? Drifting past the antics that he was brought up by in the Volcano village by the crazed jashinist as the head of it cries out before the catch of the man's throat and tightening grip bursting blood vessels within the eyes of this "fish.."

"Stop it.......Please...

The tyrant seizes his locked flanges from within the poor merchant's esophagus and looming off towards the end of the cart which was carried by a bull/bison hybrid named Bobo. The thing about Bobo is that he had an extra long looped foot lift on the saddle due to the man's poor height which would have to be four foot on the dot. Diamond eyes Midarou was walking with his head held high not noticing that his foot was coiled on the footing which could spell disaster after realizing that Bobo had a fear of field mice which could set any woman off nowadays. Scurrying little feet adjacent to the massive black beast.....Only time could tell now.

It happened so fast Midarou was being dragged by Bobo, and the cart; the screams from the man could be heard loud as comical,"MY CABBAGES!!"
Abrupt antics equals dismay as the bull crashes through the wall of many buildings in the near by village, which was a big one at that, Kumogakure, the land of lightning, many of names for this strong village.

"Damn bull would you stop?!!"
Alas the joyride halts at one last wall, one last..."Wall...." Standing before a Kumo jounin in full colors he notices an office, broken desk, chair and everything.

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[New employment (private) Ganki and the Raikage] Empty Re: [New employment (private) Ganki and the Raikage]

Wed Oct 31, 2012 6:19 pm
(Nice avatar reference btw lol)

Ganki would be sitting down on his chair, waiting to see if he could get a meeting with the Kage. When he watch the guards go into the office, he then heard a strange loud noise that was coming from everywhere. He looked from side to side to see of he could figure out what the hell he was hearing, all he knew was that it seemed to be getting closer. The loud crashing sound could have been the working crew, he thought to himself. Alright, what the hell is going on." Ganki would get up for his chair and look around, he then loped up at the ceiling and yelled out, "Would you keep it down out there, who ever you are. Cause of you dont, I'll come over there and shove my foot so far up your...!!!".Finally, the wall that lead to the waiting area at which Ganki himself was, had been knocked down. Ganki however was clear of the flying debris, he would now be standing in front of a funny but weird situation. "Who the hell are you? And can't you read the signs, no animals allowed inside. Before Ganki was a unknown but weird stranger, that had seems to be attached to a cart, that was pulled by a large bull like animal. Ganki would just stare at the individual, wonder what he was doing here exactly."oh wait a minute, you must be part of the work crew. You guys do a pretty lousy job at maintaining safety codes around here, all these holes make me think about how long this building can last for". However, Ganki noticed the headband that the stranger was wearing. Ganki knew that the headband was not of this village, the poor guy was far from home.

You know what, forget that. I don't know who you are, but you picked the wrong day to come to this village." Ganki would now look down at the boy who seemed confused, and lost at that. The situation that Ganki was in was none other than random, to finally go to meet the Raikage ends up becoming a crazy ass day. Ganki would wait for a answer from the unexpected visitor, as he was now 9 feet from the stranger, plus the bull. The cloud shinobi would be ready for anything.
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[New employment (private) Ganki and the Raikage] Empty Re: [New employment (private) Ganki and the Raikage]

Fri Dec 28, 2012 10:55 am
Ganki would see that the other ninja was no threat at all, due to him just look clueless. Plus, Ganki would decide to leave the building, due to the fact that the guards would still be within e office for a long time. "hmm, maybe the Raikage is busy, I better come back another time, when he is a bit more... Free"

Tanking would then zip outside the building with his bodyflicker technique, he would exit the room without crossing paths of the Raikages office, to avoid any unwanted incidents. Ganki would have to put his goals on hold for now.

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