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Learning storage displacement [P] Empty Learning storage displacement [P]

Mon Feb 20, 2017 3:21 pm
Hikaru was standing in the library examining the bookshelves for a certain book. It was early morning so no one was in the library with him except the librarian behind the counter. Nothing could be heard except the occasional sound of pages being flipped from the librarian and Hikaru's footsteps as he paced up and down the isle looking for the book. Eventually he found what he has looking for, a book which had three space-time jutsu detailed inside. He had already learnt one of them but he was still hungry for more, space-time jutsu was fascinating. He took out the book and placed it on the table beside the shelves, spewing dust particles into the air. 

"I guess not many people bother to pick up space-time jutsu" He murmured to himself. As he watched the dust particles begin to fall he decided to practice his space-time jutsu. His small hands expertly weaved the seals, Rat-Boar, He watched the dust particles slow down to a halt in the air, but when he looked closer he noticed they were still moving, just very slowly. While keeping flicker movement active he began reading the book, using his increased speed and reaction time to shorten the time it would normally take to read it.

As he whizzed through the pages at high speeds he found what he was looking for,  the storage replacement techinque. Allowing his flicker movement to fizzle out he read the pages on the jutsu, memorising all key information. He picked up the book and inserted into the gap where it had been previously. He stood up and stretched, time to learn. As he left he heard a voice.

"Please come again!" said the Librairian in an obviously rehearsed tone. He completely ignored her, he could practically feel the annoyance bubbiling off her. Once he was outside he took a deep breath and looked around. The usual mist had decided to lay over the village once again, limiting sight to only about 10 meters in each direction. He started to walk towards his training grounds, taking in the sights of the village. People were starting to stir and groggy, half-asleep civilians were already setting up their stalls. He then decided that he was going to train in the town, not in the village.

He walked up to a wall and began concentrating. Drawing wierded out stares from the onlookers. Hikaru didn't care what they thought, they were all weaklings after all. He put his foot onto the brickwork and began channeling his chakra through his feet and began walking up the walls with a nonchalant expression. Once he made it to the top he started doing his usual warmup routine.

He dropped onto the floor and started doing some push-ups, then he moved onto sit-ups. He didn't want to waste to much energy on the warmup, he knew from experience that learning new jutsu took a lot of energy. Once he was done on the sit-ups he started doing some basic stretches. While doing this he was moving chakra through his coils to try expand his chakra supply.

After the warmup he sat down and slid his legs and feet into the lotus position and started meditating. As he meditated he became more aware of everything, inernal and external. He could hear the villagers bellow him trying to get a bargain on a piece of fruit. He could feel the gentle thrum of his chakra sliding through his coils. He could feel a nest of birds rousing   a hundred of meters away. He opened his eyes as he came to a realisation, while he was doing a primitive version, he still felt proud.

"Chakra sensing?" Hikaru mused "I guess il learn that after i learn it after the storage replacement". 

He stood up and looked around the roof for a small object to practice the jutsu on. He had a kunai hidden in his kimono but he didn't want to risk destroying it upon failing the jutsu. He spotted a small stone nestled in between two bricks so he walked upto it and yanked it out. He studded the rock closely and placed it on the floor. He remembered all the key parts of the jutsu. It was a space-time jutsu but primarily focused on the "Space" part of it. The seals were Rat-Dog.

He picked up the rock and began weaving the hand seals Rat-Dog, But it was quite hard to do with the stone in his hands however, he perservered. the instructions hadn't specifically told him where the equipment goes, all it had said was "A seperate dimension" but that was all he needed. He coated the stone with the molded chakra and began dissembling it. He watched the stone with lots of intrest as it began breaking into millions of particles, dispersing in the morning breeze. This continued for about a minute until the stone was completely gone.

Had the jutsu worked? Hikaru pondered this question for a while, how could he tell what had happened? Then he felt it, the feeling was hard to explain. He could feel the rock beside him yet it was in another dimension, it was like... He could feel the energy, yet it wasn't energy. Excitement began to bubble in his chest but he quickly suppressed it, he was not used to the feeling of excitement, the only other time he had felt it was when he fought Tenzo and when he had first learnt of Space-Time jutsu.

"Space-time jutsu is extraordinary." He murmured. "Now i need to see if i can retrieve it.".

He did the seals again Rat-Boar and pushed his out into the alternate dimmension, pulling the energy of the stone towards his open hand. Particles began swarming around his hand like flies to a piece of left out meat. The particles began clumping together into something that resembled a rock. Eventually they had all formed and had made the original rock. He gazed at it with what resembled an empty gaze yet satisfaction danced in his usually lifeless eyes.

He spent the next few hours disappearing and retrieving the rock until it became second nature and he could do it as fast as he could. Hikaru then decided that it was time to try it with a kunai. He flicked his arm and a kunai, which was previously hidden in his kimono, sprung into his hand. He wove the seals and watched the Kunai disappear in a burst of particles. Once again he did the seals and reached out and grabbed his kunai from the dimmension.

Particles began swaming around his hands and formed the distinct shape of a kunai. He grasped the newly-formed Kunai in his hands before slipping it back into his kimono. He smiled to himself, another jutsu, he was growing stronger. He jumped from the side of the building, His overlarge kimono billowing in the wind, and landed with a roll. He looked around him and saw that the market stalls were already being packed up.

"Did it really take me that long to learn that jutsu?" Hikaru whispered "Meh, whatever, at least i learnt it". He sighed and began the short treck back to the orphanage.

(Word count: 1203
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Learning storage displacement [P] Empty Re: Learning storage displacement [P]

Mon Feb 20, 2017 4:18 pm

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