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Wed May 15, 2019 9:55 pm
The cave Suzume resided in had become cluttered with trash and nonsense that really just didn't need to be lying around in. She decided to finally get up for once, and clean the place up. A few food wrappers here, and used plates and mugs there. Anything needing to be disposed of she gathered into a plastic bag and carried it to some public waste big. It wasn't that big, Suzume managed to squeeze it in. Getting back to the cave that now had more space and no litter, there were a few objects that she didn't want to leave out but also didn't want to get rid of. She remembered so long ago in the academy of a skill a classmate did where an object could be placed in a tiny dimension for storage. The perfect solution for her dilemma here.

It wasn't a clear memory, though. It would take her a few tries to figure out how to perform such an ability. Focusing her chakra on space-time, all she managed to do at first was create a sphere of energy in the palm of her hand. It rotated chaotically, much unlike what she was going for. She needed something more stable, as well as hollow to allow something to be held within it. She thought about how the cave she was in had walls, but had room within it. With that idea, Suzume attempted to mimic it. The sphere ended up fizzing out, her chakra wasn't exactly placed in the way she meant. But at least she had a better idea of what to aim for. 

Using chakra in this manner seemed a lot like pottery. Using the cave idea as a blue print, she now gave thought that making pottery would be the process. She shook her hands out to give them some relief, rubbed them together, and begun her second attempt. Anything that needed a roof would first need a sturdy base, and that's the first step Suzume completed. Similar to a vase that stood upright, she would be able to build upon it to make the walls she so imagined. This became the more difficult part, for the girl had never used her chakra in a way where there was space in the energy she ejected. With more thought, she realized that even though her methods were similar to pottery, it wasn't clay she was working with - but chakra. It too could be manipulated into different forms and such, but the two functioned differently. 

She spawned more of her chakra at the center of the base. Then, she spread out the energy particles to the sides, keeping them connected to the bottom. It seemed to be working, for this is what formed the walls. She did the same thing, but finalizing the area with a "roof". Suzume successfully created the area that an object of sorts could be held in. Now, the next step would be to actually do so. 

She picked up two fox stuffed animals - one orange and the other blonde. Usually, they sat together to the side of her cave, and when the girl would go to sleep she would look at them. A cute pair. It would be a shame if something happened to them, and chose to try out the skill on them. She refused to have them sheltered separately. Yes, she was aware they were stuffed animals, but still played along as if they were alive. Holding them both by their paws, she recreated her process of storage. The girl formed a base, then spread out her chakra around the stuffed animals, and sealed the walls with a roof. Done! She knew exactly where they were, for it was her own energies that she contained them in. 

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