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David o' confused names
David o' confused names
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Ack! Fire! (mission) - I/O, Nano Goka Empty Ack! Fire! (mission) - I/O, Nano Goka

Wed Feb 08, 2017 1:27 am
mission specs:


Jeisuta scrambled down the street, tying his ninja headband around his head. A few onlookers gave him minor bits of attention, but he was not that attention grabbing anymore. Besides, the plumes of smoke he was rushing towards, curling into the sky, were clearly more important.

He was supposed to put out the fire. And extract victims, the usual.

Well, the usual for any ninja accustomed to this stuff. Sadly, Jeisuta was not used to this, or any kind of mission. Mostly because he was on his first mission, sort of literally a trial of fire. The plumes of smoke got closer... he was around the bend....

He hoped his very recently assigned partner, a certain Nano Goka, showed up on time. He didn't have a clue what the fellow looked like, sadly, he would have to guess from the headbands. Hopefully he was not lost in the confusion, he wasn't sure if they would have to report back together.
Nano Gōka
Nano Gōka
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Ack! Fire! (mission) - I/O, Nano Goka Empty Re: Ack! Fire! (mission) - I/O, Nano Goka

Wed Feb 08, 2017 6:31 am
Turning the corner around a large building, Nano finally was able to get a decent look at the fire. It was a fairly big wooden hut that was being burnt by the red scorching fire. Having already put his headband on his forehead this morning, Nano was ready to complete the mission. Just as he was about to run closer to the fire, he spotted somebody wearing a Hoshigakure headband. Quickly, he pressed the star on his headband to alert what he assumed to be his teammate of his location.

Once he knew his teammate knew of his location Nano used the Body Flicker technique (AP 154/164) to arrive at the fire in a burst of 43 speed. He then scouted around the sides of the hut. After circling the hut once, Nano peered through a window. What he saw shocked him. There was still two babies sitting in a cradle inside! He quickly jumped through the window and grabbed one of the babies. Nano suddenly came to the realisation that he could only carry a single baby at a time.

"Hurry up! I need some help getting them out safely!" He yelled out to his new teammate, "I can't carry two at once!" Nano looked stressfully out the window towards his teammate which he still barely knew, Jeisuta was his name he thought. When looking out the window, Nano noticed something he hadn't accounted for when coming inside the hut. The fire had spread to the next house! Backing up, Nano prepared to leap out the window while he looked at Jeisuta expectantly.

Wc - 265
Ap - 154/164
(OOC: make sure you add the word count to the end of each post mate.)
David o' confused names
David o' confused names
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Ack! Fire! (mission) - I/O, Nano Goka Empty Re: Ack! Fire! (mission) - I/O, Nano Goka

Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:12 pm
Funny how those headbands worked.

Then suddenly, his teammate disappeared! OR almost did. He just moved with a surprising burst of speed all of a sudden, scurrying around and then inside the house.

Babies, though. Jeisuta scrambled for the door in much slower fashion, though not for want of trying.

The crackling of the fire spreading further did not go un-noticed. As fast as the slowpoke could be, he grabbed the second baby and dived back out the doorway, protecting the baby with his arms and body, until he rolled to a stop, his elbows still held out to prevent the kiddo from being crushed.

"Be right back."

He grabbed a nearby bucket but couldn't find any water immediately, so he crammed the bucket full of dirt, and ran back to the fire. Throwing it onto the fire that had spread to the nearby building, he scurried through the burning house, looking for survivors. All the while, he screeched "Fire!!! Fire!!!", his tone almost that of someone being murdered or kidnapped.

(ttl wc: 332)
Nano Gōka
Nano Gōka
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Ack! Fire! (mission) - I/O, Nano Goka Empty Re: Ack! Fire! (mission) - I/O, Nano Goka

Thu Feb 09, 2017 7:37 am
"Fire!!! Fire!!!" He heard his teammate call out to the nearby civilians. The babies where both safe and sound outside of the hut but there could still be more people in the next door building which had caught fire. He quickly rushed over to the other building and saw Jeisuta piling dirt over the fire to slow it down as much as possible before the fire brigade arrived and he quickly followed suit.

After five minutes of shovelling dirt with a bucket Nano decided it was safe enough to check out the inside of the building. It was a large warehouse containing mostly wooden furniture which shouldn't have been there in the first place considering they were a massive fire hazard. Seeing that beams of wood were piling in from the roof, he sprinted around the building and came in through the back door.

Fortunately, there wasn't anybody inside this section of the building but then Nano spotted a set of stairs in the corner. Having not noticed the building was higher on the outside, he was surprised to find a flight of stairs but quickly got over his surprise. He ran towards the stairs but a fiery wooden beam collapsed directly in front of him, causing him to take a slight detour. On his way around the beam Nano spotted a large water dispenser with a giant water bottle hanging upturned on the top.

He swiftly dislodged the bottle from the machine and carried it with him up the stairs. You never know when you might need some water to save someone's life. That was what was going through Nano's mind when he reached the top of the stairs. Evaluating the scene, one million possibilities popped up in his head in under a second. There was a woman standing over by the window, attempting to breath fresh air instead of smoke. Normally he would have jumped out of the window with the civilian but he was on the second story of the building. While he may be able to survive a jump like that, the civilian could not.

The window being crossed off the list, he began thinking of other escape routes but unfortunately the only one that he could think of was going back the way he had came. He looked down to the bottom of the stairs and felt a blast of heat on his body. Fire was blocking the way out! Slightly panicking, Nano took some deep breaths to calm down. He would not die today and he would rescue this innocent person. They could have been a parent, an uncle or any family member and he knew from experience that having no family was a horrible thing he wouldn't wish upon his enemies.

Remembering the water in his hands, he pondered for a second. He had quite a bit of water with him but would it be enough? No, it wouldn't. He would need somebody to bring some more or he wouldn't be able to make it out. Suddenly, Nano realised something. He almost slapped himself for forgetting about his teammate Jeisuta. Jeisuta was the only one who could save them. "Help! We've been cornered off by the fire! We need you to get some more water to clear us a path! Hurry!"

Wc 548
Total Wc 813
Ap 164/164
David o' confused names
David o' confused names
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Ack! Fire! (mission) - I/O, Nano Goka Empty Re: Ack! Fire! (mission) - I/O, Nano Goka

Sat Feb 11, 2017 1:54 am
Jeisuta left the building he had rescued the baby from, having scoured the rest of it for other inhabitants. Unless someone was actively hiding from him in the smoke, there was nobody else present. Which was fortunate.

Out of the corner of his eye, Jeisuta saw his partner heading for the second building, which was only just starting to catch fire. That left Jeisuta and a bunch of newly arrived civilians to clear out the fire of the first one. Hopefully they could get it done quickly.

Jeisuta directed many of the civilians to start a pair of bucket chains, one to bring water forward from a nearby pond (and a consortium of kitchen sinks) while the other, comprised of the older people and smaller women, passed the empty buckets back towards the various stations used to refill it. Others scrounged around, looking for miscellaneous items they could use - nets to catch things and people tossed out of the windows in a frantic attempt to save anything, more potential water containers, piles of dirt, and so on.

Jeisuta of course, did a "bad" thing, for want of a fire hose. Shouting "It's an emergency, come help!!!" loudly, at any of the neighbors who looked at him oddly, he took garden hoses from all the surrounding houses, unwinding them along the way, thrusting them into the hands of bystanders and frog marching them towards the fire. While most got the idea, some cut and ran, and others stared, slack jawed. The latter, he had to literally explain what to do - "point the business end at the fire and keep spraying". The others, he didn't have time to chase down. Catching them would be little trouble, even if he was slow as heck for a ninja, but he couldn't chase down all of those wimps every moment, not without sacrificing everything else he hoped to accomplish to stop this fire. Oh well.

When he had stolen all the garden hoses that could feasibly reach the fire, and a good few that couldn't, Jeisuta turned his attention to the building again. Things were settling down there, but then an explosion rocked the air. A gout of steam burst into the air, as the whine of torn metal shrieked its way into the air.


Jeisuta handed out his weapons to other volunteers, he would get replacements later. Running into the building, which was only partially soaked and no longer burning, he directed people to start spraying the insides. In an attempt to aid this effort, he ran back inside. He headed to the nearest water pipe. He pushed with his chakra at it, clamping his hands around the pipe, and the part of the pipe he held exploded in his hands.


Running outside to inspect for wounds (nothing major), he realized he hadn't seen his mission partner.

And he didn't know his name.

Oh boy.

"Hey, Partner! Where you at???"

He yelled.

Many people turned briefly to look before figuring out he looked for someone else.

Where could that boy have go- oh right!


He went into the adjacent building.

Jeisuta took off.

As he stepped into the building, of course, purely by coincidence and not plot, he heard someone who sounded like his partner shouting for help. Unfortunately, Jeisuta did not have the requested water, nor anything to collect it with. Scrambling up the stairs, he heard the voice coming from a nearby room. One surrounded by flames. Ummm...

There wasn't a lot he could do, really.

Looking around, he heard another pop and explosion from the adjacent building, and remembered the pipes. Punching a hole into a nearby wall, he conveniently saw some glistening metal pipes. Grabbing one in each hand, he attempted to control his chakra more carefully, trying to slice through the pipe instead of exploding it.

He couldn't help but partially melt the pipe of course, due to his fire nature, but he felt a bit of a whistle through his body as well, and parts of the shaft cut cleanly.

Letting go of the pipe, he was rewarded with a massive spray of water. Repeating the process several times, he shouted "Hang on, I'm getting some water in this place!"

He finished breaking holes in the pipes, and the room was steaming due to the water evaporating when it hit the fire. Finding a nearby sack of dirt in what seemed to be a gardening shed, he dumped the dirt onto the floor around and in the doorway.

"To the door! I stifled the fire there, but I don't know how long it will last!"

Hopefully the other guy was still ok.


(ttl wc: 332:777=1109)
Nano Gōka
Nano Gōka
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Ack! Fire! (mission) - I/O, Nano Goka Empty Re: Ack! Fire! (mission) - I/O, Nano Goka

Sat Feb 11, 2017 4:13 am
"To the door! I stifled the fire there, but I don't know how long it will last!" Hearing the sound of his partner's voice was a huge relief for Nano. He rushed to the door, leading the civilian all the way. Seeing a steady flow of water coming from the pipes in the water, Nano couldn't help but notice the pipe was clean cut but his partner had no weaponry on him. Putting that thought aside for the time being, he began running once again, this time practically dragging the person due to how slow they seemed to be.

Bursting through the door out into the less smokey hallway, Nano acknowledged his teammate with a small nod but did not stop to chat and continued sprinting down the stairs and out the backdoor of the warehouse. Both him and the civilian gasped for fresh air after being immersed in thick smoke for almost five minutes. Many people claiming to be doctors rushed up to help them but Nano pushed them aside and told them to focus on the woman he had rescued. He was a shinobi and he had been training to withstand things like this.

He was frustrated with himself for needing to be saved by his partner but tried not to let it show. Just because he failed doesn't mean he shouldn't congratulate his teammate. Walking over to Jeisuta, he clapped him on the back and said "Thanks for doing that back there. That woman and I would have been toast otherwise. By the way, I noticed that you cut the pipes back there without a blade. You wouldn't happen to know how to use the wind element would you? I use it myself and it would be nice to find another practitioner of it."

While waiting for a reply, Nano grabbed a garden hose from the ground and began to douse the flames. This would take a long time to put out and they would need as much help as they could get.

Wc 336
Total Wc 1149
David o' confused names
David o' confused names
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Ack! Fire! (mission) - I/O, Nano Goka Empty Re: Ack! Fire! (mission) - I/O, Nano Goka

Sun Feb 12, 2017 1:36 pm
totally misjudged the length of the mission when i wrote the previous lol

totally not metagaming

Jeisuta barely noticed as his partner, Nano Goka, and the other person, a civilian, went zipping out the door. Or, rather, the boy was almost carrying the woman, such was the difference in vitality and speed. Hopefully they got to the door in time. Squinting through the smoke, his eyes began to sting. As much as he anted to keep fighting the fire, he really needed goggle at this time.

A brief trip outside solved that. The first fire was under way, but being contained fortunately. So back into the second building he went. Or would have, anyway. Partner boy showed up and thanked Jeisuta for the assistance.

But dude, he was in a hurry!

"No problem man, you woulda done the same for me. I guess it might have been wind element, when i tried crushing the pipes, they didn't entirely melt, some of it was just cut instead. I plan to break more pipes, so if you happen to know any tips, lemme know quick, I can see the fire spreading inside."

At least Nano seemed to recognize him with the goggles on.

You know, next time he would get a fireproof jacket or something. His clothes had started getting a bit burnt by the ambient heat and such.

Nano Gōka
Nano Gōka
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Ack! Fire! (mission) - I/O, Nano Goka Empty Re: Ack! Fire! (mission) - I/O, Nano Goka

Mon Feb 13, 2017 7:11 am
"If you wish to learn the art of the wind element my advice for you is to imagine wind Chakra pushing against itself, sharpening itself into a blade. Then push that blade forward to cut through the pipes. If you do not wish to become a user of the wind element, that is fine, continue as you have been doing. Now lets go stop the rest of the fire!" Nano then proceeded to check out the inside of the building again.

The fire had spread infront of the door but Nano was fairly sure it could be fixed with a little pipe breaking. Channeling his wind Chakra and following his own advice, Nano cut through the wall and a pipe which was inside of it. Said pipe burst out with water and caused the flame to go down ever so slightly. In an unlikely spur of events, the flames burnt away a wooden hook holding up some knives. One of the knives knicked Nano on the arm leaving a small trail of blood. Luckily it wasn't very deep but it needed to be treated quickly if he wanted to continue helping to put out the fire.

Without thinking, Nano channeled Chakra to his arm and felt a slight burning sensation. Suddenly the wound was closed up. If Nano was to guess, some sort of fire had cauterised the wound but that was impossible. Nano wasn't standing next to the fire at all! Putting the thought aside for a moment, Nano decided he needed to completely heal the wound before going on so he channeled Chakra to his hand and hovered it over the cut. His hand glowed green for a second before the shallow cut scabbed over and disappeared completely. This was done with the Basic Medical Ninjutsu level 1 (159/164).

With the cut gone, Nano ran head on back into the fire, this time with a better plan. If it counted as a plan. Running in and cutting up all the pipes had to be a good plan. Nano cut through a few more pipes until his half of the are was fairly clear of the fire. Now he just had to wait for the all clear from Jeisuta his partner. Once he was clear to go on to the next house which had caught fire he would make sure to do it as quickly as possible to leave as much of the interior of the house salvageable as he can.

Wc 413
David o' confused names
David o' confused names
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Ack! Fire! (mission) - I/O, Nano Goka Empty Re: Ack! Fire! (mission) - I/O, Nano Goka

Mon Feb 13, 2017 4:57 pm
Interesting. Jeisuta was in a hurry, but it seemed this fellow knew about the wind element as well. More than Jeisuta, which wasn't hard really. Heck, he already knew Jeisuta was doing the wind element when Jeisuta himself didn't! He might ask this Nano Goka for tips again, later.

As he ran back to the second building, Jeisuta concentrated his chakra in one hand, as there was a slight blockage - a wooden beam had fallen across the door, and would hamper efforts to move past it. Imagining his chakra grinding against itself as Nano had suggested, Jeisuta felt his arm push deeper into the wood with every blow.

Inside the building wa a mess. The fire had mostly dissipated now, but he had to put out all the embers and prevent the fire from spreading, a feat it would achieve rapidly due to the layers of flammables lying around. Taking a deep breath, he scurried to the nearest sink, snatching up a bucket in the process. Filling it with water, he ran for the closest pile of embers. Dumping the water over them, stifling and drowning the flames, he filled the bucket again.

Ok, that doorknob on the next room was hot, but he couldn't break it. Gathering chakra onto his arm, he imagined grinding it against itself in an attempt to sharpen it. It took two blows to punch a hole in the door, even with his chakra enhanced strikes. Fortunately, he could feel that it worked faster than without. Or this would have been a waste of time.

Entering the next room, he was surrounded by a sea of flames. Smoke most assuredly curled out the window he had seen before from this location.

Dumping the water around him in a circle, Jeisuta realized that this fire was really dangerous. Probably because the fire almost vaporized the water as it touched the flames. He needed more. Backing out of the room because it was pretty dangerous in there, Jeisuta started punching holes in the walls to look for pipes to burst. On his third try, he found the water main.

After breaking several holes in the wall of the pipe with his chakra, Jeisuta backed away to avoid being burned by the ensuing battle of the elements. Slowly, the fire retreated, despite vaporizing the initial rush of water.

Hopefully the owner of the building preferred water damage to fire. Some people would have to rebuild the place quite thoroughly.

Nano Gōka
Nano Gōka
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Ack! Fire! (mission) - I/O, Nano Goka Empty Re: Ack! Fire! (mission) - I/O, Nano Goka

Tue Feb 14, 2017 2:29 am
Seeing his partner run to the next building, Nano followed suit but was blocked off by a few people holding large fire hoses. Not wanting to stop them, Nano decided to continue on to the next house. It was the last burning house left and hopefully Nano could put it out before any lasting damage remained. It was an arduous task to clear the doorway as it was blocked by a fiery couch which had somehow made it's way there from the living room.

He grabbed out a kunai and began to slash through the couch as if it were a hot knife on butter. He did this whilst also making sure to dodge the growing flame emitting from the couch. Once the couch was cut into smaller bits Nano shifted them slightly to the side before stepping over the remaining fluff from inside the couch into the house. Fortunately it was only a single storey house and there was no need to go up more stairs. The house had a kitchen and dining room and bathr room straight as you came in and in the corner was a hallway leading to a living room and two bedrooms.

The dining room was free of any fire but there was a massive flame covering the entrance to the hallway with the living and bed rooms. Nano swiftly went into the bathroom and filled a bucket which just so happened to be there in the sink. With the bucket full to the brim, Nano exited the bathroom and approached the flames. He tipped the bucket slowly over the fire, moving it left to right to make sure it hit all of the fire. When the flames had been doused with water, Nano stepped into the hallway.

He found the two bedrooms to be completely normal however the living room was completely consumed in smoke and Nano could just make out tinges of orange and yellow. Knowing he couldn't get rid of this fire with the materials he had on hand, Nano rushed back out the door he had came in with and grabbed an extra long garden hose from a neighbouring house. There were people inside the house watching him in annoyance but they seemed to understand that it was necessary for it to be taken, even if a 'demon' took it.

Nano turned the valve to start the water flow and dragged the hose with him into the flaming house. Due to being a shinobi, his lungs were slightly larger and more capable than a regular person so he was able to withstand the smoke inhalation when he walked into the living room without too much of a problem. He span around in a circle with the hose in hand and sprayed the whole room, making sure to not leave anything than could reignite the fire.

When the fire had been put out, Nano brought the hose he had borrowed back to it's owner before jogging to the front of the house which his teammate had entered. Most of the fire on the outside of the building had been stopped by the people that were holding fire hoses earlier. The fire was almost entirely gone.

Wc 534
Total Wc 2096
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