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Ashie Uchiha
Ashie Uchiha
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Finally Rectifying the Situation (Ashie) - Page 4 Empty Re: Finally Rectifying the Situation (Ashie)

Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:56 pm
With her Masutaai activated Ashie could see a lot, colors felt more vivid, and it were as if time were in slow motion for her, but only in the sense of movement. It was weird, everything was still normal paced, but she had all the time to think about her next move. She couldn't explain them even if she tried her hardest to. She could see the transformation in Sal's arms start to begin as he cocked back his arm to prepare a swipe at her after she had made little shreds in his clothing. Her eyes reacted to the movement she saw and prepared herself, but she slowly started to feel nervous and as she felt her heart race within her like a humming bird's she started to laugh, not hard, and not soft either. A strange feeling bubbling within her as they faught hand to hand, well...claw to claw it seemed.

't-this feeling...its so...exciting!' she thought to herself as she let out a short laugh aiming another strike with her claws at his chest, though his mutated claws came up and clashed with her own as they pushed against each other with matched strength, their claws generating tiny sparks as they kept even pressure as to not hurt each other intentionally. He could get a better look at her face, her smile was that of pure excitement, one could tell that no one usually sparred with her with weapons before. She was definitely feeling the adrenaline surging through her. She stayed silent in their encounter aside from a chuckle here or a giggle there. She pushed off of Sal to get some distance between them, even if its an inch or two. She ducked low her left foot coming out past his footing and sweeping under him hoping to knock him off balance, or off a foot, or both.

She could feel something within her starting to make her legs shake and her hands sweat, and she's never felt a feeling like this before, after all the missions she was sent on, she even killed spies, but she felt nervous, maybe because now she was dealing with actual weapons, most of the time, it was either straight hand to hand, or ninjutsu and forget about genjutsu she could see through any who tried it...with the exception of her father, who sometimes used it to trick her into bed...but that was when she was little...before her eyes had learned what it was like to feel the pains of a shinobi. She didn't regret it, not one little bit. She was here to learn what it was like to really live. Not be stuck inside of a snow globe, she was honored by this freedom her father had gave her. If it weren't for that, she would be completely shattered about her family, she would never see her brother again.

This is all going to be worth it.

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Finally Rectifying the Situation (Ashie) - Page 4 Empty Re: Finally Rectifying the Situation (Ashie)

Mon Apr 03, 2017 7:37 am
Salzem himself was grinning with excitement as their claws raked against one another, sending sparks into the air. This was the first real time he was able to effectively use these claws, to really fight with him the way he did... He was so use to punching and kicking, dodging jutsu and other fists, but not once in recent memory did he ever have a fight quite like this. This was something new... something interesting, something he relished as they came at each-other again and again, their claws meeting each other in the air and sending sparks every which way. Of course, Salzem was careful that he didn't bare down on the smaller girl with his superior strength. In fact, he kept pace with her evenly, matching her speed and power with his own, fighting only with his skills with his claws.

For at least a minute the girl and the lycan clashed claws, steel vs nail, human vs beast, the two not even landing a blow on each-other until Ashie decided she'd mix it up. Given how their claws were not swords, one could say that this fight was very "tooth-and-nail", a close, dangerous dance of daggers that forced both combatants to a very close proximity and Salzem had grown used to it... Seeming to have noticed his complacency with their battle, Ashie quickly pushed off his chest instead of going in for a cut, gaining at least a foot's worth of distance between them.

"You're not getting aw-" Suddenly, before the lycan could get any further, he found that his legs were taken out from under him by a quick sweeping kick, sending him toppling to the ground. Acting fast, he extended his arm and raised his legs, his hand stopping his fall first and, using his momentum, twisted around his hips and swung a leg at at Ashie's lower legs as well in a sort of counter-sweep. If this succeeded, they'd both be heading for the ground now, the lycan making a swipe at her jaw, his other hand retracted, ready to catch himself when he hit the ground.
Ashie Uchiha
Ashie Uchiha
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Finally Rectifying the Situation (Ashie) - Page 4 Empty Re: Finally Rectifying the Situation (Ashie)

Mon Apr 03, 2017 10:40 pm
The girl smirking as she swept Sal off his feet, literally. His face one of surprise as her began his journey to the ground in which they fought upon. Sal may have had strength, height, weight against her, but she had speed, she had sight, and she had tactic. Watching carefully as his arms stretched out to catch him before he smacked the ground with his full weight on one wrist, she knew that wouldn't feel to good if she were to put some pressure on that, but she wouldn't go that far, specially when neither of them were versed in the medical field. Still, he caught himself on one hand as she noticed his leg coming towards her feet in the same fashion that she had done to him, trying to turn her own weight against her, but that wasn't going to work.

She kicked his leg that was coming at her, perpendicular to his sweep her shin met as his shin in a painful block, it stopped the sweep, and she just barely caught him pushing off the ground to attempt an upper cut at her jaw. She pulled her head back just a few inches, just barely dodging his blow, she felt his hand and fabric of his clothes brush the underside of her jaw as he just barely missed her. She grabbed his wrist as it came up and she used his momentum against him as she pushed his wrist back toward him outstretched as her other hand came palm out aiming to push his elbow in the opposite direction full force, but instead of doing that she stopped her force right at his elbow, her palm just cupping it as she called out calmly,

"Break." This was so that way she didn't really have to break his elbow, it would be painful for him and would end their sparring rather quickly if she were to break a bone. Hopefully Sal saw this for what it was rather than disrespect, Ashie just didn't want to hurt her ally and training partner. It was weird, usually she was training by herself or with her father who knew more about the Uchiha's fighting style than anyone. However, here she was, training with a friend, a place where she didn't think she would ever be.

Finally Rectifying the Situation (Ashie) - Page 4 Empty Re: Finally Rectifying the Situation (Ashie)

Tue Apr 04, 2017 6:54 am
Salzem's eyes widened as Ashie managed to deflect his kick and then proceed to dodge an uppercut that would likely send her hurtling into the air, suddenly taking control of his arm with hers, raising an elbow above her head, ready to send it crashing down on his captured elbow. What she'd failed to notice, however was twofold:

ONE: He still possessed one arm and she made the mistake of capturing the other while holding it out in front of him, leaving his captor vulnerable.

TWO: He could merely grow all the damage back. While he could certainly take the punishment, the lycan had no intention of snapping his arm in half today. As the little girl brought down her arm upon his, The lycan raised his other clawed hand, reaching out at speeds equal to Ashie's, his dagger-like nails gently brushing up against the back of her neck, the points of which gently pressing against her skin as her elbow hovered to a stop just above his. It seemed they have reached an impasse... again.

"Break." He stated, coincidentally at the same time as Ashie, though for a slightly different reason. Instead of declaring he had broken a bone, he was calling for a temporary break in the fighting. "Lets take a break." He clarified and, if she would let him go, Salzem would retract both his arms, gently stretching the one she had in her vice-like grip.

"Remind me to never fight you when you want to kill me..." He muttered jokingly, smiling at the little girl.
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