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Thu Sep 22, 2016 4:08 pm
The night was still, the moon casting its gazed towards the much fancier part of town. Koushou Ave, everyone in Tanzaku knew of the place. It was where the high rollers rolled out their finest carriages, decorated with such stunning details. It was such a place, where women wore their lavishing attire, their gems and jewels glistening with the light of the moon. It was simply a place that the rich and royalty enjoyed the company of the few elites. If you were lucky, should you be a commoner, you might have been able to win over the interest of a Baroness like figure, you could have snuck in with her, an enjoy the finer qualities of life. However, luck can only last for so long. Many who have tried, ended up behind a rotten back alley, shunned and disappointed. No animals allowed, right? But that was how society was, mixing with commoners of the sort, in such a establishment, preposterous. The establishment, known as the Black Rose, was what made Koushou Ave what it was, for years. It was the only place where mother natures creatures could finally behave as she intended them to be, selfish pricks.

Within the black rose, on its top floor, resided a man dressed in a well tailored suit. It's design was rather pretty basic, but that's what gave it its charm. All white, down to the tie, jacket, shoes, everything. His brown bladed hair was slicked back, and accompanied with that, was a straight brown patch of hair on his chin. The only thing that stood out the most, besides the man's rather handsome cheekbones, was his many colorful tattoos. At first glance, they wouldn't bother anyone, merely just a set of ink imposed on the young man in his much younger years when he didn't know better. However, these were the marks of a gangster, a yakuza to be exact. He sips his oak colored drink, from his clear steuben glass while looking out towards the window, which pretty much took the place of the wall. The curving window was pretty huge.

The man focuses more on his reflection with his blue eyes, aside from the many people behind him, dancing and discussing the usual banter of free labor and politics. Our man facing the window would be liar if he wasn't interested in those sort of things, however, something much more troubling was on his mind.

Ganki Sakura, a name everyone pretty much knew. The Sakura fortune, the Sakura Corporation, the name itself was worth quite a bit of ryo. Most, if not everyone in the Black Rose want to accompany him. Just socializing with a Sakura, meant you were someone. But, Ganki himself, was just not interested in the flatteries as of yet. He needed to make his move, he needed to know what he must do in order to get past a few, rather past events. That, was Ganki's problem, he was stuck in the past, trapped in self conflicting arguments with himself. The cloud village, what he should have down, and what he had to do. Such things ate him up from the inside.

He takes a somewhat larger sip from is glass, lowering it below his waist, while his other hand was stuffed into his pocket, fidgeting with his own two fingers in thought. With his once soon to be partner, Kira, out of the picture, What was he left to do. Returning to the cloud would prove difficult now more than ever. His only chance to return to him home, gone, out of sight. In his depression, the thought of Selene brought a slight smile to his lips.

Among the crowd behind Ganki, a tall figure walked casually up to Sakura, he moved is mouth towards Ganki's ear. The people around him were confused for a moment, till they realized that the tall, built figure was one of his body guards. He also was adorned in rather detailed tattoos. After the message was passed, Ganki nodded his head, understanding what was told to him..

The mess in the down town laboratory was cleaned up with everything associated wth the experiment gathered, and stored away, however, the scientist that went wild was not recovered, which meant future problems. Ganki sighed in relief that Raizuko didn't turn out into one of those, mistakes. Also, what made Ganki cheerful again, was that Suna was teeming with many interested buyers, who wanted the Curse Seal. Amazing how many birds will flock to one bread crumb. But the one interesting piece of new Intel he received, was that the leaf had a few interested buyers as well. It was a good think he had a few Sakura Corp employees float some of the details of the Curse Seal to select people all over the world, mostly criminals. He tells the body guard to have his stuff sent over to his penthouse in Sunagakure, by carriage.

"I'll swing over to the Hidden Leaf first, the sand will always be there. The Hidden Sand has always been by main area of choice when conducting business. It would be to my advantage if I learn more about the leaf. Plus, having a few connections from that village could Set me up for a very lucrative future too. The Hidden Leaf is one of the most well developed villages in all the lands.

This was how Ganki, over the past months, was able to deal with the depression, by doing what he does best. Making Ryo. Ganki finishes the rest of his drink, and places it on a nearby table, after which, he makes his way towards the stairs, which lead to the exit.

"Sigh, well..., lets go get this ryo."

((Closed, making my way to Konohagakure))

Last edited by Ganki on Fri Nov 11, 2016 12:50 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Edited it to Konoha, due to activity)
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