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The kidnapping of Persephone (closed) Empty The kidnapping of Persephone (closed)

Fri Sep 16, 2016 11:40 am
As a lad of fourteen new to the Guard - their commander didn't consider green boys worthy of guarding a pile of twigs let alone a Queen, leading to him ceiling the new ones "guard" until they earned the chance to be called "Queensguard", damn the armour -Ser Meryn had been told everyone had a breaking point. He had been told this after repeated beatings in lieu of training when he had refused to cave. Stripped naked, bleeding, peeling flesh sweltering in the hot desert son and fresh an old wounds infested with vermin, Ser Meryn had withstood it all to emerge as the shining Queensguard he had become at the age of one and twenty. He had taken immense pride in the fact that the old captain son of whore hadn't been able to break him, that no one would ever be able to break him.

And then the Princess Tehniyat Bukhari-Star had happened.

Now stripped off his rank and forced to train a bunch of shinobi to replace him, Ser Meryn was finally broken. But what the whelp of a princess did not realize that breaking a guard was not quiet, that breaking a Queensguard was more lethal still. His strength had been devoted to the safety of her family but if she had no wish for it, then the answer was obvious. His oath would not allow him to harm the princess directly, but Ser Meryn could certainly create situations where Princess Tehniyat would have a straight path down to the guillotine. The Queen was dead, the masses in deep dismay, the future of the crown uncertain as the next big decision would be to decide between the two reigning princesses.

Princess Kanzaki was a half blood, a near abomination. But she was young. If she were to trust her guards explicitly an sit the throne, the world would once again make sense.

Princess Tehniyat was a foreigner, she had no right to Haven. promised to the prince of bird country, she would leave one day anyway. At least that was how the old knight justified it.

If Princess Kanzaki were to disappear for a time, the blame would all on her older, cunning, vindictive, shinobi supporting cousin. And when the older princess was justly executed, Princess Kanzaki would be found again, a symbol from the Gods. She would ascend the throne, her loyal Queensguard by her side.

Together, Ser Meryn and Queen Kanzaki would usher in a new era, one free of the filth of ninja in their purelands. These were the thoughts running through his mind as he jumped from the low well seperating the princess's personal yard from the rest of the palace courtyard, the leathery white sack weighed nothing against his shoulder, the Senju princess unconscious inside.

She had been playing with the effeminate Hyuuga boy, something that had enraged the old knight to the point of smashing the boy's head against the wall. No one would contaminate this future Queen. Kanzaki would probably not even remember it once she woke up. She would be kept pure of all shinobi influence until she could ascend her rightful place as Queen of Haven.

(Exit Ser Meryn, killed Mei Hyuga and kidnapped Kanzaki Senju)
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The kidnapping of Persephone (closed) Empty Re: The kidnapping of Persephone (closed)

Fri Sep 16, 2016 1:47 pm
darkness was wandering the halls of the palace like she normally does before going to bed. just her slowly learning the layout of the palace with a small smile on her face and a hum in her mind. softly singing to herself. until darkness heard something. a soft noise of a door opening in front of her. then she saw a man, meryn, dragging off princess kanzaki. she hid from meryn and watched him walked away. panicked she went in the room meryn came out of and saw mei dead. her eye twitched. thinking she was either unlucky to see the end of this event, or lucky. she ran as fast as she could to where princess tehniyat was and told her what she saw. the man taking kan and how she found mei dead. a bit of panic in her voice and then she left. back to her room. thinking of what might happen in the future. 

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