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Pein Yuki
Pein Yuki
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The Roof is on Fiyah[p. Azai] Empty The Roof is on Fiyah[p. Azai]

Fri Jun 10, 2016 2:11 am

As Pein prepared himself for the day, he found himself doing something out of the ordinary. He was actually tending to his appearance. It wasn't often that he had this opportunity to make sure that his teeth were brushed, clothes were washed and hair was combed but he sure did appreciate it. It was a whole different ball game for Pein. Actually being clean and maintaining his hygiene was a privilege that he had not seen since his time in his home village. Although it was one that he missed, it was one he could live without. Sure it felt nice to actually have clean skin, but still, Pein would not change much if he had not experienced this.

Leaving out of his hotel room, he took the stairs to the bottom floor. While he passed through the exit of the hotel, he set his sights for the city square. Today, he was supposed to meet up with Azai, the kid that he had recently completed the other mission with. The elders wrote to Pein, informing him that they desired him to train with Azai, and so Pein tried appeasing them. With one mission complete under their built, he felt relatively good about their chemistry, despite the fact that they just met. He felt good about Azai because he was like Pein, neither of them talked much.

Pein walked along the road to the city squares, and upon reaching that portion of town, he propped himself against a wall. His left knee was bent with his foot pressed against the side of the wall while his right foot was planted on the ground in front of the other. He hung his held down as if he were in deep thought and had his arms folded across his chest. He was sure Azai would be able to find him in his dead set location: propped against a large ramen shop. 

When Pein would finally see the genin, he would let out a short, "Hey, Azai," while handing Chunin a short stack of missions. 

(WC: 342; short post my b)
Okuyama Sorai
Okuyama Sorai
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The Roof is on Fiyah[p. Azai] Empty Re: The Roof is on Fiyah[p. Azai]

Tue Jun 14, 2016 6:17 am
A week was it? Seems about right. Azai was still adjusting to the life of a boy with a home, as evident by the lack of housekeeping. The sink was full, his original outfit lay scattered across his bed, wrappers from candy bought with his newfound cash flow were scattered about. The boy himself lay in a bed that was mostly dog fur at this point, and it wasn’t until Okina began to yap at some birds on the window sill that he did stir. 

“Shtop,” he would grumble at the mutt as he rolled over to face the door. The dog didn’t stop, because it was a little rebel. “Uuugh.”

Sitting up, his arms stretched towards the ceiling as a yawn escaped from his chest. His hand found his way to his eye, to wipe away the morning tears that were squeezed out from the stretch. Grumbling, he crawled out of bed and made his way to his bathroom.

Thirty minutes later, he would come out of the small room a new Azai. A clean outfit consisting of a red shirt and tan knee length shorts, hair that wasn’t matted with filth and accumulated grease from days of being dirty, even his fingernails were clean. Not bothering to put on any shoes because they were for chumps, his lips pursed and a whistle escaped from between them. The dog’s attention would be brought from the window which it was guarding with every ounce of its being, to its master. Opening the door, the boy would gesture for the dog to follow. 

And of course, it did.

From his apartment, the pair made their way to the town square to meet up with one of the newly acquainted genin for som training. Taking a hand from his pocket, he give the comrade a quick wave before entering talking distance.

“How ya’ doin’ Peen?” A serious question that was less of a question and more of a casual greeting. The dog would similarly approach the other genin and begin to sniff at one of his pant legs unless he reacted badly to the dog’s presence.

[352 WC]
Pein Yuki
Pein Yuki
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The Roof is on Fiyah[p. Azai] Empty Re: The Roof is on Fiyah[p. Azai]

Sun Jun 19, 2016 12:16 pm
As Pein awaited Azai to come thru, he got lost in thought. He wondered about where the other two genin of his unofficial team had gone since he had seen them last. First of all there was Tentei, the loud mouthed, quick to act sociopath. And then there was Taike, the nearly bipolar dojutsu wielder. Both of which had gone missing since the day they met although it seemed as if they had high hopes for the team. They even decided they were going to set out on a mission that day, which as things turned out, ended up being only Pein to go on that mission and complete it on his own. It had been about a week or two, and as much as Pen was out and walking around the village, he figured he would cross paths with them at least once. But that was not the case. 

He let out a sigh, and ran his left hand's fingers front the front and all the way through to the back of his head. It wasn't like he was concerned, but more or less disappointed. Just when he thought that he had found some shinobi who were as effed up as him, they both disappeared.

Finally, Azai approached. 



"It's Pein...." he let out.

The mispronunciation of his name was nothing more than a mistake on Azai's part, but still, it was kinda lame. And so there was a brief period of silence between the two, kind of awkward, kind of not. So Pein would break it.

"Well..." he started, "We've got a mission today, do you know anything about it?"

WC: 273; PWC: 615; TWC: 967

(OOC: So I'm guessing a fire can just break out nearby and then we can actually do the mission, until then we can just rp as if we were assigned an easy E rank and before we set out to do that mission, we see this fire going on and we do that instead. Sound good?)
Okuyama Sorai
Okuyama Sorai
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The Roof is on Fiyah[p. Azai] Empty Re: The Roof is on Fiyah[p. Azai]

Wed Jun 22, 2016 2:19 am
"But..." He paused, for a moment, after being corrected. "Hm. The guard..." Well. Azai had now seen the error of his ways. His trap would stay shut, and his dog pulled up beside him, throwing herself against his leg. Seeing as he wasn't really looking to be the one to break the silence, he would wait for Pee- Pein. Pein to do so. 

When asked about the mission, he would comb a hand through his hair as if looking for the answer there. "Not that I can remember. We can go ask if we need to, I guess." Of course, this mission was stated clearly on an unopened letter by his fridge. While he waited on answer, a rather distinct smell began to drift into the area. A smell that his advanced doglike nose couldn't quite put its finger on. Even the mutt at his feet noticed the smell, as her panting stopped in place of a few rapid sniffs at the air. 

A few short seconds later, some distance behind him, in some random building that I'm too lazy to describe so I'mma let you do it, a woman crashed through the door to said building before waving her arms around and causing a ruckus. Nine times out of ten, this woman would be labeled crazy or rude, but just as the sound, "Fire!" had reached the boy's ears, his pupils widened as he came to the realization that the smelly smell he was smelling wasn't just some random scent that was lost on the winds. No, it was the smoke from the fire. 

Pursing his lips, he whistled a low tune, which meant for the dog to go about its business and return home. Okina knew better than to disobey, for she dared not test the wrath of the newspaper roll of discipline again. By this time, Pein had probably jumped into action, and the boy would follow his lead.

[Lazy post, and yeah that's fine. Totes cool with a random fire happening.]
Pein Yuki
Pein Yuki
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The Roof is on Fiyah[p. Azai] Empty Re: The Roof is on Fiyah[p. Azai]

Wed Jun 22, 2016 10:31 am
But what? But the guard? The foolish guard? Yeah, Azai had a point. He too had referred to Pein as "Peen" but he was wrong. Completely wrong. The name was not that difficult to pronounce, especially when reading it off of a card. The guard more than likely had at least an hour to learn and practice his name, but he still butchered it. I mean, come on. It was only one letter away from being spelled the way it's supposed to be pronounced. But apparently that was too difficult for the guard's little mind to comprehend. But Azai was different. He wasn't a fool. If anything, he just took the guard's pronunciation of Pein's name and went with it. A simple mistake really, but still it bothered Pein slightly. Nevertheless, he would just shake it off. It wasn't that serious.

He removed his foot from being propped up against the wall and placed it on the ground. He then folded his arms and shifted his weight to his right foot as he asked Azai if he knew anything about the mission they had for today. Pein's instructions were not that well described, so he truthfully had no idea what was in store for the pair today. But to be honest, it didn't really matter what it was. Pein just wanted to get it done. Azai's mentality of it was quite similar to Pein's, for neither of them really knew what they were supposed to do but they were nonchalant about it. 

"Well..." he began as a breeze of wind blew by, lifting and swaying his hair almost as if each individual strand blown wanted to be carried away with it. But Pein stopped, for it seemed as if Azai had noticed something. His nose had been wiggling slightly, like he had been sniffing a scent carried by the wind, but Pein smelled nothing. The only thing his non canine like nose could pick up on was the heavy aroma of ramen from a nearby shop. Food would be good right now, but that wasn't the focus of his day. The two still needed to figure out what their mission was. But what was it that was catching Azai's attention?

Then, a woman breached through the threshold of a far off door. She was wearing an apron and a burnt chef's hat from what Pein could tell. As the door had opened and she had left out of the building, a cloud of dark grey smoke emitted from the interior and rose up in the air. She cried out, "Fire" which seemed to demand the attention of citizens nearby whose heads all cocked in her direction and began to formulate a crowd in the middle of the street. Then Pein realized what it was that Azai's sense of smell had to have detected, the smell of fire. His focus shifted from the fumes rising up to Azai who stood adjacent to him. 

"We've gotta check that out" 

Almost as soon as he said that to Azai, Pein was taking off in the direction of the building. Approaching it, he got a better view of it. It was a brick,two story building, with the corners of the front door's threshold beginning to char as it was being cooked from the inside. The woman that had originally busted through the front door was now hunched over in the crowd catching her breath and answering questions that the people which the crowd consisted of pegged her with questions. "What happened? How many people are in there? We should probably fetch help. I'm not going in there!" the useless citizens said. "The oven just....just blew up and the fire seemed to spread so quickly. There's about 7 others in there and they need help..." the panic stricken woman responded with.

Pein and Azai were within the vicinity to pick up on that short segment of questions and answers so that they didn't need to really ask much, but Pein would stick around in case Azai felt the need to question the woman as well. 

"Azai, we've gotta help out. Otherwise those people will die. I can use water jutsu to extinguish some of the flames at their root to make our way inside and throughout it, but we'll also need to carry and escort these people out. Before we go in we need a plan, do you have anything useful in your arsenal for this situation?" Pein inquired as he waited for Azai to respond. The two needed to act quick if they were going to rescue the foo's inside, but they also needed a solid game plan to go in there with. 

When Azai would respond, Pein would immediately conjure up a plan for the two and then they would have to go about it and rescue the foo's inside. 

WC: 807; PWC: 1422; TWC: 2096
Okuyama Sorai
Okuyama Sorai
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The Roof is on Fiyah[p. Azai] Empty Re: The Roof is on Fiyah[p. Azai]

Sat Jun 25, 2016 6:00 am
In response to Pein, who he would now address as such instead of Peen, Azai would nod his head, the brown ragged mop on the top of his head bouncing with the movement. Of course he blanked out for a moment as he thought of what he had on him that could possibly be of any help. Elemental chakras? Just lightning. Tools? They were either left at home or metal, therefore of no use to completing the task at hand. Could the dog help? Sure, but he had already sent it home and that was a creature he wasn’t willing to risk quite yet. 

Meanwhile, over the next few seconds while his mind raced for an answer, the fire was beginning to lick away at the red of the bricks. Looking to his comrade, the only thing he could spit out was, “I guess we’re going in dry, bud.” As he said this, a look of complete seriousness had set over his face, his soft brown eyes had hardened into stone, and the thousand yard stare about them would have made even the hardest of the Native Americans Proud. 

If Pein had anything else to say on the matter, the boy would listen. If he did not, then he would follow his lead into the building, assuming that his comrade had taken the lead of course. Should Azai be the one to take the lead, then he would do so, running headfirst into the door with nothing close to a second thought for his own safety. 

Either way, once inside, their task would be to locate and rescue the people in the building. Presuming they couldn’t get out themselves, of course. Without really thinking things through, he would attempt to inhale in order to track the scent of the individuals. Anyone with a half working brain however, would easily call that a bad idea. I mean, yeah, let’s just starting breathing in smoke from a burning building. 

After the coughing fit that would ensue, the lesson would be learned. With now watery eyes, that were beginning to turn ever so slightly red from the stinging smoke, he would begin to move about the building separate from his comrade. They’d be more likely to find the people faster that way. 

Fleeing up the stairs, either behind of or in front of Pein, depending on who took the lead, he would charge down the hallway to the right, or left, again depending on the choice of his comrade. 

Once headed down his path, he would charge for the nearest door, ramming the hunk of wood with his shoulder. It was of no use, as the boy fell to the ground like a rock thrown at a stone barricade. Rocking back, he would toss his weight forwards to bring himself back to his feet in a crouching position. From there, he would spring forth while reaching for the door handle. Giving the knob a twist, he shove the door open, and stumbled forwards into what was probably a child’s bedroom. 

Why do I say probably? He was too busy attempting to save the poor child inside to take a look at the scenery. Rushing to the bed, he would yoink the poor lad up by the collar of his shirt, or he would attempt to. He still had yet, apparently, to learn that things were to heavy for him to just yank around any which way he wished. 

And the child wasn’t just a sack of potatoes, of course now he was panicked and resisting Azai’s grip. Wrapping his arm around the child’s neck, he placed his wrist in the nook of his elbow and put the child in a headlock with enough force to keep the boy restrained, the genin did not however, place enough force to harm or choke the boy. He then began to back pedal towards the door, practically dragging the child as he was kicking and screaming, towards the staircase.

Upon turning the corner he came to realize this was a bad idea, seeing that the fire had spread to the stairs. Turning around, he would begin to drag the boy down the hallway and back up against the window. Seeing no other way out, he would have to break a rule, and reveal himself as a ninja. Backing up to the window, he placed the rear of his skull against the glass. Leaning forward, he threw his skull back in an attempt to shatter the window. 

In the place of the sound of shattering glass, there was only a stinging pain from the impact. Once more, with feeling. Azai would do it again, only to hear another ding, and again, for another thud, and again, for his vision to begin to blur, and again, fo- HOLY HELL FINALLY, the glass had broken. After what was probably four concussions in a row, he had finally busted open the window with the back of his head. With the glass hitting the ground below, he would step up onto the window sill, with the child still in a headlock. 

He would carry the struggling child down the building while employing the Surface Walking Technique.

Hmmm. What to do? 

Six people were still in there right? 

[1550/2000 WC

Really lazy post, 90% is filler.]
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