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Satoru Nara
Satoru Nara
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Endurance is a Must [p] Empty Endurance is a Must [p]

Sun Jun 05, 2016 3:40 pm
The wind blows through Shiro’s shirt, causing it to flap against his skin. The temperature of his open field is average temperature for the village of Hoshigakure. Above, the sky is cloudy but not so much that it is overcast or so that it looks as if it is about to rain. The clouds are pure white and soft looking, sometimes blocking out the sun so that the ground is shaded and the cotton-like pattern moves across the grass and over Shiro’s feet.

Slowly, he takes a deep breath in and exhales through his mouth and into the air with a calm speed. His head is tilted up to face the sky, watching as the clouds drift by.

“It’s that time again.” He whispers, facing the training post that is ten meters away. “It’s time to train. This time, though, I’m going to learn something different. It’s about time that I did something about one of my weaknesses. If I don’t cover this up now, it will become a problem later. My stamina is too low for me to leave it without a little something to supplement the deficiency. So, I created a technique of my own. This jutsu, it’s something else. Not a taijutsu. Not a ninjutsu. A mix of both, really. It uses chakra but it is meant to aid in my taijutsu and endurance while performing such taxing actions.”

The palms of his hands draw to each other and form the horse seal, gathering chakra from his body and into his chest. It is kneaded into hot, flammable chakra in his lungs as Shiro draws air in through his nostrils. This oxygen acts as fuel for the flames soon to come into existence. With the tiger seal, Shiro forces the chakra out through his mouth in the form of flames. The fire travels in a sphere outward at an angle so that by the time it reaches the trees, it is well above the highest branch.

“That there is the problem. A technique like that will wear me out in only a few uses. I may not be down to half of my endurance, but I’m not far from it now.” He thinks, gathering more chakra into his lungs. This time, the chakra is not in the form of the fire nature. It is in a simple flow, generating no heat. “This jutsu, however, should change that. By filling my lung cells with dormant chakra, I can assist myself without needing to think about it. The chakra in my lungs now is not fire natured, my natural nature transformation. It takes effort for me to turn such a natural trait off so, every one of my cells has chakra with a shell around it to maintain its neutrality. If at any time, my lungs begin to take in air faster than normal or the oxygen is being used up quickly, the shells around the cells will burst and allow the chakra to return to its fire affinity, generating heat in the lungs.”

With the mentioned preparations made, Shiro puts his hands together once more into the horse seal as his chest expands. The tiger seal is formed next. Finally, Shiro blows forward with the flames being propelled out of his mouth.

“Perfect.” He thinks, letting his hands down and putting his right onto the left side of his chest. “It held up well. And the effects are as potent as I planned they would be. The technique can be used battle after battle as long as the lost chakra in the lung cells is restored after use. It should happen automatically over time, during my sleep for the most part.”

With his training for the day finished, Shiro turns to make his way through the trees and into town. There, he will make yet another visit to his regular eating establishment.

(500 towards the 1,500/2,000 towards Phoenix's Endurance, making a total of 2,000/2,000)

[Claims: Phoenix's Endurance, 3 stats]
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Endurance is a Must [p] Empty Re: Endurance is a Must [p]

Sun Jun 05, 2016 3:53 pm

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