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Shinjirama Senju
Shinjirama Senju
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Wood Release Training [Private][Tatsu,Kosu,Shinji] Empty Wood Release Training [Private][Tatsu,Kosu,Shinji]

Thu Jun 02, 2016 9:34 pm
Shinjirama had sent a message to Tatsurama, and his brother, Kosurama, requesting that Tatsurama teach them the Wood Style. He traveled to the training grounds where he went by his little branch that he had made earlier. He set down his equipment by a tree and sat there waiting for them to come. He wondered what it would be like to have the ability to use wood release. It sent a tingling feeling through his body. Come on guys, get here soon so we can get this training done. He thought to himself as  glared up to the sky. Then he realized that maybe he should start gathering his chakra for the training. Shinjirama stood up and formed the snake handsign, to begin getting his chakra ready to use wood. Maybe it would help his chances when performing the nature combination.  

WC: 141/141
Tatsurama Senju
Tatsurama Senju
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Wood Release Training [Private][Tatsu,Kosu,Shinji] Empty Re: Wood Release Training [Private][Tatsu,Kosu,Shinji]

Thu Jun 02, 2016 9:58 pm
Tatsurama had been eating at a ramen stand near the training grounds before the time they had set to do the training for the wood release. He had already learned how to use wood style, and had even learned two jutsu for it. It was time he taught his brother how to use it, as well as his friend from the Senju clan. He finished eating, as he remembered it was time. He payed the ramen stand owner some ryo and picked up his gear while slinging his katana onto his back. He was wearing the traditional Senju battle outfit, minus the armor as he had not yet crafted it.
Better get there soon, or i'll be late instead of Kosu this time. Perhaps after i teach them, i can get to some training on my own.
He walked into the training grounds and saw Shinjirama preparing himself next to a wooden branch he supposedly made a bit ago. He waved to him and walked over to set his gear down next to Shinji's gear.
"Hey Shinji. Now we just need to wait on my brother and then i'll give a nice explanation to the wood style, and a demonstration using one of my jutsu."
He then sat down and started to read the Kanshi'd chronicles newspaper that he had received from his squad-leader. Reading about the many times he had been Kanshi'd. While waiting on Kosurama to arrive.

WC: 239/239
Kosurama Senju
Kosurama Senju
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Wood Release Training [Private][Tatsu,Kosu,Shinji] Empty Re: Wood Release Training [Private][Tatsu,Kosu,Shinji]

Fri Jun 03, 2016 10:53 am
It was a cool summer morning so Kosurama saw no reason to pack an abundance of water, like he always did whenever he set out to train. His fellow Senju friend, Shinji, had requested his brother to teach him wood style, prompting Kosu to learn it as well. The young Senju grabbed his notebook off his dresser and slid it in his back pocket. Over the past couple weeks he had accumulated many jutsu in his notebook, one day hoping to create somewhat of an encyclopedia with his findings. Kosurama snagged his leaf headband from the edge of his bed and hurried downstairs, tying it around his forehead as he made his way out the door.
He made then made his way to the training grounds. Today was somewhat of a particularly nice day compared to the rest of the week -- it was very sunny, but the wind was cool so that made up for the heat.
Ah, what a nice day to learn wood. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Once Kosurama had arrived to the training grounds, he noticed his brother and Shinji had already settled in, waiting for his arricval. His brother, Tatsurama, had been reading this weeks article of Kanshi'd under a large tree, where all their gear lied. Kosurama approached the group and set his gear down along the base of the tree. 
"Hope you guys didn't wait too long this time." 
Kosurama walked several paces away from the large tree and began to stretch in preparation of learning the new chakra nature. He already had some experience with the Mokuton, but today he had planned to thoroughly understand, perhaps even learn a wood jutsu. 

WC: 279
Shinjirama Senju
Shinjirama Senju
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Wood Release Training [Private][Tatsu,Kosu,Shinji] Empty Re: Wood Release Training [Private][Tatsu,Kosu,Shinji]

Fri Jun 03, 2016 11:23 am
Shinjirama looked up from performing the handsign and had seen Tatsurama arrive to the field that they would be training in. After Tatsurama told him his plan, Shinjirama said, "Alright. He should be here soon, since I sent the message to both of you at the same time." He turned around, looking towards the brothers house's direction, waiting for Kosurama. As he waited, he focused his chakra back into the snake handsign. The breeze in the air caused Shinjirama to feel relaxed, as his hair blew in the wind. Today is the day. The day that I, Shinjirama Senju, finally become a true member of my family, by learning the wood style. Shinjirama thought to himself. He continued to focus his chakra into the snake handsign he had made, as he got distracted from thinking to himself too much, like always.
         As his eyes were closed, he heard the sound of feet walking. Shinjirama opened his eyes to see that Kosurama had finally arrived. He had seen him set his stuff down before him saying that he hoped we had not waited too long. Shinjirama said to him, "No, not at all. We had just arrived ourselves only but a few minutes ago. Anyway, once you prepare yourself, and Tatsurama is ready, we can begin the training." He then watched as Kosurama went over and began getting himself ready for practice. Shinjirama himself decided that he should also stretch out a bit, to get ready for that. So he began doing various stretches and such to loosen his body up, before reforming the snake handsign and gathering more chakra in the appropriate manner for wood style. 

WC: 276/417
Tatsurama Senju
Tatsurama Senju
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Wood Release Training [Private][Tatsu,Kosu,Shinji] Empty Re: Wood Release Training [Private][Tatsu,Kosu,Shinji]

Fri Jun 03, 2016 2:16 pm
Looking up, Tatsurama saw his brother walk in late as usual. He set his gear down next to Shinji's and his own, and then began to stretch in preparation of the training. Tatsurama set his Kanshi'd chronicles newspaper down and then stood up to begin the explanation and demonstration.
"Okay, so the first thing you need to know is that wood style techniques use a mixture of your earth and water natures combined, along with the use normally of a snake hand-seal. Though not always. First you should gather the chakra in both of your palms. Change the chakra to water in your left palm, and in your right palm have it earth. Once you do so, combine the two elements and form the hand-seal and attempt to create something by releasing the chakra into the surrounding environment. I'll give and example using one of the jutsu i have learned with it."
Tatsurama stood back a few meters from them and then began to channel his chakra into both of his hands slower than usual to let them see. After gathered he changed the chakra into the earth and water natures before forming the snake hand-seal and then releasing the chakra into the earth around him. A few 3 meter long roots rose up out of the ground surrounding himself. One then grew underneath him and rose him up a few feet.
"If you follow the steps, you should be able to make a few small plants at first and eventually work up to large trees and roots. It takes practice, but it's fairly simple once you get used to it. While you guys try it, i'll be working on a technique over there."
He then had a root turn and point over to the other side of the clearing. He left them to practice and walked over to the other side and figured he would learn a new wood technique while they were learning the wood style in general. He had plans to learn the wood cutting technique as it is pretty useful. So he pulled out his wood style scroll and began to look at the diagrams and notes to get it down.

WC: 365/604
Kosurama Senju
Kosurama Senju
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Wood Release Training [Private][Tatsu,Kosu,Shinji] Empty Re: Wood Release Training [Private][Tatsu,Kosu,Shinji]

Sat Jun 04, 2016 1:24 pm
Kosurama already knew the fundamentals of wood release, so he didn't pay much attention to his brother's lecture. Once Tatsurama had finished, Kosurama wandered off into the woods where he believed he could extort the true power of Mokuton. He distanced himself about fifty yards from the training grounds until he came across a large tree stump. The young Senju leapt onto the tree stump and began to meditate, channeling chakra in each of his palms -- in his right hand he formed his chakra into water and in his left hand he formed the earth element. He closed his eyes and slammed his palms together, mixing the two natures together. Once the two natures had successfully formed the wood chakra, Kosurama hopped off of the large stump and formed a snake hand seal. 
It's no problem at all creating small plants and flowers, so instead I should practice forming large-scale wood style techniques. 
The boy kneeled down and slammed his palms into the ground, exerting his wood chakra into the earth below. Approximately five feet in front of him, a small root no longer than twelve inches began to sprout from the ground.
Hmm, that wasn't my idea of "large-scale"... But it's a start.
Kosurama then took a powerful stance and once more gathered the two natures in each of his hands. He slammed his palms together to form wood chakra, then continued to slam his hands into the earth. The root that he previously formed grew even larger this time, growing up to six feet in height. The genin gathered more and more chakra into his palms, exerting into the earth around the root. Smaller roots began to grow around it, approximately the size of the root he formed during his initial attempt. He withdrew his chakra from the earth, causing the roots to retract back into the ground. 
Not bad, but I still have a long way to go.
Kosurama made his way back to the training grounds -- he noticed his brother was reading a large scroll, most likely containing some sort of wood jutsu. He calmly approached his brother.
"Hey Tatsu, mind if I borrow that Underground Roots scroll? I've got the basic stepping stones down, now I just need to know how to manipulate the roots at will."
Kosurama glanced over his brother's shoulder at the large scroll. 
"Wood Cutting", hm? 
Although he was curious of what exactly the jutsu entailed, he looked back towards his brother, not wanting to appear nosey. 

WC: 416/695
Shinjirama Senju
Shinjirama Senju
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Wood Release Training [Private][Tatsu,Kosu,Shinji] Empty Re: Wood Release Training [Private][Tatsu,Kosu,Shinji]

Sun Jun 05, 2016 3:32 pm
Shinjirama had not practiced his wood style in some time. He knew he was not going to be at the level he was when he first tried to do it a few days ago, but that is the consequence of not practicing on a daily basis. While at the training field, and looked at the small plant that he had grown there a few days ago. He clapped his hands together, and formed the snake handsign as Tatsurama had displayed, he then thought to himself this will not be as easy as it should be. I will probably have to start from scratch if I want to get that level of skill again. He had his water chakra go through one of his arms, while he had earth chakra go through the other. This much he knew how to do before Tatsurama told him. Once he mixed them, he palmed his hand on the ground, sending both into the ground. However, nothing had happened. I knew I had lost skill. Well, this will be a problem. But oh well, guess it can't be helped. He thought to himself.
         He formed the snake handsign again, and slammed his hand against the ground. This time, a small one inch branch peaked out of the ground. This was a sign to shinjirama that he was getting to his past skill level at a decent pace, but he knew that once he got there, it would be a long road until he fully learned wood style. He reached for a notebook, and started recording what he had done so far. He was using this in case he would teach it to someone else. He wrote down the handsign and about the chakra control of one element in each hand. Shinjirama closed his notebook and continued on with training. He formed the handsign for tiger, and hit the ground. This time his plant of around the same size as the one he had originally produced from before had emerged. His goal was to get a full size tree, and right now, he was producing ultra small twigs. He then went at it again, forming the same handsign as before, and slammed his hand against the ground. Again, only a six inch branch emerged with a half inch width emerged. "This is not going anywhere. I still have not even formed a full size branch, let alone my goal of a tree." Shinjirama said to himself in a hushed voice. "Perhaps if I can mold my chakras together instead of doing them separately, then I can do it better." Shinjirama formed his hands together again, concentrating his chakra. I will do it right this time. I have to, so I do not look like a failure to Tatsurama, and his brother. He thought to himself. He palmed the ground with both of his hands. Which he knew was unnecessary, but helped him while he was learning. At first, nothing happened, but then after a quick breath of air, he saw a large tree of roughly twenty five meters emerge from the ground. Shinjirama smiled at it and started jumping up and running on top of the tree in joy. "Guys! I learned the wood style successfully! I am ready to learn the next thing for it!" He exclaimed as he leaped down next to Tatsurama and did it again, just for safety reasons. This time after he formed the snake handsign, he kept it in that form, as he concentrated his chakra. The tree, a little smaller, as it went up twenty meters, rose from the ground. This was because he mixed his ability to use wood, while using his lack of ability to do it without handsigns. 

WC: 622/1039 [ 1000/1000 for wood release from being taught. (283 of those 1000 are here) The first 717 words of this thread add to the original 283. Leaving 322 words extra. Will be placed elsewhere later in thread ]  
Tatsurama Senju
Tatsurama Senju
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Wood Release Training [Private][Tatsu,Kosu,Shinji] Empty Re: Wood Release Training [Private][Tatsu,Kosu,Shinji]

Sun Jun 05, 2016 4:41 pm
Tatsurama began to practice the wood cutting technique after reading the sketches and diagrams while the other were learning how to use the wood style. He figured once he learned this, and they learned how to use the wood style that he could teach them this as well and they would each know a few techniques of the clan. He began to form the hand-seals and gathered the necessary amount of chakra and then mixed the two elements together. After releasing the hand seals he tried to have wood branches grow from his body, but he could only seem to grow roots on it from the Underground roots technique.
Hmm. What should i do differently that would change it from roots to branches? Perhaps i should just try it until i get closer to the way it works. That normally works for me anyway.
He began to form the nature chakra through to his hands after having the roots he had just grown fall off. Once he gathered and mixed the chakra he formed the few hand-signs and attempted to use the wood cutting jutsu again. This time another root grew on him, but it had a few wood branches on the ends. They were very small, and he figured it would take a lot more practice to get it right finally but at least he was making progress.
Okie doke, now i just need to focus on what i did that time as i was able to make some small wooden branches, Perhaps i can get it larger next time and after that without the root. Then i'll just need to perfect the branches and i should have it down.
He looked over to see them both making progress, so he turned back to focus on learning the jutsu. He gather the necessary chakra again, and then began to mix it after turning it into earth and water natures and after that formed the hand-seals again to attempt the jutsu. Wood roots with larger branches began to grow on himself, as it seemed he was successful at making the branches larger, but he had yet to get the roots gone.
Now i just need to get rid of the roots and make it all branches then i can work on the other aspects of the wood cutting technique. This will at least be a pretty useful jutsu to say the least, and i bet will come in handy in the future fights i'll have.

He looked over to see his brother walk over then asked for the wood techniques scroll he had brought with him.
"Yeah sure. Give it to Shinji when you are done with it though so that he can learn it as well. After that, i may have another wood technique to teach you guys."
He handed the scroll to his brother before turning see the tree Shinjirama was able to make, and grinned as they were all coming along to learning the clan's jutsu.
"Good work, now we just need to learn some more technique for wood style and we should be coming along well after that. I am going to finish learning this wood cutting technique, and once Kosurama finishes with the scroll he can give it to you to learn the underground roots technique. Unless you want me to give you another demonstration of it, and a short explanation. Anyways i'll be over there, so if you want it then just come and ask."
He pointed to the edge of the training field before walking over there to begin his training for the jutsu again. Once he got there he formed a few hand-signs as a wood clone formed out of his body.
Hey there me. You are going to practice learning this technique with me so that i can get a better understanding when i see someone else trying it.
The wood clone then began to formed the chakra and mix it together before forming the hand-signs required for the wood cutting technique.
Understood. Also if you want i can teach the other two the underground roots technique after this.
The clone then attempted the jutsu as the real Tatsurama watched, studying what happens and what the clone was doing wrong.
Sure, after i finish studying how it works when someone else does it, go ahead if they want the help.
The clone's attempt had less root this time, so that good, but it wasn't quite enough branch of course. So the real Tatsurama began to focus his chakra as he gathered it into his hands and then changed the chakra to the earth and water elements. After doing so, he formed the hand-signs and used the jutsu.
I'll add extra chakra at the moment it begins to grow branches, and decrease the amount of chakra i give right before it's about to grow a root so that it is all branches and then i can start to learn the next step to this jutsu.
The wood began to grow on himself, this time he did as planned and only branches seemed to grow instead of roots prompting he had this part of the technique down pat. He then detached the branches from him to try again but this time control the branches as shown from the scroll he studied before handing it to his brother. The wood clone then moved over to Shinjirama as he said he would give a demonstration if he wanted it.
"Okay, once you are ready for the demonstration of the jutsu just ask, and i'll perform it again."
The clone then awaited for that, while Tatsurama practiced the jutsu again on the other side of the training field from them.
Now i'll just practice getting all branches once more, then use them with control and get them to do what they were intended in the scroll. After that i'll try the other side uses it can do once i get the main thing down.
He began to gather his chakra again, as the other two were learning the Underground roots technique.

WC: 1015/1619
Kosurama Senju
Kosurama Senju
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Wood Release Training [Private][Tatsu,Kosu,Shinji] Empty Re: Wood Release Training [Private][Tatsu,Kosu,Shinji]

Sun Jun 05, 2016 10:00 pm
"Thanks, i'll be sure to give it to him once i'm finished."
Kosurama grabbed the scroll from his brother's hand and ventured back into the woods where he was training before. 
Now let's see here... Kosurama plopped down on a large tree stump and unravelled the wood release scroll containing the underground roots technique. He thoroughly read the jutsu, creating an image in his mind of what exactly he would be doing step by step. Kosurama set the scroll aside and stood up on top of the stump, taking a powerful stance. The jutsu wasn't too far off of what he was doing prior to not having the scroll, it still only required the snake seal. The only difference would be the amount of chakra poured into the jutsu. Kosurama formed a snake hand seal and began to mold the chakra in each of his hands to the necessary chakra natures: in his right hand he formed water, and in his left hand he formed earth chakra. The young Senju knelt down towards the stump and slammed his hands into the stump.
I presume this should be much easier using preexisting roots. 
Kosurama exerted his chakra into the base of the stump, manipulating the roots below. The roots soon tore out from below the earth and began to sway back and forth. Kosurama had managed to control about six large roots; he poured more and more chakra into the tree, causing the roots to extend in length and grow thicker in width. He suddenly released his hands from the tree and fell back, thus causing the large roots to fall to the ground.
What a taxing jutsu. This is going to require immense concentration... 
Kosurama cracked his knuckles and formed the snake seal once more. He gathered water chakra in one hand and earth chakra in the other, prompting him to press his hands into the stump once more. His chakra flowed back into the roots, causing them to move about and appear as though they were alive (which technically they are). Once he felt as though he had control over the roots, Kosurama figured he would do a little experimenting while he was at it. The roots quickly shot back underground and traveled towards a nearby tree. The six roots quickly bursted from the ground and coiled up the tree. Once the roots had stabilized he poured a small amount of chakra into hem. Small buds soon began to rise out of each of the roots, garnishing the large tree in small pink flowers. 
Mokuton truly is an amazing chakra nature. 
He released the hand seal and sat back down criss crossed on the stump. He grabbed the scroll and read it over once more. He had subconsciously decided he would move onto forming the roots purely from his own chakra. He quickly read through the scroll once more before setting it off to the side again. Kosurama stood up and leapt off the large step. 
"Alright, let's do this."
Kosurama clapped his hands together and seamlessly formed wood chakra from both earth and water. He slammed his palms into the earth and exerted a massive amount of chakra. There was a pause -- Kosurama looked around awaiting the jutsu to be performed, but nothing happened...
"I thought I performed it correc-"
Before he could finish his thought, four huge roots, about two feet in diameter each, shot out of the ground at immense speeds. Kosurama was startled by his own jutsu but remained completely concentrated. He poured so much chakra into creating the roots, he didn't realize he would need just as much to control them. The large roots soon began to lash out and knock down several nearby trees. Kosurama pressed his hands harder into the earth. He channeled a large amount of his chakra reserves into maintaining control of the roots. The large roots began to slow down until suddenly coming to a stop... He took a deep breath and slowly retracted the large roots back into the ground.
"Well that was an experience..." 
Kosurama returned to the stump and rolled up the scroll he had set down, thus making his way back to the training grounds. He soon emerged from the forest to discover his brother practicing yet another wood jutsu. Without interrupting Tatsurama, he set down the wood scroll behind him, and returned to the tree where he initially set down his bag. He sat down under the largely shaded area and took out  water bottle from his bag.
Mokuton sure is enduring to perform.
Kosurama took a large gulp of water before placing the cap back on it and placing it in his bag. He reached for his notebook in his back pocket and began to take notes on the underground roots technique and wood release in general. After writing a brief description and scribbling a few diagrams, he returned his notebook to his back pocket and looked up towards the sun which was peeking through the leaves of the tree. 
Hmm, what now?

WC: 840/1,535

([1,000/1,000] for learning wood release. 211 words put towards learning it from this thread, which leaves 746 words leftover.)
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