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Tatsurama Senju
Tatsurama Senju
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Getting that wood..[private training] Empty Getting that wood..[private training]

Tue May 24, 2016 12:06 am
Entering the leaf village training grounds, Tatsurama was ready to finish his training for the wood release. He had already begun his training before, so he was here to complete it, and then maybe learn a wood release technique afterwards. He set his gear down next to a tree, and then walked to the center of the training field to begin.
Alright so now i just need to finish this training, then maybe i can move on to learning a wood release technique with my brother. Although he wouldn't be able to use it yet, but he could probably learn a water release technique.
He began to use the same steps as he did last time to use Mokuton. He molded chakra into his right hand, and changed it into the earth element, then molded chakra into his left hand and changed it into the water element, and slammed his palms on the ground, hoping to make a plant like before. After a few moments, a plant just like before grew out from the middle of the training field next to him, and began to blossom into a flower plant, with a red dotted flower.
Okay so i can make a flower plant. But a flower plant won't really be that helpful. I guess i'll try making a bush, or something now. Perhaps with thorns in it? Eh, either way, it'll help with learning wood style.
He began again, he formed both of the elements onto his palms, then this time formed the snake hand seal and began to arise a small shrubbery out of the ground, it grew about half of his height and then stopped, and he held the snake handseal tighter flowing more of his chakra into it, and it began to grow thorns on it. After a moment, he released the handseal and stood back, trying to think of what he should do next. He turned and saw the river running through the konoha training grounds, and decided he would try and create some moss next. So he walked over to it and crouched down next to the stream of water.
Let's see moss..i wonder how that will work? I guess all i can do is try. So let's get to it.
He began to mold the chakra into his palms before changing it into the respective required elements and then formed the snake hand seal. A small batch of green began to grow on the edge of the river, although the senju could not tell what it was exactly. He decided to add more chakra to see what would happen, and a few moments of growing later, it revealed to just be algae. He began to try it again, this time trying to release the chakra at a higher rate, and a higher density when creating the moss. It appeared to work, as moss did indeed begin to grow next to where he made the algae.
Nice. I think i almost have this wood release training complete now. Lets try and make a tree..perhaps over there with the other trees so that the next person to come train here won't notice a large tree in the middle of the field.
He walked over to where he set down his gear at the base of a tree, and began to mold his chakra into his palms once more. After gathering a decent amount of chakra, and changing it into earth and water release, he formed the snake handseal and palmed both of his hands together. A cracking noise was heard, as a tree began to sprout out from the ground. It grew to the size of an average tree, with leaves similar to the trees already there, presumably as it was grown in the same area. There was a smile with a sense of accomplishment on Tatsurama's face. He had looked forwards to this day for many years, and he had finally done it. He had learned the element of his clan, Mokuton. It would indeed be a powerful ally in the fights to come, and perhaps he could become a respected ninja with it.
Yes! Finally, i have learned the wood style. Now i just need to learn an actual technique, unless i just plan on growing a random tree and hoping it attacks someone, somehow.
After forming the tree he picked up his gear and began to head back, out of the konoha training grounds to go meet up with his brother, and hopefully learn a jutsu with him. Perhaps he would attempt an A-Rank jutsu, considering his chakra was strong enough now. Either way, he would learn a jutsu, and he would be so ready for that mission in a few days. Takamitsu would be surprised by his growth, he assumed.

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Akihana Akari
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Getting that wood..[private training] Empty Re: Getting that wood..[private training]

Tue May 24, 2016 12:09 am

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