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Awakening (P) Empty Awakening (P)

Sun May 08, 2016 7:56 pm
A day or two following her completion of learning how to utilize the Water element, her father returned from his mission. As usual, he was pumped as ever even after attending a high-ranking combat mission. He strolled up to the gates of Hoshigakure no Sato, rips and tears on the black sweatsuit that pressed to his muscular, tall frame. He ran his hand through his head of spikey, short black hair, smirking. "It is great to be back to this beautiful place! Defending that crazy ass merchant from bandits was sure as hell exilerating, Nevermind that, I'm off to see my BEAUTIFUL wife and sweet daughter! Glad to be back, Queensguard!" The male stated, proceeding to run off into the land.

On his forehead were a pair of headbands, one with the symbol of Konohagakure on it with black fabric, and the other with the symbol of Hoshigakure on it, with red fabric. It seemed that once again the Senju's armor had been destroyed on a mission. His amber gaze flickered right and left as he trailed throughout the beautiful city. Chakra coursed to his feet and he bounded off of the earth, running on the side of skyscrapers and buildings similar to that, headed off directly for the royal palace in the center of the city. News of the male's return spread throughout the city.

"The Lady's brother in law has returned!" People stated. Once the news got to Kanzaki, herself and her mother rapidly left the palace. They waited outside at the front of the palace. Kanzaki's hair was tied up and pinned by a pair of purple hair pins. She wore a purple kimono with a white collar, a dull pink sash, and light purple floral designs etched into the silky fabric. It was a little loose on her, but not a single inch of the fabric managed to meet the ground, which was a relief for her maids, whom would have had to taken care of any stains or dirt that got on the kimono later.

Her mother's hair was freely flowing down to her butt, the platinum-haired woman looking as beautiful as ever with a gentle look in her crimson eyesand equally-as-fragile smile on her face. The fair-skinned woman, whom was once a maiden, stood beside her daughter, wearing a brilliant, light pink dress with a white collar that passed her chest and went to her mid-stomach, revealing some of her ample cleavage. Her slender and voluptuous frame was prominent within the well-fit pink kimono, and said clothing was held together by a deep, bright red sash.

A white hair pin casted her bangs to the right side of her face, revealing the very small 'beauty mark' of a mole to the left of her puffy, full lips traced with pink lipstick. Makeup made her look about five years younger than she actually was, though she was only in her mid-twenties. The woman had Kanzaki when she was just nineteen. The male  finally arrived at the area right outside of the royal palace, seeing the two blondes and feeling tears border his fine and brilliant manly, amber stare. A wide smile that was as equally manly as his gaze formed on his face as he increased his speed, falling to a quick stop.

Kanzaki's mother bounced from her point beside Kanzaki, eagerly standing on her heels as she wrapped her arms around her husband's shoulders and hugged closely to him, taking in the rosemary scent that he was practically drenched in. "D..Daichi! I missed you soooooo much!~" The woman shrieked in a schoolgirl like voice that made the seven year old cringe a little. She shrugged after smiling brightly, running forth and slipping between her father and mother, hugging them. "I whacked every last enemy that threatened the success of my mission with tree trunks; for the sake of my brilliant wife, Chiharu, and my lovely daughter, Kanzaki! In the name of the lord, love, and everything between!" The tall male preached valiantly.

Daichi coiled his arms around Chiharu's lower back, pulling her in gently. The small seven year old between them placed one arm on each of their backs while sandwiched between them, giggling with excitement. The mention of tree trunks really brought up something Kanzaki was wondering though. She shifted around a bit so that she was facing her father, and once her two parents broke away from the family embrace she tugged on her father's sleeve and looked up at him with a proud smile. "Teach me how to beat up people the way you do! You know, with wood!" The girl said, cheesing happily with her eyes closed.

"Easy there, girlie. It's only been a few months and ya'already wanna learn my secrets!? I can't hand em over that easily, ya'see!" The male remarked, slicking his hair back by running his fingers through it. He closed his eyes, a confident smirk on his face as he posed in a brilliant manner. "Awwww c'mon! I can't be your legacy without showing off your awesome arsenal! Who else is gonna slam a tree down on someone!?" Kanzaki said, giggling with excitement. She knew how to appease his decisions, and that was to simply talk about how awesome he was.

"Alright alright, I'll think about it over tonight's supper. Speakin' of super... I'm starvi---oh yeah. You know to do what I can do you need two elemental components right? If you want to smash someone over the head with a wooden mallet that comes straight outta your palm you need to know how to use the Water and Earth elements first. We already determined that you got Earth, right? So you gotta get water." The male explained. She shook her head, still smiling. She folded her arms and laughed like her father usually does when he's genuinely amused by something. The hearty laugh that she imitated was there, but only slightly. The male widened his eyes then guffawed.

"Ha-ha-ha!" They laughed in unison, shoulders ascending and descending with their chins to the air and all. They looked at one another with their passionate, amber gazes. With Daichi's silence, that was Kanzaki's cue to speak. "Nuhuh... I don't need water. Becaaaaaause... I already got it! I practiced on how to mold Water Release chakra while you were gone!" She stated, causing the male to make his jaw drop in amazement with wide eyes. "Whaaaaaat!? For real!?" He said in disbelief, looking to her mother, whom nodded and even clarified verbally.

"A few days ago she was meditating at the courtyard in my quarters. That's what you were doing huh? Only took you a day too." Chiharu stated, giggling as she was proud. The lovely little family conversed as they entered the palace, Kanzaki's attention captivated by the mirrors spaced out along the surface of the silver walls, lined with gold etchings of dragons and other mythical beasts. They ambled along the gold-paved floors, with Chiharu diverging once they reached the hallway with several doors, each heavily guarded and belonging to their quarters. At the end of the hall was Kanzaki's mother and father's room.

Chiharu kissed Daichi on the cheek. "I'm off to my quarters." The blondette began to head off to her own quarters, leaving the daughter and father to tend to their bloodline business. The armored up man twisted around the one curly lock hanging down to his forehead, between his index finger and thumb, looking down at his daughter. "Meh, forget about waiting until dinner. I'll go help you out right now. Follow me to my quarters." The Senju male stated, beginning to walk away.

Kanzaki skipped along happily while humming, latching her small hand onto her father's large yet smooth one. They headed into her father's quarters, falling to a stop at the inner courtyard. Several doors lead to several other places, one being a bathroom, the other being a bedroom, and the last being a spacious kitchen and dining room area. Her father's inner courtyard was  similar to her mother's, but it lacked a statue made of pure gold. Instead, a massive amount of greenery and shimmering, emerald green plant life was shined upon by the ceiling glass.

Both Kanzaki and her father sat down on the part of the floor that bordered the descension into the small garden. "[color:8bdb=cc3300]Watch close, Kanzaki! I will now reveal to you the most basic of my secrets!
" He'd state with his dynamic, entertaining voice before he slapped his bare hands together and formed numerous handseals one by one, closing hsi eyes and  gathering chakra. "[color:8bdb=cc3300]I will now show you why my secret requires the Water element, and the Earth element, and their respective forms of the same sort of manipulation!

His last seal was the Tiger handseal. A sudden surge of chakra was enough to make white essence that looked like beads of water ascending instead of descending, all the while evaporating, immerse his frame in a thin aura of it. Wood chipped away from the floor, rising as a result of his powerful chakra. Daichi formed an o with his fingers and blew out of it, releasing a thick, muddy wave of brown that exited his mouth. It hardened into firm, solid rock, thinning out and straightening into a shield composed of pure rock.

Next, the male released a wave of transparency from his mouth. Kanzaki was beginning to realize the differences in the elemental composure. Earth Release moves were naturally solid and defensive, but at the same time manueverability on the user's side, as well as speed, were sacrificed for it's defensive properties. As she watched the water flow carefree out in the form of a wave that formed into a wide-spread bundle of water collapsing upon the patch of grass at their feet, she realized that Water Release had defensive properties, but at the same time it was semi-permeable, and it was much more manueverable.

Lastly he clasped his left hand around his right wrist, snagging the long sleeve upward as he opened his right hand. From his palm dozens of tendrils composed of wood projected outward, excess wood wrapping around the straightened, spike-like appendages. Numerous pink-budded flowers gradually expanded from small roots that jutted out from the cracks in the jutted out pieces to normal sized flowers. The flowers immediately bloomed, unleashing a yellow pollen that dispersed throughout the air. On cue, the moment the pollen even touched her, her entire body went numb and she found herself unable to move.

Daichi blew on the pollen, and Kanzaki felt the movement of joints and other parts of her body return to her in moments once the pollen was off of her. "[color:8bdb=cc3300]Cool huh? I can make plants and wood by combining those two elements. And it's all thanks to being a honorary member of the Senju Clan!" The male stated, allowing the flowers to minimize and shrink back into the wood. The excess wood unwrapped from around the tendrils, both of the structures retracting into his palm.

"[color:8bdb=cc3300]Now that I've shown you that, try to do something similar. Start off with something basic.. such as making a flower. Think of nature and what you see in nature and what you know about the structures of what you see in nature while you're trying. Also, think of how durable Earth Release normally is, as you think of how easily manipulated Water Release is." The male instructed. She nodded and closed her eyes, forming the Dragon handseal as she clasped her hands together.

The blonde started to think. She combined the properties of Earth formatted chakra, such as how durable it was, and how it could make solid structure. Kanzaki thought about mother nature itself.. trees, roots, weeds, flowers, and all of that good stuff. Her father listed off more aspects of nature in a hushed tone to aid her while she thought of this and tried to knead and mold her chakra to assume the properties of the things being listed off, especially the plant-like structures. Suddenly, a trio of feelings affected her sensually.

She could feel sand beneath her feet, as well as the feeling of floating on water. Lastly, she could feel the sun beaming down on her skin. It's warmth warmed her to the core. "[color:8bdb=cc3300]Once you feel any sorta' physical thing that has to do physical contact between wood, plants, water, and even the ground, surge your chakra and concentrate it to your hands so we can see what'll happen." The male informed her. She nodded her head, continuing to suppress her chakra while kneading it. The ragged feeling of brushing up against a tree with the side of her arm resonated in her.

Kanzaki was absolutely amazed by this sensual feeling. The feeling as though she was floated on her back in  water came next as she started to focus on properties of Water. She kneaded her chakra, maintaining the fact that solid Earth possessed a form, while Water didn't. She applied the easy manueverability of Water to the chakra she was gradually kneading at a consistent pace. The feeling of a dandelion brushing up against her nostrils and making her nose twitch at dedication of the desire of a sneeze came.

Having felt all four of the things while not in actual contact with them in actuality, she knew it was ready. The seven year old flowed chakra to her hands as she surged it. Her father smirked when a faint, yellow glow resonated in the darkness between her hands. She opened her amber eyes, parting her hands slightly and letting out a surprised 'ohhhhh'. She parted her hands completely, allowing the glow to flash in front of her. When the glow was gone there was a sizable distance between her hands, and speaking of hands her right one had a wooden, icicle-shaped construct with pink flower-adorned vines coiled tightly around it's green perimeter.

"[color:8bdb=0099ff]Beautiful! Did I do it properly?" She asked eagerly, a bright look in her eyes. Her father nodded with a proud look on his face. "[color:8bdb=cc3300]Hell yeah you did. You may've inherited your mother's outward appearance but it seems like all of me is in you! You've unlocked our clan's pride and honor, Mokuton!" Daichi shouted, pumping his arms into the air and standing up premptively as he did so. He was the proudest father in Hoshigakure no Sato at the moment, and she could tell.

She stood up and imitated him, giggling with self-proudness. It seemed that she had managed to unlock the secondary ability belonging to her bloodline, which was more than passive. With that step taken, it seemed that she was one step closer to the greatness she desired having.

(2,455 words. Wood Release (Mokuton) obtained, along with 12 stats.)

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Sun May 08, 2016 8:00 pm

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