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Yuurei Uchiha
Yuurei Uchiha
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Earth Water Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Sunagakure
Ryo : 85700

The Awakening (Training) Empty The Awakening (Training)

Fri Jun 26, 2020 5:03 pm
Yuurei had been going through a lot in his household; he was trying to figure out how he was going to activate his Sharingan. His father and his mother had it, but what bothered him the most was that he was apparently so gifted to graduate from the Academy at such a young age, but he couldn’t get access to the ultimate power from his clan. He was thinking about ways to figure out how he could obtain it and then he remembered the Bloodworks. That place was a good way to fight and find others who were looking for a challenge. He figured if he had gone there then he would find some way to unlock his Doujutsu. The young lad had made sure that he had everything with him as he didn’t want to forget anything. He remembered that you could either forfeit your life in the Bloodworks, but you could easily just challenge people to a fight.

In the end, there were going to be a lot of people who would be waiting to see a show. He moved through the streets of Sunagakure as he had his weapon pouches on his person. His jacket was open as it always was, as he didn’t wear a shirt ever. The temperature in Sunagakure had been better due to the Kazekage, but it was still hot for him. He was heading into a specific location and he was hoping that nobody would stop him. His walk was short as he would stand in front of a huge structure in front of him. He could see that it was exactly round in all ways and he would only shake his head as he stepped into the structure from its southern entrance. When he got into the place he would see that there was a woman behind a desk taking registrations.

Yuurei would approach the woman as he was starting to feel nervous about this. He knew that his life wasn’t on the line right? When the woman saw Yuurei she would hesitate at first, but then notice that he wore a shinobi headband on his left arm.

“I see you’re a ninja. How can I help you today? Are you here to watch the fights within the Bloodworks?” She asked him wondering what he would say to her.

“I’m here to participate inside of the arena. I heard we can choose to fight people just to fight. If so that is the kind of fight that I want.” He said to the woman. She would chuckle nervously as she would understand what he meant.

“Sign here and here. Also, remember someone can change the rules of the arena and you might have to fight to the death.” She said to him.

Yuurei didn’t know that and it was surprising to him at first, but then he figured that there wouldn’t be anybody dumb enough to risk their lives in this? He would sign the paper and he would hand it back to her. She would see that he was fine with the decision, and she would take him to the waiting area. When he entered the place, the door behind him would close and now he would only have one place to go. There were gates that led to the center of the arena, and he was sitting down as he was waiting for his turn.

“Please make sure this doesn’t turn into a fight to the death. I just want to fight against someone who could be strong enough to push me to the edge.” He said to himself.

It wouldn’t take long, but he would hear an alarm around the room that he was in and he would look around as he was wondering if it was his turn. Of course, it wasn’t just as the gates in front of him would open up as another indicator that it was his turn. He found it to be quick, but at the same time, he knew that it was all or nothing. The Genin would walk out of his room as he would enter the center of the arena. There were a lot of people around this place as they were shouting at the top of their lungs. They were excited and it seemed like they spent a lot of time here. That made a lot of sense now, but he would see a taller and older person in front of him.

“Ladies and Gentlemen it’s another round of the Bloodworks happening today. It seemed like one young man entered to fight and defeat his opponent, but his opponent decided on something else. It is interesting as it seemed like this has become a fight to the death. In one corner we have a young man that has the blood of the Uchiha in his veins. The other a bloodthirsty ninja who is in it for the money. Let the fight begins.” The announcer said as the man Yuurei had to fight had a smirk on his face.

It seemed like he didn’t care if he was a kid as he started running straight towards Yuurei. He was quick on his feet, but he wasn’t the only one. The Genin would take out a Kunai from his weapon pouch as he would prepare himself for the worse. The man would close the gap between the two of them and he would clash with the man. He noticed that the man was quick to use a melee attack and the man’s fist would connect against Yuurei’s Kunai. It was strong enough to cut his fist, but it wasn’t enough to stop the attack from going through.

He would be sent flying from his spot as he would hit the ground and the debris would scatter around him. The Uchiha would get up quickly as he couldn’t lay on the ground for too long. This was indeed a fight to the death as he could feel from the blow. Yuurei would take out two shurikens and he would throw one behind the other as they were moving straight towards the man. He would dodge the first shuriken, but he was surprised when he saw the second one as it would pierce him right on his arm. Yuurei had made five handseals before he started running straight towards the man with his Kunai in his hand.

When he got close to him, the man would smile as he would take a kunai out of his pouch and he would clash with Yuurei. He could tell that the young boy was good with weapons, but he had him where he wanted. Yuurei could see the man’s other hand coming straight for him and his eyes widen when he saw this. The punch would connect, but the smoke would be created as a nice size rock would appear as it dropped on the floor. The Genin was behind this man as he would slash straight down on his back with his Kunai. The man would stumble forward from the pain as he screamed, but of course, he wasn’t done right then and there. He would swing his leg around as he would connect it straight on Yuurei’s left waist.

He would cough out blood as he was sent flying into the air as he hit the ground a few times before coming to a stop. That was scary and he would get up slowly as he was looking at the man. His eyes widen when he saw a fireball soaring straight towards him. Yuurei’s eyes widen as he didn’t have a technique to avoid that right now, and he would be sent flying straight back to the ground as he would find himself a bit burn on his arms and bleeding from his arms. Of course, things weren’t done as he noticed that the man closed the gap between the two of them. Yuurei would look into the man’s eyes as he had an evil smirk on his face.

“You did the best you could buy, but this is where your life is forfeit. At least you became a ninja.” He said as he would grab his kunai and he would swing his hand straight towards Yuurei’s heart.

The young boy’s eyes widen when he saw this and he was scared that he was going to die. This was stupid, he didn’t think he would have to fight to the death, but here he was right now. When he looked at the kunai moving straight towards him, he noticed something that was different he could see it moving slightly slower than he normally would. Yuurei would roll out of the way as the man would stab the ground and he would look at the ground confused. His eyes moved straight towards the little boy and wondered how he had escaped death. The Uchiha would get up from the ground as he wasn’t sure what was happening, but he could see chakra coming from the man.

Yuurei was panting as he had lost quite a bit of blood from those attacks. The man would look into the boy’s eyes and he could see why he was able to dodge the last attack. This was interesting and he figured that the fight would become more interesting. The crowd was cheering out loud as they were since the beginning of the fight. They were excited to see what was going to happen next. The older boy was in his mid-teens as he ran right at Yuurei. When he got close to the Genin he would throw a right hook straight towards Yuurei.

He would be able to see it better than he could before and he was surprised about this. He would dodge the first attack, and then the second attack as he saw the second punch coming towards him. It was harder for him to do this before against this guy and he had to counter his attacks with his own, and that wasn’t good. Now it was a bit different as he saw the man using hand seals as he was getting ready to attack Yuurei with a fire jutsu most likely. The Genin started running towards his right as his opponent would shoot out multiple fireballs straight towards Yuurei. He was moving quickly though and he would avoid the attacks as they hit the ground behind him. He would change the direction as he was running straight towards the man.

“What’s your name!” He shouted out loud as he was angry with how this turned out to be a fight to the death.

The man was confused about this as he was surprised by those words. When he saw that Yuurei was getting to close to him he would try and throw a quick jab at the young boy. His size made this fun and he would dodge the attack as he saw the other attack coming and this is what he wanted. He would dodge the second time second as he would jump into the air and he would swing his arm down as the kunai would cut straight through the man from his face and downward. He would fall on his back from the blow as he was surprised by the attack that had come from the young boy. Yuurei would stand tall as he was looking at the guy on the ground.

He was panting as he couldn’t believe that a kid had taken him out like this. It was that Sharingan that had surprised him and gave him a slight advantage in the fight. Yuurei was looking at him as the man was just looking at Yuurei.

“My name is Yuurei Uchiha, what is your name?” He asked him once again.

The man would smile at him as he wasn’t getting up from that last attack. He could feel his wounds being opened up deeper than he imagined it would be and he figured that it was the combined strength and speed of this kid.

“My name is Aoi Valt and it was a pleasure to fight you Yuurei. I hope you continue to live on and struggle to get better.” He would say this as people would shout as they wanted him to finish the fight.

He would look at Aoi as he now knew the man’s name, and he would shake his head as he didn’t want to kill him but knew it was either him, or this guy, or both even. Yuurei would toss the kunai straight into the man’s face as he would end his life with that swift movement. He would sigh when he did this and he would hear the cheers coming from the audience. He would look at the young man and he would only put his weapon away as he wasn’t happy that he had to take this man’s life. At the same time, it didn’t bother him at all as he thought it would be much harsher than people said it would be. Yuurei would walk away from the man’s body as he figured that people would come and clean this up. He would leave this place a bit upset that this man really wanted to fight to the death.

WC: 2209
65 Ap
135/200 Remaining
- Substitution
- Shadow Shuriken
- Metal Crusher
Claiming 20 Stats for Speed and 2 Stats for Vigor
Claiming  the First Tomoe of the Sharingan 2000/2000, and the remaining 209 for The Body is a Weapon making it 1269/2500
Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
Stat Page : Link
Remove Taijutsu Remove Weaponry Remove Remove Sensory Default
Wind Earth Water Lightning Fire Default
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 230150

The Awakening (Training) Empty Re: The Awakening (Training)

Mon Jul 06, 2020 10:06 pm
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