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Brooke Uchiha
Brooke Uchiha
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Don't Call me Koi, I'm Kirino (Private, NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: Don't Call me Koi, I'm Kirino (Private, NK)

Fri Apr 22, 2016 7:21 pm
”Right, but do not be afraid of lightning. It is energy all you must do is harness the power.” Kirino said as the leaf caught fire. ”And not let it use you. You use it.” The girl said giggling while manipulating her bones to protrude with little crackles of lightning zipping around her body, like a super saiyan 2. The energy seemed controlled and didn’t jump around, the girl’s body was used to this energy which is what made it look easy. There were no sparks just pure raw lightning channeling itself throughout Kirino’s body like a conductor.
As Kirino continued running into various objects like a lunatic, it seemed the girl was having a bit of trouble gathering lightning energy and was instead gathering water. She will find out she can do this on her own. Kirino thought as she looked at Ayame’s focus. She is strong and needs to recognize that on her own. If I help her here I am only hurting her. It was difficult for the Kaguya to not just run over there and channel electricity through the girl’s body and into the leaf. While it would give her a grasp on how the energy felt, it would certainly stunt progress if she were to help now anyway. ”Keep trying Ayame, I think you can do this.” The taijutsu user stated passing the girl as she slammed into a rock and feeling little from the impact. Each time before she crashed it seemed that bone would erupt from the area keeping the girl’s body from actually touching the surface.
From what Kirino could tell the girl had some resolve to learn the element as she picked up another leaf which began to form water droplets. She is almost there, she just has to turn the energy she is using into electricity instead of water. As Ayame seemed to focus Kirino stood behind her and looked over the girl’s shoulder. After a moment she noticed a tiny zip of energy shoot across the leaf before combusting. ”It seems you have found some electricity within yourself.” Kirino said as the leaf burned slowly until eventually just going out once she had blown on it.
”Electricity is easy for me, because it was the element I was born with, you have water I believe.” Picking up a leaf the girl concentrated before the thing crackled and burnt up as the previous one had. ”See, water is no easier for me than electricity is for you. So if you can’t do it at first try, try, again.” Picking up some more leaves Kirino placed one between each of her fingers. With three in total, then facing towards Ayame a swirl of energy swirled up the Kaguya’s arm and into each leaf, this time not setting them on fire. ”As you can see here I am using the same amount of energy as before, however this time I have dispersed the energy. For the next level of electricity I would like you to try this.” The leaves began to steam while the girl spoke. ”If you upset the balance of energy by even a little the electricity will… By purposefully letting the lightly flow into two leaves instead of three the objects lit on fire. ”Cause the leaves to ignite like this.”
After her demonstration had ended Kirino threw the burning leaves to the ground and stomped them out. Can’t have anyone burning down the training grounds. After that Ayame mentioned that she would like to spar, but focusing on the leaves would be taxing enough. ”If you feel like you can attack and focus on lightning manipulation, just join into my training at any point. If you want that is.” Kirino stated as she continued her unusual training of slamming into objects, with each time the girl slammed into an object the bones themselves seemed to becoming harder. There was less chipping of the white protrusions than there had been before and it seemed to also increase the amount of damage she was doing to the objects. After running in to a medium sized tree Kirino was able to knock over the structure with the aid of her bones. There was a loud snapping sound before the thing fell backwards onto another tree. The girl was clearly impressed by her own work as she marveled at the destruction. ”Well that is one way to get some wood for a fire, I guess.” 

Turning around Kirino looked to see how Ayame was progressing if it seemed like she was struggling the girl would approach slowly and watch the leaves for any signs of electricity flowing into them. Even if the girl couldn’t control the element like Kirino could it was better than nothing. Lightning was something the girl had been trained in from a young age, just like this girl was probably trained to use water. The white haired genin wasn’t looking for mastery of the element though she was looking for progress and even if the leaves began to smoke even a little that was a pass. If she can learn to channel the flow we can move onto channeling weak currents through the body.

WC: 866
TWC: 3121
(121 words toward Clematis Dance: Flower)
Ayame Nezumichi
Ayame Nezumichi
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Don't Call me Koi, I'm Kirino (Private, NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: Don't Call me Koi, I'm Kirino (Private, NK)

Sun Apr 24, 2016 3:08 am
Ayame watched and marveled at the girl's instructions and her grace in doing them. Aya nodded understanding as she spoke that that was her born element and understood as she tried to wet the leaf. Then the moment came in which she channeled energy into three leaves causing them to quiver and smoke. Then. kirino stomped them out. I was so cool the way she could do that.

Ayame took up another leaf, wanting to practice conduction once more before trying the new technique. She focused energy back into the leaf, remembering what she had thought of last time and focusing it. The power surged through the leaf more effectivly and it started with a light flame again, so she blew it out and let the wind take the leaf away.

Ayame picked up three leaves this time, resting them in the way that Kirino had, one between each of her fingers. Focusing her energy she couldn't get them to smoke. It was rather confusing at first. Sending power to them equally was no issue... the issue fell at putting in enough power. She ran her energy though again, growing lightly frustrated, and then, as if out of nowhere, th leaves went damp and mushy.

"Oh joy" she said under her breath and threw them to the ground, making a sloshing noise. She sighed and tried again, this time getting the leaves to quiver a little bit but not smoke. Aya stopped. "I think I'm going to try with two" she said dropping a leaf and then tried again and was successful for a bit, but as soon as she got excited, the energy caused the leaves to start to burn again. She hated not being powerful enough for three yet too powerful for two.

She would just have to do it with three this time.She focused again, thinking of the storms and thinking about the energy that she feels when she is around her friends. She let it flow into all three of the leaves, and after a moment, they started to shudder and wiggle with the electric current, and smoke just as Kirino's did.

"Kiri-chan, come look!" She announced to the girl who was oddly running into things.

WC: 371
TWC: 1863

Lightning element:

Brooke Uchiha
Brooke Uchiha
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Don't Call me Koi, I'm Kirino (Private, NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: Don't Call me Koi, I'm Kirino (Private, NK)

Sun Apr 24, 2016 10:41 pm
Walking towards Ayame as Kirino was called she began to study the leaves. No burning, conduction seems good. ”Well it seems you can do this part, but you should probably do it a couple more times before we move on. The better you are at this the easier step three will be.” Kirino wouldn’t tell the girl what step three was even if she was asked mainly because it involved many potentially painful shocks, it was probably best to wait to tell her so that she wouldn’t be worried now and could learn to control the energy. Picking up a leaf in her left hand Kirino touched all of the steaming leaves with her right. As she touched the leaves the current visibly entered the girl, but she didn’t seem discomforted and after amount the leaf in her left hand ignited. That is a hint of what is next. ”You will be able to do that eventually.” The girl said as she moved away to let Ayame prepare to conduct electricity.
Once out of the way Kirino begin to practice a move she had only used during a mission. It involved developing the arm bones at a rapid rate to create a massive spear. The spear was harder than steel when fully formed and could rip through people easily. She had first-hand experience of the things damage as she had used it to blow a hole through a rogue that had taken secret village intelligence. Channeling calcium deposits to my right arm. Funneling chakra through her brain to dictate the concentration of calcium in her system she began to funnel the stuff into the arm. Osteoblasts and osteoclasts are receiving the energy. It was an odd feeling to describe when bones were created or hardened it was what you would expect a sponge soaking up water would feel like, but in this case the water only made the sponge harder.
After a minute of concentration the bone started to erupt and form around the elbow, slowly twisting as it made its way down the appendage. Once the spear was formed it was about four and a half feet long extending beyond the elbow, with a pointed tip, and looking like it weighed 192 pounds. Breathing heavily from the effort Kirino, began to make sure no one was near the site of her next attack as she recovered some energy. Then throwing the arm forward the thing glided through the air increasing the girl’s speed before slamming into a tree easily breaking through it and moving onto another. The arm became stuck inside of the second tree and it had pierced through. After a minute of letting the bone return to her body her arm shrank allowing her to pull out her arm easily.
Returning to Ayame with a normal non-modified arm she returned to see how many leaves had tasted the power of electricity. ”How is everything coming along?” She would ask folding her arms behind her back and stretching.

Bone Math - courtesy of Ayame:
WC: 500

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Brooke Uchiha
Brooke Uchiha
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Don't Call me Koi, I'm Kirino (Private, NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: Don't Call me Koi, I'm Kirino (Private, NK)

Wed May 04, 2016 9:25 am
While waiting for Ayame to answer the question it seemed that someone else that Kirino knew had wandered into the training grounds. The girl confirmed that the two had known each other and talked about how the genin of the leaf had taken the girl home. ”Yes, I remember. How are you today Chiyo? How about your cousin Austin, I haven’t seen him around recently.” Kirino looked at the wings on the girls back. Don’t those only come out after they remember or see something bad? I wonder what the poor girl had seen before getting here, I hope it wasn’t too bad.

Stepping away from Ayame, the Kaguya formed a spear of bone that extended the length of her arm and beyond. She then through the arm forward slashing and stabbing as if it were a sword. She also used the protrusion as if it were some sort of shield. ”So, Chiyo would you like to help me train or do you need any help training?” The white haired lady asked as she continued using her arm like a weapon. The tip of the bone left marks in the dirt, as it passed over the ground. Kirino looked at the girl while she waited for an answer.

Looking over to Ayame it seemed that she was struggling with how to form lighting. Using the unaltered arm Kirino began to channel the electrical energy through it. ”Channel the energy through your body and then amplify it. After that put the energy through the leaves, the energy is like a river and you are a dam directing where the water will flow.” Kirino touched her left hand to the bone weapon and let the energy flow down the arm, then she plunged the arm into the ground, causing the dirt to rise and a massive hole to form in the training grounds. 

It seemed it was getting late in the day as the girl arrived and Kirino had to get home to do some things. Turning towards the other two girls at the training grounds, she waved her hand. ”Sorry, we couldn’t complete our training today, but I have to get home and finish some things up. Maybe we can meet somewhere another day to finish up.” The Kaguya would then wait for them to give some information on a place and time that they could meet before leaving.

WC: 398
TWC: 4019
Claiming: (Bone Armor Jutsu, 1019 words towards Dance of the Clematis: Flower and 20 stats)
Risako Akara
Risako Akara
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Don't Call me Koi, I'm Kirino (Private, NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: Don't Call me Koi, I'm Kirino (Private, NK)

Sat May 07, 2016 3:16 pm
Ayame Nezumichi
Ayame Nezumichi
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Don't Call me Koi, I'm Kirino (Private, NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: Don't Call me Koi, I'm Kirino (Private, NK)

Thu May 26, 2016 7:43 am
"Yes, I Agree" Ayame stated and headed back to her tree. "I will see you around sometime. If you need me, you can usually find me here or at the hospital volunteering. If I need you I can send Nita. Thanks so much Kirino!"

-Le Crappy Exit-

WC: 44
TWC: 1907

Lightning element:

1907/2000 (I was told by kirino that because I was training toward lightning element for most of the time in this thread that i could claim my TWC toward it. If not then I claim 882 of my words toward it)

Also Claiming 9 stat points for Nita and Aya
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Don't Call me Koi, I'm Kirino (Private, NK) - Page 2 Empty Re: Don't Call me Koi, I'm Kirino (Private, NK)

Thu May 26, 2016 7:47 am

I'd allow the lightning claim. Approved <3
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