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Saya Yuka
Saya Yuka
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Saya Masters the Basics  Empty Saya Masters the Basics

Sun Apr 03, 2016 9:29 pm
Saya Yuka a stunning fifteen year old girl from the Village Hidden in the Leaves is a member of the mysterious Yuka clan. Saya has inherited the dojutsu kekkei genkai of the shinning medical eye. Though at this very moment it is useless, seeing as how the girl has not even graduated the ninja academy. Many basic techniques let alone medical ninjutsu elude the girls knowledge. Though those techniques will have to sit on the back burner until she can learn the simplest techniques all shinobi should know before they graduate the academy the transformation technique and the clone technique.

The day would start out like any other day she did not need to attend schools. Saya would wake up put on her dress and shorts braid her hair and rush over to the training grounds for a little practice on theses techniques. The Genin exams were coming up and she wanted to graduate so she can make genin as quick as possible.  Russing out the door she would run toward the field as quick as she could the slower she moved the more daylight she loses. Finally arriving at the field it was time to begin. Her training day.

Saya decided to start with the clone technique because she had heard the transformation technique was more difficult than the stand e- rank. “So what are the hand seals again. Oh thats right its ram, snake and boar. Lets try it out.” Standing in the middle of the grassy fields she would commit fully to the hand signs Ram - Snake - Boar and in a puff of smoke an exact replica was occupying the space near her. ‘Wow! You look exactly like me.” Say would then wave her hand in front of it to see if it was well responsive and it was about as responsive as a  sack of potatoes. “Am I really this beautiful. Wow.” She was not shy about her physical appearance in the slightest and would flaunt it at any given moment to her this jutsu was just a major vanity project.

Calling it back, the clone would vanish in a cloud of smoke. “Can i make two of me?” This time she would focus more so on creating two clones by separating her chakra onto two different sides of her and maybe they might appear as such. “Ram - Snake - Boar.” This time her chakra would flow visibly around her as a dark blue and would fly to her left and right sides causing smoke to form in order for her clones  to appear. The clone to her right appeared as beautiful and elegantly as she was but the clone on the right was missing all color and shape. “Oh dear. How do I fix this.”  Calling back the clones she would try again. Saya hypothesised that maybe at the last moment she lost focus and her chakra was unevenly distributed to both sides her left must have had more than the right. “This should be an easy fix.” Ram - Snake - Boar again the chakra would visibly flow around her flying to both sides she would not be able to see if it was evenly dispersed but she should be able to feel it the clouds of smoke were thick and it would take about five minutes for them to finally disperse. As the clouds move there standing in front of Saya were two gorgeous looking clones each looked exactly like her. “I did it I mastered this jutsu.”   

The girl would rejoice for a couple of minutes then move on to the next technique the transformation technique. This one was definitely going to acquire more chakra then the last. Standing she would stand and charge her chakra so that it may build up so she can have a reserve of extra chakra. Now comes the hard part what to transform into. Saya already considers herself beautiful so why would she want to mess with that. “Now what were those dang hand seals again. Was it...Dog- Ram - Bor or...Dog - Boar - Ram.” She felt more confident in the latter and stuck with it.  Lets try this out. Dog - Boar -Ram Say completed the hand seals  in rapid succession creating a cloud of smoke she had finally decided who she wanted to transform into  at the last second it was her friend from the academy. Though there were a few defects. Her body was fine but there were a few issues in the face. Her nose was longer than usual . Looking into a puddle of water she would see the nose and let out an ear splitting screech. “I’m ruined I'm ruined.” She would then realise that she was not in fact herself but her friend at the academy making her feel almost infinitely better. “Oh right.” Realising the technique Say would return back to herself. “That was a scary experience. But I should try again I need to get this technique down in order to pass my exam.” Dog - Ram - Boar and again a cloud of smoke formed around Say this time she would transform into her father. He had a rugged look to him with a long beard and shaggy hair he was definitely not your typical medical ninja in appearance but when it came to saving a life in her eyes there was no one better is kekki genki was strong and it helped save so many lives he was the man who made her want to become a shinobi in the first place. This time the transformation had come out perfect she looked exactly like her father standing at the same height him she had never been this tall it and was definitely a feeling she enjoyed but would probably get sick of after a while so she canceled the jutsu causing her to revert back to her normal self. Clapping her hands together she smiled joyfully “time to become genin.”

Looking up into the sky she would notice the sun was still in high in the sky she still had a few hours until she need to be home and decided that she should learn another technique.  But what should she learn there has to be something that would be remotely useful to her.
“How about the basic medical ninjutsu.” She would say to herself but seeing as how there was nothing to practice with that would be easily taken off the table. “There is always the genjutsu release.  That will always be a useful technique be it that she will never know who has what technique.

“Taking up her hand she would raise the tiger seal. This is the hand seal i need in order to cancel a genjutsu right. There was no way for her to practice this technique. No one she knows knows how to use a genjutsu and how can you practice dispelling a jutsu if you don't have a jutsu to in fact dispel. But none the less she could still train her chakra to dispel a justus if she is ever in a situation that she needs it.  

Storring her chakra into her hands her chakra pathways were bustling like a city she was charging it it was placed into those proper places Her hand seal was strong and she definitely had very good chakra control and a hefty amount to boot for someone with minimal training. Saya’s chakra was actually visible her blue chakra was strong if someone had gotten close enough they would have gotten a few cuts. Her chakra was refined to almost a fine point when outside of her this was definitely the Yuka inside of he she had great control.

She had sat under the shade of the tree with her hands still in position of tiger. She was getting the feel for the technique it was a tough exercise considering she had no opposing force against her in this case making it very difficult for Saya to gauge her chakra use for this technique. Another thing about the release is how would she  be able to use it if she had no idea she was even in a genjutsu. This technique  better be worth her time and patience. Because she was definitely running out of both. Finally opening her eyes she would see an orangy yellow sky the sun had started setting and Saya was going to be late to dinner. “Be ate to dinner or finish learning this technique.” It was a tough decision but this technique could save her life and she decided to continue learning the Genjutsu release. Now all she needed to do was finish the placement of the chakra. That was the easiest part after having the placement down the jutsu should be complete.

Standing she puts her hands back into the seal. She decided that the best place to put her chakra would be her fingers and her upper body. Saya’s chakra flows to those places and it feels right to her it feels like that's where they should naturally be she feels comfortable with it and decides to stop her training for the day. Standing up she runs to her house feeling accomplished having learnt three techniques.

TWC 1535
Claiming Transformation Jutsu, Clone Jutsu and Genjutsu Release.  Also 7 stats
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Village : Hoshigakure
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Saya Masters the Basics  Empty Re: Saya Masters the Basics

Sun Apr 03, 2016 9:46 pm
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