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Ayame Nezumichi
Ayame Nezumichi
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Mission Time :D - Page 3 Empty Re: Mission Time :D

Wed Apr 06, 2016 8:56 pm
Aya nodded at Rin and Ran, off, trying her best to avoid people, however the busiest paths were the shortest way to get to her destination. Once she arrived at the gates, she had no idea where to look. She decided to walk outside the gates and look among the bushes. She had no luck.  

"Why can't these cats have collars with bells on or something" she said focusing, listening for noise. The wind blew gently and some of the birds were twittering about. No indication of life near her. Great the mission was failed. She asked kin to do something with her and she failed her.  Aya started to head back, but stopped at the check in gate, looking around one last time and leaning against the wooden counter. If she was lucky, she had about 45 minutes until the sun would set.  

"hrrrrrr" she growled and turned around banging her fist on the wooden counter. Her first mission. It was a freaking failure. It was so loud that something jumped up from inside and startled her, though the creature was shocked itself. "Sorry, puss, didn't mean to scare you, she said gently, concealing her anger and petting the ragdoll on the head.

Now to tell Kin. Great...

Aya trudged away, her feet feeling like stone, and got about halfway to the first intersection before she realized.

"Shit!" she exclaimed, and turned running back to the Check-in point, and crabbing the cat. It went limp in her arms as soon as it was picked up and it purred. "Wow... no wonder they are called ragdolls," she huffed to herself carrying the cat like a baby. Aya got back to the box and set the plump and fluffy, now sleeping blue-eyed cat into the box and brushed off her clothes. "That makes four. I hope Kin has the other one." she said reaching down and petting Nita. "The sun's going to set in less than half an hour, we have to get these cats back!" she exclaimed, growing worried and slightly impatient, but not about Kin, she could handle herself.

WC: 350
ATWC: 1584
KTWC: 1501

Combined TWC: 3085

Mission Word Count Complete!
Mission Story Incomplete
-Found Cats 5/5
- Need to return them to cat lady's house

(May I take over as Leader for this part? I mean as soon as we meet up)
Kin Hayata
Kin Hayata
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Mission Time :D - Page 3 Empty Re: Mission Time :D

Thu Apr 07, 2016 3:10 pm
Kin held the rambunctious kat in her arms as she ran back to the flower shop the place where they had discussed they would meet. The sun was beginning to set and Kin ran faster. The cat kept scratching her yet she did not feel it in the slightest . Finally arriving the at the shop Kin places the mean cat into the box and she just sits there with a fussy face. "You...don't have to be so mean Kitty. Now we just have to wait for Ayame to get back and we can return you guys to your right full owner." Upon arriveing she would see Aya. "Aya..we need to get these guys home before the sun sets or else." 
WC: 122
Ayame Nezumichi
Ayame Nezumichi
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Mission Time :D - Page 3 Empty Re: Mission Time :D

Thu Apr 07, 2016 5:58 pm
"I know, follow me!" Aya said picking up the rat and handing kin the box. "Let's go!" Aya took off toward an Uchiha Woman's house. Once they got there, she knocked loudly three times. The door would soon creak open, and when it did, Aya, and hopefully Kin too, would offer back the cats.

After the woman took the kittens and thanked them, she shut the door. Aya looked to Kin and said, "Looks like we made it just in time!" After waiting a few moments in which she hoped Kin would respond. "Well, I got to go. I'll see you around sometime! You'll know what to do when Nita approaches you with a note." Aya said before parting, running off, down to a friends house to hang for a bit before she climbed her usual tree and went to bed, staring at the moon and stars, and thanking whoever had thrusted her down the path of the ninja.


WC: 216
ATWC: 1800
KTWC: 1623

Combined TWC: 3423

Mission Word Count Complete!
Mission Story Complete!
- Found Cats 5/5
- Returned Cats

Claiming 9 stats for myself.

Requesting Approval

Kin Hayata
Kin Hayata
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Mission Time :D - Page 3 Empty Re: Mission Time :D

Thu Apr 07, 2016 8:45 pm
Taking the box of cats Kin follows the very excited Ayame to the Cat ladies house.'An..uchiha I wonder? Nah." She stopped Mid thought and looked on as the cats were peacefully asleep even the vicious fluffy white one. Kin never carred for cats she was deffinilty more of a dog person but she does admit that in their sleeep they are pretty cute. "Here you go mam."Kin hands over the box of slpeeing cats as she tanks the kunoichi's Kin would shush her so that they don't wake up because finding them again would be annoying especially in the dark Kin was not about that. 

Walking away from the womans house Ayame turnes to kin and tell her they made it just in time. "Yeah it was close but we did it." Kin would respond timidly. It was quite late the sun had set and it was pretty dark in Konoha. Ayame would leave and Kin would be left standing with only her wits about her. "Good night tell me when you have your next shift," She looked up and figured out the time by looking at the moon. "Wel i am not hungry or tired maybe I can take the night shift its typically uet and maybe i can read more of Tsunade's medical journals Kin got giddy at the thought of it. She rushes off very excited at the prspect. "Love it."  
WC: 237
Claiming 9 stats and Mission Rewards
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Mission Time :D - Page 3 Empty Re: Mission Time :D

Thu Apr 07, 2016 10:14 pm

Good job girls, though you don't get stats on missions below B rank. You do however get AP. So that's 3 AP for each of you for a D rank mission plus 1, 000 Ryo for each of you as a reward. <3
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