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Izo Nara
Izo Nara
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wind arrow training (solo, p,nk,) Empty wind arrow training (solo, p,nk,)

Sun Mar 13, 2016 7:28 pm
It is another beautiful day in the hidden Leaf Village. Izo is standing by the edge of the training grounds, close to where he encountered the deer a few weeks back. Izo takes a quick scan of the area, In hopes that he will run into the deer again. With no luck, Izo decides to returns to his training for the day.

Pulling out a scroll from his bag Izo opens it and reads the headline out loud “ E rank” wind Arrow”. Izo scans  over the instruction section, before looking at the illustrations. Once he was pretty sure that he had it down Izo stands up from his seated potion and begins to form the necessary hand signs. Than while, holding  his arm out at a 90 degree angle with his palm facing up, what looks like an arrow nearly two feet long appears hovering over his out stretched hand.

Now with a smirk emerging on Izo face Izo look around for a target to test this new skill of his on. Not seeing any available practice dummies in the area, Izo Instead turns to a big oak tree about 30 feet in front of him. Lining up the arrow as best he can, Izo cocks back and gives the arrow all he has. Looking up Izo watches as the arrow sails on target. Just As the arrow is about to hit the tree the wind picks up causing it to miss the tree only by a few inches.  Mad that he missed his target  Izo quickly positions him self for a second attempt. This time Izo calls forth two arrows, and with the same cocking motion, he sends the two arrows in the direction of the tree. Peering up from his bent over position, Izo can see that one of the arrow has gone completely off course and dispels into the wind. The other arrow like the first was going off course but in the other direction, and like the first one it too dispels into the wind.

Confused by the outcome, Izo decides to push the technique to the limit and call forth 5 arrows, the maximum number of arrows one can make without being injured by the jutsu. With the five arrows all in a circle formation hovering over his left hand Izo throws them toward the tree. Much like the last time , all of the arrows go flying in different directions. Now Izo was completely lost. “what good is a jutsu if it can’t hit its target.” He vents aloud to himself. Sitting back down, Izo grabs the scroll to see what he may have missed.

After carefully rereading the scroll Izo sees that because the arrows are made of wind when shot at the same target at the same time they will cause each other to go off course. This meant that while Izo can make five arrows he could only fire them one at a time if he is trying to hit a single target.

Izo rolls the scroll up and puts it back into his bag before standing back up and facing the tree. Again Izo calls forth 4 arrows. The arrows this time are aligned at shoulder height with two on either side of him. Taking one arrow with each hand Izo launches them in the direction of the tree; one behind the other this time so they wont set each other off course. Bulls eye , both arrows hit the tree one on top of the other. Satisfied with his success Izo dispels the two remaining arrows. After quickly gathering his things he makes off for home.
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Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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wind arrow training (solo, p,nk,) Empty Re: wind arrow training (solo, p,nk,)

Sun Mar 13, 2016 8:07 pm

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