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Ari's Transformation [P] Empty Ari's Transformation [P]

Mon Oct 05, 2015 2:05 am
During an abysmally long, stormy day, Ari sat in a couch surrounded by three cats. She had always known of the bloodline belonging to the Hiyu and recently secured the scroll for learning one of their secret techniques. Recognizing it as the most fundamental technique that was taught to every Genin, she had finally earned the right to learn it. Ari's thoughts filled with her mother and the father she could have had, the life she would have led if they were here now, teaching her what they knew. A cat silently stalked the girl before pouncing into her lap, immediately shattering her imagination and snapping Ari back to reality. Shifting her weight forward, the cat pounced onto the floor, allowing her to stand.
For the moment she had to focus on learning, as a Genin it was her priority to move forward, but as a mother that wished to be with her family it was her duty. Ari splayed her fingers over the parchment until it was open securely, allowing her to read the methods hidden inside. Learning the technique to change her body's actual physical shape was going to require a lot of work that she’d prepared for, although the learning itself and understanding was another thing entirely. Luckily the technique itself was tied to Ari's bloodline; instinctively she could usually open many doors that would otherwise be closed, including learning something that couldn't fully be explained through text.
Taking a natural stance in front of a mirror with her hands to either side, Ari focused her Chakra and pictured what physical manifestations she wanted. She began by imagining cat claws emerging from her fingertips, manipulating the cells of her hands to change their shape and solidity. The process was more difficult than she imagined as merely manipulating her Chakra and attempting to picture the result caused her fingers entirely change. They turned into spikes. Ari realized the predicament she'd been placed in, as she struggled to perform the handsign that undid the transformation.
She would have to start with something else that couldn't result in preventing her to undo the Jutsu. Looking around the room and trying to figure out an alternative, a cat suddenly brushed up against Ari's leg. She smiled at it momentarily, admiring its elegant movement. The idea that would define her future occurred here, as she realized there were unlimited possibilities for what could be transformed. Ari knelt and patted the cat's head before carrying it in front of her; she stared into its eyes and examined the pupils of her feline companion. Removing both hands from the cat, Ari performed the handsign again, this time picturing her own eyes taking on cat-like features.
She slowly opened her eyes to the results, although they were less than hoped for. Her left eye's pupil had partially become sharper at the top and bottom, while her right eye's pupil had vanished entirely. Ari quickly undid the transformation before the thought of losing her eyesight occurred, looking at the mirror one more time to confirm everything had returned to normal. In order to simplify things she decided to take it even slower, staring at the cat's right eye for an hour as it struggled to stay still. Ari then performed the handsign picturing only her own right eye changing, after a brief pause she looked at the mirror once more.
A quick analysis revealed that her eye had completely changed in appearance; her pupil had stretched vertically while her iris expanded to contain it. Without releasing the transformation, Ari closed her eyes again, picturing her own right eye's appearance being flipped to her left. She sat still, not moving a muscle for another hour as she perfected the appearance in her mind. Ari performed the handsign again and examined the mirror, revealing her left eye had in fact been transformed to match her desires. The newly changed eyes didn't seem to offer an advantage; seemingly the effects were entirely aesthetic as far as changing the appearance of her eyes went.
Assuming aesthetics could be changed, Ari imagined that turning her fingertips into claws could provide a useful application. Before taking on the challenge of changing her fingers she decided to try creating cat ears. She was unsure whether or not they could provide an advantage, although she assumed more knowledge of their anatomy would be required. For the moment Ari decided they'd look cute on her anyway, and perhaps more cat-like features would trick people into making the wrong assumptions about her. She gently stroked the cat's ears and examined them thoroughly with her eyes, attempting to picture them on her own head amidst her white hair.
The cat's ears were ginger unlike its white fur, leading her to make a decision that would become a permanent feature. Ari performed the handsign and turned a portion of her hair's cells into cat ears. They were decently spread out from the get-go, her ability for using the technique appeared to improve with every attempt. With that in mind, she stood up again and pictured her waist becoming thinner, where cells from there would be turned into a cat's tail. Ari immediately attempted the transformation, suddenly sprouting a tail from her pants that split them in half, while her clothing felt baggier than before.
Pleased with the results and her ability to reliably transform her body, she attempted the technique once more, picturing her four fingers becoming three, bulkier and sturdier. The thought of Ari's fingertips turning into razor sharp claws crossed her mind during the process, leading to an unexpected outcome. She looked at her hands which had indeed transformed, with extremely sharp claws that looked more like spiked fingertips. Ari thrust her right hand at her own mattress and pierced through it. It hadn't occurred to the girl yet how many applications this technique had, but as she'd just started to explore them the ideas already rushed through her head.

The ability to transform her own body to imitate others being the first, she could picture how easy espionage would become under the right circumstances. Surely there were limitations that would hold her back some, Ari began studying the parchment to ensure she could fully master the technique.

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Ari's Transformation [P] Empty Re: Ari's Transformation [P]

Mon Oct 05, 2015 2:06 am
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